Monday, June 14, 2021

It's time to celebrate .....and create!

Overheard at Lem's Levity:
 "Shouting Thomas said...

Have you noticed that Althouse’s “curated, artisanal” comments invariably kiss her ass?

I mean, I understand why she shut comments down. The censors and cancellation mobs were coming for her. She was also obviously fed up with the many personal feuds, and with being told she’s full of shit (and she really is in a lot of ways).

Althouse’s talent was framing an issue for discussion. Her obsession with identify politics is just plain stupid, since it’s based on her lifelong lying that American women are subordinated and persecuted. She never got Trump because she really is a neurasthenic pedant. She never got that he was what was holding the censors at bay. He was too rough and hetero for her fag hag tastes.

Without the comments, her blog is now irrelevant and boring. Rather than turn it into a marathon of ass kissing, she might as well shut it down."

This has all happened before as I am sure if you are reading here you are already aware. The big dust up that brought about the genesis of this blog has been swept under the rug. I believe many of the posts and comments that went into the explosion have been deleted. Even on this blog by Lem. I recently went back in time and noticed a lot of stuff missing. Of course that was then and this is now. We don't delete troublesome posts here anymore. If you say just know it will go on your permeant record. 

I hope Shouting Thomas and other refugees who want a place to express themselves will join us here in this experiment of free speech and angry old man get off of my lawn speechifying. 

Gentleman .....start your ire.


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

I like some of the commenters over there -
Tremujin is a personal favorite.

but I find I go less and less.

I don't blame her for shutting it down. I have no desire to insult Ann. Ann is Ann and I think she is smart and it always makes me laugh when outsiders assume she is conservative.

It's her blog - she can do what she wants.

ampersand said...

I had a boss that looked just like the Munchkin mayor, he was also a mayor of one of the suburbs. He was nailed on the evening news. You had to be a resident to work there and he had a bunch of goombahs working for the village. They all had the same address, the mayor's mother's house.

edutcher said...

She wanted a salon.

It often became a saloon.

Such is life.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...
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Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

curated, artisanal

...repeated lectures from New York progressives. Stop doing this, stop doing that. You must march lockstep with the progressive groupthink. don't fall behind. tiktok!

I was driving down McCaslin and some gay person was sticking small gay rainbow flags in the ground in the median. Tons of them. You know- like we used to do with American flags.

I'm not anti gay - please. I've been friends with gays since high school in the 80's and I do recall how badly homosexuals were treated back then, and I am glad for the progress they have made. However - this ONE month of gay pride is enough to make me vomit rainbows.

I want to place a sign in the rainbow flags that says:
Our Vets get a day, you must worship the gay.... for a Month! Just to be a smart ass.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I have not been to her site in years. I just see Lawnboi skulking around occasionally (fortunately not that much). She was the inspiration of my site, so I should thank her for that!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

My hair is better than hers. Sisters can be so petty, but damn if it isn't true in my case!