Friday, June 11, 2021

Show me your papers

So the liberals and the Biden administration is continuing to press for vaccine passports. They want to demand that everyone hand over personal medical information if they want to get avocados at Trader Joe's. Luckily in some parts of the Real America the politicians are getting it right. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has banned the practice. He also banned the cruise ships from demanding them if they are based in Florida.

Now I have shipped out on a cruise from Florida several times. It is a big business. The ship terminal is huge and it is an important part of the tourism industry. Plus the vaccine is in fact bullshit. One ship had a crew and guests who were all fully vaccinated and two people got COVID. So all the vaccine bullshit was for nothing. These poor mooks were segregated and quarantined. Their papers didn't save them.

We have to fight this with all of our power. Once this gets started it will never end. They will add additional requirements that you will have to meet to be able to shop or go to a game or do anything we used to do in a free America. You will have to be certified as non racist. That you are not against transgenders bringing their dicks to the little girls room. It is all coming to a Gestapo near you.


ampersand said...

Thank You Dr, Fauci

ampersand said...
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Sixty Grit said...

How appropriate, the authorities shot him through the lungs.

edutcher said...

It's coming only if we let it. Why do you think we are running around maskless except in the bluest of states?

Because we got fed up with it. And they realized it (I think they're also starting to realize the Gropin', Heels Up, and Pelosi triad will be the death of the party if they don't find a way out).

This is why I think Trump isn't running in '24 and all that other stuff in the post that went 50 comments or so.

edutcher said...

Vaccine deaths have more than tripled in the last week.

There's a (are you ready?) a CDC db to report "adverse effects" from vaccination, and one presumes death counts as an adverse effect. Pfizer withheld releasing their vaccine on Trump's watch because the wokesters wanted the lying dogfaced pony soldier to get the credit. It's already been noted half the new Scamdemic cases since New Year are in people who've been vaccinated.

I just wonder are hospitals counting car crashes and gunshot wounds as vaccine adverse effects.