Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Summer time and living is easy!

 We decided to take a few days off for in the heat of the summer. Seatuck the bed and breakfast we used to go to had been closed for about five years now. The owner turned it into a private house.Luckily we had an alternative.

One of Lisa’s friends from grammar school has a beautiful house on the water near the Hamptons. She invited us several times but we never had a chance. However now she has sold it so it is now or never. So we packed up like we were invading Normandy and went for two days. 

I have spending my time cooking and writing. Making some old and some new favorites. Lisa and her friend are sitting near the dock relaxing with some wine and I am on the porch.

It’s a pretty sweet deal. There is a sea breeze cooling me down and I am sipping iced tea and writing while I have a pot full of ropa vieja simmering on the stove.

Life is good. You have to be in the moment.


ndspinelli said...

Keep an eye on the women folk. The Long Island Serial Killer is still out there. Really, enjoy summer when the livin' is easy.

edutcher said...

Looks very Rooseveltian.