Friday, June 18, 2021

Blue Jay Day Deux


I went into my back yard and there was a Blue Jay laying on the ground flapping around and generally helpless.

It turned out to be David Wells. He had fallen out of an Uber when he was reaching for another beer and landed on my lawn. 

I managed to get him on his feet. He circled around and then moved off down the street. He was scheduled to sign autographs in a Comic book store on Merrick Road.

My good deed for the day.


ndspinelli said...

My Yankee fan daughter always called him "Fat Boy." Grew up in the Point Loma section of San Diego. His mother was a biker chick.

The Dude said...

Had to look him up - as my interest in sports approaches zero I no longer try to keep track of who's who. Wells has a Babe Ruth tattoo on him. Perhaps if we took up a collection we could treat Trooper to a Babe tattoo.

Tank said...

Subtly hilarious! 😃

ndspinelli said...

Troop's bride would probably not approve the tattoo.