Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Harmony and Understanding?

Music is very important to me. I am not much for quiet. I like to be listening to something while I am doing something else. Cooking. Reading. Scratching my balls. I like to multitask.

I have talked about Pandora before. It is the music service that lets you set up a "Station" that plays songs from a genre or type of band if you mention a singer or a group or specific song. It will play that song and a bunch of other songs of the same genre or style or period. So if Sixty wants to hear "Baby Got Bach" or Nick wants to hear "The Theme from Barnaby Jones" a whole station springs up.

I was teasing Lisa and I said "the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter has aligned with Mars" and she said what the fuck are you talking about. So I put the song on and it was hilarious. Then I set up a Pandora channel with the Fifth Dimension and it was great. All  the great cheesy songs from the sixties and seventies were on it. You know the songs that they performed on the Sonny and Cher hour or the Glenn Campbell Holiday special. The Carpenters. Tom Jones. The Captain and Tennille. Mac Davis. Tony Orlando and Dawn. Diane Warwick singing the early hits of Burt Bacharach. Classic cheese.

A good time was had by all. 

If you don't like it you can have the Moon align with Uranus.


Shouting Thomas said...

Anal sex is all the rage these days, huh Troop?

Trooper York said...

You would know buddy!

Amartel said...

Polite exchange of insults in the "Harmony and Understanding" post!!!

Amartel said...

I like the Pandora comedy channels. You get the guy you signed up for plus similar.
For music, I can't leave it to Pandora. I rely on my Itunes which has been carefully curated (yes, that's right, "curated") by decade and sometimes by a particular group or style. Like I have a whole playlist for holiday tunes and several for various classical genres and eras as well as 50s/60s/70s/80s/90s/00s/and 10s. For every Pandora channel that'll play "Age of Aquarius" there's a certain danger of having to hear "having my baby" or "you light up my life." gack

edutcher said...

They were one of the few good things in the 70s, although all the peace and love stuff was just a blind by the people that in more recent times stole the country and locked it down.