Saturday, August 3, 2019


My mother recently passed away. She was 82. I wrote about her back here.

The day after she passed away Allen -- my stepfather who is 90 years old -- and I went to his church to speak with his pastor about my mother, as she would be leading the funeral service. She asked us both to share memories of her which we tearfully managed to do.

My mother had expressed a wish to have the 23rd Psalm read in her service. We pondered its meaning. The pastor wanted additional Scripture and out of nowhere I recalled reading a marked passage in a Bible as a kid. What's odd is that the 40 year-old-memory came from nowhere -- I said it was something about "not storing treasures up on earth." It was an admonition I thought. The pastor instantly recognized it as Gospel, probably from Matthew or Luke. I googled it on my phone as she reached for a Bible. Turns out it was from the Sermon on the Mount. Not being sure of which passages, we left it at that.

The pastor was taking notes like a stenographer as Allen I took turns letting memories go. He recounted the beautiful story of their meeting as widow and widower -- which I had never heard. I suggested that one meaning of my mother's life was in bringing families together -- as if to mend her own as a child. Afterwards we went back to Allen and my mother's home. He was amazed and intrigued with my 40 year old memory of my mother having had an old Bible. He rummaged around and he found the Bible which turned out to be an old KJV and handed it to me. I found three verses check marked (not underlined as I misremembered). They were Matthew 6:19-21:

I wanted to stand and read those verses at her funeral but I didn’t think that I could do so without becoming overly emotional. In addition, I feared that it might look odd to do so without context and explaining to the Congregation would surely do so [choke me up] as it does even to write this now. But there must be something profound about the particular meaning of those words to my mother. As far as I can tell, those are the only words which she marked in the whole Bible. I emailed the pastor, asking her to read them at the service in my place. An explanation would not be needed; I do think that the verses are relevant to her life.

In addition to the marked passages in that Bible, there was a folded single sheet of paper with the words to an old gospel song called “In The Garden.” That was not there 40 years ago. Apparently, the lyrics meant something to her and she tucked that in there sometime afterwards. I didn’t know the song and had to google it. I asked if it would it be possible for the soloist to do that song in addition to two others that my mother had requested.

It was a wonderful service to cap her wonderful life.

Epicurious: Mustard

Brandon Collins didn't tell us that mustard plant is in the Brassicaceae family along with horseradish and wasabi. Along with broccoli and cabbage. 

I thought the point of whole mustard was to break open the seeds but not process them all to powder. I thought it was a mixture of powder and broken seeds. His sample of entirely whole seeds surprised me.

You can buy two types of seeds from the economy bins at Whole Foods; yellow and brown. You can buy them both as seeds and as powder. 

I learned by happy accident that you can make your own mustard quite easily by mixing those things in combination to your heart's desire with vinegar. And when you feel that you've added enough vinegar then switch to water until you get the viscosity you want. It's tricky because it keeps absorbing more and more as you go. 

Friday, August 2, 2019

Curious fish

This female betta fish does the same thing as the previous female betta. From inside her tank she follows my movements around the room. When I'm on the sofa, she's on the side nearest the sofa. When I'm sitting at the table she's on that side nearest the table. When I'm standing in the living room, she's on the short side of the tank nearest me.

I have a tank in the 2nd bathroom attached to the main bedroom. Oddly, I must walk through a closet to get to it. The closet is large as the bathroom. I've never seen a setup like this. It's like a bat cave.

I moved the fish to the bathroom tank while the new 55 gallon was being set up. It's very quiet back there. And dark. When I go back to feed them and turn on the light they dart all around and hide in a corner. Except for the female betta.

This morning I did that when I had to pee. No problemo, the tank is in a bathroom. I'm standing there peeing and the betta is closest to me and watching me.

She just likes to watch what I'm doing no matter what.

The tank has no background. I don't like the outside filter showing through to the front and reflected in the large bathroom mirror so I drew one to block it. Simple green vertical lines representing tall grass. I drew another sheet to cover the side next to the toilet but not all the way up to the top of the glass. While the rest of the fish were hiding she was up at the top watching me pee. She stayed there the whole time.

What a perv.

All the plants in the large tank started from leaf cultures did poorly during the transfer. So I bought new ones. When that happens I'm limited to what's available at the time. The old ones were doing quite well. They were expanding all over the place, filling the bottom of the tank and now I must start over as with hair plugs. I don't want any snails taking over. And I don't want any uninvited moss. Or else I'd just buy mature plants. 

I should probably move her back to the large tank all by herself while the tank is being re-planted with plant-plugs. I tried to find a few species that grow tall. But those have a tendency to send out runners and propagate throughout the whole tank. I want them to grow tall in patches. That means constant trimming and re-planting them where I want them.

I have a very thick layer of gravel. Actually, the fired clay bits used in ballparks. It's light and it holds a lot of air. It's turned out to be an excellent medium for plants. I add fertilizer in tablets into the clay where I want the plants to thrive.

I can add rocks if I like and driftwood type pieces to get junk in there to look natural. 

Or I have about fifty miniature Egyptian statues of various types that I can pile up like sunken Alexandria for a similar effect. I can just pile them up in heaps like an earthquake destroyed a city. Plus I have scores of Chia Pet rams that I can sink into the gravel to look like the row of ram sphinxes at Karnak. 

I might do that. Say, ten or so rams lined up and sunken into the gravel with various other statues strewn here and there. 

Then plants growing throughout and all over the place. 

That would give plenty of areas to hide.

I wouldn't have to break their little legs and glue them forward. I could just sink them into the gravel. I could fill them up with gravel and or leave them hollow. They're ridiculous little statuettes. I could give them undeserved aquarium gravitas. They have nothing to do with Egypt.

Dear Tulsi

Dear Tulsi:
There is a definite possibility that I will be killed in my attempt to get you elected as President. It is for this very reason that I am writing you this letter now.
As you well know by now, I love you very much. The past seven months I have left you dozens of poems, letters and mes­sages in the faint hope you would develop an interest in me.
Although we talked on the phone a couple of times, I never had the nerve to simply approach you and introduce myself. Besides my shyness, I honestly did not wish to bother you ... I know the many messages left at your door and in your mailbox were a nuisance, but I felt it was the most painless way for me to express my love to you.

Things that show up

First off, there is an emu running loose, Bruce, and we non-animal control types have been told to call the authorities if we encounter it. Well, alrighty then. Having seen one in person over in Oz I am pretty sure that if I see one in the wild I will do my best to avoid it.

I used to work with an Aussie and boy howdy did he ever talk funny. That boy was a mess, and when I told him I saw an "eee-moo" over in his native land he corrected me "That's 'eee-myu', mite". Well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me! But anyway, now that we have free range whatever-they-are roaming around here I wonder if they taste like chicken.

Next up, there is a wonderful historic liberry over in Trinity College in Dooblin Arlan, as pictured here:

Nice place, eh? Full of books and Kells and skells and drunks and everything Arsh.

Well, there was something else there today as well - remember the music box I made a while back? No? Well, here's a reminder:

I made that for my friend from Hattiesburg (whose mother is from Clarksdale, by the way) and today she presented it to her boyfriend/fiancé right there in the library at Trinity College:

How cool is that, eh? My work does more travelling than I do these days.

That's all for now - back to work I go, and I will leave you with a song about the benighted prisoners who populated a continent with their ill-begotten spawn.


When I took my dog out for walkies I saw today's leopard lilies:

And they reminded me of CL - has anyone heard from him? I hope he is doing okay.

It's a pity

Yes that's right. Love me. Love all of me. I am earthy. I am lovely. I am all that you want. Smell me.

That is not the canal. That is me.

Love me you fool!

Elderly man rides wave one last time.

From the YouTube video description:

An elderly woman approached a group of young men on a beach and asked them to help her husband fulfill his wish to ride a wave one last time. The elderly man had been living with dementia and is not expected to live beyond a year.

The men didn't hesitate. Of course they will help him.

It's a short ride.

Let's do it again.

Bad dream

Trump MAGA, Cincinnati

His tone is a touch more hardened and aggressive. He has a good segment on Pocahontas, nicely summarizing her professional life built on lies in a way the Democrat candidates do not dare in the Democrat debates. Presumably. You'd have to watch them to know, but if they did then we'd hear about it.

There are two incidents with protestors. One with signs about our country being built by immigrants, as if legal immigrants and descendants of legal immigrants themselves wouldn't know that. What we have here is a case of ignorant crackpots presuming to give people smarter than themselves a lesson in civics. The smarter people told the dumber people drove them out. U.S.A. ... U.S.A. ... U.S.A.

There is a bit of technical difficulty at the beginning but it passes quickly.

It's fun.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

WKRLEM: The Original Harry Bosch

The Grand Daddy of detective series. Written and directed by the great Blake Edwards. He was the original Harry Bosch. The moody detective who loved jazz and was always getting beat up but closing the case.

The shows still hold up. Or at least they are quite entertaining. Most of all because of the great Lola Albright. She sang in a lot of these episodes. You know it amazes me. The writers and show runners in the fifties and sixties packed a great story into a half hour. If you watch Peter Gunn or Gunsmoke or The Rifleman you wonder about the idiots who make TV today. But maybe not. Maybe they make a half hour show and they just pack it with commercials to stretch it into an hour.

Anyway enjoy!

CICGC, season 11

I watched several of the episodes in this latest season, I skipped some because the person Jerry was carrying around was obnoxious or a big lefty or both.

But episode 10 featuring Bridget Everett, someone I have never heard of, and Jerry, riding around in a '61 Cadillac model 62 convertible caused me to want to learn more about a certain relationship that caused Jerry to lash out in anger. While sitting in a restaurant Ms. Everett mentions how much she loves *****, name bleeped out and mouth blanked out so as to prevent those of us who can read lips from discovering who she is talking about. Why this is done becomes apparent when Seinfeld goes on a rant for two minutes, complete with f bombs, about how much he hates that guy and how he is not funny, not successful and so on. Who could he be talking about? My first guess was Andrew Dice Clay, but nobody likes him. Jerry mentions "that voice" so I think Gilbert Gottfried, but no, that's not him either. A bit of research led me to the object of Jerry's antipathy - it is none other than Bobcat Goldthwait. Wait, who? He is still around? Who knew? Aren't celebrity feuds fascinating? As a Hatfield I still hate McCoys, and that is logical and natural to my people. But comedians? Shouldn't they be funny?

There is a link - I have no idea if it works, if you want to see the whole episode it is on Netflix. Be prepared to see the fightin' side of Jerry.

I found I liked the Eddie Murphy episode far more than I imagined I would - he is fairly sharp and occasionally funny. He's Gumby, dammit! Marder - meh. Melissa Villasenor does a killer impression of  Steve Buscemi, which is an unusual skill, the rest of them were forgettable. Mostly NYC inside baseball kinds of characters. Only Bridget was able to contribute to an episode that breaks the mediocrity barrier of this season, and she did that by accident, having no idea about how much Jerry is hating on the Bobcat.

Whose that girl?

She was a star of one of my favorite sitcoms with a great theme song. You might not remember the words but I bet you can hum the melody. What you wanted to do to her was in the title.

Whose that girl?

Boris and Natasha must die!

We didn't know what to do with Natasha. She just loved to walk around the set naked. Well in a pair of knee high black riding boots and carrying a whip. She went through the crew like shit through a goose. There wasn't a guy on the set that she didn't bang. Even the gay ones gave it up because they didn't want to face her if she was pissed off.

She seemed so shy and demure. Nobody realized what a freak she really was. She would tell you to pull her finger. Then she would grab you pecker and pull on that. She was just insatiable. She did them all at one time or another.

There was only one guy she couldn't get no matter how hard she tried. Poindexter. He was just not interested. He only cared about science and was always making jokes about the periodic table that nobody understood. Natasha would sneak into his trailer and lay naked and play with herself while she waited for him to come back to the set. But he would just walk right past her to play with his chemistry set.

She was furious and felt the need for revenge. That was when she decided that she was actually going to kill the moose and squirrel. For real.

(Jay Ward and Alex Anderson, Rocky and Bullwinkle, E True Hollywood Story)

Dear Tulsi

Dear Tulsi,

It's me. Kamala. Look bitch I don't think you want me to go upside your head you pineapple pussy skank. Wach you think dogging me like that at the debate. I thought women of color need to stick together. Didn't you get the memo or did I have to send it by drum or some such shit like they do in Hawaii.

Look so I smoke a little pot and I put a lot of people in jail for selling it. So what? Old man Biden passed lots of bills about sex abuse and he is always fingering 13 year old girls whose daddy's just got appointed dog catcher or sum shit like that there. Look at Spartacus. That dude dares to talk about his boo when you know when he is talking about T Bone he is talking about what he gets where the sun don't shine. We all be liars. We're Democrats for fucks sake!

Look don't make look you up. Keep my name out of your mouth. I didn't swallow so much of Willie Browns cum to go down like this. I will cut a bitch.

Wach your mouth bitch or I am coming for you.

Sincerely your colleague and soul sister,

William Jacobson: The brutally boring, mind numbing, brain cell destroying Democrat debate No.2

Sounds delightful. Let's read all the words.

* Joe Biden probably won because he stayed awake.
* Kamala Harris isn't that smart.
* The whole thing was sleep-inducing.
* Gillibrand embarrassed herself.
* Weird vibe about attacking Obama policies, particularly deportation.
* Democrats are probably depressed.

Just as I had expected; not worth the trouble of watching unless you enjoy watching malevolent crackpots.

Comments over there at Legal Insurrection are reliably interesting. More interesting than the actual debates.
* JusticeDelivered
Decline of the Democratic party is similar in some respects to how some people slide from being working productive citizens being somewhat deranged homeless people. The party is in that death spiral, one where they screw up at nearly every turn, and become increasingly irrelevant. They are nearly to the point of defecating on the streets.
Hmmm. Interesting.

I don't think so.

Democrat party goes though phases of appearing irrelevant but them phasing out is wishful thinking based on observed present day crackpot behavior. But make no mistake, the party is still the great American catch basin for all American political crackpots of every stripe. Always has been. Always will be. It is the oldest political party on earth. (Besides British Tories by a previous name, but Democrat party had previous names too)

I drew that one time. Hang on.


You see, *strikes professorial pose* From the very beginning of American time people realized the government was going to be the biggest thing going. If they can get their hooks into government, or get government to do their bidding, then government could extend their personal wealth, extend their personal power, extend their personal will like no other force available. To very many people, government is personal.

Government is singular in its power.

Benjamin Franklin brags about this in his autobiography. When he secured government contracts for printing, then his printing business was set forever.

Nana says, "There outta be a law!"

While political activists are positively maniacal about ensuring there are particular laws. Whatever their conceit is.

Got a daddy problem? Boy, do we have a party for you. Got a problem with men in general? America has a party for you. Got a sex problem? Got a race problem? Got a problem with your neighbors? Got an income jealousy problem? Got a problem with dealing with healthcare? Got a problem with everyone else's dog? Got a problem with with fossil fuels, got a conceit about the environment, got an ache for being taken care of, got an affection for overarching government, got a hankering for lording over everyone else, psychologically damaged in any way? Boy, does America have a party for you.

There will always be our Democrat catch basin to collect all America's psychologically damaged and worked up and ambitious people and the present day Democrat party debates show this truth with pulsating glaring painful clarity. Right now they look like crap but the political party is needed absolutely.

I learned this from a Wikipedia page about the Whigs that is now so heavily edited it's no longer this useful for comprehension. But back then when I read it, the page made very clear that an opposition party developed to check all these crackpots who collected into prototype Democrat party. Then changed their names.

Then the Whigs developed solely to check Democrat wild ambitions, particularly on the issue of slavery. Until they became useless to the task for so many Whig principals owing slaves themselves. Republican party was invented to pick up where the Whigs left off, to counter Democrat wild ambitions particularly their ambition on maintaining the institution of slavery.

Left unstated on the Wikipedia page about Whigs, Republicans did very well in checking Democrat wild ambition for extending government beyond its clearly stated Constitutional restrictions until they became part of the problem precisely as happened with the Whigs before them.

Unstated in the Whig article is present day conservative voters becoming so thoroughly disgusted with Republican non-representation they forced Tea Party types on them. And when that approach was challenged, not defeated, rather, challenged by Republicans and especially by Democrats, then they morphed to an unnamed force and became even more insistent and produced as their representative within the Republican party the decidedly non-GOPe Donald Trump, who turns out to be the most classical Republican of everyone else available and far exceeded all expectations of the conservative voters who elected him and who are thoroughly disgusted with common blended non-representative Republicans.

The thing occurring now is an awesome historic era of realignment in which conservative voters force their representation while Democrat party adjusts to another wild-ass form rife with insane ruinous ambition. A form that fairly suits all worked up American political crackpots.

They'll work it out by banging their heads together until they bleed all over everything.

When their refrains are "free" this, "free" that, "free" education, "free" food, "free" housing, "free" love, free internet service, free cell phones, free clothing, free abortions for everyone including men, free wide open unchecked borders, and racism projected onto everyone and everything, welcoming and encouraging voter fraud, vote harvesting, encouraging people here illegally to vote, popular vote over electoral college, then you know that you're dealing with perfect economic socio-politico worked up nearly insane power hungry crackpots.

And you always will be this vexed.

There will always be a Party for them. There must. Because there will always be so many of them.

Unsolicited recommendation

A long time ago at the Federal Reserve Bank a vice president called me into his office. He asked me about my opinion regarding an employee policy change that had nothing to do with my position. It was important to him that I was on board with the change. For some reason to him my opinion was valuable or possibly dangerous and that told me I had unofficial power of influence.

That unofficial power came from my working there for so long. It came from knowing everyone and talking to everyone. Not from my official position.

As a mature man I have unofficial power of influence that has nothing to do with anything except what's happening in other people's minds, and my age, and their perception of me. Perfect strangers call me sir. Every day.

Yesterday the office manager asked if she could put a box that came in the mail for me into my backpack that I was wearing. She had the box. She took the box from the mailman instead of the mailman putting it into a separate lock box. She had difficulty putting it into my backpack as I was wearing it. Two men in her employ offered to take the box up to my apartment. They headed out before me. The box was at my door when I got there.

This unofficial power can be used to help people.

Yesterday I stopped at a sandwich shop just a few buildings north on the same block where I live. I don't know why I don't go in there more often.

A tall young male was wiping tables. I was the only customer in the place. Then the guy wiped the soda dispensing machines. Then he walked up to the cashier station. He answered my questions about their menu.  He assembled the prepared sandwiches and bagged them for telephone orders. Then he went back to the kitchen that shows through glass so we can watch them make sandwiches. He assisted the cook, scooped the coleslaw into containers and snapped on the lids. Then he came around to the front and bagged them and rang them up.

He was all over the place.

He behaved as if the whole place is his responsibility, from busboy to assembler, to sous chef, to cashier and public relations.

"What is your biggest sandwich?"

     "The wanderlust chicken sandwich."

"That's what I'll get next time. What's in your coleslaw?"

     "Granny Smith apple, jalapeño, apple cider vinegar, honey, buttermilk, cabbage, shredded carrots."

"How tall are you?"


"You look like a regular guy who was stretched upward like taffy."

He laughed. He could have been offended. He could have said, "Hey, what's with the personal question?"

"I'll bet that you surprised your parents when you hit the growth spurt."

     "My dad is six-six so they were expecting it."

Good Lord.

We conversed a bit more. The whole episode was pleasant. The young man really knows how to handle the public. He stayed busy the whole time. He knew what is required to make the place run smoothly better than I did at his age. Watching him awhile, he surprised me.

Back at the same shop today there was a different guy working. An older guy who was directing other people. I got the sandwich the previous guy recommended as the largest they have. (They're the same size, it's just loaded with more coleslaw)

I asked this next guy if the previous tall guy was manager because he acts like one. It wasn't busy when I was there, but he stayed busy the whole time. Not nervously, just always looking to be at the best spot to be the most productive at each moment. I described his behavior the way that I saw it. I gave him a complimentary report unsolicited. I hope they make him a manager because judging by what I saw he deserves it. The second guy thanked me for saying so. He was pleased that his employee is noticed as better than the usual employee.

And the whole time I was talking to him another employee stayed put at the bagging spot assembling orders into bags and just standing when there was nothing to do. She overheard our entire conversation. My description of his work habits had zero affect on hers. As if she was brand new and was sticking to the one thing that was explained to her.

The whole time I was talking to the guy in charge I was thinking about her, "aren't I making you jealous of him by detailing all the things that I noticed he does that you don't do?" But my magical words that I hope to affect the guy in charge had no affect on her. Perhaps she didn't dare.

But that's the difference between regular employee and employees with managerial potential. The workers with potential look for things they can do.

He's young. Very young. If the manager hasn't been considering him for advancement maybe now he will. It would make a difference to him. Such is the unofficial power we bear to affect the lives of other people, however minor.

Pink see-saws on the southern border fence

Well, if they're going to take them down then just shut up.

Elsewhere commenters noticed the Mexican side is all trashed up. 

Epicurious: Pancakes

They all look good to me.

Steven said nobody likes maple syrup.

That makes me wonder if he's ever had the real thing.

One time at a Mexican restaurant, El Tejado, muy autentico, we ordered sopapillas, triangular doughnuts. The honey comes in miniature pitcher-like containers. I assumed it was real honey but everyone at the table insisted it's fake honey. 

Fake honey!

What a ripoff.  

Totally faked me out.

Some guy on some news channel

People are writing about something having to do with ... um ... people ... who are having something, like a debate or something. Something similar to a debate. Except only specific people are interested. It's not clear why they're doing this. It's all for themselves actually. They're trying to ... um ... do something like ... um ... distinguish themselves from each other. I suppose.  Or something. Anyway, they wanted one specific purported news outfit to host them so it's a closed thing targeting specific interests of some kind. It's for people who watch that kind of fake news. I haven't figured it out.

They're all losers.

It's a show for losers. And they all know it. They all know they're all losers. But they're putting on their show anyway. Possibly for show-cred for the future.

Let's draw a picture instead.

You know, you have to control what you give your attention to. I skip all of this crap. They're irrelevant.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tank Mk9

By Jamhamster on YouTube. The title is actually Crap Tank Mk9. By his description it's a 40 kilo skid steer RC tank powered by electric scooter motors, now with added Claw.

You're privileged. The video has less than 500 views. 

President Trump starts fight with a mentally retarded person

Actually, the mentally retarded person started the fight by saying something outrageous about Trump in a somewhat public situation, but everyone knows presidents of the United Sates are supposed to let mentally retarded people say whatever they wish.

Politics marches on!


Seen online. People actually used these words to communicate. Maybe they were trying to lord over us with their superior vocabulary.  Maybe they got lost inside their own head. Maybe they speak those fer'ner languages all the time. Maybe they are just whacked.

There are seventy-six entries. Some are duplicates. I'll take the whole file of "new words" and dump them into the old file of "words" The laptop will stop the ones already there. Hang on.

* gammon
* interstitial
* kayfabe
* locus classicus
* suppurating
* thimblerigger
* tisane

Some words are so strange that your brain rejects them for you. Your super editor caring for you.  Those are duplicates. I'll add a "2" to their title so I have both definitions. That way we tell our brain who's boss around here.

Other words seem too easy. I don't know why they're here. We see them all the time and know them. They are not obscure. I must have been accidentally high again.

* affinities
* circumflex
* Gramscian
* imperium
* incommensurable
* inter alia
* interstitial
* jizya
* metonymically
* numinous
* plenum
* revenant
* roundelay
* sangfroid
* skein
* solipsistic
* suppurating
* triturate

What was wrong with me? This is embarrassing. It seems to show that I'm going brain dead. Again. I just have to face the facts. I'm losing it.

Here's the new list:

*  aerophone: Any musical instrument that produces sound primarily by causing a body of air to vibrate, without the use of strings or membranes, and without the vibration of the instrument itself adding considerably to the sound.

Clue: certain aerophone
Answer: oboe

*  affinities: A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship. A natural tendency or ability to use or do something. Relationship by marriage. An inherent similarity between persons or things. An attraction or force between particles or chemicals that causes them to combine.

Elites do not see their fellow citizens in exceptional terms of the affinities of a common language, shared history, or sovereign geography.

*  ambulette: A specially equipped motor vehicle for transporting people who are convalescing or have mobility issues.

A teenager who was pushed in front of an ambulette and killed likely lost his life to the same subset of Trinitarios gang members who killed Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz.

*  Basta cosi: that's enough.

*  bedlamite: A mentally ill person.

Ms Langmuir goes on to share other tales of bedlamite sorrow.

*  beguine: A ballroom dance similar to the foxtrot, based on a dance of Martinique and St. Lucia. The music for this dance.

Begin the Beguine

*  bobodon: word doesn't exist. some stupid shit J.J. Sefton (Ace, morning report) made up. bobo is urban for  a liberal, highly educated person who combines a bourgeois, affluent lifestyle with bohemian nonconformist values and attitudes.

*  bursar: A professional financial administrator in a school or university.

 UC Berkeley takes a hit in the bursar's office for censoring conservative students

*  caparison: An ornamental covering for a horse or for its saddle or harness; trappings. Richly ornamented clothing; finery. To outfit (a horse) with an ornamental covering.

[images show electric guitars]

Clue: Equine trappings.

*  casemate:  a fortified gun emplacement or armored structure from which guns are fired.Originally, the term referred to a vaulted chamber in a fortress. In armored fighting vehicles that do not have a turret for the main gun, the structure that accommodates the gun is termed the casemate.

Sometimes erroneously written casement

In this casemate Jefferson Davis, president of the confederate states, was confined, may 22 - October 2, 1865.

[images show cellphone covers]

*  cherce: Urban dictionary, "choice."

Not much meat on the links today but what we got is "cherce," so let's get with it.

C-Span Trump

There are several one-minute videos of this interview posted around a few places. This is the full interview.

You could have answered Steve Scully's questions yourself for President Trump. It's a little bit disappointing when you can predict all the answers. But that comes from having paid attention all along. Let's make it a game.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Chopper presser, Elijah Cummings smackdown edition

I love these things. I have never found an American president this interesting. Italy's Berlusconi was similar but Trump is more accomplished and more combative, less refined and more extroverted.

Boy asks Flash and Wonder Woman for help

A boy is temporarily separated from his father in a crowd at Comicon and freaks out so he goes to the superhero he knows and asks for help.

If you've ever been to one of these conventions you'll know the boy could have approached anyone and they would have helped. On the surface they seem odd, due to the costumes and the hobby, but they're actually all quite beautiful people.

If only Flash could go *ping* and disappear then reappear, "I'm still looking." *ping* disappear again. Reappear again. "Still looking." *ping* disappear again then reappear with his dad.

C-5M Super Galaxy

The largest Aircraft in the U.S. Air Force.

How the U.S. president travels. 

Bill Pulte's plan for demolishing abandoned houses in inner cities

Pulte's awareness is that abandoned buildings are magnets for crime in inner cities. His solution is tear them down in concentration form by the thousands.

Undiscussed is why rebuilding them in concentrated form is unacceptable. Let's guess. Too expensive, messes with the housing market, not worth the trouble, lowers home values generally.

Young people kill themselves in high numbers because the challenges they face in modern America are too great for them and home ownership is at top of the list along with paying for education required to get employment in advanced society. Those two things put thriving in America out of reach for many young people. From their tender young point of view. Here is a chance to affect that but the money is spent building better cities by destruction instead of rebuilding homes by construction. I suppose you'll say the buildings are too far gone.

Through all the tours that I've watched of all the dilapidated homes in Baltimore, each time I was thinking what it would take to rebuild them and get them back on the market.

But I'm an impractical bleeding heart.

Sock it to me. Set me straight.

Surprise homecoming

People like to play tricks on their family; spook them, scare them, punk them, set them up, give each other heart attacks. Because ... who else ya gonna do this to?

Matt Whitaker discusses John Ratcliffe replacing Dan Coats.

Whitaker is former acting Attorney General. He also discusses the status of AG Bill Barr's continuing reviews into prior DOJ and FBI misconduct. Whitaker says Ratcliffe will look at the combined intelligence apparatus for systemic issues and failures for how the investigations were started and the FBI and CIA engagements with other countries.

Whitaker summarizes U.S. Attorney John Durham's focus on the origin of the intelligence operation against Trump as candidate and "prosecuting any anyone that needs to be prosecuted."

Very quietly, tucked into a sting of declaratives the teeny-tiniest sentence crammed to compression so tight that it's barely noticeable and overlooked by the interviewer, Whitaker says that U.S. Attorney John Huber is reviewing "anything related to Comey's memos and the like." Sonic Boom. And you cannot see the jet that made the earth shake.

The president can declassify anything. He merely has to say it and it's automatically declassified. Documents are another matter. If any department has an issue with declassification they can stop it. Departments have been producing declassified documents with heavy redactions, half the text blacked out. It turns out they're protecting themselves from embarrassment  not protecting the United States.

Trump turned over his declassification authority to Barr. Dan Coats was a known inhibitor of declassification, a known Department protector from embarrassment. Now Coats is gone. It's expected this week will be a filled with unhappy surprises for people in Departments that attempted a silent coup.

Joe diGenova is confident that declassified documents will begin to made public starting Wednesday July 31.  [Telephone interview]

Chicken Jerusalem

Artichoke hearts, boom, it's suddenly Israeli.

This is my style of cooking. Fairly careless. As he went along I kept waiting for him to toss in some herbs then finally he drops in some scallions.

Everything is better with wine and butter.

And I mean everything.

Except possibly cereal.

I think artichokes are an example of making food out of a weed.

It's a huge thing with a tiny edible portion.

Artichokes are weird fer'ner food.

We ate the leaves. You steam them, then pull off the leaves one by one, dip them in melted butter, and pull them between your teeth, so you end up with a huge pile of steamed pointed leaves with Bucky Beaver teeth scrape marks in them. And you're still very hungry.  It's weird. All that for so little. Then finally the heart, but underneath the fuzzy hairy choke. The weed is ridiculous. And that proves people were starving and went for anything. And now they have chic-status. Too expensive for too little to bother. Boo.

I think this cook got his little bitty artichoke hearts from a tin. Or maybe frozen. Plus there were only three. Too few to change the title to Chicken Jerusalem.

I thought he said at first chicken breast with bone in. That makes a huge difference because cooking with the bone adds considerable flavor. But then he whipped out two flattened boneless breasts.

Reaction to Dolly Parton's song "Jolene"

Two dudes listen to a Dolly Parton song and give their reaction.

Their reaction is better than my reaction.

Siberian Husky temper tantrum

The dog wants the woman to turn on the water. The woman wants to take the dogs for a walk.

I wonder why the woman doesn't turn on the water and let her dog cool off. I expect they have layered coats. Splash in the water, shake it off and then go for a walk. What was the problem with the dog being wet?

In the video description the woman writes Huskies are intelligent but have low motivation to please their owners.

The Belgian owners I know call themselves handlers. They don't actually own the dog, rather, like cats it's more of the dog owning them, and Belgians handle their handlers. From what I saw there is a very good deal of back and forth to tremendous effect.

In the previous rat hunting video they were using dogs and minks to catch rats and the guy said the Border Collie wasn't interested in actually catching the rats, it appeared to be trying to herd them. I thought that was funny. The instinct of the other dogs is to kill the rats.

This video has 19,000 comments on YouTube to 9.5 million views. 3 thousand people didn't like it. What's not to like?

Monday, July 29, 2019

Eine kleine Nachtmusik

I wandered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills.

With blue above and orange below.

The light through the window slats kept being an incredible orange. I thought it would go away but it kept intensifying. Clouds make the sunset, not just the color. And there aren't any clouds. Finally I go, fine. I'll look, just before the whole color-show ended. 

Troop likes 'em old

Here is yet another example of one of his favorite brunettes - well, it's actually the same actress I posted last time. This is from a 1956 episode of The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, and every story is 100% factually accurate and every one of them is based on a true story that really happened.

She must have had a clause in her contract that required actors comment on her beauty every time she was in a scene. Well, not every scene, but at least a couple of times in every episode. Hmm - she was born in 1931 so she would have been about 25 in this picture. And about 88 today. Just Troop's speed. And Troop is a bit younger than her boyfriend Larry King. Maybe.

K.D. Lang, Crying

I didn’t warm up, I haven’t sang for a long time, I’ve never rehearsed with this band. You’re putting me on the spot here.

So we get to hear how a top voice does this cold.

Induction forging

The process involves an electromagnetic field and conductive material.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

120 rats destroyed by mink and by dogs

The YouTube title says "not facts and logic."

I don't get that.

By Joseph Carter, the Mink Man.

This is for our friends in Baltimore.

Conservative sites refer to Orkin for rat infestation information. Baltimore is 8th after Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Detroit.

After Baltimore, Seattle-Tacoma, Dallas-Ft. Worth.

It's a thing right now because Representative Elijah Cummings started a fight about conditions at the U.S. southern border, a point missed by most U.S. reporting on this new dispute. They pick up the story at Trump's response citing Cummings' hometown a rat infested poo-hole.

We all know, Trump picks his fights with clarity exceeding the perspicacity of his sparing partners. He wins these types of disputes. He counts on American media corruption to cover them inaccurately and in biased form, while most everyone capable of independent thought see through the shoddy reporting. Trump thrives in chaos of his own making. His chaos out chaoses the chaos created by Democrats. It's infuriating. And it's splendid to watch in real time. Eat it, Democrats. You totally own rat-infested cities. Chew, Democrats, chew.

In the meantime, let's enjoy some rat hunting. This guy makes fun out of dread.

Patricia Dickson: The America that I experience is not racist

The sitch-u-ation isn't this ... black and white. 

Yesterday was interesting. My friends are not racist. Nevertheless, their fairly large parties are purely white. Now, why is that? 

Two came over yesterday to help me get rid of a large aquarium and its cabinet/stand. And bring up a new replacement aquarium and replacement stand. 

They're so adept and they work together so well they made it look easy. Plus they went well beyond that. They pulled out my carpet cleaner machine and hand-scrubbed the area before using it. They did the dishes that were in the sink. They hung out all day, took out my trash, straightened up the place. They stayed busy while waiting for a pizza.

The call box is out of order so two of us went downstairs. A black man parked in front we assumed he was delivering our pizza. It turned out to be my neighbor, Barry, who lives across the hallway. He greeted us in a gracious manner and asked if were were waiting to go inside imagining I didn't have my key. 

Then another black man his age ran up to him and totally invaded his space. A younger muscular man, Dexter, another resident of my building. This man is extremely outgoing and he knows everyone and gets into as many things as possible. He asked me to take pictures for his portfolio. 

Then a black woman, Cynthia, lives down the hall. Tiny, attractive, she likes me because I gave her a few plants upon returning from a nursery. Last week she encountered me on the street returning from a walk at the point where my legs were giving up. I was having a very difficult time walking. The pain was incredible. That particular moment was horrible. It's the point where people decide they need a wheelchair. But having been in a wheelchair, it's the point where I decide I needed to keep walking more everyday. Still, a terrible broken down moment. She didn't have to say anything. I could read the pity on her face. 

Now this moment with my white friend in passing again outside she puts her hand on my shoulder and asks me how I am doing before moving on. 

All this in the span of five minutes waiting outside for the pizza. If he didn't already know differently my friend waiting with me would think the whole building is mostly blacks. 

Second unrelated racial-related anecdote

Painting an Airliner in Gouache—an hour before boarding

That's the title on YouTube. How gauche.

Step 1: dress like a boy.
Step 2: give the TSA guy $20 to let you sit there and paint

Gouache: Opaque pigments similar to watercolor in that it can be re-wetted. (Watercolors are transparent.)

He speaks too slowly for me. I watched this video impatiently, skip, skip, skip, skip, skip, done. Maybe you can do better with it than I did. I admit that I'm impressed with the result.