Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Leon Of The CA Senate Roars Again

[continued-in-part from here]

Reread the audacious statements by Kevin De Leon at that link. Now he's back:
State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, D-Los Angeles, said his measure, Senate Bill 54 or the “California Values Act,” is intended to prevent state and local law enforcement from cooperating with what he calls the 'Trump Deportation Machine.' link
A similar bill passed by the Legislature in 2012 was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown because it was missing serious crimes, all of which are also absent from SB 54. De Leon has refused to make amendments proposed by the Sheriffs Association to add these crimes and to address other concerns held by sheriff’s departments, whose primary responsibilities are the operation of jails.
Starve the beast.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Earlier this week I was wondering why it seemed like there were no landscapers working and then, last night, I finally got around to watching the recording we made of last Sunday's Mexico vs. Portugal.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Was that racist?

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

btw- forget Penys' spices. I love their garlic slat, but I'm going to need to find a replacement.

here is the e-mail blast that Penzy's sent out today.

Two years ago today, 7-6-15, our President rolled out his campaign including these words:

"Likewise, tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border."

It's been said history is written by the winners. In my travels I've found it to be more often written by local historians. The history of this presidency has only begun to unfold, but the history of the election, and what the people of the United States were willing to turn a blind eye to, is already cast. No future historian of 21st century America will be so unaware of 20th century history as to not know exactly who the then candidate was channeling with the words "tremendous infectious disease" or the inhumanity he was willing to risk being set in motion to bring attention to his candidacy. History will not be kind.

Today, on this anniversary, it seems a good day to apologize to the people of Mexico and Latin America. That form of intentional racism designed to stoke fear and anger among voters should have raised huge red flags as to why this was not a candidate fit for the highest office in the land. For reasons we have yet to get to the bottom of, those red flags were never raised, and for that we are sorry.

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And please do whatever you can to begin to make things right. "I'm sorry" is an amazingly good starting point. "I'm sorry" plus a batch of tasty cookies is probably even better.

Thanks for cooking,


chickelit said...

Penzeys wise, pound foolish.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Talking about the Senate, John McCain wet himself again.

edutcher said...

If CA wants to secede, remind them there's a penalty for early withdrawal.

Some Seppo said...

As I've noted before, if CA wants to play hardball the Trump Admin can send TSA, CBP, ATC, and other Federal workers to "training classes" until CA cooperates.

Methadras said...

As De Leon has admitted that he has family members in California that are illegal. Conflict of interest? Clearly and yet shockingly, nothing happens to this guy.