Monday, July 3, 2017

Remember not to buy any bootleg fireworks!

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edutcher said...

Be careful with any fireworks.

Chip Ahoy said...

Wanna hear something cute?

I went downstairs to check the mailbox. It's been a full week. The elevator door opens to the first floor and standing there is the tiniest most adorable little boy I've ever seen in my life. Precocious as little boys come. I said, "Hi there." I fully expected him to run off.

Instead he said, "Glop en dot melkin eff stub xnell plustif dit enteroll emikenflutzig ug tic." Impressively conversational and clear as a ringing bell if not quite so intelligible.

I answered directly as speaking to an adult, "Wow. Really?"

He reached out his little hand beckoning me to come join him. He indicated interest in my sticks. Little boys like my sticks. I said, "I need these to hold me up or else I tip over and fall." He indicated comprehension. I stepped out of the elevator and he stepped closer to me and took hold of on of my sticks. Not to take it, rather to help me hold it.

When I lifted, he lifted, when I set it down, he set it down, and so we progressed together in this manner awkwardly to the mailbox with him walking much slower than his usual speed. He said, "Elp zeter twip toot em dittle lit?" And held tightly onto one of my canes now at the mailbox and not needed to stand there, they're interfering with opening the mailbox. I said, "It's helping me not to tip over." Although it wasn't. I just didn't want him to run off with one of my canes like the last boy did. He sharply removed his hand.

I was completely charmed by the whole interaction. It made me love tiny children all over again. His mother, a stylish woman holding groceries came through the front door. She was wondering what's up with us two. She was assessing whether of not to chide her son about leaving strangers alone. Before she could correct her son I said to her, "Your boy helped me walk to the mailbox." He actually hindered but it was too fun having him try. She smiled and said, "I see" and passed by. The boy followed her into the elevator. She was part of a group bringing in an entire load of groceries and they were having a bit of difficulty with the large load. I offered my cart but they refused it. "We got enough people here to cary them up." And they did too. But it was still a rather large burden, cases of beverages and the like.

I look forward to tomorrow when the whole place will be crawling with such toddlers playing outside and protected in public. They have a blast at the July 4th celebration at Civic Park. Young mothers letting their children run off their energy within their sight. It's wonderful thing to behold.

AllenS said...

Good story, Chip.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Good story, Chip