Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Harvard committee proposes banning all social clubs; punishing violators"

Via Twitter:  Harvard students could soon be banned from joining any private social organization or club.

If the recommendations contained in a just-released, 22-page report are enacted, Harvard would extend previously-proposed sanctions against students joining single-gender clubs, to all “fraternities, sororities, and similar organizations,” regardless of their co-ed status. And instead of instituting a blacklist — leaving non-compliant students unable to captain Harvard-recognized sports teams, or be nominated for prestigious scholarships, for example — violators would be subject to formal “disciplinary action.”

This latest proposal comes from the same faculty committee empaneled to “revise or replace” a previous, controversial proposal to blacklist members of single-gender clubs in an effort to foster campus inclusivity. FIRE has repeatedly criticized that policy as being antithetical to the promises of freedom of association Harvard makes to its students.

This new report — which suggests the university follow in the steps of Williams College and Bowdoin College by attempting to do away with social clubs altogether — goes even further, asking that students be prohibited from joining any clubs that foster any measure of exclusivity, with a particular emphasis on completely “phas[ing] out” single gender social organizations by the year 2022.

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ken in tx said...

So, Harvard students can't be Masons. Will a Catholic priest be allowed to take classes at Harvard? How about an orthodox rabbi? How about any Catholics or Orthodox Jews?

edutcher said...

To ask the question is to answer it, dude.

PS The reasons to go to Haavahd are becoming less and less.

Leland said...

I wonder how they feel about single race clubs like La Raza?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

So is Yale next?

Leland said...

I'm fairly certain Harvard would ban Yale, if they could. Then again, at this point, I'm not sure what Harvard wouldn't try banning.

Oh, you meant Yale banning societies based on exclusivity. They already do, just not in mass yet. They will though, because they are stupid.

ampersand said...

Isn't Harvard itself an exclusive social club?

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Well, okay, just so long as they keep the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo.