Sunday, April 9, 2017

"New York City has released its proposal to outfit police officers with body cameras"

"Cameras must be switched on during ‘all enforcement and investigative encounters’"
After months of delays, the New York City Police Department issued its proposal to outfit its entire force with body cameras. Once approved by its court-appointed monitor, it will dictate how officers will be required to use the cameras.

The proposal outlines when the cameras should be used, and how the resulting footage will be stored and accessed. The policy dictates that all cameras will be activated during “all enforcement and investigative encounters,” and that officers must inform their subjects that they’re recording. The rules also note that the cameras must be deactivated during meetings with confidential informants, during demonstrations (unless there is a crime being committed), sex crimes victims, and internal meetings. 1,200 officers around the city are to be issued the cameras by the end of the month, according to The Associated Press, while the rest of the force is expected to have them issued by the end of 2019.

Officers will receive a day-long training on how to operate the devices, and will also be able to review their own footage and that of their colleagues during official duties. Footage will be retained for up to a year, although some videos can be stored longer on a case-by-case basis.
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ricpic said...

There goes BLM's BS up in smoke.

Lem said...

It should save the city money avoiding bogus lawsuits. I realize that is the last thing on big cities agenda.

AprilApple said...

Will they keep them running during the donuts and prostitute sessions?

AllenS said...

Body cameras are a good idea, and so is bigger guns.

Amartel said...

The police should not have discretion to switch the cameras on and off. Unedit reality.

ampersand said...

donuts and prostitute sessions
Is a ring toss game involved?