Friday, June 11, 2021

WKRLEM: All of Sixty’s favorite rockers are getting old

Hey you
Get offa my lawn


edutcher said...

Everybody’s favorite rockers are getting old.

The Dude said...

Tom Petty actually did have a fractured hip, and that, along with his many other maladies and addictions led to his death. Just say no to Fentanyl, mkay?

I read that a new Indiana Jones movie is being made, saw a picture taken on the set where all the actors were wearing masks and thought that was stupid, then I thought maybe the title of this new movie is "Fighting the Curse of the Evil Fauci" or something.

But that led me to reading about the composer John Williams. He recorded the piano part on Henry Mancini's original version of the Peter Gunn theme, wrote a couple of movie scores along the way, well what do you know - he's 89 years old now. I figured he was in his 80s, but sheeeit - that boy will be 90 on his next birthday. Well done!

chickelit said...

All of my favorite rockers died before they got old. But, as a friend pointed out to me: "yet they live on for you, don't they."

Mumpsimus said...

"Hey you
Get offa my lawn"

What a great line.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

That right there is good stuff. I've never heard of him. Thanks, Troop. You old poop.

chickelit said...

OK, I listened through. This guy has talent, that's for sure.