Monday, January 29, 2018

Whose that peach?

She said that the man in charge put his finger on it..... and it wasn't Harvey Weinstein. She was a child star and spent a lot of time in a bathing suit on TV but now all she does is accuse a conservative Hollywood type of sexual abuse when she was a child.

She has nothing left and is trying to recoup another five minutes but it is clear her time is up. If Joanie were still alive she would run her over with her trailer.

Whose that peach of a girl?


AllenS said...

Bikini babe.

Amartel said...

Less like a peaach, more like a bad egg. A balut.

edutcher said...

Nicole Eggert?

(EBL also had her displayed)

windbag said...

I saw a headline that claims she drives an ice cream truck. I honestly didn't know who she was and have never seen her work, but knowing that, I already like her.