Saturday, January 13, 2018

White Trash like me

I haven't had a chance to do much political commentary the last few months. I do think that the God Emperor is pretty much operating as I had expected he would.

I am sorry that he blew up his relationship with Steve Bannon but I don't think that is permanent. I know it seems that way. What the jerkoffs in the media forget is that this has happened many times before in history of the United States. Once someone gets elected President they get rid of the advisor who had the most to do with his election because he wants to get all the credit and doesn't want to seem to be the tool of someone else. Clinton fired Dick Morris. McKinley dropped Mark Hanna. I mean shit Martin Van Buren dropped Sammy Swartwout and Tammany Hall.

Trump changes his advisors like he changes his ties. He gets them for a job and when it is done he moves on. The difference is he retains their loyalty because they understand it is just business not personal. So I would not be surprised to see Bannon back. Wait and see.

The thing is that the God Emperor has his finger on the pulse of normal Americans. The ones who elected him. Not the race baiter's and political correct virtue signalers. The estimable Don Surber has a great post explain this as he so often does. In it he quotes this mook from Yahoo Finance who actual gets it. This mook named Newman said:

Wolff, in his book, recounts a moment in which a foreigner unfamiliar with the concept asked Trump what “white trash” is. “They’re people just like me,” Trump supposedly responded. “Only they’re poor.” Does any other politician think that way? Some cross over from the wrong side of the tracks, but that’s not really the point. Trump, who grew up well off, came from the right side of the tracks, yet somehow understands the other side. The buzzards circling around him should never forget that

I think that sums it up perfectly.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Bill Clinton thought that way in part, but he was embarrassed about being white trash. It twisted him in a different way from Trump.

I am not sure Trump considered himself white trash. That is not a common way of referring to someone from Queens, but I get that he considered himself as an outsider to the assholes in Manhattan. Trump was in prep schools, but he did go to job sites and make friends with the workers there (and construction sites in New York City would have workers who would come in from all over the east coast). Lots of construction guys from upstate New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, etc. So he got a first hand experience with working class white guys.

Trump is more of a fuck you kind of personality too, which is sort of Scot-Irish in temperament.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Bannon helped Trump, but he didn't make Trump. Bannon did something Trump does not tolerate, betrayal. While I want Trump to keep the pulse of populism, he should never trust Steve Bannon again.

ricpic said...

Bannon is hugely erratic. I really think he can't help himself. He has to create turmoil. Anyway, Trump has an advisor, Stephen Miller, who is totally in synch with Trump's conservative/populist agenda and a better fit as right hand man -- less ego than Bannon.

edutcher said...

The eminent Mr Surber is skeptical of the quote because of the general mendacity of the book, but he does go on to say , "But Trump does have an outer-borough mentality. He's living the American dream. He wants others to, too". It's mot really white trash, but the guy who had to fight for what he's got.

Bannon and Trump had a fight. It was over one of the things Trump values, as E notes. Thing is, he can fight with somebody (Lewandowski, f'rinstance) and they still believe in the same stuff and Trump will be supported by his erstwhile adversary. So, this may all work out.

Good post. Here's a link to the Surber post. Some impressive stats in it.

PS F you is not a Scotch-Irish (the proper term (a lot of Scotch-Irish ashamed of who they are want to make it more Euro)) attitude, they just shoot you. It's more of a big city attitude you'll see in Micks, Eyeties, and any other distinct minority.

rcocean said...

Advisers often forget their place. They start thinking they're in charge and they got elected.

Bannon didn't join up till August 2016, AFTER Trump got nominated.

BTW, what are the odds we'd have a guy named Bannon and VP with a "Race Bannon" haircut in the same White House. Spooky. Hell, Gorka even looks like "Dr. Quest".

All we need is for Trump to adopt a dog called "Bandit".

rcocean said...

What so funny about Trump is this. Here's a guy worth Billions of $$$, he has a supermodel wife (his 3rd) - children who love him - and he's POTUS - which he got on his first try.

Meanwhile, you have all these loser "intellectuals" striking poses of superiority and condescending to Trump because...ah...they're so much "smarter".

Yeah, that's the ticket. If only Trump would listen to them, he'd REALLY achieve something!

rcocean said...

The girly men at "Red State" and "NRO" have this attitude in spades. Despite being wrong about almost everything for the last 9 years, they're always "Secret Kings" & the "Smartest guys in the room".

Christy said...

I just did an Amazon search for science fiction on my kindle and #17 was the Wolff book on Trump.

In line with what edutcher said, Papaw used to say that in the mountain community (Scots-Irish) where he grew up, people would as soon shoot you as look at you.

Chip Ahoy said...

In my late twenties I was invited to a party with a white trash theme and I hadn't a clue what that meant. Neither did my friends. I asked, and we couldn't figure it out. Kitchen trash bin liners are white. It must have something to do with that. Would everyone come dressed in white kitchen bin liners?

Boy, was I ever in for a surprise.

The Christmas tree was aluminum and decorated with tinsel and Budweiser beer cans.

Hor d'oeuvres were spread out on an ironing board.

They consisted of molded Jell-o with things inside it. Cheetos. Cheeze Whiz on Ritz crackers. Canapés of white bread and bologna and Velveeta cheese, potato chips.

Music was 70's played on an 8-track system. People wore 70's mis-matched clothing. White socks with stripes at the top. Deplorable shoes.

There were a lot of people there and everyone knew what was going on.

And I go, "Oh. Now I get it." They meant no-class people.

But I still really like those yard flamingos with wire legs. And the plastic kiddie pools really are useful for things such as washing your dog. This one was filled with ice and cold beer.

One time my dad intended on buying me a present. He decided on an air brush and a compressor because I mentioned I had designs on one. But for some reason that didn't happen. Later, he asked me what I wanted. We had just gone through a place that pours cement lawn decorations. Fountains, ducks, little statues, and the like. They have several types of deer and different sizes, and one really nice one. I told him I want one of those cement deer to put in my bedroom. It's odd, I realize that, but I can visualize putting my shirt on its antlers. A live-looking thing just standing in the corner that makes you go, "Oh shit!" every time you notice it. And I realize it's intended for the lawn and I realize it's totally no-class. But I still like it anyway. And the son of a bitchxxxxxxxxx I meant to say, Dear ol' Dad refused to buy it for me. So that was two things in a row DENIED!

See, he just couldn't visualize it so that meant no.

There was another time we went to an auction and there was a fantastic carved wooden statue for sale. It depicted a group of deer jumping over an obstacle. Very detailed. It was an excellent statue worth far more than they were asking. It was dynamic, all movement, and very well carved. It would take up the whole room. My apartment was perfect. The place was old-fashioned with cowboy type hard wooden floors. Even stained glass window in front. Very old style fireplace. I'd clear everything out of the living room just to show the statue. And put furniture in other rooms. I'd highlight the carved sculpture. It would have been extraordinary. And incredibly unusual. But very impracticable. So what. And it was inexpensive too. And nobody else wanted it. The carving did not sell. We could have had that thing for a song. At the time I couldn't just pop for it and my family refused to assist. They got no imagination a'toll. I still rue missing the chance. Even here I would make a space for it.

Chip Ahoy said...

Those auctions are great. You see all kinds of good stuff. I also saw a phone booth that would make an excellent tardis. I could have positioned it in front of a bedroom door, take the real bedroom door off, and cut out the back. So when you open the door to the phone booth you pass through straight into the bedroom like a Tardis with an interior that's larger than it is by its exterior dimensions. I don't know why nobody thought of this already. I don't know why the idea isn't popular. Because it's a GREAT IDEA! Surely some Dr Who fan has already done this. Surely. And there's an old fashioned British phone booth right there at the auction. Yes, the tardis is a blue police box, and this is a red phone booth, but same thing by dimensions. And tardi come in any shape that you can step into, wardrobe cabinet, pillar, etc. Another great idea from that auction site, just sitting there unused, just wasted. Impracticable, yes, but still a great and fun idea.

That could have been my apartment; a splendid carved statue of leaping deer and a tardis into a bedroom.

Instead, you know what I did? I poured a latex mold over my carving of an Egyptian man carrying offerings. A bowl of ostrich eggs in one hand and rabbit by the ears in the other hand. Then poured 24 copies. They're large rectangular plates. The size of platters. Painted all 24 large plaster plates in the same interior green as the room. Then arranged them as a grid on the farthermost wall as tiles with scant space between them. So when you enter the apartment and come into the living room and look through the entire apartment, through the dining room and through the open door to the bedroom, then you see this 3-dimensional wall on the farthermost wall. Green as the wall background. Only shadows showing the design. And it had a mind-blowing effect. Now who would even think of that, far less execute the idea? It looked positively Wrightian except Egyptian, not Mayan, and a lot more detailed. It blew everyone's mind. Except my parents. They always questioned my choices and my efforts. They were constantly genuinely confused.