Saturday, January 27, 2018

Matt Gaetz, "I believe there's been a criminal conspiracy."

I've been hanging out at the Treehouse all day and the party that is Sundance says this is a shift in language that elevates exponentially the political dynamic to a new level of risk for the conspirators. Then they give the U.S. code defining conspiracy.

"Suck it up to the head shed." I think that I know what that means. Handled by the higher level officers in the department. But when I look up the phrase all the results are pornographic. Don't look it up because it's naughty.

I told you not to look it up, and what do you do? You look it up. See? I warned you. 

(I dislike the photo of Page in the key frame. Half her smile is her gums. I cannot even do that without using my fingers.)

The place has been en fuego as all this is finally frothing to public exposure. The comments to each post are vast and a fantastic source of more information. This post for example has dozens of links with supporting material. You can lose yourself reading it, as I do. 

* In comments, a link to Forbes, Why was Obama's Justice Department silent on criminal activity by Russia's Nuclear Agency? With Mueller at the center of activity.

* HousatonicITService, Twitter thread of research of Strzok family is eye-opening. It's a very involved family and they're all over the place. They're positioned throughout government. This FBI Strzok is the least of them. His uncle was in Kenya when Obama went there and so were Nellie Ohr's parents. 

* A movie coming out soon reveals The Final Year reveals the Obama administration's Naïvety and arrogance. National Review.

* a commenter went to school with Ivanka Trump and posts a very long comment about his newly formed impressions. It's a very good post, you just have to go there and read it.  Control F rationalnational. Or just scroll for the long one. 

* Video of CNN anchor Cuomo vs Gaetz. Unable to prevail Cuomo feigns religious offense. 

* Gateway Pundit post on Strzok's wife, government attorney, wiping her facebook page of Hillary cheerleading.

* A discussion about the legal definition of treason, war vs peace time.

* A video discussing the military planning a coup against Obama but talked Trump into running and now they're doing a counter-coup that Assange tweet referenced. (Sounds like imaginative daydreaming, a thing more for fun.)

* This was turned into a new post at the Treehouse. Grassley sent out a batch of letters requesting information on a list of topics their investigation is interested in. A response is not expected but it does put the recipients on notice their communication is being investigated and they're exposed to criminal charges. Grassley Senate site.

There are plenty of other links too, some less relevant and others dropped by trolls pointing to contrary deep state pushback and counter narrative. 

I cannot find my favorite link, it's in another post, to a conversation between a group of FBI agents and members of DOJ, on the dark web, that portion of the internet that does not show in search results and that requires specific software, configurations and authorization and code keys to access. It is a discussion between 6 or so people in a group of 18, about things that happened days before they occurred. But that wasn't clear until after they happened because names are abbreviated. What happened to Paul Manafort for example. The group knew Robert Mueller would shake him down and it actually happened before the group expected. The point is principals were discussing this secretly beforehand.

And they're still blowing smoke up our butts. 

The story is Peter Strzok (FBI) and Lisa Page (DOJ and FBI attorney) were having an affair and that's why there are so many email messages between them on official phones. But that story is by WSJ writer Devlin Barrett whose source is Strzok and Page themselves. His sources are the subject of his articles. They're telling him what to write and he obliges. They are focusing our attention on weaker things and shaping our discussions. Now he works where democracy dies in darkness, the Washington Post. Perfect. Nothing more needs to be known about Devlin Barrett, the cooperative propagandist.

Why would his sources tell him to write they're having an affair? Because it's bad. But what they were actually doing was worse. They can tell their spouses what they're doing, the lie about the them having an affair, and their spouses cannot be made to testify against them. Their spouses can be in on it. While they proceed with their coup. 

We read there were 50 thousand messages in a few months but that can be divided in half. Each messages is counted twice, sent and received. And they're blabbing back and forth to each other in very short few-word messages all day, every day. And there is nothing among the emails shown so far that indicate conversation between lovers. No, they are co-conspirators. 

Although fiercely anti-Trump and criminally pro-Hillary they're still actually pawns, it looks to me like they're being positioned to be granted immunity. I think a lot of people who want to see these two prosecuted are in for disappointment when the seriously damaging memos come out to the public. Prosecutors are going to need them to spill their guts on their superiors and come clean to protect themselves best as they can.


edutcher said...

Much like Willie's impeachment, once the evidence was seen, a lot of minds were made up.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Maybe with a smile like that should could play The Mouth of Sauron in a community theatre production of Return of the King: The Musical.

Lem said...

The media is going to great lengths to avoid this stench.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Did you hear the latest BS from the leftwing hivemind collective corruption machine?

The "memo" is really a Russian bot.

ampersand said...

Those two remind me of Major Burns and Hot Lips Hoolihan. Do you suppose they were babbling this political stuff instead of sweet nothings while getting it on? Has anyone stuck a microphone in Mrs. Strzok's or the cuckolded Mr. Page's face to get their opinions?

Is it possible Chief Inspector Mueller is actually coordinating with Trump in swamp draining?
There's a lot of shit hitting the fan blowback on the investigators.

chickelit said...

(I dislike the photo of Page in the key frame. Half her smile is her gums.)

Dangerous "head shed" choppers (your metaphor).

Methadras said...

Evidence, evidence, evidence everywhere and nothing will happen to this pair. They schemed, they plotted they, weaved a web, to try and serve on a platter the presidents head. But alas my friends, heed my warnings, these two are nothing but pawns in under a larger awning. The rest are liars, schemers, and thieves, but they care not because they've been given relief. So, I say to you that the plot does thicken, but in reality, nothing will happen to any of them because Congress and Jeff Sessions are chicken.