Saturday, January 13, 2018

Haiti IS a Shithole. Trump is right.

The latest dogpile onto  Trump by the MSM is about the "supposed" comments  he made that some countries, like Haiti, are shitholes and why do we want to import people from those countries?.  Whether he said that actual word or not, Trump is correct.  Haiti, among a lot of other places. IS a shithole.

Actual shitholes where people just crap all over the place, don't use latrines.  Here is a map of shithole countries

Study from the Rice Institute

To be fair, much of the outdoor defecation is because people are living in rural areas, don't have running water or toilets......... but really... just because it is your culture, you can't build an outhouse , a cess pit,  and stop crapping everywhere and creating disease?

If you want to get down to it we have a lot of shithole cities in the United States. Homeless crapping and spreading hepitis.  It is even legal in some cities to openly defecate and urinate because....????

But since this is a topic of immigration and why we should favor people from these crappy countries, let us examine a prime example of a shithole nation.

Haiti is a country that shares an island with another country.  The Dominican Republic.  The difference between the two countries is stark and educational.  They share the island, have basically the same resources. One country is a thriving and attractive place. The other is Hell on Earth.  What do they not share?  Governments.  Just as Chicago is a shithole controlled by a corrupt Democrat machine, Haiti is governed by its own brand of Corruptocrats.

Compare.  A deforested,devastated Haiti on the left and a still lush and well managed ecology of the Dominican Republic on the right.

The capital of the Dominican Republic

The capital of Haiti

 Garbage is strewn everywhere in Haiti creating cholera and other diseases.  The people of Haiti live in abject poverty despite Billions of dollars of US aid.  Where did the money go?  Stupid question. We know.

A nice beach at the Capital City of Haiti
 Yeah. Can't wait to take a vacation in Haiti and go swimming!

Behold a lovely outdoor market place

I wonder what lovely souvenirs from my (not happening) vacation I can bring home.  Perhaps some cholera, parasites or Zika.

Do I feel for those poor people in Haiti and other shithole countries.  Of course I do.  That is why we send AID to them. However, when we just pour money into the coffers of their corrupt governments you end up with some people getting rich and the rest suffering.   Pouring money without any accountability, supervision or demand of results.  You end up with Detroit!

We hear about poor Haiti and how they are hurt by the hurricanes, earthquakes etc.  and we must send MONEY$$$$$    I'm sure we send aid to the Dominican Republic as well... or maybe I'm sure.....I don't know.     We just don't seem to hear the crying violins for the 'poor' people of Dominican Republic. 

People are a result of their environment and I don't (exactly) blame them.  However, when you import those people, they will bring their environment, culture of poverty, diseases and shithole ways with them.  WHY do we want to import this?   If we feel bad for them, help them fix it at home.

Immigration is for the benefit of the people IN the Country already. Immigration is for the betterment of the United States and isn't, or shouldn't be, a free for all, everyone come on down proposition.  Merit based immigration is a standard in many countries that even the Left claims to admire.  Canada, New Zealand for example.  Why should WE not also have a safe, sane and effective system?  Because doing so would thwart the desire of the Left to have a permanent underclass of loyal voters. No matter how they try to pull on the heartstrings, claim to be morally superior, their hearts bleed for the is all about power and claiming a permanent stranglehold on the government.
We need to remember the AA Serenity prayer and be able to recognize those things that are out of our control.

God, give me the grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things 
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish 
the one from the other.

Taking back control of our Country and creating a sane immigration system is one that can be changed and which will take Courage  Trump has the courage and has stated he is willing to take the heat.

If we don't get control of immigration, the United States is over.  Toast. History.


ricpic said...

We're suffering from a terrible shortage of Somalis!!!

windbag said...

Here's an aerial photo showing the contrast between the two nations that share the same island.

It is a shithole. How many people who go on cruises make sure one of their stops is in Haiti?

chickelit said...

The aerial photos remind me of the nighttime aerial photos of North and South Korea: darkness and light.

Nice post, DBQ.

Sixty Grit said...

Good one, DBQ.

edutcher said...

Now the Dick from IL insists The Donald said it multiple times. As I believe I said elsewhere, if the Dick from IL had planned it this way, it couldn't have worked out better.

For Trump.

The Demos needed an excuse to walk away in a huff because any of the other things Trump insisted be part of the deal would have been political suicide for them. This has crystallized the issue better than all the other high-flown (or low-flying) arguments combined.

And I've seen that graphic on at least 2 other websites, so it's making the rounds.

It is even legal in some cities to openly defecate and urinate because....????

IIRC San Fiasco has such a law, not only for the urban outdoorspeople, but also the gay caballeros who want to run around sky-clad.

I wonder what lovely souvenirs from my (not happening) vacation I can bring home. Perhaps some cholera, parasites or Zika.

oopsy, The Blonde and one of her nursing buds took a cruise that made port in Belize (the old British Honduras). She said she could smell the hepatitis and pseudomonas and she kept her hands in her pockets until they got back on the ship. Her friend didn't and was sick for the rest of the trip.

windbag said...

How many people who go on cruises make sure one of their stops is in Haiti?

Not too many unless they're homosexual predators (that's how AIDS got here). Royal Caribbean and I think one other cruise line do own islands off the Haitian coast that are used as ports of call, but those are pretty clean from What I could see.

bagoh20 said...

As a kid, I remember visiting more than one family of relatives who had outhouses in rural Pennsylvania. They were poor, but not so stupid to not know to dig a deep hole and build a private clean toilet over it. How hard is that? Even cats bury their shit.

edutcher said...

If you look at the graphic, one thing you notice is that many of the places were once French colonies (Inja may have issues with the caste system) or are Moslem countries. OTOH even the old Spanish colonies do pretty well.

The other is the tropics. Temperate climates, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, seem least likely to do this, but bag is right. All you need is a shovel and some quicklime for basic sanitation.

YMMV, but that graphic would make the basis of an interesting study for the non-PC.

Sixty Grit said...

Spanish colonies - you mean like the shithole that is Mexico? Or perhaps Guatemala? San Diego and Los Angeles are well on their way, too.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Immigration isn't about 'saving' the rest of the world from itself. It is about who WE want and who we need in our country. As the inviting entity we get to decide. Not the UN not the people who want to escape their shithole countries.

Hell....if I lived in Haiti I would be desperate to get out of there too I have some (some in small font) sympathy for them, but I have (in much bigger font) a sense of self preservation.

To allow UNSCREENED and UNVETTED people who are guaranteed to be a burden on the economy, on our welfare system, on our health care system, who carry communicable diseases, who have no skills, no education and who will do nothing but bring in the crime, disease and poverty that they are used to living with is a suicidal proposition.

In the past, when my Great Grands 1881 immigrated from Wales and ancestors prior immigrated, there was no social safety net. You came to the country. You worked hard to survive. The only handouts were from charities, family members or fraternal type organizations. You worked or died. Today, it is a gravy train of goodies paid for by the taxpayers. It is not the same thing at all. Not even remotely.

Immigration is not a guaranteed right. It should be by invitation only. I have nothing against the people of Haiti. They just aren't invited to the party.

I am a mean mean woman....or so DP tells me.

ampersand said...
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ampersand said...

What passed through the international wires and UN translators lips the past 24 hours.

طز الثقب
শিট:বিঞ্জ গর্ত
חרא חור
Отвір лайно
дерьмо Отверстие

Trou de merde
Gówno uderzy otwór
Foro di merda
Buraco de merda
Boka Batmak deligi
Paska reikään
Rahat gaura
Scheiße Bohrung
Šikti anga
Sranje rupa
Usrana rupa
Sranje luknja
Hovno otvor
Shit hull
Agujero de mierda
Szar furat
Skit hålet

ampersand said...

Fred Astaire left his hat In Haiti
but I think hat may be a euphemism.

edutcher said...

Sixty Grit said...

Spanish colonies - you mean like the shithole that is Mexico

I was addressing bag's question about outhouses. If we're talking landownership and the hacienda culture, that's a different subject.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Immigration isn't about 'saving' the rest of the world from itself

The Demos are no more interested in "'saving' the rest of the world from itself" than anyone else.

They're interested in stuffing ballot boxes. 7 million fraudulent votes were cast in '16. Without them, the Beast would have had a worse drubbing than Mondale.

As Sixty alludes, the drill started with LBJ. Create a permanent underclass dependent on the Democrats for welfare. Blacks are aborting and gang-banging themselves out of existence, so they need a new flock to fleece.

edutcher said...

PS Google Haiti and you get a lot of articles telling us how African slaves made Haiti the second independent nation in this hemisphere and slideshows of how wonderful it is.

They don't do any wide shots (surprise) and omit all the wonderful Haitian history like the time a mob dismembered the sitting president or the time a company of infantry was marched off a cliff to show visiting dignitaries how obedient the troops were.

OTOH Gateway has a piece on how the capital, Port-au-Prince, doesn't have a sewer system.

This is the country the Clinton Global Scam Machine came to save.

Trooper York said...

What does Haiti have that the Dominican does not?

Just asking for a friend.

Trooper York said...

The God Emperor as usual put his finger on it by talking like a regular guy. All the virtue signaling press assholes and GOPer's are shitting their pants. I see where Jonah Goldberg has shit his panties.

There is no DACA deal to be made with the Democrats. These people will be deported like the dot heads from Seven Eleven. Enforcement will continue. I hope they arrest politicians and others who try to stop enforcement.

edutcher said...

Trooper York said...

What does Haiti have that the Dominican does not?

I do think the French influence is part of it. The Dominican had its troubles (instead of going to 'Nam, the 82nd Airborne was sent to Santo Domingo), but they do seem to have turned things around.

Haiti, of course, had 30 years of the Duvaliers and then "assistance" from the Ozark Mafia which robbed the country blind, and that would be enough to do in a lot of places.

Look at Arkinsaw.

There is no DACA deal to be made with the Democrats

I think that was the point of the meeting. And the Dick from IL gave The Donald what he wanted.

PS 5 will get you 10, Trump actually said failed state (or something like it; my fave is 3rd World sewer).

ricpic said...

Stop the presses! Fred Astaire makes Haiti almost wholesome!!

Dust Bunny Queen said...
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Dust Bunny Queen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dust Bunny Queen said...

The Truth About Shithole Countries

A short and amusing video that explains it all!


Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

TIME magazine is racist!

TIME magazine is racist!

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

D's want as much illegal immigration as possible. It's all about importing voters. You nailed it DBQ.

Methadras said...

I've been calling these places shithole countries for decades and I was not wrong. Thanks for the validation Trump.