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Don't worry boys. You will be out robbing and raping and pillaging soon if Choom has anything to say about it.

Pardon me?

President Obama commuted the drug sentences of 46 drug dealers this week. He has commuted the sentences of 89 criminals during his tenure which is more than the last four Presidents combined.

Of course this is just the beginning. You see President Obama feels the Justice System is racist. That black criminals serve more time and get harsher sentences than white criminals. That felons should be able to vote. That you shouldn't be able to ask if someone is a convicted felon before you hire them. That the jails should be emptied. And he is going to do it one drug dealer at a time.

It is all of a piece with the decriminalization of many offenses and the freeing of criminals to prey on the community that is the hallmark of progressive law enforcement theory. You can see it at work in Baltimore. President Obama is going to do it on a Federal Level. Just wait to see what he is going to do after the election right before he goes out of office. He is going to make Bill Clinton's corrupt pardons look like sterling jurisprudence.

Prisoners don't have to dig a tunnel or bang an ugly old white lady to get free. Obama shall set them free. Hallelujah!

I can't believe that Trump can make me support John McCain!

I am sure you have heard the news. That moron Donald Trump decided to diss John McCains service in Vietnam.

According to the New York Post: He’s not a war hero,” Trump told an audience of Iowa conservatives on Saturday. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured. He also called McCain a “loser.”

Now I am not of a fan of John McCain the politician. He is the epitome of the Rhino. Of the guy who runs as a conservative but legislates as a liberal. Who is always ready to compromise with the Democrats and trashes conservatives and conservative values on every Sunday morning talk show that will put him on to give the "conservative viewpoint."

It is way out of line to criticize his service as a pilot. I mean so he was last in his class or whatever. So was Custer. He served honorably and suffered at the hands of America's enemies. He should be honored for his service. Trump needs to shut up and worry about Joan Rivers and Geraldo Rivera and the other assholes on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Call out McCain on his record as the worst Rhino in Congress. Not on his military service. What a moron.

Whose that girl?

She was a big star in the 1970's but is not such a big deal now. You see she went to prison.

She was famous for letting someone else be on Topher. Whose that girl?

ee cummings on Abe Vigoda

Where's Madge then,
Madge and her men?
buried with
Alice in her hair,
(but if you ask the rain
he'll not tell where.)

beauty makes terms
with time and his worms,
when loveliness
says sweetly Yes
to wind and cold;
and how much earth
is Madge worth?
Inquire of the flower that sways in the autumn
she will never guess.
but i know

my heart fell dead before.

Where's Madge then,
I am soaking in it.

Did you ever get the feeling?

That you spend too much time when you were a kid thinking about the rumors about Jan and Marcia?

Did you ever get the feeling?

That if they made the Twilight movies in the 1960's they wouldn't be as popular as they are now?

Did you ever get the feeling?

That we would get in a lot of trouble if we were in college these days and registered for some classes in women studies.

It means something entirely different than when I was in college.

Did you ever get the feeling?

That Sargent Carter was trying just a little bit too hard?

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (September 18, 1844 – January 13, 1934) was an American artist, mainly known for his paintings of dogs playing poker. Known as "Cash" or "Kash" in his family, he often signed his work in the 19th century with the latter spelling, sometimes spelling out his entire name, for comic effect, as "Kash Koolidge".

According to the advertising firm Brown & Bigelow, then primarily a producer of advertising calendars, Coolidge began his relationship with the firm in 1903. From the mid-1900s to the mid-1910s, Coolidge created sixteen oil paintings for them, all of which featured anthropomorphic dogs, including nine scenes of dogs playing poker, a meme Coolidge is credited with inventing.

It has long been speculated that Coolidge was the actual father of Calvin Coolidge the 30th President of the United States. They shared a taciturn nature and a love of dogs.

Via Wikipedia

Hans Gude

"Hans Fredrik Gude (13 March 1825 – 17 August 1903) was a Norwegian romanticist painter and is considered along with Johan Christian Dahl to be one of Norway's foremost landscape painters. He has been called a mainstay of Norwegian National Romanticism. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting."

"Gude's artistic career was not one marked with drastic change and revolution, but was instead a steady progression that slowly reacted to general trends in the artistic world. Gude's early works are of idyllic, sun-drenched Norwegian landscapes which present a romantic, yet still realistic view of his country. Around 1860 Gude began painting seascapes and other coastal subjects. Gude had difficulty with figure drawing initially and so collaborated with Adolph Tidemand in some of his painting, drawing the landscape himself and allowing Tidemand to paint the figures. Later Gude would work specifically on his figures while at Karlsruhe, and so began populating his paintings with them."

Via Wikipedia

"Rand Paul on Tennessee Terror: Restrict Immigration from Muslim Nations"

"Paul said in an interview backstage at a rally his presidential campaign is holding inside the Hyatt Regency here in downtown Houston:"
I’m very concerned about immigration to this country from countries that have hotbeds of jihadism and hotbeds of this Islamism. There was a program in place that Bush had put in place—it stood for entry-exit program from about 25 different countries with a lot of Islamic radicals, frankly. I think there does need to be heightened scrutiny. Nobody has a right to come to America, so this isn’t something that we can say ‘oh their rights are being violated.’ It’s a privilege to come to America and we need to thoroughly screen those who are coming.
The Donald Trump effect. Via Breitbart

"Sarcasm poses problem for computer algorithms in US election"

"Yeah right!"
When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld same-sex weddings in the same week that South Carolina debated keeping a controversial Civil War battle flag, Twitter user @xTomatoez posted “Gay marriage and the Confederate flag going down everywhere. Tough week for your redneck uncle on Facebook.”

The poster had no idea his tweet was one of many scrutinized by an analytics firm, whose algorithm took his mocking message seriously and decided it was negative toward gay marriage.

“They are by far the biggest stumbling blocks to trying to understand true sentiment in social media,” said Michael Meyers, managing partner of TargetPoint Consulting in Alexandria, Virginia. His firm, like many, is trying to tweak algorithms in-house now before the campaign season kicks into high gear.

Consider phrases like “sure it is,” “boo-hoo,” or “I’m shocked.” Given the proper context, most people can accurately size up their sincerity. But not a computer algorithm.
Ok people. Lets try to help the computers by not being too sarcastic. Curb your sarcasm.

Seen On Hawaii

I guess George Bush, Sr. should blush--if he had a working cervix.

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Armand van Helden - Flowerz

Link to video
I'm making a club music playlist. My favorite top 200. I'm up to 194 that look so far like they will make the cut. I want at least one track for every year since 1976. If you guys/gals have a favorite you believe I might consider, let me know in the comments. Thanks.

You want to see invisible pal....I got your invisible right here!

Sue Richards (the Invisible Girl) Reed why are you still on the computer? When are you coming to bed?
Reed Richards: I was just trying to email Victor. I still want to see if we can become friends. If we can salvage our friendship.
Sue Richards: Victor? Victor Von Doom. But he is a super villain Reed. Your mortal enemy. He wants to destroy you. Ever since college he has been jealous of you. Why would you want to contact him?
Reed Richards: You don't understand Sue. We had collaborated on so many projects. People marveled at our posts and comments on our scholarly papers. People were entertained by our collaborations. But he kept demanding money and contributions. Almost as though he was deserving of tribute. Like some sort of despot. And he is so rich. I didn't understand it. And he tolerated some fools who would post repetitive and abusive screeds on our scholarly works. It besmirched our collaborations to the point that I had to break away and do my own research.
Sue Richards That may be so. But now he only spews hatred and vitriol throughout his writings.  He is almost as bad as that black dude T'Nestle Cooter or whatever his name is. You can’t get him back Reed. Come to bed.
Reed Richards: In a little while Sue.
Sue Richards: Is it because you have been having too much elasticity in little Reed? I mean that happens to a lot of men. Even superheroes. I mean look at Iron Man. He should be called Putty Man cause he sure don’t have any Iron in his pants.I mean he is banging that skinny bitch and she is always sticking stuff up her butt and cleaning her colon or something. Maybe he is into anal or something. I don't understand. I don't understand anything anymore. It is all so very confusing. I mean how did my brother turn out to be black in the latest movie. What's up with that? Com’on I bet you can stretch it out right if you really concentrate. Or you can invent some super Viagra or something.
Reed Richards: Please Sue stop pressuring me!
Sue Richards: Well Mr. Fantastic you better be stretching yourself the way I want or my vag is really gonna get invisible, let me tell you.

Sixties Sitcom Subtext Theatre

It is very tough when you are working with Dolphins. Male dolphins are all rapists. They would stick their fishy penises in anything. So we only wanted to use female dolphins for the show. Unfortunately the original Flipper was a Lesbian.  Lesbian dolphins are  particularly hard to work with.  A whole different kettle of to speak. They don't like men for starters and are always trying to hurt them. They keep trying to put on Birkenstock sandals when they don't have any feet. And they never want to wear make up.

So we had to get some back up fish. The most popular one was a young perky female called Squirty. Squirty was a whore. She would swim up to the men and present her fishy vagina to be serviced. Sort of like a Kardashian. All of the young boys on the show had their first sexual experiences with Squirty. And all of the crew. And pretty much anyone who got into the water with her. Which turned out to be very important for the NFL. You see one of the investors in Ivan Tors studio was this guy named Joe Robbie. He always said Squirty was the best sexual experience he ever had. You see her vagina would secret this fishy lube which squirt out whenever she got excited. Thats why they called her squirty.

He loved her so much that he named his expansion AFL football team after her. He wanted to call his team the Fishy Squirty Vaginas but Al Davis and Sonny Werblin convinced him to go with the "Miami Dolphins."

But you should realize that they were really the "Fishy Squirty Vaginas."
(Ivan Tors The E True Hollywood Story of Flipper)

Rain coming

A few minutes ago

And there are ramifications for hate speech

There is no such thing, Asshole.

That's where I stopped listening to the aggressive man who wears his virtual reality headset as a woman's wig while putting on woman's clothes and women's makeup. Truth is, they probably all are wearing makeup for television. Nothing against makeup. All this on a show we would avoid hosted by another such, a television psychiatrist always the most serious of a cluster of knuckleheads. The incident interesting only for its aggression.

This incident is of Ben Shapiro engaging a trans man person who tells Ben he might be going home in an ambulance. So I read some dozen times today but still haven't actually seen. The video is here. I don't care to post it.

The guy dressed as a woman is filled with what we would call testosterone, that chemical bit that makes you want to wring somebody's neck with your own hands for being so obstinate in disagreeing. I guess it would be funny. The guy in a dress and wig knocking the hell out of a journalist who refuses his aggressive assertions and insists he's the hater, the hater deciding on hate crimes.

We saw this quite clearly way back at the beginning when the term hate crime first appeared applied to this arena in the case of Matthew Shepard and the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Matthew Shepard Act. The problem, enter the ever-shifting definition of "hate" and who defines it, the most fierce of activist will use it to close down speech and nothing is achieved in prevention of any so-called hate crimes. And Shepard was only perceived as a hate crime because we all knew he was gay so that must have been the reason, but the real reason was otherwise, simple evil. And now right off, skipping past the t.v. doctor to the Trans/Shaprio interaction part, right off, the very first thing makes the rest unwatchable, "That's okay, he can be whatever he wants to be" That is, Shapiro can be a hater if he wants.

"Yeah, isn't that what this is about?" Declarative-interrogative, the mode of the made for t.v. psychiatrist.

Trans, "And there are ramifications for hate speech." *click*

The ambulance part comes after this, I think. You are predictable as children. Predictable as fierce children who all successfully avoided the required reading of dystopian novels in their public educations. I know two such who admitted conversationally as admitting something shamefully clever to having managed graduating High School while evading reading a book. Not one. Years elapsed and still no book.  Decades. A sense of book-inadequacy set in. One educated in Wyoming the other in Massachusetts. The idea of sitting down and reading a book is ridiculous to both. Finally (on my urging) they tried and were hooked on Vampire Lestat and Harry Potter respectively and being fierce devoured the entire oeuvres. That's the last I heard. Except one reads online, Move On.

No. You do not get to decide first that there is hate speech and second what it is day to day from the point of view of your virtual reality, man wearing a wig and a dress. Shut up and go marry something. And you can tell this to your 65 year old xy male ex-athelete friend  living with a cluster of dragon bitches all similarly falsified. Enjoy your virtual reality. I'll choose not to be dragged onto your holodeck, homosexual person wearing a dress and filled with manly rage who is projecting his own hatred onto everyone resisting his unique trip. Some reason, Ben Shapiro, probably journalism, maybe macabre interest, still reading your postcards from the edge and having your threats. No thank you.

David Brooks: Listening to Ta-Nehisi Coates While White

Quotable David Brook responds to a letter/book author Ta-nehisi Coates wrote to his son.
Your new book, “Between the World and Me,” is a great and searing contribution to this public education. It is a mind-altering account of the black male experience... There is a pervasive physicality to your memoir — the elemental vulnerability of living in a black body in America. Written as a letter to your son, you talk about the effects of pervasive fear...

But the disturbing challenge of your book is your rejection of the American dream. My ancestors chose to come here. For them, America was the antidote to the crushing restrictiveness of European life, to the pogroms...

Your ancestors came in chains. In your book the dream of the comfortable suburban life is a “fairy tale.” For you, slavery is the original American sin, from which there is no redemption. America is Egypt without the possibility of the Exodus. African-American men are caught in a crushing logic, determined by the past, from which there is no escape... You write to your son, “Here is what I would like for you to know: In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body — it is heritage.”...

In what is bound to be the most quoted passage from the book, you write that you watched the smoldering towers of 9/11 with a cold heart. At the time you felt the police and firefighters who died “were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body.” You obviously do not mean that literally today (sometimes in your phrasing you seem determined to be misunderstood). You are illustrating the perspective born of the rage “that burned in me then, animates me now, and will likely leave me on fire for the rest of my days.”

I read this all like a slap and a revelation. I suppose the first obligation is to sit with it, to make sure the testimony is respected and sinks in. But I have to ask, Am I displaying my privilege if I disagree? Is my job just to respect your experience and accept your conclusions? Does a white person have standing to respond? If I do have standing, I find the causation between the legacy of lynching and some guy’s decision to commit a crime inadequate to the complexity of most individual choices.

I think you distort American history. This country, like each person in it, is a mixture of glory and shame. There’s a Lincoln for every Jefferson Davis and a Harlem Children’s Zone for every K.K.K. — and usually vastly more than one. Violence is embedded in America, but it is not close to the totality of America.

In your anger at the tone of innocence some people adopt to describe the American dream, you reject the dream itself as flimflam. But a dream sullied is not a lie. The American dream of equal opportunity, social mobility and ever more perfect democracy cherishes the future more than the past. It abandons old wrongs and transcends old sins for the sake of a better tomorrow.

This dream is a secular faith that has unified people across every known divide. It has unleashed ennobling energies and mobilized heroic social reform movements. By dissolving the dream under the acid of an excessive realism, you trap generations in the past and destroy the guiding star that points to a better future.

"Hitchhiking robot embarking on coast-to-coast tour across US"

"It's an art project in the wild — it invites people to participate."
The humanoid robot named hitchBOT has already caught rides across Canada and in Europe, relying on the kindness and curiosity of strangers. But on Friday it starts its first U.S. tour, setting out from Salem, Massachusetts, with dreams of San Francisco ahead...

The kid-size robot is immobile on its own, so it gets from place to place by being schlepped around by strangers... Ideally, the creators hope, drivers won't leave the bot along busy roads and will charge the battery when it runs low. Otherwise, there are no rules.

"We want to see what people do with this kind of technology when we leave it up to them," said Frauke Zeller, one of the creators... (read more)

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Enough with the mustache pete's,

The two young gangsters were in a hurry. They always seemed to be in a hurry. It was very different than the old country. Very different then how things were done when the Clutching Hand was the capo di tutti i capi.

In the beginning of the century his clan ruled Manhattan with an iron fist. They pushed the queer and wrote the missives to the Italian businessmen who trembled in fear of the Black Hand. Anyone who objected was sent to the “murder stable” and made their way out in a barrel. Most of the time that did not even need to happen. He would just send his brother in law to speak to them. One gesture from Lupo the Wolf would be enough to turn their bowels to water. He would take off his fedora and ruffle the feather. Dust some imaginary lint off his white suit and smile. They would deliver. Not just from their trespasses. From their poverty. Anything to avoid the caress of the Black Hand.

Lupo was gone now. So was Tommaso the Ox. All of them. Dead or on the lam or in prison. His half-brothers as well. The only one left was the stunad Ciro. He was another of these young punks like Luciano and Anastasia. He had a hand in their liquor business with Castiglia and all the rest. Not someone to rely on when the trouble comes. And trouble always comes. 

“So Don Guiseppi the Boss sent us to pick up the escarole” said the jovial Scalise. He was the jokester. The clown. Anastasia was the quiet one. More the surly one. He glowered in the corner with his hat in his hand. Which was a surprise in itself. He never went anywhere with his hat in his hand. Unless he was hiding a gun.

I did not hear from him Francesco. Usually I send Joseph downtown. So you can understand why I might ask a question.”

“Why don’t you call him if you think we are lying to you” growled Anastasia. Some people go through life looking for a fight. It was a measure of how far he had fallen that these young punks would dare to speak to his this way. A humiliation. Just another one of many that he had to endure these days.

“This is not business that should be done over the phone. You should know this my friend. I have no problem giving you the cash. I know your word is good. I know you would not disrespect me or Don Masseria by doing anything that you would regret. Joseph gather up the cash and put it in the bag from the pears.”

“Thank you Don Morello. I am sorry to disturb you. But I need to do what I am told.”

 “Yes as we all do. As we all must do.”

Sixties Sitcom Subtext Theatre

" I want to be a cowgirl. Can I come to the Ponderosa Hoss?"
" Sure Golde, I will ride, I mean I will ride out there with you."
" That sounds like fun. But will you sock it to me?"
:"Oh yeah, I will sock it to you baby you nevermind. Hey did I ever tell you Kate is my favorite baby name."
(Rowan and Martins Laugh In)

Whose that girl?

She was in a lot of science fiction movies but never a monster movie which was strange because she was a mummy but never a mommy. A famous playboy bunny she dug one of the stars of "The Green Beret's" (Not the Duke of course he only went for Spanish chicks).

Whose that girl?

19 kids and counted out!

The Duggar family got canceled today. TLC pulled the plug on the reality show about the family of 19 who tried to promote family values but were caught up in a scandal. You see one of the children who is now an adult had touched girls inappropriately whatever that means. Including two of his sisters so you had an extra incest element to make it even more icky.

Now as some of you know I am just about the biggest fan of reality shows around. I even had one with my wife on TLC. So I know a little about the game. Even though I have never seen this paticular show. The name change but the game remains the same.

What they do in reality shows is try to make money off of you. You can be a housewife from New Jersey with vague mob ties, a big family with multiple births, trailer park trash with a foul mouthed kid pagent contender or midgets. It is all exploitation. The people who film it have an enormous amount of contempt for the people who are the "stars of the show." Be you an Italian from Brooklyn or a trailer park trash family from Alabama. They hate you. Have not doubt. They think they are so far above you that you don't count as a human being. No matter who they are in the reality game. Producers. Cameramen. Executive. Now in reality these guys are really the dregs of society. They might be minimally competent at their jobs but they are filthy dirty bums who try to get over on the production and the people around them. They wear the same freaking clothes for weeks at time. They don't shave and half the time they don't wash. So you can be sure they were happy to throw these guys under the bus.

It is pretty interesting that they are canceling this series because of the actions of one member of this enormous family. One member who confessed his crimes and got counseling and has not done anything like this since he was a young teenager. I think if he molested young girls it is reprehensible although he was around 14 years old at time. Younger than Lena Dunham who of course is the toast of the town. No excuses for this mook because if he was guilty of a crime they should prosecute him.

Plenty of other "reality stars" have bad stuff on their resumes. I mean look at the Kardashians. They have three shows and the father chopped off his balls and became a broad. Him they give a medal. Or multiple Real Housewives who get drunk and arrested or are sent up the river for taxes and the like. They keep their show.

It is of course because of the "hypocrisy." The Duggar present themselves as Christians with family values. So if they fall short they have to be attacked and crucified. Run off of TV and disappeared. I understand. Their son made a big mistake.

He wasn't gay.

The Sixto Sense

"Why have you ignored me for so long?"
"You hate the Espanol in el beisbol"
"Look what you have done to Pascual."
"Soon you will be coming for me. For Luis. For the Alomars. At least the ones without the Aides."
"I do not fear you."
"I have lived in Milwaukee."
"When you have lived in Milwaukee you have already been in hell."
" I see Cheese!"

"4 Marines killed in attacks on Chattanooga military facilities"

"Even though it knew it was most likely gunfire I heard, you also don't want to believe it's happening in the moment"
A gunman unleashed a barrage of gunfire at two military facilities Thursday in Tennessee, killing at least four Marines and wounding a soldier and a police officer, officials told CBS News.

The shooter also was killed. Two law enforcement sources told CBS News that the shooting suspect was identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez...

U.S. Attorney Bill Killian said officials were treating the attacks as an "act of domestic terrorism," though FBI Special Agent in Charge Ed Reinhold said authorities were still investigating a motive. The first shooting happened around 10:45 a.m.; the attacks were over within a half-hour.


The Young Martyr by Paul Delarouche must go. The vibes are all wrong, Man. I forgot how heavy the board is and it is slightly longer and slightly shorter than these four together with spaces. I don't know what I'll do with it. I don't like it anymore. Rocks are better. My photographs of my onetime playground are better. The whole room is better.

The boyfriend from hell

"...because she didn't visit him at work"
Castellanos slapped the woman with a belt buckle, stabbed her at least six times, kicked her, punched her and urinated on her, authorities said.

He held a knife at her throat and threatened to kill her... poured ranch dressing and hot sauce on the woman and tried to wrestle her into the oven, forcing her legs inside. But he then changed his mind and decided instead to boil water so he could try to scald her with it.

Castellanos also stamped on the woman's dog and tried to kick it as it cowered beneath a table, authorities said. The woman was eventually able to escape her attacker by ducking into the bathroom, locking the door and calling 911 from a hidden cellphone.

'He tried to kill me,' she told a dispatcher.
h/t Charles C W Cooke tweet 

Poll: Just 39 percent of all Americans have a favorable view of Clinton

"I used to like her, but I don't trust her"
Hillary Rodham Clinton's standing is falling among Democrats, and voters view her as less decisive and inspiring than when she launched her presidential campaign just three months ago, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

The survey offers a series of warning signs for the leading Democratic candidate. Most troubling, perhaps, for her prospects are questions about her compassion for average Americans, a quality that fueled President Barack Obama's two White House victories.
The survey suggests that voters aren't sold on her reinvention: Only 4 in 10 voters say they view Clinton as "compassionate." Just 3 in 10 said the word "honest" described her either very or somewhat well.
Her re-launch landed like a dud scud.

"On the scale of 1 to 10, what are you a definite 10 at?"

Selection of top voted Reddit Comments...
Acting interested in what people are saying when in reality I have no clue what they're talking about because I have been thinking about something else for the last 10 minutes.

Overestimating my own abilities.

Awareness. For some reason I am able to eavesdrop and know what's going on around me really fucking well, to the point where it's sometimes frustrating that other people don't notice or see the same things I do. Then I remember that not everyone is constantly evaluating their surroundings and eyeing everything in sight.

Mediocrity. Perfect, run-of-the-mill, 100% generic, average, nothing special. If someone wrote my biography it would be called "one shade of grey." I put the fun in fundamental basics, but damned if I'm not the best at it.

"Supreme Court ends John Doe probe that threatened Scott Walker's presidential bid"

"Walker has characterized the probe as a "political witch hunt" designed to intimidate his allies."
Clearing a potentially serious obstacle from Gov. Scott Walker's intended path to the White House, the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday blocked a secret investigation into millions of dollars spent on financing of recall election victories by Walker and other Republicans.

The ruling comes three days after Walker officially announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, an effort that leans heavily on his status as the only U.S. governor to survive a recall and his successful battle with unions.
Governor Scott Walker

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Trust me."

That is impossible. Iran leadership is equally untrustworthy. There is nothing to trust in both parties save for untrustworthy characteristics. So, no. We do not trust you. We trust grownups to repair the damage you insist upon. 

I heard his challenge by accident while deep cleaning that had me so cross so immediately my impulse is punch the guy for the haughty arrogant delivery. What little I saw of it.  I do not like listening to this man one single bit. I've never in my life had a president demand so much attention, insist on being heard so much as this man, Honest to God, listening back for the challenge the hissing extended sibilants with emphasis jabbed my eardrums and rattled the little bones in there. It is actual torture.

He chided a one-time Fox reporter for his use of the word "content" as in contentment, the same way George Takei latched onto the word dignity and ran with it inappropriately so that the issue at hand is deflected to his Highness taking umbrage. "You should know better." 

Just answer the question and spare us what better things we should know. Magisterial deflection rejected. It was a bad deal and from a position of dire immediate need and of weakness and not of the actual strength of our position, if deal you must and for reasons unexplained. He traded off the country's efforts. He is a bad deal maker. So no, he is not trusted. 

The bit that I am looking for sounded fairly good at first blush, argumentatively, if you hadn't bothered with his dissimilation before and if the chief interest is scoring polemical points and not in developing understanding and agreement with his royal subjects. He is not interested in that. So no, he is not trusted.

The exchange is right before he departed abruptly not taking anymore questions this morning. 
I challenge those who are objecting to this agreement, number one to read the agreement before they comment on it, number two to explain specifically where it is that they think this agreement does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and why they're right and people like Ernie Moniz, who is an MIT nuclear physicist and an expert in these issues is wrong, why the rest of the world is wrong, and then present an alternative. 
And if the alternative is that we should bring Iran to heel through military force, then those critics should say so. And that will be an honest debate.
All right.
Very well, we will read the agreement. And we will explain specifically where it fails to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and much worse than that as you know, and your appeal to authority is rejected when common sense supervenes whoever the authority or from wherever they hail. And when the rest of the world tells you their shit sandwich is delicious we'll  still question their judgement and "this notion" that a new treaty is necessary is entirely your own, for reasons your own, so no, we do not need to offer you an alternative. You can leave it alone or turn up the heat. And lastly the choice you present between this treaty and opponents suggesting war is discarded to the heap of previous Obama tagged sophomoric false dilemma sophistry.

That is allowing only a few seconds.

Text of speech Washing Post.

Great moments in feminism number 366!

An off duty female cop in the Bronx was punched in the face as a skell tried to steal her purse.

According to the story in the New York Post:
"Nilda Quezada, 41, was on her way to work at the 24th Precinct when a man in his 20s approached her at around 5:35 am, according to law-enforcement sources.
After muttering something in a language she could not understand, the brute snatched the gold necklace from around Quezada’s neck, sources said.
A struggle ensued, and the creep punched her in the nose, forcing the stunned cop to drop her purse, which contained her service weapon. The creep then rifled through the purse, snatched the gun, and fled, sources said."
Now the traditional way for a cop to lose is gun is to be drunk and leave it in a bar. That was when cops were all drunken racist Irish guys. But thanks to feminism we can live in a world where cops can get mugged and their guns stolen. When their purses are stolen. Good thing she is out there protecting us.
It is De Blasio time.

Enough with the Mustache Pete's

The Clutching Hand sat behind the desk and shuffled the cash on his desk. The stacks were placed by denominations. Five on fives. Tens on tens. Singles on singles. The collections were never for big bills. It came in dribs and drabs from the storefronts that bought protection.

The big money was in the drink. That flowed downtown with the newer men like Luciano and Castiglia. Costello he calls himself now. They handled the money which flowed in like a river. Joe the Boss kept him out of it. He trusted the Old Fox enough to make him the consigliore. But he didn't trust with too much money. Money had a way of sticking to the Clutching Hand. If he couldn't steal it he could print it. Better not to suffer temptation. The smaller payments were enough for him to handle in his semi-retirement.

The door opened and Joey Perianno came in carrying two paper sacks. He opened one and put two pears on the desk. He opened the other and put more crumpled dirty bills on the blotter.

“Buon giorno Don Giuseppe. I made the collections. And a found some beautiful fruit to break our fast. Can I brew some espresso?”

“That’s not necessary Joseph. My stomach. I will have the pears though. Grazi.”

“Prego. Have you heard from downtown? When do they want us to bring down the week? Or are they sending someone again?”

“They said they would send someone. So we wait.”

They continued to mix and match the money on the desk. Munching on a pear spilling the juice on his old fashioned waist coat Don Giuseppe looked at his underboss. “What is happening downtown Joseph. Is that fop Luciano still pushing his way into everything?” “Si patron he dips his beak in every pot it seems. He controls most of the liquor. And the white powder. Not so much with the gambling. He likes the girls as well. He uses a different whore every night and visits all of the houses to see the operations. He is a greasy pimp in that regard.”

Morello shook his head. “I told Joe he will regret getting in bed with him. He is a snake. I know. I have seen it before.”

The door opened. Nobody would dare to rob them. It was Umberto Anastasia and Francesco Saclise. Two of Joe the Boss's henchmen. Cronies of Luciano.

This was not good.


Nothing important.

This is Crisy.

This photo of Growlin Gator Bar & Grill is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The photo came up among others in an image search for "crisy," a typing error, the header is going for "crispy" buffalo chicken at the Growlin Gator Bar & Grill. 

The effort was stupid and pointless, I wanted to see how people visualize "crisy" so I can combine it with a hippo because I think "hypocrisy" is a funny word. Results for crisy are women named Crisy and oddly this splendid setup food-art of tomato head man lying down on a sofa eating a doughnut with his legs crossed so carefully arranged like this is quite incredible. You know how hard these projects are. But no, it is an accident.

Taliban demands destruction of historical monuments!

The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP and Congressman Hank Johnson are demanding the destruction of the monument dedicated to Confederate Historical figures at Stone Mountain in Georgia.

The monument which is reminiscent of Mount Rushmore is apparently unacceptable to the racialist who feel that symbols of the Confederacy are the reason why so many youtes are killing each other on the streets of America. Of course Congressman Johnson is the same brianiac who was worried about putting too many troops on Guam because the island might capsize.  These are the people who are leading the charge to disappear all symbols of the Civil War regardless of their historical significance.

Once they succeed with this they will move on to removing the American Flag and the monuments to people like Washington, Jefferson and Madison who were slave holders.

They are the true American Taliban.

Way-back time machine......1981

On October 10, 1981 two skells broke into a convent to rob and ended up raping and torturing a nun. They robbed, raped and sodomized her and carved 27 crosses into her skin.

The city of New York was outraged. Mayor Koch put out a $10,000 reward for their capture. More importantly organized crime put out a hit and a $25,000 bounty on their heads. Two low life's were finally arrested. One of them had fled to Chicago of all places. They were tried and convicted. Of course they plea bargained and now they are both out of prison. But there was a massive manhunt and all the resources of society were put into play. What a difference a few decades makes.

One of these lowlife scumbags works in an organization "rehabilitates" convicted felons and sex offenders in an office that offers "sanctuaries" to abused women. He also was part of the Democratic parties steering committee that passes on judicial nominations. So he had a hand in picking the judges who rule on cases involving nuns.

I wonder what President Obama would have done with this guy. I bet he would have given him a pardon. At the very least a raise and a promotion.

The world is sick and it is getting sicker.

Obama beats nuns!

President Obama has won in federal district court and the Little Sisters of the Poor will be forced to offer abortions to their employees.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that these nuns could not follow their conscience and had to acquiesce to the bogus "compromise" provided by Obama care that demands that birth control including abortifacients be provided by the nuns to their employees and members. The Supreme Court had approved a preliminary injunction to allow the nuns to avoid opting to provide these services through a third party. It would seem that the "Hobby Lobby" ruling might apply but the 10th Circuit decided that they know better. They get to decide how the nuns practice their religion. They get to decide what violates their conscience. Your religion is what the court decides.

This is all of a piece with the attack on religion and religious people by the progressives. The next battle will of course relate to same sex marriage. Insurance companies are already refusing to insure churches that will not perform same sex marriage ceremonies. The liberal intelligentsia is calling for the denial of tax exemptions for churches who do not toe the line. When SJW tell you that they will never go after the churches point to this situation. This is their plan. This is their goal.

What are we going to do about it? What can we do about it? Where is the Pope in all of this? Why isn't he speaking out for these nuns instead of sipping coca tea and getting crucifixes from commies while denouncing capitalism? Where are the people who will speak up to protect these holy woman who devout their lives to doing God's work?

professor says Scott Walker and Hitler share so many similarities it's terrifying

"My Grandfather, a psychologist," halt.

That again. 

"Just walked me through similarities between Walker and Hitler," so many it's terrifying. 

I came to this site for a list of terrifying similarities between Walker and Hitler, she said there are so many, there can be no satisfaction without such a list of terrifying things. Wouldn't you like to see that? For fun?

This turns out a tweet from educational policies professor Sara Goldrich-Rab two weeks ago.

She also communicated other uncharitable things about Walker through tweets. She defends her comments fallaciously relying on appeal to authority, and questionable authority at that such as psychologists. "If you reread the tweet, (why would we? For parsing?) you will see that I stated that an expert in the field -- a psychoanalyst  (well then!) with decades of experience (that's two) -- compared the 'psychological characteristics' of the two individuals and I was struck by his analysis.

No list. 

Not even the original list that inspired her thinking, she just refers to it without producing it. 

No list at the College Fix either. The College Fix reached out to the professor to explain herself. We are to note that she takes time from her unpaid vacation to respond. She's confident readers can see the difference between a comparison of psychoanalytical evaluations between an historic despot and a modern governor/presidential candidate, and a comparison between two whole individuals. Surely. She's also confident we will note the tweet is not a "reaction" to any specific event and so does not fit the College Fix's narrative.

Whatever she imagines that to be, that she's reactionary. 

The whole thing seems absurd because of "tweets" but this is the professor's platform to the whole world, to whomever will pay attention.  She is angry about Walker attacking tenure and she said so. In her view it robs Wisconsin.

She also suggested that Walker would fire her to make an example. Fearing that, and saying that suggests that is what she would certainly do. Her tweets indicate she might be a bit high strung for parenting.

"You should hear my kids, trying to figure out what moving means. Walker is driving them out of their home state. He took mom's job."

A vast dark chasm of sympathy-void open and swallowed me just now, I survey the rock walls descending everything is dark gray, hard and falling away. But I do feel pangs of sorrow for those innocent children growing up with such an entitled and nervous woman controlling and in need of her hook and umbilical into the system she knows so well. A parasite in desperate need of a willing uncomplaining host.

She said her colleagues are looking around too. Like that's a bad thing. 

"[Legislators] had literally shattered their employees and students and they stand up and say 'thank you.' It's cowardly. We're the laughingstock of the nation." 

Also, Walker doesn't even have a college degree. "My five-year old busted out, 'Walker needs to go to college and get some more knowledge.' Whoa. She's way ahead."  

Yes, professor, with your help and your genes she's way ahead. 

Dinesh D'Souza says he is not crazy

Link to video
Music video at the jump... 

"276 'sanctuary cities' let 8,145 illegal offenders free in just 8 months"

"Ignoring Detainers, Endangering Communities State/local agencies release criminals rather than obey law"
Some 276 "sanctuary cities," nearly 50 percent more than previously revealed, released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges free despite federal requests that they be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation, according to an explosive new report.

"The Obama administration has given sanctuaries free rein to ignore detainers by ending the successful Secure Communities program and replacing it with the Priority Enforcement Program. This new program explicitly allows local agencies to disregard ICE notifications of deportable aliens in their custody by replacing detainers with 'requests for notification,'" wrote [Jessica M.] Vaughan. (director of policy Studies for The Center for Immigration Studies, revealing new numbers it received under the Freedom of Information Act) (read more)
Some quick common core* math tells me these so called 'sanctuary cities' were letting go about 33.9 arrested illegals per day.

My question is by what circumstance, victims of crimes are considered less of a victim when the perpetrator is an illegal alien? Maybe I'm missing something.

As of 2009 the US General Accounting Office puts the number at 10.8 million aliens "without lawful immigration status".

(*it could be wrong)