Saturday, April 1, 2017

Matt Drudge: I suspect Congress deliberately sabotaging Trump

Via Instapundit:  "I suspect there's a sabotage," Drudge said on Michael Savage's radio show.

"Do you know Obama had the stimulus package on his desk before Inauguration Day? What did this Congress give this great man. Nothing."

Drudge said that Trump’s young administration is in “crisis on many fronts,” describing a Congress intent on undermining his presidency and ungrateful media coalescing in a campaign against the real estate mogul.

He also argued that Trump “saved the media,” pointing to rising newspaper subscriptions and increasing viewership for television news networks since he began his presidential campaign.

“His personality is not being totally used here. The charm, the guy who ran the hotel, the guy that had a No. 1 TV show with ‘The Apprentice,’” Drudge said. “This is part of charisma. Charisma is needed in this job.”

“This isn’t just getting a bill through Congress. This is also charisma,” he added. “So I wish they would let him return to the full Donald Trump.”


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Pro Tip: It isn't the Freedom Caucus to blame, it is the GOPe and the Democrats in a tag team match with Trump

edutcher said...

Freedom Caucus, which has had several resignations in the last year, refused to sign on when they were given what they wanted, so they're part of the problem.

That said, McConnell and Ryan could be ramming stuff through a lot better. We're still waiting for Cabinet posts to be confirmed.

"Do you know Obama had the stimulus package on his desk before Inauguration Day? What did this Congress give this great man. Nothing."

Need I remind all and sundry almost all of the bills given the Mocha Messiah were Congressional initiatives? And the Demos always have a stimulus ready in bad economic times.

“His personality is not being totally used here".

Somebody needs to remind Drudge Trump's doing real work. You want personality, charm, charisma, a guy whose big achievement is his NCAA bracket, that's the one we got rid of.

AllenS said...

File this under -- no shit.

ndspinelli said...

Congress is uber establishment. Trump is anti-establishment. Trump knew Congress would undermine him. He needs the people to pressure Congress and he is too consumed w/ running the WH to go to the people. He needs some televised speeches from the Oval Office. NBC won't cover them but he'll get adequate coverage.

Leland said...

Meanwhile, I'm traveling so catching a lot of places mindlessly playing CNN in the background. Apparently Hillary losing to Trump is on par with 9/11, and thus requires a 9/11 level inquiry on how the Russians meddling in the election for Trump. No mention that CNN was caught twice giving Hillary Clinton questions prior to the debate.

Simple answer to this is to teach everyone you know about Yellow Journalism, before it leads us into another war.

bagoh20 said...

It's looking very Schwarzeneggery. I hope Trump has real balls, and not the kind created in Hollywood productions like The Governator did. That did not work out well at all in CA.