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The most interesting man in the world

ETonline interviews Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor in the Dos Equis television commercials. They say of him that his real life is as interesting as the things said of him in the ad, hyperbole along the lines of Chuck Norris jokes, that he speaks French in Russian and that sharks have a week dedicated to him.

You see, IT, the flaw in your assessment is all of Jonathan Goldsmith's life anecdotes are acting-related and not life-related, and Jonathan Goldsmith's acting-related anecdotes are not the most interesting in the world. They're barely interesting at all. Whereas Omar Sharif is interesting in other areas of living a somewhat dangerous and risky life and with acting being only a part of it, but what a part.

Why haven't we heard from Bill Clinton lately?

New York Daily News, July 11, 2015
Larry William Henry, from Lancaster County, has been charged with indecent exposure, criminal trespass and public drunkenness after being found by cops, reports Pennsylvania man who got drunk on Hamm's beer and "just likes pigs" was arrested after he was found naked in a hog barn.
The 65-year-old was previously banned from the farm where the barn is after he was caught trespassing there in 2011.
When the officers found him in the barn and asked Henry why he was there, he replied: "I just like pigs."
He also told cops he drank a six pack of Hamm's beer.
Henry was released on $250,000 unsecured bail.

Whose that author?

You may charge me, dear people, with being a Card-Carrying American. I find these little tickets to perpetual consumption distasteful. I do not like to see my name on them, deeply embossed into everlasting plastic. They make me feel as if I should wear a leather collar and hang them all thereon. When there is a mistake in the billing on any of them, if you persist, you can fight your way past the icy and patronizing indifference of the electronic computers and reach a semi-human who can straighten things out. It only takes a year or so. 

Yet in our times the thick wad of credit cards is a cachet of respectability, something more useful to me than any questionable convenience. When a cop lays upon you the white eye, and you stand there hunting for a driver's license as identification, and he watches you fumble through AmEx, Diners, Carte Blanche, Air Travel, Sheraton, Shell, Gulf, Phillips, Standard, Avis, and Texaco before you find it, he is reassured. You may have thirty-seven cents and dirt shirt, but you are completely on record and in good standing with the Establishment. If all you have is the license and bale of vulgar cash money, it piques his curiosity. Who is the bum who can't get credit cards like honest people? 

Famous authors first draft theatre!

Yury’s first impulse was to go across and speak to her. But a shyness and lack of simplicity, entirely alien to his nature, had, in the past, crept into his relationship with her and now held him back. He decided not to disturb her, and not to interrupt his work. To avoid the temptation of looking at her, he turned his chair sideways, so that its back was almost against his table; he tried to concentrate on his books, holding one in his hand and another on his knees.

But his thoughts were worlds away from the subject he was reading. Suddenly he realized that the voice he had once heard in a dream on a winter night in Varykino had been Lara’s. The discovery took him so much by surprise that he jerked his chair back, making a noise which startled his neighbors, and stared at her.

When they looked away Yury knew what he needed to do. Carefully oh so carefully he slipped her muff from off the table. He took one of his hands and loosened his trousers and freed his id to wander. It stood to attention like a good soldier and he covered it with the mink fur hand covering so redolent of her scent. Finally he was content.

Arizona Highways

Cover for August 2015

The whole magazine is like this cover to cover. I'm stunned. 

Articles include 
* Editors letter, Land of Ahhs. 
* Tumacácori national historical park 45 mi. SW of Tucson protects ruins of three Spanish colonial missions. Mostly shambles. Shambles make great photographs. 
* San Francisco Peaks Toll Road that tried to copy Pikes Peak in Colorado in Humphreys Peak in Arizona but failed.
* Change of Scenery, photographer talks about changing from skateboard photography to scenery.
* Allen Reed, iconic photographer, incredible photograph of native American women.
* Dining, Grand Canyon Coffee & Café.
* Nature, Mexican Garter snakes. Photo.
* The Best of Arizona, scenic wonders of each of Arizona's 15 counties. Stunning photoessay of the entire state.

Lesson from photoessay. Shoot sunrise and sunset. That is all.

* Ba'cho, Mexican wolf, reintroduction causes conflict between elders and traditionalists with outfitters and big-game hunters. Photos of Mexican wolves.
* Wing Commander, California condor, muchos fotos.
* Grandview loop, Grand Canyon's South Rim trip.
* Hike of the month, O'Leary Peak Trail, North Rim  of Grand Canyon.
* Where is this? Guessing game to place an oddly elaborate metal bridge.

I don't know what it was, Joe didn't say, but he began to have self-doubt about a certain lack of appreciation he sensed for his gift subscriptions to Sunset magazine. How did he know? Were we unable to answer specific magazine-related items that indicated we hadn't bothered reading it?  Some kind of hint that the magazine is more nuisance than interest? He asked me about it directly. I couldn't be that brutally honest. He's too nice. I answered indirectly.

I told him it was odd, at the Caulson's ski-house in Breckenridge of the pile of magazines there the favorite of visitors was Arizona Highway. They went through a whole stack of them. I hadn't heard of it before. It seemed a strange subject. Turns out, they have excellent photographs. That's all I remember about it. Who knew highways can be that interesting? But they are.

Boom, the magazine shows up. (I hope Sunset is gone) If he did that with other people too, are they ever be in for surprise. 

"We're going to be watching what they do in the public"

"Texans organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' to keep an eye on the federal troops"
...the organizers insist the radically conspiracy-minded have been filtered from the surveillance volunteers, and no one among their group fears the imminent opening of concentration camps. Lanteri said he struggles to keep that bloc off his Facebook page.

"Once I saw the freaking nut-jobs coming out of the woodwork I was spending half my day discrediting what they were posting," he said. "No nut-jobs will be put in the field."

"Cruz accuses McConnell of lying"

Link to video

"Debt Headed to 103% of GDP"

"'No Way to Predict Whether or When' Fiscal Crisis Might Occur Here"
Historically, U.S. government debt as a percentage of GDP hit its peak in 1945 and 1946, when it was 104 percent and 106 percent of GDP respectively.

In 2015, the CBO estimates that the U.S. government debt will be 74 percent of GDP. That is higher than the 69-percent-of-GDP debt the U.S. government had in 1943—the second year after Pearl Harbor.

By 2039, CBO projects, the debt will increase to 101 percent of GDP and by 2040 to 103 percent GDP.

At that point, Hall told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the “debt would still be on an upward path relative to the size of the economy.”
Video at the jump

Atticus Finch is a racist?

Red Rocks Park, Morrison Colorado

The whole place is crawling with people so well pleased being there. Friendly cyclists. Hikers. Visitors. Foreign languages everywhere. Everyone friendly and open. It is the place to wear sensible shoes.

Best days to visit are M,T,W. 

Thursday and Friday pick up and weekends are impossible. 

Handicapped placard is best chance for parking at top nearest the seating. I slid right in, la-de-dah, while everyone else is shut out, turning around to a lower parking lot. 

Steps everywhere. No more cutting across wherever you like. Paths are established and everyone obeys. Willingly. With no fuss. Quite incredible. 

The Trading Post Gift Office is open on the way up but traffic rerouted immediately in front of it on the way back. Just somebody in a silly hat rerouting traffic for no reason given. Parking lot full? I don't know. Just some bossy person. I intended to stop in and video a hummingbird that I know they will have in the back but that didn't happen due to the rerouting. I'm a bit bummed about that. I'd have to hike from an adjacent lot and my legs were already useless. That's the park for you. It's taken over on weekends, music groups have their way with parking lots with all of their vans. Coordinating the music activities tends to shut down areas of the park and then the entire park closes once the band's equipment really starts rolling in and preparations started. Frustrating. Best go early in the week, early in the morning,  and avoid all that.

Very big crowds. All over the park. Everywhere. 

The park is a thing now. It is a real tourist attraction not just a local playground. The whole area is. The town of Morrison is packed, traffic through the tiny town completely stopped. 

Do you have binoculars with you?
No, we do not. 
Would you like to look through the telephoto?
Sure. What is that white stuff?
Hawk poo. Take a picture.

A girl took this picture ↑.

Friday, July 10, 2015

If I could do it over again....

"San Francisco sheriff defends release of immigrant suspect"
Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi ardently defended his jail's release of a Mexican national later blamed for the slaying of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, saying federal officials know city law requires a warrant or court order to detain an inmate for deportation.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials fired back, saying Mirkarimi has mischaracterized the incident and shown a "manifest misunderstanding of federal immigration law" by demanding a warrant for deportation to cooperate with federal authorities.

"There is no such document, nor is there any federal court with the authority to issue one," ICE said in a statement.

Sanchez, meanwhile, has said he found the gun wrapped in a T-shirt and that it went off accidentally.

He remains jailed on $5 million bail awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to murder charges.

Groups advocating stricter immigration enforcement are hoping the episode leads to closer collaboration between local law enforcement and immigration authorities. In recent years, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia have joined 293 cities and counties to restrict cooperation...

What could go wrong?

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, 'No, no, no.'
Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go, go, go

I'd rather be at home with ray
I ain't got seventy days
'Cause there's nothing
There's nothing you can teach me
That I can't learn from Mr Hathaway

I didn't get a lot in class
But I know it don't come in a shot glass

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, 'No, no, no.'
Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go, go, go

The man said, 'Why do you think you're here?'
I said, 'I got no idea
I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my baby
So I always keep a bottle near.'
He said, "I just think you're depressed."
This me "Yeah, baby, and the rest."

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, 'No, no, no.'
Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know

I don't ever wanna drink again
I just, ooh, I just need a friend
I'm not gonna spend ten weeks
Have everyone think I'm on the mend

It's not just my pride
It's just 'til these tears have dried

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said, 'No, no, no.'
Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go, go, go

WKRLEM: Girl From Ipanema (1964)

Say hello to my little friend.

La Paz, Bolivia, Jul 9, 2015 / 10:45 am (CNA/EWTN News).- When leftist Bolivian president Evo Morales on Thursday presented Pope Francis with a “communist crucifix” – a carving of Christ crucified on the hammer of a hammer and sickle – the Pope appeared to say, “This is not ok,” while shaking his head.

Shortly after his July 8 arrival at the Bolivian administrative capital of La Paz, Pope Francis made a courtesy visit to Morales at the Palace of Government. At such meetings, the leaders customarily exchange gifts; Pope Francis gave the Bolivian president a mosaic of the Marian icon of the “Salus Populus Romani,” her role as patroness of Rome.

Morales explained what his gift to the Pope was as he gave it to him. In the video, filmed by the Vatican Television Center and transmitted throughout the world, the Pope appears to be saying “No está bien eso” – “This is not ok” – while shaking his head.

Of course the pontiff was high at the time as he had just ingested a tea made of cocca leaves and had mistaken a Burger King for his hotel room.

The pope has donated most of the gifts he had recieved to charity and the "hammer and sickle" cross was not mentioned.

There is a rumor that it is being made into a bong but that has not been confirmed. 

Democrats now find the words 'Husband' and 'Wife' offensive.

"Dems declare war on words 'husband,' 'wife'"
More than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate the words "husband" and "wife" from federal law.

Those "gendered terms" would be replaced by "gender-neutral" words like "spouse" or "married couple," according to the bill from Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif.

"The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act recognizes that the words in our laws have meaning and can continue to reflect prejudice and discrimination even when rendered null by our highest courts," Capps said. "Our values as a country are reflected in our laws. I authored this bill because it is imperative that our federal code reflect the equality of all marriages."

The Supreme Court ruled in June that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution means all states have to license same-sex marriages, a ruling that effectively ended the same-sex marriage debate in America. Capps said her bill was aimed at taking the next step, which is to ensure the United States Code "reflects the equality of all marriages." (more)
They are never going to be happy.

Eighties Sitcom Subtext Theatre

"Hey Baby! Let me tell you how to suck on a Puddin Pop!"
"Just open your mouth and stick it on in.....and wave to the crowd."
"You know. To all those losers with their resumes and head shots. So to speak."
"Cause you just got the job!"
"I can always use another daughter."

Cosby's "special barbecue sauce"

"There is an episode of The Cosby Show, where after consuming Cosby's "special barbecue sauce", women stop fighting, become passive, and become more affectionate towards their lovers."

Reddit top voted comments...
"Write what you know, write what you know."


I think if you traveled back in time 20 years to lay down just one piece of trans-temporal knowledge, the fact that "Bill Cosby turns out to be a serial rapist" would blow the most minds.

"Damn these women today with their hippity hoppity, and their bippin' and the boppin' and the lawsuits and the court orders...."
That last comment I believe is a quote from the "special barbecue sauce" episode.

Whose that girl?

One of the most beautiful women of the Sixties she was a sex symbol even when she was in her sixties. President Kennedy once gave her the most exciting sixty seconds of her life. She was a star of movies and TV and a frequent guest of Johnny Carson who would always drool over her like she was a lamb chop.

One of my all time favorites.

Whose that girl?

Don't step in the mainstream!

To be a card carrying member of the Main Stream media it is required that you direct your stream solely at Republicans and conservatives. There has been long tradition of very pissed off journalists who enjoy voiding their bladders over anyone more conservative than George McGovern. It began with the rivalry between George Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst which originated in the frenzy that led up to the Spanish American War. Their competition was so fierce that it led to Mr. Hearst taking out his enormous penis to urinate on the steps of the White House to protest President McKinley’s inertia in light of the provocation of the Spaniards. This action led to two unforeseen consequences. The heavy yellow stream caused by Mr. Hearst’s addiction to pineapple juice led to the creation of the type of “Yellow Journalism” where the journalist is more important than the story. It continues to this very day in the work of such giants as Geraldo Rivera, Bill O’Reilly and Christine Amanpour. And the rumors of the size of his enormous penis led to long affair with Marion Davies as well as the fascination with black men by his granddaughter Patti that led to her alleged kidnapping by the Symboinese Liberation Army.
(Truth Doesn’t Even Have It’s Pants On, The History of the Main Stream Media, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Playboy Press 2006)

ee cummings on Abe Vigoda

i will wade out
                        till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
                                                 with closed eyes
to dash against darkness
                                       in the sleeping curves of your body
Shall enter fingers of smooth mastery
with chasteness of sea-girls
                                            Will i complete the mystery
                                            of your flesh Connie Francis
I will rise
               After a thousand years
             And set my teeth in the silver of the moon

I will rape you in the motel room of your mind
              After George Hamilton 
gets his tan.

Sixties Sitcom Subtext Theatre

"You go slow. You, uh... You be gentle. I mean, it's... it's not a one-way street, you know-- how you feel and that's all. It's how the girl feels, too. Don't press, Charlie. If the girl feels... anything for you at all, you'll know it."
"Would you just shut up and get it in already.....Jeeez what are you gay....I thought that was the Chinaman."
"Do we have a swimming pool on the Enterprises?"
(Star Trek, Errand of Mercy, 1966)

The Worlds Saddest Cook

Link to video
h/t Michael H

"Animal brains connected up to make mind-melded computer"

"Bypassing language"
"This is incredible," says Andrea Stocco at the University of Washington in Seattle... Things could get even more interesting once we are able to connect human brains.

"Once brains are connected, applications become just a matter of what different animals can do," says Stocco. All anyone can probably ask of a monkey is to control movement, but we can expect much more from human minds, he says.

A device that allows information transfer between brains could, in theory, allow us to do away with language – which plays the role of a "cumbersome and difficult-to-manage symbolic code", Stocco says.
The idea of not having to listen to politicians would improve the quality of life tremendously ;)
"I could send thoughts from my brain to your brain in a way not represented by sounds or words," says Andrew Jackson at Newcastle University, UK. "You could envisage a world where if I wanted to say 'let's go to the pub', I could send that thought to your brain," he says. "Although I don't know if anyone would want that. I would rather link my brain to Wikipedia."
On the other hand, we would need robust blocking mechanisms.

"How Did the Practice of Women Jumping Out of Giant Cakes Start?"

"The use of actual live animals was a natural evolution from all the mimicry. The tradition of the entremet—a between-courses dish served more for entertainment than for eating—was in full swing by the end of the Middle Ages, with wine fountains, castles made of meat, and live actors and musicians rolled in on replicas of ships, re-enacting scenes from recent history. Living creatures, (especially birds and frogs) placed into giant pies became such a popular entremet that a recipe features in an Italian cookbook from 1474. Maestro Martino explains how to make a hole in the bottom crust of a pie, stuff it with a smaller pie, and then:"
…In the empty space that remains around the small pie, put some live birds, as many as it will hold; and the birds should be placed in it just before it is to be served; and when it is served before those seated at the banquet, you remove the cover above, and the little birds will fly away. This is done to entertain and amuse your company. And in order that they do not remain disappointed by this, cut the small pie up and serve.
The trend continued into the 1600s, with famous families like the de Medicis surprising guests with live birds in pastry crust for a wedding party. Robert May, author of a 1660 British cookbook, describes how the birds would tend to flap about and seek the light, extinguishing all the candles, and how the hopping frogs cause the ladies to shriek, creating “a diverting Hurley-Burley amongst the Guests in the Dark!”...

Even though the live-bird pie trend ultimately fizzled out, some royals hardly missed it, as they had already taken it to the next level... By the 1800s, the humans buried in pastry seemed to be limited to attractive women, as some of the most decadent parties of the era were those given by wealthy men to entertain other important males while their wives stayed at home. One of those hosts was Stanford White, a rich architect who threw a debauched dinner party in New York City in 1895 for a gathering of other distinguished men (including illustrator Charles Dana Gibson and inventor Nikola Tesla).

The feature attraction of the dinner party was an enormous pie, out of which, according to famed model Evelyn Nesbit, popped a 15 or 16 year old beauty...

Thursday, July 9, 2015


What a great word. It's made up, political (prefix) + anytime. Sounds like quieres, wants. Wikipedia, the only fast definition, says, "in the USA is an individual who is paid for by an election campaign to knock on doors to issue fliers and encourage people to get out and vote in favour of the candidate. Candidates who generally lack the grass root volunteers who normally do this job, resort to politiqueras to achieve the goal. Use of politiqueras in southern regions of Texas during the democratic primary on March 4, 2008 by Hillary Clinton campaign is one such example."

Oh, is that all they do? Nice deflective defensive rearguard action there too. Deft. If that's all that happened then fine. Goodbye, have a nice day.

Except the number of registered voters exceeds the number of legal-age eligible residents. American Civil Rights Union sued to clean up dirty rolls while Battleground Texas were inflating voter rolls in advance of 2016 election. NPR (the radio station we keep saying we can do without) exposed FBI investigation into fraud in the region including the widespread use of politiquieras to gather mail-in ballots and pay people to vote.

Justice Department convicted more people in 2013 in South Texas than in any other region. One of the practices looked at is vote-stealing.
It's a time-honored tradition down in the land of grapefruit orchards and Border Patrol checkpoints. If a local candidate needs dependable votes, he or she goes to a politiquera.
In the town of Donna, NPR reported, “five politiqueras pleaded guilty to election fraud. Voters were bribed with cigarettes, beer or dime bags of cocaine. In neighboring Cameron County, nine politiqueras were charged with manipulating mail-in ballots.”
A Republican is dogging a Democrat from the area to confess his association with this practice.
The NPR report prompted Republican Party of Texas chairman Tom Mechler to state that Texas Democratic Party chairman Gilberto Hinojosa “needs to come clean with the people of Texas" about whether he "personally participated in the corrupt practice of using politiqueras to commit voter fraud,” according to the Houston Chronicle.
American Thinker, Robert Knight 

Wait until you hear the latest

"15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change without parents knowing"
"The list of things 15-year-olds are not legally allowed to do in Oregon is long: Drive, smoke, donate blood, get a tattoo -- even go to a tanning bed.

But, under a first-in-the-nation policy quietly enacted in January that many parents are only now finding out about, 15-year-olds are now allowed to get a sex-change operation. Many residents are stunned to learn they can do it without parental notification -- and the state will even pay for it through its Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan."
More at this link 

Say hello to my little friend?

Pope Francis decided not to chew the coca leaf when he was in Bolivia. At least so far. He did drink a tea made from the coca leaf. According the Daily News "The Pope was served a traditional tea made from coca leaves, chamomile and anise."

Supposedly it was medicinal because the Pope lost the use of one lung in childhood and the high altitude would affect him adversely.

So the pontiff  decided to fight the high altitude with a high attitude.

There is of course no truth to the rumor that the Pope would like to move the Vatican to Cuba. Or Miami.

At least I hope not.

Whose that girl?

She is not Selina Kyle so don't get all excited. Although she looks really young she is not in the Subway Sandwich guys computer so she is legal.

Famous for licking a hole in public she proudly parrots the first lady who she agrees with in regard to her attitude towards us.

Whose that girl?

NYPD cops have stopped trying to stop and frisk even when they have good reason.

The federal monitor appointed by the social engineering judge that ended "stop and frisk" has issued a report that states that "officers on the street may be declining to stop, question and frisk when it would be lawful and prudent to do so."

In other words the cops are afraid to do their job because they know the politicians will throw them to the wolves and they have a better chance of losing their jobs and their pensions if they act to get guns off the street. In an article in the New York Daily News the federal monitor Peter Zimroth reports that the cops are afraid of being sued or brought up on charges for stopping and frisking so they have just basiclly stopped doing it. The NYC council has pending legislation that would require cops to get written permission for anyone they stop and search. How do you think that is going to work out?

This is the basic dilemma  for progressive police haters like Comrade Bill De Blasio and the Mayor of Baltimore. They hate the police. They think the real problem is not the criminals but the police. So they decide to go after the police instead of the criminals. The cops aren't stupid. They are not going to put their life and career at risk. So they take a step back. They don't worry about the broken windows. Or the obvious skells carrying a gun that they normally would have tossed. And they wonder why murders are skyrocketing and crime stats are going up and up and up.

I know. Let's fire the police commissioner.

Sixties Sitcom Subtext Theatre

"Come here Nanny Figallilly I would like to show you something."
"Well what might that be guvernor?"
"It is something I would like you to take care of for me."
"Eh wot your shopping or such.  I have just come from the grocery and have all of our provender for the night."
"No not that Nanny."
"Oh my gracious. Your penis is out. Ya wee willie. So that's what you want me to take care of. Well that's a wee job so it should just take a nonce."
"Oh Nanny Figallilly, I love you."
"Of course you do. Funny I thought your name was Long. Never you mind.  Being a perfesser and all I understand how you could be so wee and sad. It took you long enough to make a move.  Let me put the brisket in the fridge and I will take care of that for you right now."

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

"Well Sam I have to tell you the truth."
"I knew something is wrong. What is it Darren?"
"Well remember that fellow who sold us the rare clumber puppy for Tabitha."
"Yes. Mike Brady. He's married to that lady who likes vegetable oil way to much for a decent married woman."
"Yes well there is a reason for that. But let's not get into that."
"So what about Mike Brady."
"Well I don't know how to tell you this...but we are in love......and we are going to move home to my home state of Wisconsin and raise rare clumbers together. We are getting married. I am so sorry."
"But he's already a married man. He has about twenty kids or something."
"No only three kids and three step kids. But they are so busy having sex with each other they are never even going to notice that he is gone. I am sorry Sam. Tell me what you are thinking?"
"I don't know Darren. This is a lot to digest."
"Yeah that's what Mike's wife said about the vegetable oil. But she got used to it eventually."

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Letter to my son

Son I want to talk to you about racism. The racism of Shark week.

Last Sunday the host of a popular news show asked me what it meant to be a black man and to be afraid of the water. The host was broadcasting from Washington, D.C., and I was seated in a remote studio on the Far West Side of Manhattan. A satellite closed the miles between us, but no machinery could close the gap between her world and the world for which I had been summoned to speak. When the host asked me about going to the beach, her face faded from the screen, and was replaced by a scroll of words, written by me earlier that week.

The host read these words for the audience, and when she finished she turned to the subject of the beach, although she did not mention it specifically I knew that she thought I was afraid of sharks. Specifically Great White Sharks. Now I ask myself what is so “Great” about Great White Sharks? Is it because they are white? They are the only ones you ever hear about. There are program after program about them. Let’s face it. Gangbangers in Chicago kill more people in a week than sharks have done in the past thirty years! Why aren’t there programs about the “Great Black Gang Bangers?”

Aren’t there any Great Black Sharks? The only ones I can find are some bogus fresh water Chinese bitches that are more like Karp than Sharks. How is it that all of the sharks off the coast of Africa are white? Did those nasty ass white sharks enslave them? Wipe them out. Rape them until they bred out the blackness. You know there had to be some miscegenation genocide bullshit going on.

Son we have to demand our due. Shark week cannot just be about the “Great White Shark.” That is just flat out racist. We need to tell them that black people are not afraid of the water. We are not afraid of no damn Great White Shark. We have to demand reparations from the Discovery Channel. This cannot stand.


Oh, man, I just had a flashback from coming up with the word prints for the post. I met a guy at a party a long time ago who worked in advertising and spoke about an instant photo booth outfit his firm was representing. The kind you drive up to. I was about twenty at the time, enthusiastic about everything, I drew a storyboard advertisement based on fairy tale characters singing, "someday my prints will come." I thought is was hilarious and I was angry my idea wasn't considered. I thought, jeeze, what do you have to do to break into this business, anyway?

Same as now, nobody is going to listen. #caring.

But what the heck. The thing is I never gave the offers much thought. Pure marketing. This is what you can do with your photos. So what. Sell, sell, sell. It bugged me they're advertising when I'm paying their premium so I ignored their offers, figuring I can do any of that myself. Until the offers became too sweet to resist. And until Joe kept annoying people with how much fun it was driving around without an immediate plan except lunch and end up going over two mountain passes of continental divide quality. Having that experience match and exceed expensive trips to Europe. Right here, in my back yard. He's so tickled it annoys his traveling companions.

He has a lot to show on his Apple tablet but it's always a mess. And you always have him or some other owner fussing over your shoulder while you're looking, poking the photos, moving them along, expanding, shrinking, skipping, interfering with your viewing. They do not work out in practice as photo albums do, I don't think. The phone is worse. Having photos hosted is useful online only. The problem is you cannot give anything art as gift without the risk of rejection, it's personal, and then it's a joke on you. You don't want that.

The two photos on canvas were sent to Paradise Valley but Joe isn't there, he escaped to California where drought is better than heat. I told him no need to bother right now they are nothing time-sensitive.

But then they're shown opened.

They're small, only two feet.  They do not make a statement. Larger photos could, but not these. One photo divided into four could and groups of these could but not little ones as single.

The email came from an unknown number and a source that didn't make sense. Only this photo showed. Evidence the boxes were opened in Arizona by someone, the information relayed to Joe, then relayed to me. Now what? Garage, bathroom (where mine is), walk-in closet, basement, attic, tucked unseen behind the sofa, carport, outdoor patio, dog kennel. I honestly don't care, I just wanted him to see the photos as photos. That's all.

"Care to see a few photos of my recent car trip with Chip?" Whip out a couple 2-foot canvasses from behind the sofa. Hilarious. Like a cartoon.

The email photo showing receipt of the canvass prints displayed but the words did not. Joe doesn't know  how to do technology-related things but he tries. He's quite old. Then I saw the text attachment.
These are great and going on my south wall where I look out to the hummingbird feeder and the citrus grove. Perfect and thanks so much for your expertise and doing this for my continued enjoyment of our excursion.
And later.
Thanks so much travel companion and photog. Can't wait to see them hung on my office/guest/ room wall. That is the direction I look most of the day, out to the pool, backyard, hummingbird feeder, etc. I will forward you a picture in a while so remind me.
Wow, they meant something. He means it. I told him it'd be neat to have video of hummingbird at the feeder, one made from a bottle with wire and metal leaves, but he's too slow with his telephone camera and keeps missing the shots. The birds are too fast. He doesn't get it must be set up in advance with him waiting with remote activation. He thinks he can fumble for his telephone, lift up his telephone when a bird shows up, find the right button, aim properly and record. Maybe he can.

That was Photobucket. Their offer is not printed on canvass as advertised, rather printed on heavily textured paper. It is good quality. Very well worth it at reduced price.

Photobucket changes offers all the time. I bought at 75% off. The next week they were 80% off, the next week everything is 50% off. That ends soon. They'll keep rotating offers.

Flickr has their own regular offer and now I am more interested in that, but I do not know anything about them offering special. It's all reasonable full price but I'm still waiting for offers. The first offer I'll jump. Theirs wraps the photo around the frame instead of edge-to-edge image with either black or white edge as Photobucket does. This sacrifices the margin of the photo for the sake of the edges. The effect of this is outstanding when the subject is stone because it makes the entire thing look like a slab pulled off the mountain. Flicker has a good JAVA scrip demonstration of what your image will look like. The value over actual slabs of granite purchased from the countertop store is these are your photographs that mean something special to you. When I saw how these looked in their demonstration I flipped out with possibilities. I don't think you can produce such things less expensively and with such little effort.

These are also small and not impactful as a single but a group of these filling a wall can make an impressive presentation and a fun room to go into when they are your photographs taken some meaningful place and occasion

Is ending the War on Drugs the Christian thing to do?

"The New England Conference of United Methodist Churches voted in favor of a resolution on Saturday to call for an end to the Drug War using Christian principles, according to a release from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)."
The resolution states:
In the love of Christ, who came to save those who are lost and vulnerable, we urge the creation of a genuinely new system for the care and restoration of victims, offenders, criminal justice officials, and the community as a whole. Restorative justice grows out of biblical authority, which emphasizes a right relationship with God, self and community. When such relationships are violated or broken through crime, opportunities are created to make things right.”
They then go on to mention an extensive list of concerns and reasons to end prohibition, such as public health, violent trafficking, and countless innocent lives lost or thrown into overcrowded prisons.
Does this mean some sort of gay marriage accommodation is not far behind?

"Massive Government Overreach: Obama’s AFFH Rule Is Out"

If you thought Obamacare was overreach, and, early reports of what 'Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule' (AFFH) portents are true, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Fundamentally, AFFH is an attempt to achieve economic integration. Race and ethnicity are being used as proxies for class, since these are the only hooks for social engineering provided by the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Like AFFH itself, today’s Washington Post piece blurs the distinction between race and class, conflating the persistence of “concentrated poverty” with housing discrimination by race. Not being able to afford a freestanding house in a bedroom suburb is no proof of racial discrimination. Erstwhile urbanites have been moving to rustic and spacious suburbs since Cicero built his villa outside Rome. Even in a monoracial and mono-ethnic world, suburbanites would zone to set limits on dense development.

Emily Badger’s piece in today’s Washington Post focuses on race, but the real story of AFFH is the attempt to force integration by class, to densify development in American suburbs and cities, and to undo America’s system of local government and replace it with a “regional” alternative that turns suburbs into helpless satellites of large cities. Once HUD gets its hooks into a municipality, no policy area is safe. Zoning, transportation, education, all of it risks slipping into the control of the federal government and the new, unelected regional bodies the feds will empower. Over time, AFFH could spell the end of the local democracy that Alexis de Tocqueville rightly saw as the foundation of America’s liberty and distinctiveness. (read more)

"Fear Grows in Greece as Decisive Hour Nears"

"Greece requested a new three-year bailout from its skeptical eurozone creditors and pledged some economic overhauls on Wednesday."
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Greece’s debt burdens would overwhelm the country without eurozone lenders, particularly Germany, reducing its overall debt load.

“Greece’s debt is not sustainable,” Mr. Lew said. “The real question is, can [Greece] make the changes that will satisfy Europe to put in place the kind of debt restructuring that needs to be there.”

In the affluent suburb of Nea Erythrea, north of Athens, Iosif Perdikaris, a 72-year-old pensioner suffering from diabetes, was looking for insulin,

“How am I supposed to manage my diabetes without my insulin?” Mr. Perdikaris screamed at the pharmacist.

He said he was starting to regret voting against creditors’ terms for a bailout in last Sunday’s referendum.

“I voted ‘no’ and now look at this,” he said. “I can’t get my medications, and next week we may be using drachmas.”

"Liam Neeson Turned Down James Bond Role"

"Because Natasha Richardson Said She Wouldn't Marry Him If He Took the Part"
"I was heavily courted, let's put it that way, and I'm sure some other actors were too," the thespian said. "It was about 18 or 19 years ago and my wife-to-be said, ‘If you play James Bond we're not getting married!' And I had to take that on board, because I did want to marry her," he remembered with a smile. Neeson is of course referring to his late wife Natasha Richardson. The couple tied the knot in 1994 and was happily married with their two sons until her tragic death in 2009.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Mayor replaces Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts"

"Rawlings-Blake named Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Davis interim commissioner, effective immediately."
We cannot grow Baltimore without making our city a safer place to live," Rawlings-Blake said at a press conference at City Hall. "We need a change. This was not an easy decision, but it is one that is in the best interest of the people of Baltimore. The people of Baltimore deserve better."

Rawlings-Blake's decision came hours after she lashed out at the city's police union for for its highly critical report of the Police Department leadership during last month's rioting. She did not respond to a call for Batts' resignation from faith coalition Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development.

She said the Fraternal Order of Police report did not play a role in her decision and that her motivation was instead the spate of murders that has erupted in the city over the past month.

If this is true it really sucks.

Speaking fees for ex-presidents are a big topic of discussion these days. It is obscene to find out how much money that President Clinton and Hillary and even their dog faced daughter get to give a speech. But now there is an even more distressing story.

It seems that ex-President Bush got $100,000 to give a speech to a benefit for disabled vets from Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the New York Daily News: "Former Marine Eddie Wright (pictured above with President Bush) who served on the charity’s board and lost both hands in a 2004 rocket attack in Iraq, told ABC he didn’t think it was right for Bush to have been paid to raise money for vets through the group, which provides adapted homes to service members who became disabled in combat."

According to Mr. Wright Laura Bush got $50,000 the year before to speak to same group.

Now I don't know if this is true. It might be something thrown up against the wall for cover for the Clinton's and their shenanigans. But if it is true I am very disappointed in President Bush. I hope he donated the money back to the charity or something. Because if he didn't I would lose a lot of respect for him.

The strange and curious tale of the last true hermit.

An interesting read at GQ by Michael Finkel about a man who stayed alive in Maine living in a tent for twenty-seven years surviving entirely by burglaries of food, clothing and propane and incidentals. He drove people nuts for decades. They thought they were going crazy, flashlights and batteries gone missing, food disappearing, full propane tanks exchanged for empty ones. Then they started noticing evidence of burglaries, some 40 a year (40*27=1080). He became legend  Catching the guy became an obsession. When they did catch the guy, they still couldn't quite believe it, the truth as he tells it is even more difficult to accept.
Winters in Maine are long and intensely cold: a wet, windy cold, the worst kind of cold. A week of winter camping is an impressive achievement. An entire season is practically unheard of.
I like that, the worst of all of the colds. 
Also, he didn’t feel comfortable speaking. "My vocal, verbal skills have become rather rusty and slow." 
Many victims of Knight’s thefts reported that their books were often stolen—from Tom Clancy potboilers to dense military histories to James Joyce’s Ulysses. 
It seemed that Knight was shy about everything except literary criticism; he answered that he felt "rather lukewarm" about Hemingway. Instead, he noted, he’d rather read Rudyard Kipling, preferably his "lesser known works."  
Ha! Everyone is a critic. 
"Cooking is too kind a word for what I did," Chris told me. He’d not been sick in the woods, and his worst accident was a tumble on some ice, but his teeth were rotten, and no wonder. I dug through his twenty-five years of trash, buried between boulders, and kept inventory: a five-pound tub that once held Marshmallow Fluff, an empty box of Devil Dogs, peanut butter, Cheetos, honey, graham crackers, Cool Whip, tuna fish, coffee, Tater Tots, pudding, soda, El Monterey spicy jalapeño chimichangas, and on and on and on.
The pity that I feel is tremendous. 

The story goes into all the things that he stole, and much more.