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 Althouse has a post up on Churchill and the 50th anniversary of his death. This reminded me of my own 1965 memories of Churchill's funeral that I recall watching as a kid on TV (my mother made sure we watched it). Twelve years after his death, the British band Supertramp released a song called Fool's Overture, which I always thought referred to Churchill (there is a recording of his voice in the song fer Chrisakes). I also thought this was common knowledge, but I recall discussing this topic one night over on the Althouse blog with someone convinced that the lyrics referred to Jesus.

You can hear the song here (embedding was disabled for that video otherwise I'd put it here). Here are the lyrics for the song along with my specific reasons why it refers to Churchill:
History recalls how great the fall can be
While everybody's sleeping, the boats put out to sea [1]
Borne on the wings of time
It seemed the answers were so easy to find [2]
Too late, the prophets cry
The island's sinking, let's take to the sky [3]

Called the man a fool, stripped him of his pride
Everyone was laughing up until the day he died [4]
And though the wound went deep
Still he's calling us out of our sleep [5]
My friends, we're not alone
He waits in silence to lead us all home [6]

So you tell me that you find it hard to grow
Well I know, I know, I know
And you tell me that you've many seeds to sow
Well I know, I know, I know [7]

Can you hear what I'm saying?
Can you see the parts that I'm playing?
Holy man, rocker man, come-on queenie,
Joker man, spider man, blue-eyed meanie [8]

So you found your solution
What will be your last contribution?
Live it up, rip it up, why so lazy?
Give it out, dish it out, let's go crazy! [9]


[1] Refers to Francis Drake's night time attacks to fend off the Spanish Armada in 1588.
[2] Refers to the British Empire's subsequent historical momentum and a sense of entitlement.
[3] I've no idea who the "prophets" were of the time but their message was to abandon the ship of state.
[4] Refers to the replacement of Churchill by the Labour Party and the subsequent decades-long deconstruction of his legacy (note that this song was written in 1977, prior to the ascendency of Thatcher).
[5] & [6] Here is where the allusion to a force from beyond (ostensibly the memory of Churchill) may have caused that Althouse commenter to remark that he thought the song was about Jesus.
[7] Here the songwriter is answering the unspoken retort from British youth--that maturity is hard, that the legacy is too hard to live up to.
[8] Refers to the spectrum of people present in the 1970s Britain: religious, culture, celebrity, social, misfit--each one is a character.
[9] Refers to the state of anarchy amongst the mid 1970's youth in Britain.

“You can absolutely say that I am seriously interested”

I am. As I said yesterday, I’m really interested in the opportunity to serve at some point,” Palin said Friday, as former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, a potential 2016 rival, looked on.

Palin said, “It is a significant step, of course, for anyone to publicly announce that they’re interested. Who wouldn’t be interested? Who wouldn’t be interested when they have been blessed with opportunities to speak about what is important to this country and for this country?”

Friday, January 23, 2015

Advice For The Young At Heart - Tears For Fears

Tears For Fears

Cuteness Overload

Documents: Cops wanted to charge 'Meet the Press' then-host David Gregory

In an affidavit, the investigator wrote that “there is probable cause that the offense of possessing a ‘high-capacity’ magazine was committed in the District of Columbia. Therefore your Affiant requests the issuance of an arrest warrant for Gregory, David Michael.”
Despite the request, D.C. attorney general Irvin Nathan declined to prosecute in the case.’s William A. Jacobson wrote: “The short version is that the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department warned NBC News that it could not possess an actual high-capacity magazine, but NBC News went ahead and did it anyway. The MPD recommended a warrant for Gregory’s arrest, but that request was nixed by the D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan because — my paraphrase — Gregory was just too nice a guy and had no other criminal intent.”

The incident occurred Dec. 23, 2012 when Gregory displayed a 30-round magazine for effect while interviewing LaPierre following the Newtown shootings.

In Washington, it is illegal to possess a magazine holding 10 rounds or more, even if empty.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Fifty years ago, "The Last Time" was climbing the charts:

This was not the Rolling Stones' first hit but it's the first one credited to the future Glimmer Twins, Jagger and Richards.

Liner notes:

Brian Jones actually played lead guitar on this tune as evident in the video; Keith Richards is just strumming along.

I always like how Bill Wyman held his bass guitar -- almost vertically. When I was a kid, I had a much older cousin who looked like Bill Wyman. But she was a woman.

Charlie Watts looked bored. I must say that his drumming was completely imitable.

Mick Jagger -- look how "preppy" he looked in 1965!  With lyrics like that, any woman who swooned for him deserved what she got if she couldn't see it coming.

Watch for the cameo by Pete Best.

"Intimate Brando, In His Own Words – Sundance"

Documentary filmmaker Stevan Riley (Blue Blood, Fire In Babylon) got the chance of a lifetime when he was granted access to more than 200 hours of audio tapes Marlon Brando made during the course of his life, a personal archive of never-before-heard musings, acting studies, self-hypnosis and insights the enigmatic Oscar winner had hoped to turn into an autobiographical film before his death in 2004.

 “Listen to me Marlon. … This is one part of yourself speaking to another part of yourself. Listen to the sound of my voice and trust me. You know I have your interests at heart. … Just relax, relax, relax. I’m going to help you change in a way that will make you feel happier, more useful. … I want you to accept what I say as true. What I tell you here and now is true.”

How to draw Mohammed

If you are a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist.

You start with a CDC (crudely drawn cock) for nose and eyes smack dab in the middle of another CDC for face and turban. You will notice, once you notice, a lot of cartoon faces begin with CDC. Sometimes the nostrils are testicles and other times the chin is drawn as face testicles. Sometimes lashes are pubic hair. Sometimes you can turn them upside down and see something very rude indeed possibly amusing.

You have to start your drawing somewhere. Most cartoonists are acknowledged pervs. Who else is going to tell you these things?

It's what makes religionists so angry. Having what they do returned. They've been doing this same thing for centuries, drawing caricatures of Jews drawn with noses and faces of dicks. It's a thing.     

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Man Burned To Death In Sauna When Timer Malfunctions"

"Dennis Antiporek, 68, left a note Sunday night saying he was going to the sauna. Hours later, when he hadn’t returned, his daughter went to look for him."
“When I opened the door, I looked and there was a black man in the sauna. It wasn’t my dad so I shut the door and I looked, the clothes hanging it was his clothes,” said Lara Antiporek, Dennis’s daughter.

“I close my eyes and I just see his face charred,” said Ronnie Antiporek. “And this sounds horrible, but there was skin on the floor and on the bench and we shouldn’t have had to see that.”

(video news clip)

"ESPN report: 11 of the Patriots' game balls were not properly inflated"

"The Patriots, who beat Indianapolis 45-7 for the AFC title, said they were cooperating with the league, and a Seahawks spokesman said the team would defer to the league on the matter."
Deflating a football can change the way it's gripped by a player or the way it travels through the air. Under NFL rules, each team provides balls each game for use when its offense is on the field. The balls are inspected before the game by the officiating crew, then handled during the game by personnel provided by the home team.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said on ESPN radio in Milwaukee that he didn't like how referees who inspected balls before games take air out of the game balls.

"I have a major problem with the way it goes down, to be honest with you," Rodgers said. "The majority of the time, they take air out of the football. I think that, for me, is a disadvantage."

Rodgers said referees have a set range in which they "like to set game balls," and that he always liked the higher end of the range because of his grip.

"I just have a hard time throwing a flat football," Rodgers said. He thought a slight majority of quarterbacks like footballs on the flatter side.

"My belief is that there should be a minimum air-pressure requirement but not a maximum," Rodgers said. "There's no advantage, in my opinion. We're not kicking the football. There's no advantage in having a pumped-up football."

I ate everything

This sounds like a wise girl. Hilariously wise girl. 

The key frame says, "Peanut butter and raisins" and that right there puts me in stitches all over again. Her list went on and on and on. I picture a girl-vacuum cleaner going around sucking in everything edible. I have no idea how old she is, as for myself by way of comparison, I was very late on the uptake, slow in making the connection between what I ate and poo that comes out. Until very late it was all just some mysterious thing I'd rather not think about, part of the tragedy and part of the unfortunate comedy of the human experience. A thing between my relationship with deity. Sometimes I would pray, "Lord, why did you make me, an angel, start out in human form? Why such low estate? Why the people of the mud? It's embarrassing. And as far as I can tell the Lord's all, "Oh, get over yourself already, that's part of it."  From my point of view this girl is philosophically advanced.

If only she had mentioned habanero chile sauce competition, double stuffed burritos, feast things like turkey, ham and lamb, tamales and guacamole salsa, soul food like black eye peas with smoked ham hock and chard. She paints a vivid picture.

It sounded like a girl to me, I suppose it could be a boy talking. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"'Groundhog Day' student trapped in bizarre déjà vu time loop for 8 years"

"The 23-year-old even stopped watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading newspapers or magazines because he believed he had seen it all before."
He told doctors that he was "trapped in a time loop" and said he felt as if he was reliving the past moment by moment.

"Rather than simply the unsettling feelings of familiarity which are normally associated with déjà vu, our subject complained that it felt like he was actually retrieving previous experiences from memory, not just finding them familiar," said Dr Wells.

"If proved, this could be the first-ever recorded instance of psychogenic déjà vu, which is déjà vu triggered by anxiety rather than a neurological condition such as dementia or epilepsy.

"In relation to our case, distress caused by the déjà vu experience may itself lead to increased levels of déjà vu: similar feedback loops in positive symptoms are reported in other anxiety states e.g. panic attacks.

"It is plausible on neurobiological grounds that anxiety might lead to the generation of déjà vu."

"ISIS threatens to kill 2 Japanese hostages"

"A masked man in the latest video gives the Japanese government a choice to pay $200 million -- the same amount of money Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently pledged for those "contending" with ISIS -- to free the Japanese men. That deal holds for 72 hours, which would seem to mean sometime Friday since the video appeared on social media Tuesday."

"Although you are more than 8,500 kilometers away from the Islamic State, you willingly volunteered to take part in this crusade," the masked man on the video posted Tuesday says, addressing his comments to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (read more)

Video: ISIS Hostages were tortured.

Monday, January 19, 2015


They germinated overnight, it seems, certainly within twenty-four hours. They appeared to be growing moss but that turned out to be fuzzy roots on top of the soil. I sprinkled perlite over them to give their fuzzy roots cover and their tops a clear way up. This is three days. They grow up very fast to be this plant below, also called 'Love Lies Bleeding." Is that romantic or what?

Droopy and a little bit sad, but still sufficiently cartoonish to be mixed with other things. It's sad because it needs other things. It needs to be part of something, not its own single sad droopy entity.

Planted next to them in the tray above and planted thinner but still crowded, are two envelopes of mixed Celosia seeds. Also known as 'fire plant' due to the blooms looking like flames in orange, red, yellow, and pink.

I recall having insignificant luck with both of these plants years ago. They did grow but not spectacularly. The seeds are quite old Maybe more than five years. I am amazed they germinated so fast.

This basil is fast too. One of the fastest around and planted very densely. What the heck? Why fool around?

You cannot have too much basil. You can always reduce it to pesto. It's nice having out there, the smell releases when you brush past it. Just touching it gets the smell on you. This will be planted here and there and all over. With tomatoes, and with eggplant and with flowers all in the same pot.

These are large morning glory seeds. Already a large seed, if you soak them overnight they swell considerably and germinate right away. The flowers close by afternoon depending on the light situation.

These make vines, drop seeds, and tend to go rampant when not contained. They were bought to replace the propeller polyanthus that looks so attractively cartoonish but is unavailable, with a contrasting yellow center and white outlined petals. But that was one photo reproduced several times and none of the sites led to seeds. And nobody I contacted knew anything about them but everyone acted interested to know.

Finally, in an attempt to provide backup for dodgy polyanthus getting off to a late start, the lace variety like this except less cartoonish colors, I discovered the same thing by another name 'cobalt polyanthus.' I searched [polyanthus seeds] on eBay and cobalt polyanthus is included in results. I believe it is another photo of the same thing. I had just looked. So looking twice with so little time between looks, that is, behaving neurotically, paid off this time.

Original photo copied many times and pinned all over the place ↑.

New seeds offered on eBay. I believe a new photo of the same plant. I bought three packages of seeds ↓. So we'll see what happens. These can take 4 to 6 weeks to germinate. They're tiny seeds too. If they grow, and if I can grow them in enough places, then I'll get a better photo than this.

And I'm thinking, shouldn't I be thinking about serious things? Shouldn't I be anticipating analyzing State of the Union speech or something?

In the way Saturday Night Live was funny, the skit comes to an abrupt halt, the action stops and our main character steps forward as if uniquely struck with epiphany that he verbalizes to the audience taking all beyond the premises constraining the skit he stepped out of.

"Could it be that we've reached a new age, a new beginning, where our unfounded superstitions give way to new means of steady inquiry wherein new ideas are presented as hypothesis and tested with the results of the testing reported and conferred and re-tested by different scientific teams, and by these systems of observation and testing and confirmation termed scientific method, perhaps usher a new way of thinking, a new age, a rebirth,  a... a... a renaissance.

*dumbfounded conclusion*


Why would I think about the State of The Union speech, what am I, masochist? Do I look like I have tickets to Gas Light Theater? He's your troll, you feed him.

If I were serious-minded person, I'd serious-mindedly prepare boxes of clothes for Goodwill and seriously clear out the walk-through closet to hold different stuff!

An altogether better class of stuff. Old paintings and art instead of old clothes. A serious minded person will already have all that sorted.

From my point of view I make myself resentful by making myself listen when I know already that I'm being trolled. Trolled on a national level and I'm tired of it.  I want executives to be boring, not a gigantic pain in the beaut-tox for everybody. Narcissists should be starved of oxygen.

Not that Dems hold the monopoly on those. It makes me ill that I must hear the name "Bush." I didn't vote for his brother the first time for the same reason, because his dad was president, and you do not do that. One president per family and that's it. Everyone else is immediately disqualified. It's a personal thing You don't hire somebody's son just because. There is nothing magical in the name, in any name. Governing traits are not conferred. Collectively we give these families this unique power. I do not know why we do it. It does not makes sense.

That's why it was so fun conversely, denying somebody like Kerry, back then, who knows in their cells that they are entitled that they were born to it, that everything in their life points to greatness, it's due them, they of the family of senators, and governors, and presidents. It's fun to deny them.

Really fun.

It's not just me thinking it either. I think I got these ideas elsewhere. From knowing people who were entitled and merely entitled with no real cogent qualities recommending them and seeing firsthand in realtime on Twitter and other social media, how others react to such obvious and famous nepotism as Luke Russert straight on with, "We all know you'd be unknown were it not for your last name." Russert was caught up in his reporting of non-institutional conservatives who had just delivered to Republicans both House and Senate along with full governance throughout the land, under probation, referring to them as "clown show."

Maybe Luke Russert saw a tea-party type dressed up as Uncle Sam. Another as Sam Adams, or maybe Benjamin Franklin. There are a lot of characters out there that show up in a party mode. Maybe Luke Russert saw one of those clowns.

Some Seahawks Left Early...

It's not over until it's over

Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Nike launches Black History Month collection"

"Shoe geeks should get excited — some NBA stars' lines are getting updates as part of the collection, as are Air Jordans and other styles."
Black History Month starts Feb. 1, and Nike's new BHM collection launched today. It is available globally at and select retailers.

A portion of proceeds from sales of the 2015 BHM Collection go to the Ever Higher Fund, which supports organizations that leverage the power of sport to maximize the potential of underserved youth.

"I was going to rob this place but I know you"

The store clerk said the suspect looked at him and said, "(Expletive), I was going to rob this place but I know you."

The suspect then asked the clerk, "Do you know me?" When the clerk replied he did not recognize the man, the suspect said, "Good" and walked out of the store while giving a "thumbs up" sign to the clerk.

"An attempted robbery suspect changed his mind"

Crushed between two semi-trailers

Mr Whitby’s amazing survival was captured in a photo showing his mangled four-wheel-drive crushed like a pancake between two trucks on an icy highway in the state’s northeast.

“Thank God that I’m still alive,” Mr Whitby told the Oregonian. “Now I’ve got to go figure out why.”
“I just braced and hoped that everything would be all right,” the father-of-one said, adding that he starting praying as the truck was seconds from smashing into him.

Marriage Equality Means More than Meets the Eye

"The unnamed 18-year-old revealed in an interview with New York Magazine her romantic relationship of almost two years with her biological father after being estranged from him for 12 years."
In the interview, the girl also said the two also plan on having children.

"Everyone on my mom’s side of the family sees us as father and daughter," she told the magazine. "Those who know that he’s my dad, and that we are engaged, include my father’s parents (they can see we are happy together and they can’t wait for us to have babies — they treat us just like any other couple), the woman we live with, and my best friend."

After the wedding, the woman says they plan to move to New Jersey where adult incest is legal.
What do you say to something like this?