Friday, July 23, 2021

WKRLEM: It ain't me and it ain't you either.

I was listening to this song in the shower today and I thought about all the guys who went to Afghanistan over the last eighteen years. Who came back wounded and maimed and damaged in some way. And for what? Nothing that I can see.

Yeah, yeah I know that Fogerty is a big time leftist commie cocksucker but he ain't wrong in this case. Working class kids from Brooklyn and North Carolina and Alabama and Wyoming went to serve their country at the behest of the elites. Elite Republican Neocons in this case.  They didn't change anything. The same Taliban assholes are taking over as soon as we leave. The endless war would continue. War criminals like Liz Cheney want it to continue. Idiots like Lindsey Graham can always find another place to send our guys to die.

Fogerty based his song on David Eisenhower who was married to Julie Nixon and served in the Navy during Vietnam. But the perfect example of a Senator's son is Hunter Biden. He got a sinecure in the armed forces in some misbegotten attempt to help in a later political career and was cashiered for doing crack. Then went on to collect bribes for the "Big Guy." His current scam of selling "art" to donors is just bald faced thievery and corruption that is being covered up by the media. Once again the elite protect their own.

This was the essence of President Trumps appeal. Yeah he was a draft dodger. Yeah he didn't serve. But he didn't want our guys fighting in an endless war for nothing. He tried to end it and bring the boys home but he was defeated by the Deep State and the Neocons who impeached him twice and stole the election. 

We need to eliminate the elites and their influence on public policy. I don't know how you do that in a peaceful way. Their grip on power is too strong. They need to realize that more and more people are getting the message and are willing to support fundamental change. 

We can't run our country for the benefit of the Senator's Son.


Amartel said...

"Fortunate Son" ... Hunter Biden anyone?

A lot of "lefty" songs from the 60s-70s-80s can be recycled (!) and applied to the modern progressive failureparty of the incompetent bloated bureaucrat-corporate-fascist pigs and their flying monkeys of ignorance, apathy, and rage.

"Power to the People"
"You Haven't Done Nothing"
"War" (what, exactly, has it been good for in the past few decades?)
even "Woodstock". We've got to get ourselves back to the garden. Man.

ampersand said...

Uday, Qusay, Unterhay, Sadam Hussein regularly got 80 million votes.