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WKRLEM: What Trump has to do..

This is based on the famous hit on Larry Gallo by Carmine the Snake and couple of other mooks in the Profaci crew that started the first Gallo war.

Puzo lifted a bunch of historical occurrences to flesh out the Godfather movies. He was well versed in the history of the Mob so he was able to right a great story by fictionalizing the truth.

President Trump needs to take a page out of the Snakes play book. Invite the press over. Then slip the garrote over the neck and choke them out. It's the only way.

WKRLEM: Donald Trump says....don't call me Renee....Shirley!

Like Ike?

Mark Levin who is no big fan of Trump actually said that the God Emperor did the right thing by walking away from the deal. Per Breitbart:

"Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin made the case that President Donald Trump’s reaction to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision not to proceed with the House GOP’s legislative effort to repeal and replace Obamacare was a positive.
Levin called it “actually outstanding” and likened that leadership style to former President Dwight Eisenhower.
I thought the president’s comments today were actually outstanding,” Levin said. “And he showed enormous humility. And this guy doesn’t give up. I mean, he said OK, we’ll fight another day. In essence, he said that events will reach a point where this is going to have to be resolved. And when it reaches that point, I’m. ‘Mark, that’s not leadership.’ But it kind of is, actually. I’m not making a comparison. It is the sort of way that Dwight Eisenhower managed. When things reach a certain point, they’ll be knocking on my door. Then we’ll figure things out.”
The thing is that the art of compromise has been lost. Ike dealt with LBJ as the Senate Majority Leader. There wasn't a bigger prick than LBJ. Nobody more partisan. He makes Schumer  look like the putz he was. Still Ike was able to get things through the Congress. Big things. By making deals. By being willing to walk away from the table and letting the deal come to him.
Trump can do the same thing. Trump needs to do the same thing.

Stamping out 'economic terrorism' or chilling free expression?

Via InstapunditRepublican lawmakers in at least 18 states have proposed a spate of bills, including ones to make blocking streets a felony in North Carolina, to allow businesses to sue people protesting them in Michigan, and to force Minnesota protesters pay the costs of policing.

After watching protests erupt around the country against police shootings, tougher immigration laws, and the Trump administration, Arizona state Sen. John Kavanagh reportedly came to a conclusion: “This stuff is all planned” by “ideologues” and “anarchists,” he told the Arizona Capitol Times.

In response, Senator Kavanagh sponsored a bill patterned on the kind of racketeering laws usually reserved for the Mafia: Anyone involved in a protest could be guilty of a felony if things get out of control, “whether or not such person knows [the] identity” of the person actually breaking a law.

Senate Republicans in Arizona voted in favor of Kavanagh’s proposal, joining conservative lawmakers in some 18 states in moving forward tough new bills intended to curb what they see as lawlessness during a new age of demonstrations and street mobilization.

For their part, opponents of those bills don’t see efforts to keep the peace – they see police state tactics. Civil rights activists say such bills violate the First Amendment and have more to do with chilling free expression than law and order, given that several of the proposals could open up peaceful protesters to serious criminal liability.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are seeing [antiprotest bills] filed at a time when more and more Americans are taking to the streets to practice their constitutional right,” says Mike Meno, an American Civil Liberties Union staffer in Raleigh, N.C.

(Link to the whole thing)

Sarah Jessica Parker is 138 years old today!

In horse years.

Just sayn'

WKRLEM: The Don talks to the people discouraged about his agenda

The opposition press and the Democrats are reveling in the withdrawal of the Obamacare repeal by the Republicans in the House. The bill devised by the brainiac Paul Ryan could not get enough Republican support even though they control the House, Senate and the Presidency. They have been caterwauling about Obamacare since it was passed and have claimed they would repeal and replace it. It seems they did not have a viable plan in place so they look stupid. President Trump looks stupid as well. For trusting Paul Ryan.

President Trump has been consistent from the beginning. He wanted to repeal Obamacare on Day One. He wanted to replace it. He outlined what they should do.

He wanted competition within the states. So you can buy from another state. Use the free market to lower costs. Not in Ryan's plan.

He wanted to cover adult children on their parents plans longer the way  it is now on Obamacare.  Not in Ryan's plan.

He didn't want to just throw people on the street. He wanted to find a way for them to be covered even if they have a pre-existing condition. I don't think this is the plan.

The "true conservatives" want a total free market plan. Where the jungle of the marketplace determines if you are covered. The "true liberals" wants the government to cover everything for free.

I think what the American People want is somewhere in between.

We want competition to drive down the price. But we want a pathway for coverage. Even if you have pre-existing conditions. Even if you are old or poor or sick. We don't necessarily want hand outs. But we might want a hand up.

I am a conservative. But I am also a realist. I don't want to see Conservative Cant  destroy a compromise that can insure most of America with free market principles underlying the plan but not leaving people to the mercy of the wolves. Look it will be very hard to thread that needle. President Trump will have to provide a lot of leadership. He should work with Rand Paul and Tom Price and come up with his own plan that embodies his principles. Then go out and sell it. Put pressure on the Congress to sign on. That is the only way to fix this.

Like the Don says. BE A MAN! Don't complain or make excuses. Now is the time to put up or shut up. Money talks and bullshit walks. President Trump is a deal maker. He has to make a deal. Be a man and swallow shit you don't like to get it done. That's how it works.

I hope the faith I placed in him will be justified.

"12 Pieces Of Proof: The MSM Knew Obama Spied On Trump and LIED To Cover It Up"

1. Heat Street - November 7, 2016
EXCLUSIVE: FBI ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ Covering Trump Camp’s Ties To Russia
Two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community have confirmed to Heat Street that the FBI sought, and was granted, a FISA court warrant in October, giving counter-intelligence permission to examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.
2. The Guardian – January 11, 2017
The Guardian has learned that the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (Fisa) court over the summer in order to monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials. The Fisa court turned down the application asking FBI counter-intelligence investigators to narrow its focus. According to one report, the FBI was finally granted a warrant in October, but that has not been confirmed, and it is not clear whether any warrant led to a full investigation.
3. The New York Times – January 12, 2017
In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.
The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches.
The change means that far more officials will be searching through raw data. Essentially, the government is reducing the risk that the N.S.A. will fail to recognize that a piece of information would be valuable to another agency, but increasing the risk that officials will see private information about innocent people.
Link to the rest... via Instapundit

cheese popcorn

It is a recent development on another food-related site for a post here and there and sometimes in series to get picked up somewhere and passed around leading to their stats being all out of whack with surrounding posts. Day by day they go something like 35; 42; 14; 20; 2,400; 24; 30 and so on. And I can never predict which ones that will happen to. As if I have no sense for my audience whatsoever. What a bummer! Honestly, the dumbest posts become popular and the best ones ignored. So far, I think this cheese popcorn is the most extreme, at 2,561, but only by something like 20, Sausage, potatoes, onions and cabbage is close at 2,544.

I've been making this quite a lot lately. I follow the instructions written in this book, On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee

Chefs keep this book around and use it like a bible. They return to it to look up passages to absorb its wisdom in doses. While just like the bible it can also be read straight through. And that's how I picked up that popcorn should not be cooked on high so that the kernels heat evenly and steadily, and that the lid should be loose-fitting or else steam will soften the popcorn. So I use a screen instead of a lid.

I don't know what the problem was back then when I was a kid and burned so many batches of popcorn. I don't know what the judgement problem was. It's obvious now when to shut off the heat and dump the popcorn. It never burns now. 

After dumping the pot is still hot enough to melt cold butter and to brown it if you want that. There's plenty of time to heat spices. 

With cheese, though, the popcorn is layered in the bowl with cheese and then heated to melt the cheese for additional layer of flavor and to make the cheese stick. It's kind of cool when it clumps. 

But I'm not so sure that Harold McGee is always right. 

I like using high heat because the kernels pop all at once better, and the screen cover does not ensure crispy popcorn. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Big Star's Third performing "Thirteen" live

Link to video

"Thirteen" is a song by the American rock band Big Star. Rolling Stone describes it "one of rock's most beautiful celebrations of adolescence", and rated it #406 on their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. It was written by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell.

Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom writes in his Allmusic review of the song, "There are few songs that capture the aching innocence of adolescence as well" and calls it a "perfect melancholy ballad". The song encompasses folk and pop characteristics with its use of simple lyrics and the acoustic guitar.

The song was originally featured on the 1972 album #1 Record. It was never released as a single by Big Star.

"Public Fornication Leads to Police Altercation"

Via Drudge:  The incident happened behind Fire Station 10, in Rosslyn Highlands Park, according to scanner traffic.

“At approximately 3:32 p.m. on March 22, officers were dispatched to the report of two subjects allegedly engaged in sexual activity in public view,” Arlington County Police said in a crime report. “As officers were conducting the investigation, the female subject charged at the officer and struck him repeatedly.”

“Nicole Faircloth, 42, of No Fixed Address was arrested and charged with assault and battery on police and performing a sexual act in a public place,” the crime report continued. “Petko Ubiparipovic, 42, of No Fixed Address, was arrested and charged with performing a sexual act in a public place. Both were held on bond.”

(Link to story)

WKRLEM: Paul Ryan tells the Don....I'm smart! I can handle things!

FCI Dog Dance World Championship 2016

Never heard of them. This was suggested in the sidebar of YouTube site, unconnected subject-wise to what I was watching, a whole series of videos of Russian soldiers dancing. The dogs aren't really dancing. This woman and her dog won in this free-style competition. I'm showing this because YouTube sure does know what I like. Commenters to the video liked this more than I did. The whole time I was thinking, "Boy, that sure is a sweet little fluffy Belgian Malinois. 

Fake! That grenade didn't even explode.

The woman who won in the heeling category also won the whole competition. I think. I don't know. I'm going by comments to the two videos. Commenters wanted the free-style one to win. They like the first video better than this one. 

I'm struck that the winner is another Belgian sheepdog, Tervuren this time. They're the same dog structurally while their coats vary dramatically. If you choose to watch, you'll notice the dog doesn't so much heel as it herds. In real obedience the dog would be marked down for crowding. The dog shoves with its shoulder, it leans way into its handler in both directions when exaggerated. The dog moves between the handler's legs in figure 8, and it switches sides from left to right of the handler. In its way, it dances. But it doesn't tell a story like the free-style video does so commenters liked it less.

The first woman is from Italy. This woman, below, is from Russia. Their routine is to Édith Piaf. If you stick with it you'll see the dog really does herd the woman this way and that, sideways, forward and backward. Like a dance.

Bob Dylan says Amy Winehouse was last 'individualist'

Via Drudge:  In a lengthy dialogue with writer Bill Flanagan posted on Dylan's website... Dylan described reinterpreting music as integral to creativity, saying that songwriters can have a concept and then take inspiration from a newspaper clipping, billboard or novel.

"There's always some precedent -- most everything is a knockoff of something else," Dylan said.

"Once you get the idea, everything you see, read, taste or smell becomes an allusion to it. It's the art of transforming things.

"You don't really serve art, art serves you and it's only an expression of life anyway; it's not real life," he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dylan scoffed at his reputation for being unfriendly to other artists who mingle with him at shows.

"Beats me -- why would they want to hang out with me anyway? I hang out with my band on the road," he said.

Asked what he watches on television on his tour bus, Dylan replied, likely sarcastically: "'I Love Lucy,' all the time, non-stop."

(Link to the whole story)

Not the Onion: "Just like her mother, Chelsea Clinton never gets a break"

LA Times Ed:  This week, Variety magazine announced that it would honor former first daughter Chelsea Clinton at its Women in Power luncheon with a “Lifetime achievement award.” The news spread quickly among both Trump supporters and left-leaning Clinton detractors who believe that the family’s tone-deafness cost them the election. Chelsea accepting such an award at the tender age of 37 confirmed the “out-of-touch elite” narrative once and for all.

And then “The Hill,” the D.C. outlet that had broken the news, clarified that Chelsea’s honor was not, as initially reported and gleefully reposted, for achievements over the span of her lifetime. Rather, it was an honor bestowed jointly by Variety and the television network Lifetime for her work promoting better eating habits for children. It’s a Lifetime achievement award, not a lifetime achievement award.

When it comes to accepting prizes for charitable contributions, Chelsea is in no way an outlier. Everyone in her income bracket has a shelf full of honors. Luncheon ceremonies are a way to publicly thank big-name benefactors, get them to show up to the event, and therefore attract other donors and media interest. Ivanka Trump, for example — just picking someone at random here — is no stranger to vanity awards. She has been honored by organizations such as the European School of Economics and the Diamond Empowerment Fund’s GOOD Awards. (Tagline: “Diamonds do good.”)

But Chelsea, like her mother, never gets a break — unlike Ivanka and her father.

(It goes on and on, here is a Link to the rest, maybe you can stomach it)

"Amy Schumer Drops Out of ‘Barbie’ Movie" : Trooper hardest hit

“Sadly, I’m no longer able to commit to Barbie due to scheduling conflicts,” the actress said in a statement to Variety. “The film has so much promise, and Sony and Mattel have been great partners. I’m bummed, but look forward to seeing Barbie on the big screen.”

“We respect and support Amy’s decision,” a spokesperson for Sony said in a statement. “We look forward to bringing Barbie to the world and sharing updates on casting and filmmakers soon.”

WKRLEM: Good advice

Thursday, March 23, 2017

"The FBI is still struggling to employ hackers because they’re all smoking weed"

Via Instapundit :  A human resources official explained in the 2015 report that while 5000 persons may apply to the FBI's cyber security division, only 2000 will meet the eligibility requirements.
The marijuana problem was highlighted by Motherboard in 2014, when FBI director James Comey (who has since gone on to make bigger and bolder headlines) made remarks that were quoted in the Wall Street Journal.
I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview.
Comey later clarified his beliefs before the US Senate (prompted by then Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama), stating he is ‘absolutely dead-set against using marijuana’.
Nevertheless, the government's stringent 'no drugs' policy is in danger of excluding skilled candidates who just happen to love smoking weed in their spare time.

(Link to the whole bong)

A locker room naked undesired

Via Twitter:  A high school student is suing a Pennsylvania school district after claiming “he was exposed involuntarily” to a transgender student while changing in the school’s locker room...

The student claims he was standing in his underwear about to put his gym clothes on when he noticed a transgender student in the locker room who was undressing.

That student was a girl at birth based on external anatomy, but identifies as a boy.

“It’s an egregious violation for the school to just brush off these students and tell them that their feelings don’t matter and to make it ‘as natural as they possibly can’,” added Wenger.

The group said “Joel Doe” brought a complaint to school officials and was told he needs to “tolerate” the decision.

“Our laws and customs have long recognized that we shouldn’t have to undress in front of persons of the opposite sex,” ADF Legal Counsel Kellie Fiedorek said in a statement. “But now some schools are forcing our children into giving up their privacy rights even though, in this case, Pennsylvania law requires schools to have separate facilities on the basis of sex.”

Link to video

Was Judge Napolitano's report vindicated?

Napolitano made this claim...

Obama denied it and Fox suspended Napolitano...

Now the congress reports this...

Who is telling the truth here?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Attacker Kills Four Near U.K. Parliament Before Shot Dead"

Via RedditAuthorities are working on the assumption the attack was “Islamist-related terrorism,” Mark Rowley, head of counter-terrorism policing, told reporters after 10 p.m. Police think they know the identity of the assailant, he said. No organization has claimed responsibility.

A car crashed into a fence outside Parliament after running down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. A man with a knife then ran through the gate and through security, assaulted an unarmed policeman and was shot. Among the dead were people on the bridge and French school children were among those hurt.

WKRLEM: Sun Records on CMT | Next Week's Sneak Peek feat. Darius Rucker

WKRLEM: Time for some Kung Fu Fighting


This post was inspired by Dust Bunny Queen, who elsewhere expressed an interest in the mobile life style. So I was going to post the original song, but realized that I'd already done that back here. Listening again, I wished to more clearly hear bassist John Entwhistle. I found this brilliant version with the vocals and guitars factored out. It's just Moon and Entwhistle -- the two on the right in the photo.

Years ago, I remarked that The Who and The Beatles were missing complimentary pieces, meaning that Moon and Entwhistle were sort of like the remaining two Beatles, Paul and Ringo. Ron, the commenter, suggested that the remaining 4 should get together and call themselves The Whotles: Paul, Ringo, Pete, and Roger.

Elmo gets laid off

Link to video

'Elmo, it does me no great joy to inform you that due to recent cuts in government funding to PBS, you are no longer employed by Sesame Street Workshop. Elmo, you're being laid off,' a voice off-camera tells him.

'Just like that?' Elmo replies sadly in his high-pitched voice. 'Elmo's been working at Sesame Street for 32 years!'

Elmo is told that the Trump administration is cutting all arts and education funding.

Via Instapundit.

It has happened to me... it has happened to you

esprit d'escalier (or esprit de l'escalier)

noun: Thinking of a witty remark too late; hindsight wit or afterwit. Also such a remark.

From French esprit de l'escalier, from esprit (wit) + escalier (stairs).

We're all witty. It's just that many of us think of our clever remarks a bit too late. The French call it the staircase wit, indicating that one thought of that perfect retort on his or her way out.

"I can think of hard, tough, one-line put-downs, but only after the person concerned has left the room. (NB: this affliction, esprit de l'escalier, is one of the principal reasons why people become writers.)"
Simon Barnes; Glitzy Game Gets Line Not Length All Wrong; The Times (London, UK); Jun 13, 2003.
"'You don't have a television?' The question is invariably accompanied by a baffled expression. ... Even as I'm writing this, my esprit d'escalier kicks in, and I start composing witty comebacks for future use: 'Oh, but those things run on electricity, don't they? We don't use electricity.'"  Eya Donald Greenland; There's Luxury in Life Without TV; Toronto Star (Canada); Mar 17, 2003.

A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. -English Proverb

(Via Reddit)

"Transgender weightlifter sparks criticism after competition win"

Via Twitter:  A Kiwi weightlifter has made history as the first transgender athlete to represent New Zealand and come away with a win, however the victory has been slammed by other competitors.

Laurel Hubbard, 39, won the women's over 90kg division at the Australian International competition in Melbourne on Sunday, but the win has caused a stir with some believing she had an unfair advantage.

Her combined total of 268kg was nearly 20kg better than Samoan runner-up Iuniarra Sipaia, with another 20kg back to the next lifter in the field.

The performance puts Hubbard in line for selection at the 2017 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

While her eligibility passed the International Olympic Committee's criteria, Hubbard's win was met with criticism from Australian competitors who believe a transgender athlete in the female weightlifting category was not an equal playing field.

Hubbard was born the son of former Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard and has previously competed at a national level in men's weightlifting as Gavin Hubbard.

She transitioned in her mid-30s and recent improvements have lifted her to a lofty women's ranking.

(Link to the story)


I have no idea what hibiscus are. They look like cartoons so I bought them.

From an absence of armpit hair on a fictional girl to the presence of braided hair on a real one: It's objections all the way down

Via Instapundit:  Authorities charged a Hampshire College student with assaulting a member of Central Maine Community College's basketball team over a dispute about cultural appropriation. Really.

The Hampshire student, 20-year-old Carmen Figueroa, allegedly started a fight because the basketball player had braided her hair in a manner that upset Figueroa. She walked up to the visiting player—during a basketball game—and demanded that the player remove the braids from her hair, according to

Figueroa is a female student of color. The basketball player was a member of the women's team. Her ethnicity is not stated in news articles, though it seems likely she's either white, or belongs to some other race whose members aren't allowed to braid their hair Latina-style, according to Figueroa's world view.

(Link to the whole article)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Wonder Woman Absolutely Should Not Have Armpit Hair, Sorry"

Via InstapunditWonder Woman doesn’t even come out until June, but people are already complaining that the movie is not feminist enough, because the superhero is conforming to unrealistic, patriarchal beauty standards by not having visible armpit hair.

The trailer for the film was released last week, and columnists have been writing think pieces about how problematic it is that Gal Gadot’s armpit hair appears to have been edited out in one of the shots. For example: In a piece for Forbes (titled “Wonder Woman Doesn’t Have Armpit Hair Because Women’s Bodies Freak Men Out”), Susannah Breslin mused that “maybe one day in the future, young girls will be brought up on images of a different kind of Wonder Woman — one who shaves nowhere and hides nothing.” In a piece for Refinery 29, Shannon Carlin writes that she finds it “hard to believe that Wonder Woman, who has been on an island filled with strong women her entire life is worried about waxing and then bleaching her pits to make sure there isn’t a hair left on those babies.”

Now, certainly, there are a lot of things that are “hard to believe” about how Wonder Woman looks considering her line of work, and they go way beyond her armpits. For example: She leaves her long, flowing cascade of loose curls down while she’s fighting enemies and it stays looking perfect the whole time; I can’t even do ten minutes of half-assed yoga in my room without tying mine back and it still gets tangled. She goes into battle wearing a tiny little dress; I feel like I might want to cover more of my skin if I knew I were going to be swordfighting in a field full of explosions.

But here’s the thing: That’s who Wonder Woman is. There is no room for debate about what Wonder Woman should and should not look like, because DC Comics already decided what she looks like when it created her in 1941: She always has a fresh blowout, she fights her enemies club attire, and she does not have armpit hair.

(Link to the whole thing)

"Doctor's office charges a monthly fee and doesn't take insurance"

Via Reddit:  Dr. Bryan Hill spent his career working as a pediatrician, teaching at a university, and working at a hospital. But in March 2016, he decided he no longer wanted a boss.

He took some time off, then one day he got a call asking if he'd be up for doing a house call for a woman whose son was sick. He agreed, and by the end of that visit, he realized he wanted to treat patients without dealing with any of the insurance requirements.

Then he learned about a totally different way to run a doctor's office. It's called direct primary care, and it works like this: Instead of accepting insurance for routine visits and drugs, these practices charge a monthly membership fee that covers most of what the average patient needs, including visits and drugs at much lower prices.

That sounded good to him. In September, Hill opened his direct-primary-care pediatrics practice, Gold Standard Pediatrics, in South Carolina.

(Link to the rest of the story.)

What's a sign that things are about to go south fast?

Reddit top voted comments....

When someone who has been doing this a whole hell of a lot longer than you have looks frustrated or nervous.

Someone asks to speak with you somewhere else rather than just tell you immediately. (like when I got laid off)

If you are having an argument on the street and a dudes friends slowly work their way behind you. Thats a bad sign. It's about to go south.

When someone goes inside their house to get something in the middle of an argument.

You get that strange, watery feeling in the back of your throat; the universal I'm about to hurl feeling.

The locals all clear out... like before the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. All of the locals were running for their lives while the tourists just stood and watched the approaching wall of water.

Sideways Dictionary

Like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions

Via Reddit

Monday, March 20, 2017

"Confessions of a climate denier"

Via Instapundit:  A few days ago I had a conversation with a very smart university professor of history and somehow the climate change subject came up. Almost instantly he responded to my thoughts by saying: “You must be one of those deniers who rejects the science consensus.”

This is the new form of intellectual bullying and it’s intentionally designed is to stop the conversation not advance it. In the academies it is a technique to close off scientific inquiry.

When the liberals talk of ‎consensus, what consensus are they talking about? Of whom? About what? Here is John Kay of the‎ Financial Times on the so-called consensus:
Science is a matter of evidence, not what a majority of scientists think…. The notion of a monolithic “science,” meaning what scientists say, is pernicious and the notion of “scientific consensus” actively so. The route to knowledge is transparency in disagreement and openness in debate. The route to truth is the pluralist expression of conflicting views in which, often not as quickly as we might like, good ideas drive out bad. There is no room in this process for any notion of “scientific consensus.”
Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, has noted that too many environmentalists “ignore the fact that the earth and its climate are dynamic; they are always changing even without any external forcing. To treat all change as something to fear is bad enough; to do so in order to exploit that fear is much worse.”

Then he adds: “… there is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition.… The consensus was reached before the research was even begun…”

Kay and Lindzen are not alone.

Link to the whole thing

Gun instruction mishap

What's some popular saying that you think is total bullshit?

Reddit top voted comments....

It can't get worse from here!

The whole "you have to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you"
I brought this up with my therapist once and she got angry, calling it "pop-psychology bullshit" and then ranted for 5 minutes about how humans are social creatures that need to be appreciated as a part of a group, and having that appreciation shown in at least some aspects is usually necessary for one to appreciate themselves.

"work like you don't need the money."
If I lived by that saying, I'd be fired

"People get what they deserve."
Bullshit!  Many people get away with being narcissistic assholes their entire lives without consequence.

On romantic relationships: "Don't look for anyone... you'll meet someone special when you least expect it."  
No, actually there are many people who've been "least expecting" for years and they're still single, still alone, never meeting anyone special.

"Flattery will get you nowhere"
It's usually the opposite.

A million people can't be wrong.

Superfolder file

Uploaded by YouTube member TheDylan Gamer206. Of the ten or so videos about these books that I watched three were uploaded by boys excited about the books. Their raw enthusiasm is a pleasure to see. The first video is a pre-teen talking about the books separately along with other books that he's excited about. The second video another boy describes a few books in the set purchased separately. He's only read half of one of the books and he's stoked about reading the other two that he has.

I think this boy here is the best.

Nice video! He's quite the presenter. I love him discovering the book of colored paper.

8-book boxed set available on Amazon (nearly $40.00) but not through Amazon Prime. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

fish belt buckle

Seen on Amazon, here.  Usually $20.00, marked down to $14.00.

See? It has a tape measure pulled from it's mouth. It's just a tiny tape measure glued to the back side inside the hollowed area.

Only two people rated this buckle on Amazon. 

* This belt buckle is terrrrific! It is solidly made and with the tape measure built in, has turned out to be lots of fun.

* Love it!


Just the other day I needed a tape measure. Imagine having one on your buckle. All the other buckles are ordinary and rather boring. Even the turquoise ones. 

XYZ vocabulary encountered online

It's a small group of words. Nearly useless. Arcane and barred from conversational use even with professionals on pain of alienation based on putting on airs. Still, the Zimmerman Telegram is interesting and we already know zaftig from Heidi Klum using it on Project Runway to describe one of the designer's mother, but at some point this word was not widely recognized.

* Xhosa Prophetess Nongqawuse: Nongqawuse (c. 1840s – 1898) was the Xhosa prophetess whose prophecies led to a millennialist movement that culminated in the Xhosa cattle-killing crisis of 1856–1857, in what is now the KwaZulu Natal province of the Republic of South Africa.

* Yapok: The Water Opossum, Chironectes minimus, a marsupial of the family Didelphidae.  It is the only member of its genus, Chironectes. This creature is found in the freshwater streams and lakes in Mexico, Central and South America to Argentina, and is the only living aquatic marsupial. It is also the only living marsupial in which both sexes have a pouch. The Thylacine, commonly referred to as the Tasmanian Tiger, also exhibited this trait, but is now believed to be extinct.
The animal lives in bank side burrows, emerging after dusk to swim and search for fish, crustaceans and other aquatic animals, which it eats on the bank.

* yawp: To utter a sharp cry; yelp. To talk loudly, raucously, or coarsely. A bark; a yelp. Loud or coarse talk or utterance:

* Yggdrasil: an immense tree that that is central in Norse cosmology; the world tree, and around the tree exist nine worlds. It is generally considered to mean "Ygg's (Odin's) horse".

* you are cold: Prior to announcing his sentence, Burns told Balfour: "You have the heart of an arctic night. Your soul is as barren as dark space.

Which is unpervaded space. An unreality so unreal it's not even a word. Space unpervaded by forces and energies, objects, events, material, phenomena of pervaded space, that's how barren and dark your soul is. For I am judge and expert on these matters.

Let's see, you got your heart your soul. Spirit. Your spirit's so cold it has to be melted to be cryogenically frozen, and that's one cold ass soul.

And your hands like ice cubes that mostly float but only show at the surface something like, what?, 10% or something and the rest remains hidden in the cold water. Cold, that the theme here. And your feet are like those penguin feet that stay in sub zero cold without  wearing any penguin boots or any penguin foot protection at all and if you think those won't send a shock under the covers then think again.

And your eyeballs are like two frozen ice cubes  the round kind that are made in a speciality ice molds like novelty ice golf balls, that's what your eyes are like, totally lifeless and cold.

And your bum is as cold as that grueling frigid race they do, the Iditarod or something, a race so cold and hard some of the sled dogs die.

You have cold arms and legs too but they're not that bad.

* zaftig: chubby

* zek, zeks: A memory of the canal is also preserved in the Russian language, in the words "zeka", "zek, z/k" for "inmate". In Russian, "inmate", "incarcerated" is заключённый (zakliuchyonnyi), usually abbreviated to з/к in paperwork, and pronounced as зэка ("zeh-KA"), which gradually transformed into зэк and зек ("zek"). The word is still in colloquial use. Originally the abbreviation stood for zaklyuchyonny kanaloarmeyets (заключённый каналоармеец), literally "incarcerated canal-army-man". The latter term coined in an analogy with the words "krasnoarmeyets" meaning "member of the Red Army" or trudarmeyets (member of a labor army). The history of the term, attributed to Lazar Kogan, is described as follows. In 1932, when Anastas Mikoyan visited Belomorstroy (construction of the White Sea – Baltic Canal) Kogan told him "Comrade Mikoyan, how shall we call them? (…) I thought up the word: 'kanaloarmeyets'. What do you think?" Mikoyan approved it.

* zelig: a person, typically an ordinary, unimportant person, who seems to turn up with surprising or unaccountable frequency in a variety of settings, any highly adaptable, opportunistic person

* zentai: a common term for skin-tight garments that cover the entire body.[1] The word is a contraction of zenshin taitsu (全身タイツ) ("full-body tights"). Zentai is most commonly made using nylon/spandex blends, but other materials such as cotton and wool are used as well.

* Zimmermann Telegram: a 1917 diplomatic proposal from the German Empire to Mexico to make war against the United States. The proposal was intercepted by British intelligence. Revelation of the Telegram angered Americans and led in part to a United States declaration of war on Germany in April.
The message came as a coded telegram dispatched by the Foreign Secretary of the German Empire, Arthur Zimmermann, on 16 January 1917, to the German ambassador in Washington, D.C., Johann von Bernstorff, at the height of World War I. On 19 January, Bernstorff, per Zimmermann's request, forwarded the telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico, Heinrich von Eckardt. Zimmermann sent the telegram in anticipation of the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany on 1 February, an act which German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg feared would draw the neutral U.S. into war on the side of the Allies. The telegram instructed Ambassador Eckardt that if the U.S. appeared likely to enter the war, he was to approach the Mexican Government with a proposal for military alliance. He was to offer Mexico material aid in the reclamation of territory lost during the Mexican–American War (the Southeastern section of the area of the Mexican Cession of 1848) and the Gadsden Purchase, specifically of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Eckardt was also instructed to urge Mexico to help broker an alliance between Germany and the Japanese Empire.
The Zimmermann Telegram was intercepted and decoded by the British cryptographers of Room 40.[4] The portrayal of its contents in the American press on March 1 caused public outrage that contributed to the U.S.'s declaration of war against Germany and its allies on 6 April.

* zugspitze: 2,962 ft., the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains as well as the highest mountain in Germany

My Date With A Stripper

[continued-in-part from here]

Work on the stairs:

After removing both the rails and the metal balusters, I started to sand away the paint coating the lower rail. This proved slow going -- even with 60 grit paper on a new random orbit sander. So I went all chemical on it:

Stripper contains methylene chloride which dissolves practically anything (except wood). You just slather it on as a paste and wait for the paint to blister and then scrape it off- right onto the concrete floor in my case. I had to do a couple cycles of strip and sand because the paint was so durable. It's still unfinished because the sides are particularly hard to treat. But here is some real progress:

Bonus photos:

Recall the end grain detail from the rail:

Here is the end grain from the base:

And here is the end grain from a small decorative piece which is off to the right in the first photo:

That is a flat top rail adjacent to the steps. You can see a closet door knob for scale. The wood appears to be doug fir but its growth ring pattern suggests it's intermediate between the rail and the foot rail. Also note that it's made of two joined pieces.

I await Sixty's expert opinion.

Metaphor Alert

A stream crossing another stream

Exited footballer accidentally thanks his wife and his girlfriend

Via Reddit: Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas made a hilarious blunder...

After bagging the man of the match award with a standout two-goal display, Anas began his obligatory post-match interview with a revealing slip of the tongue.

“Firstly I appreciate my fans,” he began. “(And) my wife and my girlfriend.”

Anas stumbled for a second before realising his blunder, quickly clarifying he intended to thank his wife.

“I’m so sorry, my wife!” he exclaimed. “I love you so much from my heart.”

"Thanks for supporting me there is more to come," he stuttered before the interview came to an end.

Link to story

Bernie Sanders Compares Democratic Party To Titanic

"They would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats"

Is America in the mood for another plain-spoken New Yorker?


The best ever Chuck Berry cover:

Hendrix cited Chuck Berry and Little Richard as favorite artists. I'm sure Chuck was delighted with that cover.

Look at Jimi's outsized hands!