Friday, March 24, 2017

FCI Dog Dance World Championship 2016

Never heard of them. This was suggested in the sidebar of YouTube site, unconnected subject-wise to what I was watching, a whole series of videos of Russian soldiers dancing. The dogs aren't really dancing. This woman and her dog won in this free-style competition. I'm showing this because YouTube sure does know what I like. Commenters to the video liked this more than I did. The whole time I was thinking, "Boy, that sure is a sweet little fluffy Belgian Malinois. 

Fake! That grenade didn't even explode.

The woman who won in the heeling category also won the whole competition. I think. I don't know. I'm going by comments to the two videos. Commenters wanted the free-style one to win. They like the first video better than this one. 

I'm struck that the winner is another Belgian sheepdog, Tervuren this time. They're the same dog structurally while their coats vary dramatically. If you choose to watch, you'll notice the dog doesn't so much heel as it herds. In real obedience the dog would be marked down for crowding. The dog shoves with its shoulder, it leans way into its handler in both directions when exaggerated. The dog moves between the handler's legs in figure 8, and it switches sides from left to right of the handler. In its way, it dances. But it doesn't tell a story like the free-style video does so commenters liked it less.

The first woman is from Italy. This woman, below, is from Russia. Their routine is to Édith Piaf. If you stick with it you'll see the dog really does herd the woman this way and that, sideways, forward and backward. Like a dance.


ricpic said...

I've never felt so disconnected from the human race as I did watching these...displays.

Sixty Grit said...

You didn't leave the human race, the human race left you.

AllenS said...

That was weird, to say the least.

Rabel said...


After multiple attempts I have gotten my lawn mower repaired and running. I am the man!!!

Jet inside the carb was stopped up. That may be because some stoopid lazy bastard used ethanol gas last year when they first used it and left it in there over the winter. Dumb ass. Probably a Russian.

Lem said...

Dog dance? I can't play video where I'm at.

AllenS said...

Rabel, gas stations (at least around here) are selling Premium gas that contains no ethanol. More expensive, but well worth avoiding the headaches that ethanol produces in small engines.

Rabel said...

Allen, It's become much more common around here in the last two or three years. Last year I bought the new mower after the old one gave up the ghost (and again multiple attempts to repair the old one failed) and got regular ethanol gas at the nearest station because the grass was beginning to tickle my knees and had to be cut ASAP.

I was surprised to find the build-up in the inside of the carb. I only used the new one a few times and used about a gallon of gas total. I knew the ethanol would eat up the rubber and plastic but I didn't think it would leave deposits behind when it evaporated over the winter, which is what I think happened. It could have been just crappy, dirty gas and not the ethanol, not sure.