Thursday, March 30, 2017

Which "double-standard" irritates you the most?

Reddit top voted comments...

Work over 12-15 hour day to get your project in by deadline is fine, but don't you dare show up 5 minutes late the next day.

I work for a small business (8 employees). Smokers (4 of the 8 of us) are allowed "smoke breaks" whenever they feel like it (we aren't given regular coffee breaks or lunch) during which they aren't required to punch out or put anything other than, and I quote management here, "a reasonable time-limit on". I don't smoke, but I do like a bit of fresh air every now and then so I go outside for 3-5 minutes and check my email or read the news on my phone. This is completely unacceptable to my boss, because, and let me quote her directly again, "phones are an addiction that waste company time". I asked her why smokers aren't held to this standard and I was told "smokers need to smoke, you don't need to read the news".

A double standard imposed on me by my mother-in-law...
Mother-in-law: If I ever catch you cheating on your wife, I'll cut you with a machete.
Me: (Silent)
Neighbor: But, Mother Lily, your sons are horndogs and have different children from different mothers. Are you gonna cut them, too?
Mother-in-law: Now, why would I cut my own sons?
PS. I don't cheat on my wife.

When contrarians claim they're open-minded, and yet are completely unwilling listen to sound counterarguments.

Acknowledging the existence of children trying to interact with me (I'm a guy). Example; was a cashier and this kid with some mental disorder (downs I think) always loved to talk to me when his parents were going through cash. (his dad said he always remembered me). Long story short, got hauled into the office by my boss and I was told my behavior was inappropriate. For talking to a kid. About food.

"I don't like to go dancing because I don't understand what you are suppose to do."
"You just dance, do whatever feels right."
-Does dance-
"No... no, not like that."


bagoh20 said...

Lefties not paying their taxes, and sending in a bunch extra just on principle.

I mean, how could Al Sharpton go to the White House hundreds of times and never have Obama shake some change loose?

edutcher said...

That last one is a woman taking.

Lefties. Anything.

Methadras said...

That Islamocrats own the language in their favor so they are the do-gooders, the good ones, the favored, while everyone else is a wrong and evil.

That democrats never see the butt-end of a guilty conviction from the last administration.