Wednesday, March 22, 2017


This post was inspired by Dust Bunny Queen, who elsewhere expressed an interest in the mobile life style. So I was going to post the original song, but realized that I'd already done that back here. Listening again, I wished to more clearly hear bassist John Entwhistle. I found this brilliant version with the vocals and guitars factored out. It's just Moon and Entwhistle -- the two on the right in the photo.

Years ago, I remarked that The Who and The Beatles were missing complimentary pieces, meaning that Moon and Entwhistle were sort of like the remaining two Beatles, Paul and Ringo. Ron, the commenter, suggested that the remaining 4 should get together and call themselves The Whotles: Paul, Ringo, Pete, and Roger.


chickelit said...

I tagged this "waterboarding Sixty Grit" because he expressed an active dislike of the song back in my first link. Moon is sort of a rhythmic hot mess here, but you can hear how closely the two worked together.

Sixty Grit said...

I have frequently expressed my admiration of Moon's musicality, while realizing that his self-destructive streak was part and parcel of Who he was.

Entwhistle (wooden whistle, eh?) was a great bass player.

Who are you? I think this video shows what characters those guys were, and probably shows just how difficult it was for them to work together.

Mow bile. No, it's pronounced mobul. Brits, always messin' up our language.

Remember that post the other day about what ticks you off? Creeping Britisms - for instance, when someone disappears they are now said to have "gone missing" as if it were a choice. He's gone missing on holiday and now is in hospital in Bond street.

Which reminds me - what ever happened to whatshername?

chickelit said...

Ever been to MO-beel, Alabama?

Trooper York said...

"Which reminds me - what ever happened to whatshername?"

Didn't you hear. They found Richard Simmons.

Sixty Grit said...

I have - I took Interstate 10 (The 10 out west) from Florida to Los Angeles. It goes right through Mobile. I didn't even slow down - kept the pedal to the metal. Petal to the mettle. I prefer Muscle Shoals, all things considered.

My honey Marcia has a different opinion.

AllenS said...

Since the found Simmons, why not try to locate Obama.

Sixty Grit said...

Zak Starkey has been the drummer for The Who since 1994, so they are kind of Son of Whotles. Whotles, the Next Generation.

Should he live another 3 years, Ringo will be 80. Think about that!