Friday, March 17, 2017

"What tiny thing pisses you off?"

Reddit top rated comments...

Any sticker that you can't peel off in one piece. Absolutely infuriating.

When you go to click a link on your phone, but the website secretly isn't done loading yet, and you click on an ad instead.

Not covering your damn mouth when you cough or sneeze

Youtube tutorial videos where they don't get to the f***ing point.

When someone doesn't let you or others finish what they were saying. The only friend I have in my classes does this a lot. It'll be like, "Forget what anyone else is saying, I have something better."

People who don't flush.


ampersand said...

Rahm Emanuel

Methadras said...

Chewing with your mouth open. I do not want to see the god awful mess in your mouth.

People who suck their teeth. What. The. Fuck.

Asian women drivers. Just the idea that they are behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle is a frightening prospect.

Slow drivers.

Fidgeting. I see this in meetings all the time. People who simply cannot sit still and bounce their feet or twirl their fingers, whatever. Get control people.

Walking into spider webs. Oh, I hate that.

People who can't park properly.

People who never get to their point.

Inadvertent hang nails.

what Netflix thinks I want to watch. Open up your entire library for God's sake.

Cliffhangers. There is simply no need for them at all anymore.




Methadras said...

Oh also Robert Reisch. He's little and he pisses me off.

bagoh20 said...

I bitch the most about Asian drivers, but that thing with the stickers that don't come of really chaps my ass!

You buy something that cost a couple bucks and spend 20 minutes of labor getting it to look like it's not still for sale.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The stickers. God I hate them.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Meth is right bout Reich. Little fucker.

Rabel said...

When my one year old lawn mower won't start and I've got to take the whole damn thing apart to get to the carb.

ampersand said...

if it can be handle wetness, put a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil on those stickers or any glue that wont come off. Let it sit and then wash them away.

edutcher said...




Other than that, are we over zombies yet (maybe it was a secret code that even Hollyweird found President Pissy boring)?

Rabel said...

Four small hex head screws hold the base of the air filter on and they're three different sizes.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Not saying or announcing who you are when you are calling me/us. It is only polite. Who the eff are you???

I answer the phone and the person just starts talking. Describing a plumbing problem or rambling on about something. I have to try to get a word in who the eff are you??? So I can take a message for my husband's business.

Then...once I know who you are, you can stop telling me about your plumbing/well/wiring/water leak/whatever problem because it isn't going to do you any good because I know jack fuck all about that stuff.

All I want is your name, and number and when is good time to call back or is it an emergency (do you have water shooting everywhere?) and I'll have Dumbplumber get back to you ASAP (assuming he is in cell phone range.)

What should be a 30 second call goes into minutes. While I have to put a smile in my voice, keep repeating myself and trying to verbally herd cats.

ndspinelli said...

What DBQ said. Also, people who don't listen and talk right over you.

Snorters, those men[never heard a woman do this] who are always snorting because of post nasal drip.

Left lane drivers.

Guys who don't put the toilet seat down. They give all us men trained properly a bad name.

Low flow toilets. They've gotten better but the old ones required adding a pitcher of water when you needed to flush a man sized deuce.

Bullshitters..particularly NYC ones.

People who don't know how to eat. They hold their utensils like truck driver, eat w/ their mouths open, etc.

I've got too many to continue, I'll let it go for now.

AprilApple said...

Lemme save you some time and effort with the stickers.

(if item can go in water) Stick item in warm soapy water for a 5-10 minutes. Vala. no need for oil or strange orange goo.

AprilApple said...

low flow showers

young people with no manners who think they are the center of the universe.

Bumper huggers in heavy traffic

bagoh20 said...

On the low flow shower heads, just send a 3/8 drill right up in the supply side of that sucker. Be careful not to go too deep, but go in about an inch and just bore the hell out the complicated plastic crap in there that was carefully designed and thoroughly tested to screw up the most satisfying, simple, and intimate part of a person's day. This actually works so well that sometimes I have to go back and shove a small nut or something in there to slow it down and prevent guests from draining the county reservoir. I have adapted to the success of this method by installing two large water heaters in my home.

AprilApple said...

Good to know the size of the drill bit. I've disassembled a few shower heads. The older ones you can remove the plastic gizmo that slows the flow. Then newer shower heads have permanent flow restrictors fused inside by a government mandate. bitches.

This actually works so well that sometimes I have to go back and shove a small nut or something in there to slow it down and prevent guests from draining the county reservoir. I have adapted to the success of this method by installing two large water heaters in my home.

LOL and awesome.

AJ Lynch said...

Assembly instructions that are printed in such small fonts, I need to get a magnifying glass.

ndspinelli said...

Seinfeld had a funny episode about low flow showers. Kramer hated them and had an Eastern European guy who sold high power shower heads.

AprilApple said...

ND - that was funny. Kramer installed a disposal and made salad in there - if memory serves.