Friday, March 24, 2017

Bob Dylan says Amy Winehouse was last 'individualist'

Via Drudge:  In a lengthy dialogue with writer Bill Flanagan posted on Dylan's website... Dylan described reinterpreting music as integral to creativity, saying that songwriters can have a concept and then take inspiration from a newspaper clipping, billboard or novel.

"There's always some precedent -- most everything is a knockoff of something else," Dylan said.

"Once you get the idea, everything you see, read, taste or smell becomes an allusion to it. It's the art of transforming things.

"You don't really serve art, art serves you and it's only an expression of life anyway; it's not real life," he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dylan scoffed at his reputation for being unfriendly to other artists who mingle with him at shows.

"Beats me -- why would they want to hang out with me anyway? I hang out with my band on the road," he said.

Asked what he watches on television on his tour bus, Dylan replied, likely sarcastically: "'I Love Lucy,' all the time, non-stop."

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Chip Ahoy said...

I'm totally digging Amy Winehouse right now. Back to Black is a wonderful song. And showing it is easy as breathing.

I'm sort of digging Bob Dylan too. Mis dos más favoritos son Isis y Black Diamond Bay. Siendo mis favoritos. Después de todo los años esos.

Brittany Butler is a bit like Winehouse except not nearly as dark and she only has one good song. Girl from Ipanema, on YouTube where she auditions for The Voice. Two of the judges pick her.

ricpic said...

"'s not real life..."

It's only real life when you have a BELLYACHE!

Lem said...

You know what is also sad about her death so young? That her fellow artists let her die.

Lem said...

Maybe Dylan is expressing in an indirect way some regret there. Unsaid things

ricpic said...

"...her fellow artists let her die."

Winehouse had an appointment in Samarra no one could keep her away from.

Trooper York said...

Amy Winehouse was a true artist.

As with many true artists she was a tortured individual. A lot of people fed off of her.

Until she was devoured.

Trooper York said...

Personally I blame the bunnies.

chickelit said...

I blame the bunny tales.

chickelit said...

R we cryptic or what?

William said...

She had a grand talent. Back to Black is terrific, but you can't help but think of all the songs she never sang. Such a slim legacy for such a grand talent......Her catchiest song was about never going to rehab. That's closer to a sick joke than to irony,......Why do so many female singers end up with controlling , exploitive husbands. And not just blues or rock singers either. Doris Day and Debbie Reynolds were plundered by their spouses. There's a kind of pimp/ho dynamic that goes on in their relationships.