Saturday, March 25, 2017

WKRLEM: The Don talks to the people discouraged about his agenda

The opposition press and the Democrats are reveling in the withdrawal of the Obamacare repeal by the Republicans in the House. The bill devised by the brainiac Paul Ryan could not get enough Republican support even though they control the House, Senate and the Presidency. They have been caterwauling about Obamacare since it was passed and have claimed they would repeal and replace it. It seems they did not have a viable plan in place so they look stupid. President Trump looks stupid as well. For trusting Paul Ryan.

President Trump has been consistent from the beginning. He wanted to repeal Obamacare on Day One. He wanted to replace it. He outlined what they should do.

He wanted competition within the states. So you can buy from another state. Use the free market to lower costs. Not in Ryan's plan.

He wanted to cover adult children on their parents plans longer the way  it is now on Obamacare.  Not in Ryan's plan.

He didn't want to just throw people on the street. He wanted to find a way for them to be covered even if they have a pre-existing condition. I don't think this is the plan.

The "true conservatives" want a total free market plan. Where the jungle of the marketplace determines if you are covered. The "true liberals" wants the government to cover everything for free.

I think what the American People want is somewhere in between.

We want competition to drive down the price. But we want a pathway for coverage. Even if you have pre-existing conditions. Even if you are old or poor or sick. We don't necessarily want hand outs. But we might want a hand up.

I am a conservative. But I am also a realist. I don't want to see Conservative Cant  destroy a compromise that can insure most of America with free market principles underlying the plan but not leaving people to the mercy of the wolves. Look it will be very hard to thread that needle. President Trump will have to provide a lot of leadership. He should work with Rand Paul and Tom Price and come up with his own plan that embodies his principles. Then go out and sell it. Put pressure on the Congress to sign on. That is the only way to fix this.

Like the Don says. BE A MAN! Don't complain or make excuses. Now is the time to put up or shut up. Money talks and bullshit walks. President Trump is a deal maker. He has to make a deal. Be a man and swallow shit you don't like to get it done. That's how it works.

I hope the faith I placed in him will be justified.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Ryan's plan covers pre existing conditions

Trooper York said...

I wasn't sure.

So that was the one thing that Trump campaigned on that Ryan included in his plan.

This is what he gets for relying on Ryan.

Trump has to make up his own plan and push it through.

edutcher said...

Any deal is going to be a fusion - stuff in Ryan's plan, stuff Trump wants, stuff House Conservatives want, and it will also have to get through the Senate, so toss in Rand Paul and maybe even the One True Ted.

The takeaways are Ryan's a dead duck and so are the House NeverTrumpers.

Trump will kill a bad deal, he does not buy the "b-b-but we have to have a bill mentality" pounded into the Whigs by the media.

McConnell and the Ladies Club in the Senate are also in trouble.

My own thought has been maybe Trump wants it this way. The '18 elections will put 23 Democrat Senate seats up for grabs, and 9 Rs, including Flake, Hatch, and Corker.

And the Demos still own IdiotCare, which is alienating more people every day.

surber also make a point that this little piece of theater has been noted in world capitals, as well.

Trooper York said...

This is what he gets for relying on Ryan.

I think this was the deal to get past the nomination and the election. Ryan had his shot and Trump kept up his end.

Now Surber is talking about Speaker Gowdy.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

You obviously did not read this thing.

It was a fucking disaster. It managed to have a combination of factors that would likely have been worse than Obamacare and it would be called TrumpCare forever. If the Dems were smart they would have tossed a few votes in to get it passed.

Trump is trying to get something through that has to combine conservatives and moderates. That is a very hard thing to do. Ryan is an idiot for not being very open on what was trying to be achieved and taking time to get it right. I concur it will be hard as hell, but this secret way Ryan did it was idiotic and then trying to ram it down on everyone.

What I though interesting is how Trump backed it but when it failed he was ok with that. Trump did not get all pissy about it, he recognizes they need to go back and figure it out. And Trump is right, Obamacare will fail. And Trump did not blame Ryan or conservatives, he blamed Democrats.

edutcher said...

FWIW, I realize I will not get what I want on this, which would be a repeal and then some time to see what might be needed to be done before doing a replace, if a replace was needed; and, no, I did not read the bill, but I had an idea of what was in it.

I also don't listen to every alarmist, regardless of side, that comes along. A lot of NeverTrumpers jumped on the bandwagon against this in the hope it would ruin Trump, not Ryan. Trump himself said several times the bill was not all there was going to be to it. He was also open to input from House Conservatives and welcomed negotiation (which I linked on several occasions). Anybody who thought RyanCare was going to hit Trump's desk still a virgin was dreaming.

And Trump doesn't have to blame Ryan. Ryan doesn't exist any more.

Trooper York said...

The deal has to be tailored to pass muster with the Rhinos in the Senate not the hard line conservatives in the House.

Grumpy McCain, Lady Graham, Susan Collins and Muckafuck from Alaska have to sign on for a deal to work.

Trump can cobble together something that will get their votes along with a few red state Dems up for re-election in both the House and Senate. That is the only thing that will pass.

He has to lay out reasonable goals in a reasonable compromise bill. He might be surprised at the people who will vote for it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Da Tech Guy give a damn good analysis

And you are right Troop, Trump has to have a plan that appeases Ted Cruz and Rand Paul (there are other very conservative Senators too) and squishes like MacGrump, Lady Graham, Collins and Muckafuck (that is an excellent one). So that will take time. But Obamacare is going down so it will happen.

Trooper York said...

I think the sweet spot is one that picks up the squishes like Collins and Muck-a-fuck. Because that will pick up Casey and Manchin and Chuck Knoblach and some of the other Dems in a red state. Rand Paul is the key.

Cruz and Lee and Sasse will have to go along. Or be savaged. Trump can use Rand Paul to do that.

If Trump puts in the key elements of a compromise and promotes as only he can do it will pass.

The only thing it has to be marketed as a fix for the people. To do what is right for the people....... for Americans of every congregation. Not just for the Republicans. Not for the Democrats. For the people that they ignore except when they are asking for votes.

rcocean said...

I've never understood how the "Free Market" is supposed to work in Medicine. You get sick, you need help, what are going to do run around and see who's going to give you the best deal on how to solve your disease or heart problem.

And how would you know that the Doctor with the lowest price was actually any good?

Meanwhile many Drug prices are insane. And these drugs are much cheaper in Canada - and they don't have "free enterprise".

rcocean said...

Meanwhile, no one is doing anything about two problems. (1) the cost of medicine, including medicare and medicare and (2) large number of immigrants coming here and getting medicare, medicaid, or showing up at he ER.

But of course, American don't want to talk about that. They love their immigrants, no matter how much they cost. And they don't want to talk about how much it costs, 'cause that's boring. And they don't want to talk about how, eventually, we're going to have to stop borrowing Trillions of $$ and actually raise taxes, 'cause that's in the future and there's a good TV show on.

Sixty Grit said...

How about this - repeal that POS Obamanation then replace it with nothing.

Make health care great again - get those DC leeches out of the system.

Of course, those self-serving mooks would never do that, so to hell with Trump and his moron sidekicks.

All of his BS about repealing ACA was just that - total BS. He is a liar and a con artist.

Next up - wall? Hey, just kidding.

Sixty Grit said...

The free market used to work in health care, before trial lawyers caused malpractice insurance rates to skyrocket. My father used to charge $5.00 to deliver babies down in the bayous in the 1930s, but by the 1960s he was forced out of the OB business. His insurance was over $100k a year and he refused to pay that much.

Plastic surgery, not being covered by insurance, for the most part, is a free market portion of medical care.

My old GP refused to accept insurance - one just paid cash and that was that. He quit practicing when O-care came along.

I know Mennonites who pool their money for catastrophic care - that works, but they are a homongeneous community.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Sixty, that is my preference. But the GOPe does not have the balls to be actual limited government folks.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

rcocean: We are all going to die, probably with some expensive treatment in the end.

So is the government going to pay for your medical care or are you? Granted there will always be those who never take care of themselves, won't pay for insurance ,and will expect the rest of us to bail them out. But if you make that option easy, you will find a lot of folks opting in to that, and "free" health care is anything but free.

Trooper York said...

President Trump can't repeal anything. That is up to the Congress.

It was reasonable in his view to let Ryan come up with a proposal. It was a failure. Now President Trump can come up with his own proposal. In conjunction with Rand Paul. Something that addresses all the many things wrong with Obamacare. Secretary Price will be charged with coming up with it along with Senator Paul and Trump's allies in the House.

This was just the first swing. Swing and a miss. Time to change the batter.

Trooper York said...

My wife's doctor does not accept insurance. He is holistic and we pay up front.

But he is not the problem. It is the tests. Blood tests. EKG. Echos. They cost a fortune and you can not pay for them out of pocket. You have to have insurance for that.

Trooper York said...

I believe in the market place but I also think that people need help. Just the way President Trump said in the campaign. We can't just throw people on the street without help. Because the government is going to end up paying anyway. So lets find a way to let people get an affordable plan tailored to their needs. Purchased from any state. With catastrophic coverage if you need it. With portability. Coverage for the stupid millennials who fail to launch. Plans that don't have birth control or abortion or mental health bullshit attached. If you have diabetes you can get one plan. If you have heart trouble you can get a different one.

The elements of a deal are there that a lot of people can sign on to both from the left and the right.

This is something that has been missing from Washington since Obama came in. A deal. With both sides giving up something to get something. President Trump can make that deal.

He just has to act like a man. Just like the clip shows.

Trooper York said...

I also think we have to have tort reform.

That means killing all of the lawyers. And law professors. Just to beat an old Sarah Jessica Parker so to speak.

Sixty Grit said...

I had my mitral valve repaired when I was unemployed and uninsured. I had my coronary arteries tested for blockages. It wasn't cheap, and the surgeon, who just happens to be the best heart valve surgeon in the world, cut me a deal. But I paid for it all and didn't go broke.

Trump is a big government guy who has no clue - we want less government, we want DC out of the insurance business, we want to be left alone. He is incapable of doing that, as he is a megalomaniac and NYC liberal. To hell with him and his bullshit.

Speaking of tests, I had an ultrasound done on my aorta last August. Insurance refused to pay for it - guess who pays. Me. Oh well, it's not as though I was going to leave my money to my children.

Throwing people out on the street - hmm, that sounds like liberal propaganda to me, and it sounds like someone has been drinking Obama koolaide. In the 60 years I have been aware of how medical care works in this country, I have never seen that. Total bullshit.

Trooper York said...

I understand that you are a flinty individualist with rock solid integrity Sixty. Good for you.

But you know what? Why should every fucking Mexican and Towelhead who comes here get all of his medical bills paid for by Uncle Sam? And you have to pay for yours.

Getting thrown out on the street means people going without because the government is spending all of its money on people on the dole while the taxpayer has to pay double. His own bills and the bills for these leeches. I am sure you know tons of people who don't go to the doctor because they can't pay. They have jobs and got thrown off of the company insurance. So they are rich enough to not have insurance and fall through the cracks.

Not everybody wants to be a hero. Some people need a blood test.

Do you really think the government is going to get out of the medical biz? Ever? That they are not going to over regulate and take your money to pay for dependent class?

We have to get ours. In one way or another. I am preaching naked self interest. Not integrity.

That's what us pompous bullshit artists from New York do doncha know.

Trooper York said...

"Granted there will always be those who never take care of themselves, won't pay for insurance ,and will expect the rest of us to bail them out. But if you make that option easy, you will find a lot of folks opting in to that, and "free" health care is anything but free."

We have already reached the tipping point Evi. The system has to change in a big way or it is all going to explode. Nobody is going to pay for anything. Is that single payer? Is that what the Democrats were aiming for with Obamacare? I think it is.

We have to come together to make a compromise that gets us to where we want to be. Or single payer UK style government health care will be a given.

Trump has to knock some heads together to make it happen.

edutcher said...

rcocean said...

Meanwhile, no one is doing anything about two problems. (1) the cost of medicine, including medicare and medicare and (2) large number of immigrants coming here and getting medicare, medicaid, or showing up at he ER.

1 is Trump's Phase 3 of any bill to ditch IdiotCare.

2 is The Wall.

Sixty Grit said...

The free market used to work in health care, before trial lawyers caused malpractice insurance rates to skyrocket.

Tort reform is part of the Sanford bill and is one of Trump's stated goals bill and ought to be kept, along with reform for Medical Assistance.

(I guess I read something after all)

Trooper York said...

Do you really think the government is going to get out of the medical biz? Ever?

Not too many people on Medicare want to see it tossed out.

Trooper York said...

I was in the emergency room last week in Brooklyn. I was the only person with private insurance. There was a moolie in bracelets being guarded by five cops. Six illegals. A couple of other indigents. This was in Brooklyn Heights a tony rich area.

I just got the bill for the deductible. They don't waste any fucking time.

Next time I am telling them that my name is Jose Jimmenz or Maclom X or some shit like that there.

Screw this shit.

Sixty Grit said...

El Trooper Al Alikeum Stromboli dos Equis Non'Honkk Keepa u Hans 2usef.

Shall we expect your neighbor to make a sequel to his earlier movie - one entitled Malcolm XI?

And what about the previous Malcolms - I-IX? Don't hear much about them.

Trooper York said...

No it is going to be Maclolm XXXL.

Just sayn'

Trooper York said...

Of course I lost a lot of weight with the Lasix they gave me.

I feel like I should be running in the Sixth at Belmont for crying out loud.

ampersand said...

Dear Abby,
I have some relatives that I need to get insurance for but the have a precondition. They're dead and I want to buy them life insurance. I'm entitled, No?
Barry O.

Methadras said...

You guys aren't seeing the larger picture. Trump knew this wouldn't go through even though he sold it. What he did do, is sacrifice the immediate need for the larger goal and that is, is that Paul Ryan is eating a giant log of shit and will most likely no longer be trusted with legislation anymore. Now he can say, "Fuck Ryan, I'm doing my own thing. Get on board." and looks Ryan in the face and says that he is basically unworthy of the speakership. This is a loss for Ryan, not for Trump. All Trump did was get behind it. He didn't write it, he didn't hide it, he wanted a deal, but it was a win for him with he won it or lost it. Trump hedged on the win, but instead, he won on the short.

The Islamocrats are hooting and hollering that they won. What the fuck did they win? They passed ACA without a single republican vote in the middle of the night with Nancy Pelosi saying that we have to pass it to know what it's in it. People hate this legislation. Republicans showed they still now how to lose. Trump is going to sit back and wait for this thing to collapse, then he is going to wait for them to show up and ask him to fix it.

People see the immediate damage on how Ryan fucked up by first hiding this bill and not sharing details, only to have it revealed that it was a shit show. Ryan proves that he cannot and does not know how to win or write legislation that is a win for the American people. He is unworthy, which is a shame because I had high hopes for him, but he's only proven that he is nothing more than a craven liar and a coward. He's going to lose his speakership and rightly so. I suspect a freedom caucus member will take his place, that is if republicans don't lose the house or senate in 2018.

Republicans may be in power, by they do not understand how to win in the public eye. They let Islamocrats walk all over them. they have no messaging, they have no direction, they are weak, they are perennial losers. Repeal this fucking law. Let the chips fall where they may. Let insurance companies operate over state lines. That should be a bill on its own. No other bullshit. Give portability to each citizen. That should be a bill on it's own. Pass these things as singular, individual items. Not jiffy jam them down like a massive omnibus bill. Republicans are fucking dumb and Islamocrats won't know what hit them.