Saturday, March 18, 2017

Brand New Day

I like this video a lot. Bear with it, please. It's only two minutes.

The man finger spells, "brand new day, from," looks down, "doctor horrible." He spells out "doctor" while the name is actually Dr Horrible, without a period like Dr Who.

I thought, "Wow, this is really good." While noting discrepancies. We hear the lyrics, "birds singing," I see the man show birds flying. They're clearly birds. The sign for "birds" is "tweet, tweet" with your index finger and thumb, the man adds "flying" after the tweeting which is standard plane flying. So he shows the birds, and to show them they must tweet, but we do not see the birds singing and we do see the birds flying while the lyrics make no mention of flight. The birds could be sitting there on a wire or roosting and singing so far as the lyrics go. It should be clear that "you're going to die" is what the birds (then later angels) sing. Those two things, birds singing and their abrupt statement, are not separate.

Remorse is "sorry."

"All the times that you beat me unconscious" is glossed to an individual "beating." And it's a very clear beating too. So the essence is there but the phrase "all the times that you" is simply discarded.

"How I hesitate" is shown simply "wait" that looks a lot like "want" and shown here as a clawing motion. The sign for "wait" is actually more like a small fire without leaping flames.

Apart from these small bits, I do like this this performance very much. Jeffery the uploader wrote this is a draft. He has other videos up of this same song.

But the video is not what I was looking for. 

This came up in results for "brand new day" search on YouTube. I had in mind another song that's better than this one. The song by Ryan Star used on television show "Lie to Me." This one

The Ryan Star "Brand New Day" is easier to translate. It's slower. Less challenging vocabulary. It could be performed precisely without gloss to awesome effect. But no one cared to.

I love that song. The Ryan Star one. When it comes on Netflix I'm right there with it and I think, "Man, what an excellent song for a theme." And the television show is very good too. It took awhile to warm up to the show due to everyone talking about everyone else lying all the time and all the micro-clues they keep seeing all over the place. At first all that was a bit wearisome. And the lead's rude British mannerisms purposefully provocative make the character unlikeable at first but with those two objections aside the show has proven to be worth the time spent with it. 


Another Netflix show that I like quite a lot is Star Trek: Enterprise with Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer and Jolene Blalock as Sub-Commander T'Pol.

It is a very good show filled with nice touches, great visual effects, but sadly saddled with the worst theme song in science fiction history. When the song comes on I cannot get off it fast enough. It's just awful. 

Why? Why is the song so wrong? It's too sensitive. Too vulnerable. Altogether wrong mood of uncertainty. It's an okay song, not one that I'd download, just completely mismatched to Star Trek. Oh well.


Lem said...

I'm going to be working for a temp agency today... hopefully will finish early unloading cargo trucks.

Please feel free to post something (of a fresh air nature?)


Methadras said...

Chip, as a long time Star Trek fan, my friends told me to stay away from Enterprise. It was a hopeless failure.