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Goldroger - Sgt. Pfeffer

Maybe Chick likes this...

WKRLEM: RIP......To the to speak.


One hundred years ago the legendary German fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen described his 27th aerial victory as 'just another lattice-tail enemy aircraft'

I have a Google alert set to "von Richthofen" which feeds me these links.

This is the centennial of the Red Baron era, and it seems that each of his "kills" is memorialized by a newspaper from the victim's hometown in Britain. The linked article includes a very famous photograph:

Where have we seen that photo before? (that's von Richthofen in the cockpit and his brother Lothar is seated with his legs crossed).

What did he mean by "just another lattice-tail enemy aircraft"?

The Brits were seriously outgunned 100 years ago.

Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon

"'Balloonatic' gets $26.5K fine for 'unconscionably stupid' lawn chair flight over Calgary"

Via Reddit:  "Why climb the highest mountain?" said Boria outside court. "Why 85 years ago fly the Atlantic? Why do the Oilers play the Flames? I chose to fly a chair; not because it is easy but because it is hard. Because that goal served to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills."

In handing down the sentence provincial court Judge Bruce Fraser called Boria's stunt "dumb and dangerous" and "unconscionably stupid."

"There was nothing fantastic, fun or exhilarating about it," said Fraser. "There is no precedent for so foolish an escapade."

During the time he was in the air, 24 airplanes took off and landed in Calgary.

​ He said the stunt was worthwhile and he has no regrets.

"[They] didn't charge the Wright brothers," said Boria.

"It's pretty hard to take it seriously when you guys are asking me these questions based on me flying a lawn chair."

Brand New Day

I like this video a lot. Bear with it, please. It's only two minutes.

The man finger spells, "brand new day, from," looks down, "doctor horrible." He spells out "doctor" while the name is actually Dr Horrible, without a period like Dr Who.

I thought, "Wow, this is really good." While noting discrepancies. We hear the lyrics, "birds singing," I see the man show birds flying. They're clearly birds. The sign for "birds" is "tweet, tweet" with your index finger and thumb, the man adds "flying" after the tweeting which is standard plane flying. So he shows the birds, and to show them they must tweet, but we do not see the birds singing and we do see the birds flying while the lyrics make no mention of flight. The birds could be sitting there on a wire or roosting and singing so far as the lyrics go. It should be clear that "you're going to die" is what the birds (then later angels) sing. Those two things, birds singing and their abrupt statement, are not separate.

Remorse is "sorry."

"All the times that you beat me unconscious" is glossed to an individual "beating." And it's a very clear beating too. So the essence is there but the phrase "all the times that you" is simply discarded.

"How I hesitate" is shown simply "wait" that looks a lot like "want" and shown here as a clawing motion. The sign for "wait" is actually more like a small fire without leaping flames.

Apart from these small bits, I do like this this performance very much. Jeffery the uploader wrote this is a draft. He has other videos up of this same song.

But the video is not what I was looking for. 

This came up in results for "brand new day" search on YouTube. I had in mind another song that's better than this one. The song by Ryan Star used on television show "Lie to Me." This one

The Ryan Star "Brand New Day" is easier to translate. It's slower. Less challenging vocabulary. It could be performed precisely without gloss to awesome effect. But no one cared to.

I love that song. The Ryan Star one. When it comes on Netflix I'm right there with it and I think, "Man, what an excellent song for a theme." And the television show is very good too. It took awhile to warm up to the show due to everyone talking about everyone else lying all the time and all the micro-clues they keep seeing all over the place. At first all that was a bit wearisome. And the lead's rude British mannerisms purposefully provocative make the character unlikeable at first but with those two objections aside the show has proven to be worth the time spent with it. 


Another Netflix show that I like quite a lot is Star Trek: Enterprise with Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer and Jolene Blalock as Sub-Commander T'Pol.

It is a very good show filled with nice touches, great visual effects, but sadly saddled with the worst theme song in science fiction history. When the song comes on I cannot get off it fast enough. It's just awful. 

Why? Why is the song so wrong? It's too sensitive. Too vulnerable. Altogether wrong mood of uncertainty. It's an okay song, not one that I'd download, just completely mismatched to Star Trek. Oh well.

No one expects the climate inquisition

"World's biggest fund manager threatens to oust company directors who ignore climate change"

Via RedditIn a post on its website, BlackRock, which controls assets worth $5.1 trillion (about £4.2 trillion), said climate risk was a “systemic issue”.

It said it planned to engage with the companies that are “most exposed to climate risk” over this year to help them tell investors – like BlackRock -- about the financial impacts of global warming and the shift to a low-carbon economy.

In an associated briefing note, BlackRock made clear how serious it was about the issue, pointing to a letter written to businesses by its chief executive Larry Fink which had said “while we are patient investors, we are not infinitely patient”.

“Climate risk will be one of the key engagement themes that the Investment Stewardship team will prioritize in 2017 and the team’s recent work on this issue … will inform our assessment of shareholder proposals on the topic,” the briefing note said.

“Over the course of 2017 we intend to engage companies most exposed to climate risk to understand their views on [reporting their climate risks].

“For directors of companies in sectors that are significantly exposed to climate risk, the expectation will be for the whole board to have demonstrable fluency in how climate risk affects the business and management’s approach to adapting and mitigating the risk.”

(Link to more)

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Happy Paddys Day

I don't drink anymore although I never did on Paddys Day. I uses to help run a big Irish party bar in Times Square and it was the most lucrative and most messed up day of the year.

Have a pint or five for me.

"What tiny thing pisses you off?"

Reddit top rated comments...

Any sticker that you can't peel off in one piece. Absolutely infuriating.

When you go to click a link on your phone, but the website secretly isn't done loading yet, and you click on an ad instead.

Not covering your damn mouth when you cough or sneeze

Youtube tutorial videos where they don't get to the f***ing point.

When someone doesn't let you or others finish what they were saying. The only friend I have in my classes does this a lot. It'll be like, "Forget what anyone else is saying, I have something better."

People who don't flush.

"Vancouver pub 'annoyed an entire country' with a poorly poured pint of Guinness"

Via Reddit: Dan Olson, owner of the Railtown Cafe in Vancouver, woke up on Tuesday morning to find his phone inundated with angry messages from the good people of Ireland.

The target of their rage? A photo of a very badly poured pint of Guinness posted to the pub's Facebook page to promote its upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

"There was some irate people up there and, believe me, there were some colourful comments," Olson told As It Happens host Carol Off.

"Let's just say that Jesus Christ was brought into it on more than one occasion. One comment actually said that Jesus wept when he saw our pint of Guinness."

Olson admits, it really was a terrible pour.

"It was coming out of a can. It was frothing over the tip like you'd find a Budweiser in a tailgate commercial," he said. "So, instead of cascading up to have a nice proper head like Guinness is supposed to, it was a mess." (Link to the whole story)

WKRLEM: Let One Go!

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A Gritty Topic

Overheard at Lem's:
Sixty Grit said...I would sand the wood, and that in itself is a dusty project, using a random orbit sander connected to a vacuum of some sort. The one I use is all connected so that when I turn on the sander the vacuum cleaner starts automatically. Nice, but not something you will find in most home shops.
March 11, 2017 at 7:12 AM
What kind would you use? My old B&D orbital sander is a POS.

If Amazon sells it, I could enrich Lem.

BTW, I am eventually replacing a vanity in the powder room.

Important news for Lem's Lemmings!


How much do you know about farts besides the fact that they sound and smell funny, and come out from the bum. These are some things you should know about them:
  • Men fart more than women.
  • The original meaning of fart if forth as wind from the anus. This word was coined in 1962.
  • An average person farts around 14 times a day.
  • Those 14 farts a day are enough to fill up a balloon.
  • This is not something to be embarrassed about as it means that you are healthy. A healthy digestive tract produces farts. If you are not farting at all go to the doctor.
  • Farts are made up of hydrogen sulfide that reduces mitochondrial damage. Smelling farts can be healthy, thus next time you fart take a nice deep breath and thank the person.
  • Female farts tend to be stinkier as females have higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide. Female farts are healthier to smell.
  • Farts go as fast as 10 ft/sec.
  • If you have very tight sphincter you will produce louder farts as they have smaller tighter area to squeeze out from.
  • Gum and soda make you fart more, thus if you know somebody who farts a lot and they drink a lot of soda and chewing gum, hide it from them.
  • Most of the farting happens at night when we sleep.
  • Termites are animals which produce the most fart. Camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants, and dogs (especially labs and retrievers) follow next.
News youse can use.

Ode to a Golden Arch

I have always loved McDonalds. I remember the first time I ever had their food.

Back in the day my Mom wanted to move out of Brooklyn. Or at least out of  Carroll Gardens to buy a house. To give you some idea the house went for about $10,000 at the time. It was the early sixties. So on a Sunday my Uncle V would pack us all in his giant Chrysler Newport with the big bench seat.

Seat belts? We don't need no stinking Seat Belts.

My Dad would never come with us. He would have a cherished Sunday home to sleep have a couple of beers and watch the dog ass Mets. So it was me Ma, me, my sister, Uncle V and Grandma. We would ride out to Bensonhurst or over to Staten Island. Sometimes even all the way out to Long Island. Now I know we would never move to Long Island. My old man would never ride for an hour or two on the LIRR when it took him ten minutes to get to Wall Street from the neighborhood. So this particular time he stayed home.

Grandma always had a vinyl shopping bag that held an inexhaustible number of snacks. Peaches. Plums. Those small bottles of Manhattan Special. And sandwiches. Sausage and peppers. Potato and eggs. Meatballs. Veal Cutlets. The works.

This time Uncle V told her to leave the sandwiches home. We were going to eat out! YEAH!!

It was this new style restaurant. A drive through that sold hamburgers. I think it was in Westbury. Or maybe East Northport. I forget. Anyway we went and looked at a couple of houses. No great shakes. I couldn't wait to get to the burgers.

We get there and everyone puts in their orders. Big Mac. Fries. Apple Pie. Milk Shake. Man it was delicious.  I had a cast iron stomach in those days. I gobbled that down like I was going to the chair. Everybody really enjoyed it you know? It was Americana food. Not Italian. Not what we were used too. So it was a treat.

Finally everybody was finished. We all went to bathroom. Piled in the car. Pulled out onto Sunrise Highway. I puked all over the place.

I was a little pussy and always got car sick. So shoving that stuff down my gullet so fast wasn't such a great idea. But I didn't care. I loved it.

Is Your Refrigerator Awesome Enough?

Via Twitter: Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, which sells for around $6,000, has a computer touch screen that covers most of one door. A water dispenser takes up much of the other. The refrigerator streams music, shows television shows by connecting with Samsung TVs, syncs family members’ calendars, displays photos and lets users post notes on the refrigerator screen from remote locations. Three built-in cameras take a photo every time the refrigerator’s doors close. The photos can be accessed via phone, allowing users to remotely see what’s inside—and what’s missing, like if the chocolate cake has been eaten up.

Eventually, the refrigerator screens will get prettier, too, Mr. Lee says, comparing it to the flattering, slimming effect flat-screen innovation had on television sets. “Over time, this technology will get sleeker and sleeker in terms of the look,” says Mr. Lee. “We might have it blend so well into the refrigerator so that when it’s off you won’t see there’s a screen there.”

LG Electronics’ InstaView refrigerator door includes a window so users can peek inside after tapping twice on the tinted glass panel. A door-in-door design lets consumers access some shelves without opening the entire refrigerator. The innovations in the fridge, which sells for $4,300 to $8,500, are meant to add convenience and preserve cold air amid Americans’ propensity for perusing: A U.S. household of four people opens the refrigerator about 15 to 20 times a day, according to LG research. “People spend 10.4 hours a year just staring into an open refrigerator,” says LG’s Mr. VanderWaal.

Later this year, LG plans to roll out a “smart” version of its InstaView refrigerator that includes a touch screen, compatibility with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa and an internal panoramic camera that lets users remotely view photos of their fridge’s contents.

“Convenience never gets outdated,” says Mr. VanderWaal of the speculation that the models will quickly lose their modernity. Consumers initially had the same hesitation to invest in LG’s smart televisions. “It’s going to last.”

(Link to the entire article)

Camille Paglia Discusses Her War on 'Elitist Garbage' and Contemporary Feminism

Via Instapundit:  It is an absolute outrage how so many pampered, affluent, upper-middle-class professional women chronically spout snide anti-male feminist rhetoric, while they remain completely blind to the constant labor and sacrifices going on all around them as working-class men create and maintain the fabulous infrastructure that makes modern life possible in the Western world. Only a tiny number of women want to enter the trades where most of the nitty-gritty physical work is actually going on—plumbing, electricity, construction. Women have played virtually no role in the erection of those magnificent towers in every major city in the world. It's men who operate the cranes or set the foundations or wash windows on the 85th floor. It's men who troop out at 2:00 AM during an ice storm to restore power to neighborhoods where falling trees have brought down live wires. It's men who mix the stinking, toxic cauldrons to spread steaming hot tar on city roofs. Last year in a nearby town, I drove by a huge, chaotic scene where emergency workers in hazmat suits were struggling with a giant pipe break, as raw sewage was pouring into the street. Of course all those workers up to their knees in a torrent of thick brown water were men! I've seen figures indicating that 92 per cent of people killed on the job are men—and it's precisely because men are heroically doing most of the dangerous jobs in modern society. The bourgeois blindness of feminist leaders to low-status working-class labor by men is morally corrupt! Gay men, on the other hand, have always shown their awed admiration of working-class masculinity and fortitude. It's no coincidence that a buff construction worker in a hard hat was one of the iconic personae of the gay disco group, the Village People, during the Studio 54 era!

(Link to the whole thing.)

Brazilian OJ Simpson is out of prison and will play soccer again

"Bruno: Convicted of murdering ex-girlfriend, goalkeeper makes controversial return to soccer"

Via Reddit: After serving seven years in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend and feeding her to dogs, Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza is controversially back in the game, signed by Boa Esporte for two years.

Fans and sponsors of the Brazilian second-division side quickly denounced the move but so far Boa Esporte isn't backing down.
In a lengthy post on its Facebook page, Boa Esporte's president, Rone Moraes da Costa, says the team isn't committing any crimes by signing the 32-year-old who formerly played for one of Brazil's most famous clubs -- Flamengo -- and was tipped to line up for the national team at the 2014 World Cup on home soil.

He could be back in action within a month and a half.

"Esporte Clube was not responsible for the release and freedom of the athlete Bruno," da Costa said, adding that the club was "giving work to those who intend to recover."

More at the Link

McDonald's Is A Kroc Of Shit...

...and they just signed their own corporate death warrant:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WKRLEM: Nothing rocks me anymore, honey

President Trump  laid a wreath at the grave of President Andrew Jackson. That was not by accident.

The District Court in Hawaii decided to take it upon itself to conduct the foreign policy of the United States.

"John Marshall has made his decisionnow let him enforce it."

Trump blocked a second time

A federal judge in Hawaii has ruled against President Trump's revised travel ban, issuing a nationwide order to block it

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 7:01 PM EDT

A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order on Wednesday evening blocking President Trump’s decree banning travel from parts of the Muslim world. The decision deals a political blow to the White House and signals that proponents of the ban face a long and risky legal battle ahead.
The ruling is the second frustrating defeat for Mr. Trump’s travel ban, after a federal court in Seattle halted an earlier version of the executive order last month. Mr. Trump responded with fury to that setback, lashing out at the judiciary before ultimately abandoning the order.

Maddow wheel

I didn't make the wheel. That came from searching duckduckgo images [.gif, hamster wheel] I had no idea the page of results would be this hilarious. It almost ruined my idea because everybody already thinks this is funny. There are dozens of gifs like this of rodents flying out spinning wheels. The whole results page is filled with them and it's incredibly puerile, the one image results page that cracked me up. Poor things.

"Man who used $25M settlement to rebuild gang is going back to prison"

Via Reddit:  A gang leader who used his $25 million award from a wrongful murder conviction suit to rebuild his street gang, is headed back to prison, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber sentenced Thaddeus Jimenez to more than nine years in prison on weapons charges – just five years after Jimenez successfully sued the city of Chicago and the police department.

Lienenweber handed down the sentence after the court watched disturbing iPhone video shot by Jimenez's co-defendant, 24-year-old Jose Roman. The video shows the pair sipping grape soda and listening to opera music as they cruise Chicago's Northwest Side in August, 2015, looking for rival gang members to shoot, according to prosecutors.

At one point, Jimenez, 38, spots a man getting out of his car, ex-gang member Earl Casteel, 33, according to the Chicago Tribune. Casteel greets the pair and appears surprised when Jimenez pulls out a pistol and points it at him. The cellphone footage shows Jimenez nonchalantly shooting a stunned Casteel in both legs before driving off.

Jimenez and Roman both pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges, but will also stand trial in the shooting of Casteel. Roman was sentenced Thursday to just over seven years in prison after his attorney argued that he was "more of a hanger-on."

The Chicago Tribune reports that Jimenez, a leader of the Simon City Royals, spent millions on luxury cars for himself and his gang. He even paid members to tattoo the gang's insignia on their faces and launched a social media campaign to grow his crew, according to the paper.

Jimenez was charged at the age of 13 with the 1993 murder of a 19-year-old gang member, Eric Morro. In 2009, Jimenez was released from prison after witnesses recanted their testimony.

Reddit comments Link

WKRLEM: Who do we need to save us...You know who!

We need someone to help.

"Britain's May 'good at getting it wrong', says France's Le Pen"

Via Drudge:  French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May for hosting her main rival, centrist Emmanuel Macron, while apparently snubbing her.
Macron visited May at her Downing Street office in London on Feb. 21. He was photographed arriving and leaving, and spoke to reporters and TV crews in front of the building.

Asked in an interview, due to be aired on British radio station LBC later on Wednesday, whether she thought this was overt support for Macron and a snub towards her, Le Pen said: "It seems to be the case."

The British government says it has a long-standing policy not to engage with Le Pen's Front National party which has been considered toxic for decades by many mainstream European parties.

According to a transcript of the LBC interview, which was conducted by anti-EU British politician Nigel Farage, Le Pen said the decision to host Macron was inconsistent with May's own stance on delivering Brexit and reducing immigration to Britain.

Le Pen said Macron, who is strongly pro-EU, represented "the opposite of what Brexit stands for and the choice made by the British people".

Asked whether she had requested a meeting with May, Le Pen said she had not but would have to meet May if she was elected.

Link for more

"Woman loses bid for child support from ex-husband who was not father of her son"

Via Reddit:  A woman who concealed from her husband the fact that he was not the father of her son has lost her bid for child support from him.

The couple had been married for three years when the son, only identified by the initial D in a court ruling, was born in March 2009.

The husband, identified by the initials P.Z., took it for granted that he was the child’s natural father, but it turned out that the birth was apparently the result of a “dalliance” between his wife, identified as E.Z., and another man.

In the ruling, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robin Baird said that it was not clear how or when the question of the child’s true parentage came up or what led the parties to agree to paternity testing.

But the paternity issue was laid conclusively to rest in June 2013, a year following the couple’s separation, when DNA lab results confirmed that the respondent in the case, the husband was not the dad.

“Not surprisingly, the respondent was crestfallen and felt upset and betrayed,” said the judge. “By this time, D was four years old.”

The couple were living in Ontario prior to the divorce but after the September 2014 divorce, the wife moved to B.C., apparently to start a new life with a local man she had met on the Internet.

Link for more


Susan Sarandon has Bette Davis eyes.


Are you watching this? I think it's terrific so far -- especially Susan Sarandon. She has Bette Davis nailed.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WKRLEM TV: When the Deep State had some interesting secrets!

One question. I mean the spent six million dollars. Couldn't they given her bigger tits. Just sayn'

Charley and Meyer and Owney

Joe the Boss was sitting at a table in front of the social club on Mulberry St. He was sipping on an espresso and nibbling at a plate of miniature pastries. Of course for Joe nibbling meant stuffing half a cannoli in his mug and swallowing it whole. Powdered sugar was all over his vest and the debris of his simple repast were strewn across the table.

He looked up and saw Giuseppe Morello limping down the block toward. The Clutching Hand was dragging his leg and holding his deformed arm close to his chest. Which was not unusual. Everything that Giuseppe did was held close to his chest. That was what made him so valuable. That was what made him so dangerous. That was why he was still alive after he had whacked Umberto Valenti and took on the mantle of Boss of All Bosses.

“Buon pomeriggio Don Giuseppe I wonder if I could speak to you for a moment” asked the elderly Mafiosi as he stood with his hat in hand. You knew how much this ate at his soul. You just couldn’t see it reflected in his demeanor. It was an impressive performance. “I have a few things we should speak about.”

“Of course Don Giuseppe of course” said the fat Boss as he waved a half-eaten cannoli around like a symphony conductor waved his wand. “Sit. I will call for some coffee.  Perhaps a pastry?”

“Coffee would be fine” said as he sat down at the table. “We have a problem my Don. The younger generation is just too involved with the Irish and the Jews. Word has come to me that greasy fanook Costello doesn’t just want to take a name like the Irishe! He is in business with some of them up in Boston transporting imported whiskey direct from England. He is laying it off with Madden on the West Side. You know we can’t get mixed up with the Irish. They are too close to the police. When they get caught as we know they will they will offer us up as a gift to save themselves. It is a sure thing. We can’t let that happen.”

"What's the best luck you have ever had in your life?"

Top voted Reddit comments...

I was a large outdoor concert and some dude walked up said, "no way it's you, man." He then hands me my driver's license that I didn't know I lost somehow.

I won a $20,000 car with a $10 raffle ticket.

On Friday my dad was purging and offered my husband a pair of jeans because they were his size. The second I saw them I was like, FUCK. 24 hours later I sold them for almost $20,000. 1933 mint condition Levis 501s. Thanks to the redditors over at r/rawdenim for their advice!

A new casino opened up near me. So my girlfriend and I decide to go at 3 am on a whim. She won $700 on a slot machine then I won $600 on a machine, we then proceded to leave.

My car broke down on a two lane highway in the middle of the Appalachians, 20 miles from the closest city and with no cell reception. The first vehicle around the bend was my grandfather who lived three hours away. He had randomly decided to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. From break down to being picked up was less than five minutes.

An honest man....soon to be trashed by the media.

You can't get much further away in political Ideology and belief than I am with respect to Dennis Kucinich. He is as liberal as you can get and as a Congressman was all about abortion and gun control and wasting our money on dubious liberal bullshit. But I have to respect him as an honest guy. Sort of reminds me of Robert Cook who you remember posting on that other place. You don't have to agree with anything he says to acknowledge his integrity.

Recently Congressman Kucinich stated that he had no doubt that President Trump and his campaign was wiretapped. Because he had been wiretapped as a sitting Congressman. Just as in the case with the Trump campaign there are transcripts of a private call between Kucinich and the Libyan government. Read about here at RealClearPolitics.

The left and the media are scrambling to ridicule President Trumps claim that Obama wiretapped his campaign. When just last week they were quoting transcripts and demanding everyone from General Flynn to Jeff Sessions to the President resign because of some make believe scandal. One tweet changed all that. Now they are circling the wagons around the Jug Eared Jesus and screeching that all the stuff they were quoting from never happened.


Everybody seems to be taking a snow day. There is not that much snow in Brooklyn but it is very windy and bitter cold. Nobody is out. Schools are closed. Everyone is hunkered down and riding it out.

Luckily I got the bread and milk already. Coconut milk and gluten free baguette but waddayagonnado?

Obama's was the least transperent administration in history

AP: The Obama administration in its final year in office spent a record $36.2 million on legal costs defending its refusal to turn over federal records under the Freedom of Information Act, according to an Associated Press analysis of new U.S. data that also showed poor performance in other categories measuring transparency in government.

For a second consecutive year, the Obama administration set a record for times federal employees told citizens, journalists and others that despite searching they couldn't find a single page of files that were requested.

And it set records for outright denial of access to files, refusing to quickly consider requests described as especially newsworthy, and forcing people to pay for records who had asked the government to waive search and copy fees.

Link to read the whole thing. Via twitter

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gym scales are very triggering

Via Twitter:  Carleton University has removed a scale from its gym, apparently because physical reality is too much for some students to handle. A sign where the scale used to be explains that the school’s decision to ditch it was in an effort to keep up with “current fitness and social trends,” according to a student newspaper, The Charlatan.

An official from the campus in Ottawa, Canada told the campus publication that a scale can cause students to become obsessed with their weight.

“We don’t believe being fixated on weight has any positive effect on your health and well-being,” said Bruce Marshall, who manages the university’s health and wellness program. “The body is an amazing machine and even when we are dieting and training it will often find a homeostasis at a certain weight.”

“It takes weeks, even months to make a permanent change in your weight. So why obsess about it?” he continued. “Why not look at other indicators?”

Marshall said these “other indicators” include improving one’s cardiovascular health and changes in one’s measurements.

While Carleton is facing backlash from many of its students over this decision, some are on board with the university’s decision.

“Scales are very triggering,” freshman student Samar El Faki told the campus paper. “I think people are being insensitive because they simply don’t understand. They think eating disorders are a choice when they are actually a serious illness.”

Democrats threaten to shut down the government

Via Drudge:  Senate Democrats are warning Republicans of a shutdown showdown if President Donald Trump insists on including funding for a wall along the Mexican border in April’s government funding bill.

“We believe it would be inappropriate to insist on the inclusion of such funding in a must-pass appropriations bill that is needed for the Republican majority in control of the Congress to avert a government shutdown so early in President Trump’s Administration,” the Senate Democratic leadership team, along with Appropriations ranking Democrat Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, wrote in a letter to be circulated Monday.

The letter was directed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Appropriations Chairman Thad Cochran, R-Miss., but the clear audience was the Trump administration and the new president himself.

Japan’s ancient bizarre fertility ritual

Via Drudge:  In the UK, it's good luck for the bride to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

But across Japan, you'll stand a better chance of marital success if the bride climbs atop a giant wooden penis and is paraded through town while waving to everyone.

The Hodare festival in the city of Nagaoka is considered one of the country's biggest, and best, penis festivals - and there are a few.

On the second Sunday of March each year, women who have wed in the past 12 months don traditional Japanese bridal gowns and straddle a totemic tool as it is carried through the streets.

The gigantic, seven foot phallus is celebrated as an emblem of good fortune, with huge crowds gathering to touch and stroke the mighty member as it passes.

The festivities are seen as bestowing fertility, marital bliss and good luck on those who participate.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


How young are you?
How old am I?
Let's count the rings around my eye
How smart are you?
How dumb am I?
Don't count any of my advice

That is Peter Buck -- the reclusive genius behind R.E.M. -- on guitar. They say his sound was distinct because he didn't play chords but rather arpeggios. WTH are arpeggios?

Full lyrics after the jump

child interrupts weather report, predicts lots of farts and toots out there

The uploader titled the video "funniest kid farts on weatherman but that was a hook for clicks, the kid  is not particularly funny and there isn't that much showing the boy apparently farting. I guess his body movements toward the weatherman @ .30 sec mark look like the boy is aiming farts on the weatherman. I don't know.

I saw the boy and thought, "Bless. Adorable." And I didn't think anything like what other commenters wrote to this video where I first saw it on a British site and on American YouTube. Several comments struck me as disturbing, stereotypical and just plain mean.

A few commenters remarked on the boy's race. How odd! That never even occurred to me. Several guess his age at nine and I think that is wrong. A few others remarked the boy must be autistic. Others said ADHD. We see the behavior of an ordinary boy behaving ordinarily and his 30 seconds of observed ordinary amusing behavior is automatically diagnosed medically in a way that has boys medicated for large chunks of their childhood.

Others said the boy should be punished. For being a boy.

The weather guy is thinking about his audience in one moment and the next moment his concerns become immediately jumbled and complicated; his audience, his station, his boss, his peers, the coworker with the boy, and the boy, unpredictability, all at once jamming his usual banal weather presentation. He handled all that very well.

The Potable, Quotable Dorothy Parker

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone."

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."

"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue."

"Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common."

"I hate writing, I love having written."

"I don't know much about being a millionaire, but I'll bet I'd be darling at it."

"I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host."

"Tell him I was too fucking busy-- or vice versa."

"What fresh hell is this?"

"That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here,  it was against her better judgment."

"You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think."

"Brevity is the soul of lingerie."

"That woman speaks eighteen languages, and can't say 'No' in any of them."

"I require three things in a man: he must be handsome, ruthless, and stupid."

"She was pleased to have him come and never sorry to see him go."

"Take me or leave me; or, as is the usual order of things, both."

"Now I know the things I know, and I do the things I do; and if you do not like me so, to hell, my love, with you!"

"If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they’re happy."

Holland Wants To Be Second!

I don't recall seeing this blogged. I should have done so, two months ago:

ACLU launches nationwide training on protest, resistance

Via Drudge:  The American Civil Liberties Union staged a nationwide training event Saturday to make sure people are aware of their rights as protesters and urge organized, public resistance by those opposed to policies of President Donald Trump.

Organizers said the event at a sports arena on the University of Miami campus was livestreamed to locations in all 50 states. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero said 200,000 people had signed up to attend one of an estimated 2,000 local events.

The event, staged in town hall style, was aimed at capitalizing on numerous demonstrations since Trump's election in November and to make sure people know their rights to protest, Romero said. He said priority issues are immigration, the First Amendment free speech and religious freedom rights, civil and reproductive rights and rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people.

"We will bring all the lawsuits necessary to defend these rights," Romero said. "We'll do the work in the courts. You do the work in the streets. People are motivated. They want to be engaged."

Link to video

Thank You, Sixty Grit!

[this post continues in part from here]

From an email exchange with Sixty Grit yesterday:

Sixty: You may email me pictures of the railing wood and I might be able to see them better.
A close up of the end grain would be good, as will pictures of the long grain.

Me: [sends two photos]

Sixty: The piece that has been sanded looks like Douglas fir - straight grain, close growth rings - don't let a tree hugger see that - that is beautiful wood.

If you could sand whatever coating is on the end grain I would better be able to see what is going on there - just as there are standards for baluster spacing there are requirements for the type and quality of wood used in handrails - that looks like very high quality wood right there.


I think you're right about the bottom being Doug fir-I've worked with it before. The rail is more fine grained. Both woods are soft and can be scratched with a finger nail

Sixty: That looks like old growth vertical grain Doug fir. That is beautiful stuff, unavailable these days. The true tell is the aroma - since I can't see color too well - are you familiar with the distinctive smell of Douglas fir? I would say fill and envelope with sawdust and mail it to me, but we would both end up in jail if you did that. Perhaps a trip to the local big box wood store might be in order - they might have some Douglas fir in stock and you could compare and contrast.

As I say, that is high quality stuff right there - well worth refurbishing and keeping.

Me: The growth rings are much tighter in the railing wood.

Sixty: Indeed they are - I guestimate at least 30 rings per inch. Check the smell of both of them - if they smell the same then the railing was made out of old growth stock.

Me: They do smell the same.

Sixty: Well there you go - high grade vertical grain stock used for the railing itself, as required by code, lower grade used for the non-crucial application. I like it - sounds as if the mystery is solved. Well done!

Metallica in Moscow

Link t video

Writing and recording: [...] "Enter Sandman" evolved from a guitar riff that Hammett wrote. Originally, the riff was two bars in length, but Ulrich suggested the first bar be played three times. The instrumental parts of the song were quickly finished, but Hetfield did not come up with vocal melodies and lyrics for a long time. The song was among the album's last to have lyrics, and the lyrics featured in the song are not the original; Hetfield felt that "Enter Sandman" sounded "catchy and kind of commercial" and so to counterbalance the sound, he wrote lyrics about "destroy[ing] the perfect family; a huge horrible secret in a family" that included references to crib death. For the first time in Metallica's history, however, Ulrich and producer Bob Rock told Hetfield that they felt he could write better lyrics. Nevertheless, according to Ulrich, the song was the "foundation, the guide to the whole record" even before it had lyrics.