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I remember thinking if I could only play drums like that, I'd be happy. I spent countless hours in my parent's basement, trying to pick up just a little of that style. What I lacked back then was a video like this in which the master gives away all his secrets:

There is a very cool series out there from the early 00's devoted to the making of several "classic" albums. I watched this one in its entirety:

Another favorite part of the title song "Aja" is the Wayne Shorter saxophone solo. You can skip right to 45 min 40 sec to hear about that.

"No matter what Jackie said, we should generally believe rape claims"

"In important ways, this is wrong. We should believe, as a matter of default, what an accuser says. Ultimately, the costs of wrongly disbelieving a survivor far outweigh the costs of calling someone a rapist. Even if Jackie fabricated her account, U-Va. should have taken her word for it during the period while they endeavored to prove or disprove the accusation. This is not a legal argument about what standards we should use in the courts; it’s a moral one, about what happens outside the legal system."

"The accused would have a rough period. He might be suspended from his job; friends might defriend him on Facebook... The cost of disbelieving women, on the other hand, is far steeper." (read the whole thing)

Kizzy Adoni

I'll state that right at the beginning that I'm not happy about writing on this topic.   It's ostensibly about the death of Eric Garner, but also about much more than that.

We all know the short version of Eric Garner's story by now:  Garner was illegally selling cigarettes on a street corner, was confronted by NYPD officers, resisted arrest, and was taken to ground.  A choke hold appears to have been used to subdue Garner, and he later died of heart failure on the way to a hospital.  A grand jury found no cause to indict the police officer who applied the choke hold. Demonstrations and riots ensued.  The racial hatred people got into the act, as did the communists and anarchists.   It's a mess.

I admit up front to having a pro-police bias.  Cops have a hard, hard job dealing with the worst people in society, oftentimes people who are all too willing to harm or kill cops.  I understand that.  I think Darren Wilson did the right thing when he killed a charging Michael Brown who moments earlier had tried to shoot Wilson with Wilson's own gun.  Perps kill cops, cops need to defend themselves.

But I think Eric Garner should be alive today.  And at the same time I think it was right that the grand jury in Staten Island didn't indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for causing Eric Garner's death by using the choke hold Pantaleo was seen on video applying to Eric Garner as other officers were working to cuff Garner. We hear Garner saying repeatedly that he can't breathe.

There is a lot of blame to go around for Garner's death.  The media and the fomenters of racial war did the easy thing:  The blamed the white cop.

Here's what bothers me about this story:
Why was Kizzy Adoni not held accountable?  Kizzy Adoni is the black NYPD police sergeant who supervised the other officers in the arrest of Eric Garner.  At no time did Adoni tell the cops who she was supervising to stop, or to take an alternative course of action.
Why  did this arrest happen?  Listening to NYC talk radio in the days following the indictment, I heard NYPD cops calling in, voices masked, talking about how the alderman has called police district HQ demanding on behalf of the store owner that Garner be moved away form his store.  The District commander told Kizzy Adoni that she had damned well better arrest the guy (Garner) and get him off the corner for a while.  Favoritism writ large.
Garner said that he couldn't breathe.  But he could inhale and exhale enough to say that he couldn't breathe.  He wasn't being choked,  He was getting air.  The coronor's report said that was no indication of injury to Garner's neck or throat. Read more here.  Garner died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital.  He had a heart attack.  Garner suffered form heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and sleep apnea. He weighed 350 pounds.
This would have been a non-story if not for the difference in skin color between some of the cops and Eric Garner.  Eric Garner's skin color is being used to make this story what it is. But Eric Garner's daughter doesn't think that it was about race.
Little mention is made of Garner's record - thirty arrests in a thirty-four year period.  This was a career criminal who would have faced a return to prison with his next arrest, which is the reason why he resisted multiple officers.
This excellent article  highlights the things that trouble me about Eric Garner's death.  Please read it. I don't think that Garner should have died.  Just the same, I don't see any one individual who should be held accountable for Garner's death, except perhaps Garner himself for putting up resistance to being arrested.  But I can see some major culpability in the NYPD hierarchy, beginning with the mayor on down to the District command staff and Kizzy Adoni, the supervisor on scene.

All of them need to be held accountable, and none of them will.  And that's what truly bothers me about the circumstances that surround Eric Garner's death.  And by holding no on accountable, the rioters and race warrior can interpret Eric Garner's death in they way most beneficial to themselves and their objectives, whether true or not.

"Court Rules Chimps Don't Have Same Rights As People"

"[T]he New York Supreme Court's appellate division declined to extend habeas corpus to Tommy. Here's an excerpt from the decision:"
"Needless to say, unlike human beings, chimpanzees cannot bear any legal duties, submit to societal responsibilities or be held legally accountable for their actions. In our view, it is this incapability to bear any legal responsibilities and societal duties that renders it inappropriate to confer upon chimpanzees the legal rights — such as the fundamental right to liberty protected by the writ of habeas corpus — that have been afforded to human beings."

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Tomorrow is St. Nicholas' Day according to the Catholic calendar. Dutch and German children traditionally put out shoes this evening in hopes that St. Nicholas will fill them with treats and goodies.  In the following movie clip, a young Dutch girl sings about the "shoes." I couldn't find a single clip of the scene and so post them both for context. Edmund Gween won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (1947) for this role.

The scene is rarely translated (at least when I've seen it, but I haven't seen it lately).
Kris: Hello! I'm glad you came.
Dutch Girl: Oh, you are Santa Claus!
Kris: But of course!
Dutch Girl: I knew, I knew for sure that you would understand!
Kris: Of course, just tell me what you would like to have from Sinterklaus.
Dutch Girl: Nothing, I already have a lot--I only want to be with this nice lady.
Kris: Will you sing a song for me? 
The video rudely cuts off here, but here's the rest, and a translation of the lyrics:

Sinterklaas kapoentje, 
Gooi wat in mijn schoentje, 
Gooi wat in mijn laarsje, 
Dank u, Sinterklaasje. 

Christmas capon,*
Throw something in my shoe,
Throw something in my boot,
Thank you, Sinterklaas.

A Town Called Mercy

BBC has a giant tormenting bug up its collective ass about American resistance to "sensible" gun control laws. Having surrendered their own firearms freedoms, and the whole place being basically London and its suburbs, they simply refuse to accept other developed nations do not share their values on this subject. And they cannot stop their incessant nagging until they see that we do. Their London-centric attitude is aggressively obnoxious. I read it every day. No amount of equally aggressive counterargument has any affect at all. They are impervious.

Their productions involving guns are ridiculous. Everyone says eventually, "Drop your gun," and they do. The sound of hollow plastic squirt gun hitting the hard surface is not bothered with overdubbing the sound of solid metal. And doesn't everyone in America alway say drop you gun? "And kick it away."  All that gun dropping, and kicking. Does that even happen in real life? Isn't that dangerous? It's ridiculous gun handling I suppose they imagine from American Westerns.

There are a few really good moments in this episode.

Here's your horse, It's name's Joshua. It's from the Bible.

No it isn't.


I speak Horse. His name is Susan, and he wants you to respect his life choices. 

Who looks rather dashing on a horse but we all know he's a big clumsy klutz. There is another scene, a few scenes actually, where a British actor speaks American English and nails a hayseed accent sounding perfectly natural without any stereotypical exaggeration. I respect that.

This brief scene has me doubled in laughter whenever I see it. It is perfect, and counter to my general complaint. It shows BBC does have a great sense of humor.

Kirstin Alvanitakis

What happened, Little Sister?

James O'Keefe! 

Alvanitakis is Communications Director of Louisiana Democrat Party. She smugly declares on camera that James O'Keefe illegally wiretapped the office of Senator Mary Landrieu, a felony, and not quite true. 
O'Keefe was in Red Stick Baton Rouge, announcing he is filing bar complaints against disgraced attorneys who prosecuted him years ago. 
Prosecutor, Jan Mann, Jim Mann, Sal Perricone were all forced to resign and give up their federal Bar credentials while still able to practice in state courts. Their boss Jim Letten was forced to resign but is now a a Dean at Tulane. Karla Dobinski had no disciplinary action, currently working in the same DOJ component involved in recent Ferguson and NYC issues.

James O'Keefe showed up at Kirstin Alvanitakis' office and offered her an opportunity to apologize. She could have said, "Get out of my office," instead she became so confused and distraught by his sudden appearance she fled her own office right out of the building and took off speed walking down the street.

Now there's a person secure in her position!

James followed but could not quite keep up. Never did get an apology. Not even a spin around and "Look, I'm sorry, alright?"  So now she's recorded defaming O'Keefe and he's suing her too.

“I didn’t want a trial” Jackie said: Rolling Stone Magazine Apologizes to Readers

"Several key aspects of the account of a gang rape offered by a University of Virginia student in Rolling Stone magazine have been cast into doubt, including the date of the alleged attack and details about the alleged attacker, according to interviews and a statement from the magazine backing away from the article."
Helen Dragas, a member of the university’s governing Board of Visitors, said Friday that U-Va. needs to continue its focus on preventing sexual assault.

“Despite doubts that have been cast on the Rolling Stone story, we need to keep our eyes on the prize, which is nothing less than zero tolerance for rape,” Dragas said. “There will be time enough to look back and ask hard questions of our administrators about how rapes have gone unreported and unanswered, and I have no doubt our Board of Visitors will do just that. But for now our primary concern must be for the well-being of our students. We need to get this right for them, and do so with no hesitation or concern for image.”

Capt. Gary Pleasants of the Charlottesville Police Department said detectives are looking into the allegations at the request of the university but declined to comment on the status of that investigation.

Rolling Stone’s editors apologized to readers for discrepancies in the story, issuing a statement and posting it on their Web site. Will Dana, Rolling Stone’s managing editor, said there is fresh doubt about the account.

“In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie’s account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced,” he said in the statement.

Speaking for the first time since the details of her alleged sexual assault were published in Rolling Stone, the 20-year-old U-Va. junior told The Post that she stands by her version of the events.

East -- West College Bowl

  There is another.

"How The NYPD's New Body-Camera Program Will Work"

"The NYPD's pilot body-camera program is set to launch tomorrow (today) in three precincts across the city. Advocates of outfitting police officers with body cameras hope, among other things, that the devices will discourage officers from mistreating the public—and cause citizens to behave a little more politely toward cops, as well.... Cops have to turn body cameras on for them to work—though officers are supposed to turn them on during a number of specific scenarios, like when they stop a vehicle or arrest a suspect."

"The devices keep a record of every time someone accesses the file. The files are encrypted; even the camera company can't access them unless the NYPD grants permission. According to Vievu President Steve Lovell, the cameras include a feature called "Vidlock," which ensures that once a camera has been assigned to a server and database, video recorded on that device can only upload to that server and database. This means cops can't just hook their body cameras up to any old laptop with a USB cable and transfer files."

Video: Body cam refutes sexual assault claim against New Mexico officer...

Republican House thinks you are stupid.

House bill proposed by Ted Yoho to block Obama's authority to remake imigration policy on his own. The U.S. Constitution prevents this, but that's been -- what's the word I'm looking for, shredded? Trampled? Scuffed up? Faded so unreadable? Like over two hundred years ago, Man? Crumpled? Stomped on? Sullied? Shit on! -- That's it. Our Constitution is shit.

Now we know both Houses and Executive branch would all vastly prefer a more pliable, less civic-minded, patron-client population. They are all in it together to actually change the nature of the entire population. They prefer their entire electorate remade to one that accepts corruption as expected of politicians. I can only hope they all bite off way more than they can chew and they all choke on it. And wouldn't it be amazing if all those -- children, is it? -- left for a damn good reason having to do with escaping corruption and grow up to be something akin tea part parties under another name and not the compliant electorate they're all counting on.

The bill hasn't a chance to to pass the Senate and no chance at all of avoiding presidential veto. It is a bluff  intended to show conservative voters that they're trying to do something. To have people on record or whatever.

One thing I cannot stand is insincerity.

Per HotAir
The burning question: With House tea partiers complaining that the bill was meaningless and ineffectual, could Boehner still find a majority to pass it? Yup, as it turns out. Although he needed a little Democratic help to cross the 218 threshold.

Three Democrats voted yes while seven Republicans voted no and another three Republicans voted “present.” The roll isn’t out yet so we’re not sure who those 10 GOPers are but I’ll update as soon as it’s available. The White House, incidentally, has already all but promised to veto this bill. If Boehner had wanted to make Obama choke on it, he could have followed the Lee/Cruz plan by inserting this as a rider to a spending bill that would fund the entire government for a few months. That way, Reid and Obama would have a stark choice of either approving the money with this condition attached or else blocking it and bracing for the resulting shutdown. Instead, by splitting Yoho’s bill off from the “cromnibus” funding bill that’ll be voted on later today (I think), Boehner made it easy for Democrats to oppose Yoho’s language without risking any standoff over government funding.

Allahpundit at Hot Air expands on this further, with the roll now included.

Meanwhile at Red State readers are sending Beohner balls. They've passed 100 orders of balls so far. The conceit is that he doesn't have any.

It's weird. They're racquet balls. Blue ones. That means beginner balls in racquet ball-speak. Softer and squishier. The weird part is the balls come are marketed three to a can. Maybe they keep one for their dog, but it would be odd to send a can of three.  I do not know. Others prefer sending the more realistic your nuts type. More to the point. More on the nose, as it were.

At any rate, should you care to register your disapproval, tell him you're watching, tell them you know what they're doing, make him cry, either with balls, a strongly worded letter, a pop-up of a guillotine with tea-party executioner, what have you, here is Boehner's address.

Rep. John Boehner 
76 East High Street, 3rd Floor
Springfield, OH 45502

Unless the address and those patriotic tears are all fake outs too.  

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Kampfschwimmer...'s just such a cool word.



Mermaids After Midnight:


Here's my latest plastic reality:

Suggested use:

A co-worker wants one to hang from her rear view mirror.  Sort of like fuzzy dice.

I'm thinking of selling these for extra Christmas money. Say, $5 plus shipping.

Any interest?

Jon Stewart is corrected by a California DA.

Fredo Arias-King, Center for Immigration Studies

Immigration and Usurpation: Elites, Power, and the People's Will.

Fredo Arias-King, writing for Center of Immigration Studies (CIS) for one year served as aide to presidential candidate Vicente Fox Quesada of Mexico. After Fox's victory he declined government jobs but agreed to represent the PAN  (Partido Acción Nacional) at both Republican and Democratic national conventions in Philadelphia and Los Angeles speaking extensively to U.S. public figures including 80 members of Congress about bilateral relationships. Harvard trained businessman and Sovietologist and funding editor of Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization published in Washington. His three articles on 1) I Understand Your People, 2) Immigration and Usurpation: Elites, Power, and the People's Will, from which this post is drawn, and,  3) Politics by Other Means: The "Why" of Immigration to the United States.

TL:DR Democracy requires informed and involved electorate. In America this has developed too far for the  comfort of office holders. In seeking to entrench their own power American leaders of both parties prefer a less informed and less involved electorate, in short, they seek to change the electorate more malleable and more accepting to a Patron-Client relationship.

"Feds balk at releasing docs showing IRS sharing tax returns with White House"

Less than a week after ’fessing up that it found some 2,500 documents potentially showing that the IRS shared taxpayer returns with the White House, the Obama administration has reversed course and won’t release the trove to a group suing for access.

In an abrupt decision, the Treasury inspector general’s office said that the documents are covered by privacy and disclosure laws and can’t be provided to Cause of Action, despite a promise last week to hand over some 2,500. (read more)

Coalition of 17 states file federal suit over Obama's overreach

Many top Republicans have denounced President Barak Obama's unilateral move designed to spare as many as 5 million people living illegally in the United States from deportation.
But not hard enough, not loud enough not persistently enough and not annoyingly enough. As always, reverse parties and imagine the endless ear-splitting screaming all saying the exact same thing; "THIS IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY !!!11!1111eleventy million1111!111."

But they don't. Why? It's in the name: conservatives.

Greg Abbot, Texas Governor elect, leads a seventeen-state coalition in filing a lawsuit in the Southern District of Texas that includes sixteen mostly southern and Midwestern states, arguing Obama's actions trample the Constitution.

How quaint. Trampling compared with shredding. Let's see how far it goes. While they're doing that law suit filing, the next assault against them is already being planned.

We all know that already. We also know that all we ever heard prior to Obama was Bush "shredding" the constitution. All voices saying the exact same thing using the exact same language, the precisely identical vocabulary. Like Borg hive mind.

These states are doing the work that federal level establishment big bodacious government Republicans refuse to do. The lawsuit raises three objections: 1) Obama's action violates the "take care" clause of U.S. Constitution intended to limit presidential power. Ha! Clauses in the U.S. Constitution mean nothing to so-called visiting Constitutional professors. 2) The federal government violated rule making procedures. Ha! Ha! How else is there to discover what one can get away with? It's all your money fighting on both sides. 3) The order exacerbates humanitarian crisis along the southern border causing increased state expenditures in law enforcement, health-care and education. Ha! Ha! Ha! "Reward your friends and punish your enemies." Obama told you that up front. That is the guiding principle of this president. The Chicago way. Isn't this what his supporters wanted? But Bush Bush Bush ruined the country. It cannot possibly be any worse than that. Everyone agrees, same voice, same language, same vocabulary, "Everyone hates us now."

And what? No mention of Article 1, §8 enumeration of powers?

The article on APNews.MyWay notes this is the 31st time Texas has brought action against the federal government since Obama took office. He describes Texas as "fiercely conservative", they with Democrat capital, leaving the suggestion the federal government is behaving ordinarily and without provocation.

Try fiercely constitutional. And how far did those 31 law suits go, what did all that achieve?

The author notes further that majority leader, John Boehner told lawmakers the GOP house may MAY MAY MAY, vote to undo Obamas's action, mostly symbolic, and Obama is expected to veto it anyway.

Current Texas Governor, Rick Perry who has deployed up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the border, said,
"In effect, his action placed a neon sign on our border, assuring people that they could ignore the law of the United States," 
Restrained understatement again. And what border? The border that Mexico keeps with us? Are you kidding? Borders are a state of mind. could trigger a new flood of people pouring across the Texas-Mexico border and will promote a culture of lawlessness. 
Has promoted a culture of lawlessness.
Delaying the deportation of children brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents triggered an unprecedented wave of unaccompanied minors and families, mostly from Central America.
Think of the children, always the children and suitable for children ages 5-80.

Texas and border states, you are the enemy to the Democrat party and you must be punished. It is how things are done here in the United States. For now on.

Eric Garner entrepreneur

Apparently, Eric Garner was addressing the "Hey Buddy, got a cigarette?" crowd at street level in his individual way. Selling cigarettes one at a time.

I keep reading his big crime requiring police action was avoiding state cigarette taxes, exorbitant to begin with as luxury items to 1) discourage smoking 2) rake in tax revenue. Government always does know what is best for us governed. But from what I can see I believe that is wrong. There is nothing about the cigarettes themselves being illegal. I think Eric bought cigarettes legally, paid the state tax, then resold them individually at a profit. Was he expected to collect tax again? I don't think so. The problem is he was selling them as singles and that alone was made illegal by the city of New York.

Did Eric Garner buy duty free cigarettes or roll them himself from home-grown tobacco?

The problem is the ridiculous law forbidding selling single cigarettes.

It's rather clever. But seems a waste of entrepreneurial energy. With that kind of thinking applied otherwise Garner could have done much better.

The second problem is expecting police to enforce ridiculous laws. But enforce they must. Either write a law expected to be enforced or reconsider writing the law. And once reconsidered, reconsider again. And keep doing that until you arrive at the conclusion I really do want this law enforced with ... force.

This is a liberal city. It is a liberal law. It is a liberal unionized police force. It is liberal through and through. This is the result of pure liberalism and  there is no other way to see this. And now Eric Garner is dead.

It has nothing to do with race. Any white guy skirting liberal law and resisting arrest would have more pressure applied similarly if not precisely the same way, piled on to submission each officer torquing their own direction to get the man handcuffed. Not necessarily with chokeholds but if that is what it took then that is what would happen.

President Obama on Eric Garner, "We are not going to let up."


WTF? This is not the executive's business. It's looking clear that Barack Hussein Obama intends leaving Hillary Rodham Clinton with a steaming pile of poo for her or whoever to clean up.

Making a racial issue of Grand Jury clearing the policeman for chokehold is another fake issue to keep blacks angry. You hire a community organizer for president, you get community agitation on a national scale. Then he stands back apart and above and watches the race war that ensues with a sinister grin. Maintaining lookout for the next incident to respond to and agitate. Can you honestly expect anything else?

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Obama shafts Hillary with amnesty and Ferguson

Kurt Schlichter writes that one great thing that Obama achieves by inviting million of immigrants to enter the country illegally and ginning up race resentments is keeping Hillary Clinton from ever occupying the Oval Office.

Schlichter proposes both  executive amnesty and Ferguson outrage have nothing to do with race, that Obama and his gang are Marxists, classists. And they are not the traditional Democrat coalition. It is a class coalition base made of rich and academic upper class whites, unionized sub-class, and lower class welfare recipients. When they won they had just enough, but now the other middle class workers are abandoning the Party and they are the people Hillary needs.

If you are a regular middle class worker, Obama's coalition does not want you, regarding you greedy and racist for your unwillingness to hand over your tax money to deadbeats, leaving you one reasonable political option, the GOP. 

Amnesty is about creating a permanently poor underclass to be mined for votes.  Ferguson is about keeping core constituents angry simultaneously distracting them from millions of job-competitors. If sacrificing one middle class flatfoot, then so be it.

While all this is fine for firming his coalition, Schlichter says, it is a mess for Hillary Clinton. 

Hillary was supposed to do what Bill did and bring back blue collar Democrats, people like  Officer Wilson but Obama doesn't need them nor want them. He's hung executive amnesty on Hillary.

Schlichter sees Hillary with two chief problems with mutually exclusive solutions: 1) Keeping Obama coalition's support. 2) Expanding the coalition to include middle class workers. The first she can undo but it won't help, and images of burning businesses won't either.

Hillary is already making moves to escape the trap Obama set. Chuck Schumer's confession that Obamacare was the wrong thing to do indicates this. 

She must navigate the tightest of tightropes [mixed metaphor alert] by not alienating the base and that will be hard to do without Obama making it harder.

Schlichter says Hillary is not up to the task, that she is not that skilled a politician. He reminds readers she flunked D.C. bar. A few months ago Hillary appeared inevitable, but that was before considering the full extent of incompetence, narcissism and vindictiveness of Obama, perhaps preventing Hillary will be his greatest and only legacy.

Schlichter says a lot more and much more floridly here on Town Hall. The accompanying video says nothing but both Clintons campaign a lot for other candidates. 

Republicans hiding their support for amnesty

How badly does Republican leadership want to hide their support for amnesty? Asks David Horowitz at Conservative Review. 

And how badly do they want to avoid confrontation with Obama? 

This badly.

They are holding a symbolic vote denouncing Obama's unilateral action but apart from the operative budget bill. It is not even a standalone bill and contains no defund language. Just empty toothless protest.

They took the backbench bill and rewrote to be innocuous and even renamed it to rid it of any possible perception of offensive language. They are treating conservatives with the exact contempt Democrat leadership shows for their constituency. Their new bill adds a substitute amendment including "adds necessary exceptions for imminent humanitarian and law enforcement reasons."  

Horowitz asks, Why add this exception to an unlawful act?

Horowitz ends, This is not about disagreement over policy. These people do not share our values.

It's as if they imagine their positions perfectly secure and the voters who put them there perfectly unconscious. 

"Dig your way out of it”

Liberalism in Ruins

Vicror Davis Hanson lays the smackdown and hard. 
Survey the wreckage. 
The hope-and change therapeutic approach to foreign relations ended logically with historic cuts in defense, lectures about American culpability, pink lines and the end of Syria, farcical Iranian talks, in Libya the short trip from "leading from behind" to Benghazi, the self-induced suicide of Iraq, the empowerment of Putin, a pivot to Asia that invited ridicule, and the charade of war against ISIS.
Wow. Excellent survey but a bit short. That is all international while Obama's focus is on domestic policies. His aim to fundamentally transform America. How has he done?

Hanson continues, there are two saving graces to his misadventures abroad. 1) Each ensuing disaster diverted attention from the prior calamity, also true of domestic scandals. 2) Unable to stop oil and gas energy exploration on private land as he has stopped it on public lands Obama can take unearned credit for gas and oil renaissance that turns out a boon for American global leverage despite his efforts to thwart it. If Obama is lucky he will be able to avoid minor confrontations while ensuring catastrophic confrontations for his successors.

Although immigration is praised by those who benefit from it directly. The vast majority of Americans know when federal law is ignored then chaos follows. The burden of granting federal exemption to millions of foreign nationals who never followed U.S. law for entry falls to the middle class taxpayer and entry level workers.

The planet did not heat up, the ice caps did not melt away, global warming morphed to climate change, this after insisting weather is not climate, so now that climate change caused everything, it caused nothing. So what was it? A late 20th century critique of global-market capitalism by elites who have done so well by it, a secular religion filling a deep psychological yearning for a secular religion held by western big shots with no effect on the lifestyles of its priests.

Ferguson is the result of identity politics, salad bowl instead of melting pot, trillions of dollars spent over last fifty years into Great Society dependencies. We are left with the movement's slogans, "Hands up, don't shoot" now added to "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit," and "If I had a son, he'd look like Travon."  Ferguson shows the problems of present day liberalism: the anti-empirical insistence that facts of the shooting do not matter, critical legal theory ignoring time-honored role of disinterested grand jury, tolerance of illegality as acceptable protest against a system, and media's hyping while understanding the violence is remote from their own neighborhoods, schools and businesses.

Hanson avers the truth is Obama has always trafficked in racial divisiveness. From his candid memoir admissions, dutiful discipleship of racist Reverand Wright, to "typical white person," the clingers speech, "punish your enemies, Skip Gates, Travon Martin, and Michael Brown cases. Hanson describes his contortions as brilliant, the current canard that losing 6% of the black vote is proof of diversity while wining 40% of the white vote is sign of new racism.
Obamacare was, in the end, little more than a clumsy effort to take over the health-care system by redistributing resources from the supposedly too-well-off to the more noble less-well-off, with billions of dollars siphoned off to expand government bureaucracies and enrich crony capitalists  
The point of the program was not to provide coverage to millions of uninsured Americans — that could have been done far more cheaply through existing programs — but to create a vast new federal bureaucracy to redistribute health-care resources. 
My own healthcare is socialized and I have benefitted from it tremendously. It saved my life repeatedly. I am not exaggerating. I still value it. But that is socialized at the district level, not the federal level. And it is not even all citizens within a district, rather, all people working for an organization within the district. Important because closer, it is far more responsive. Example: our prescription drug provider was sold to a new outfit. They treated us as if we all landed from Mars, and they were all just born yesterday. Cost savings by the new company reduced customer service dramatically. I called and I wrote our head office. My voice was added to other voices and within the next year the provider was changed. That will not be possible under a federal system.

Hansen believes most importantly Obama has failed to deliver on his most extravagant promises to end crony capitalism, the revolving door, lobbyists in government, and corruption. Instead, Obama will be remembered as presiding over the most corrupt administration in the last half century.

How conservative.

Historians will aggregate the scandals of IRS, VA, GSA, Secret Service, erosion of constitutional fidelity, serial falsehoods about Benghazi, amnesty, and Obamacare, harassment of journalists, Wall Street shakedown in 2008 and 2012, flood of lobbyists in and out of Obama's administration. And then there is Eric Holder spouting inflammatory racist rhetoric, politicizing Justice Department, selectively enforcing the law and being held in contempt of Congress for withholding subpoenaed documents.

The damage, as summarized by military historian, classics professor, scholar of ancient warfare, Victor Davis Hanson, is that six years after the summer of hope and change nobody in the Democratic party is bragging about American foreign policy, nor pushing for cap-and-trade, nor praising Obamacare, nor the way amnesty is handled, nor pointing to a cleaner more transparent bureaucracy. What started out hopefully ends with a president who habitually misleads, leaves an array of scandals and a discredited media, and policies that do not work, and by all historic models never could have worked.

Proof: Observe Democrats regroup for 2016. They will ignore or deny most of what Obama has done.

This is summary. Victor Hanson says all this and more so much more eloquently on National Review Online.


The Michael Brown attitude in a nutshell:

The guitar player, Tom Morello, has a personal history strikingly like our President's.

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Four jackass congress persons

Raise their hands in misguided solidarity with Ferguson rioters. A football rush and gun-grabbing hand motion makes more sense. As far as sign language goes, this says the exact opposite of actual events. Had Michael Brown just done this he'd still be living.

The four race-baiting mal-invormed jackasses are:

Yvette Clarke (D-NY
Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
Al Green (D-TX)

Texas, really?

Good grief. Their constituencies are other-worldly. Get your facts sorted, Stupids, then we might be able to have something resembling reasonable conversation. Until then, just piss off.

There is an effort to boycott St. Louis Rams football game for four players doing the same thing. Can that even happen? From what I know of football fans they're not going to let a little thing like that prevent them from attending any games.

Posers. Ridiculous posers. Got something to say then say it. Nonsense fail.

"I'm not addicted to the buying, I'm addicted to the selling"

"Things that I use constantly and aren't easily replaced — my TiVo, for instance — are generally safe. The moment I go more than a week or two without using something, though, I start to resent its presence until I can get it on the auction block. It's gotten to the point where practically everything I own is for sale. Want the watch I'm wearing right now? Let's talk. The phone in my pocket? Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a different one, we can work something out. On a couple occasions, I've even caught myself negotiating sale prices of things I haven't even bought yet. It's as if I'm trying to minimize the ownership period of everything I buy, pushing the purchase and the sale as close to one another as I possibly can."

"My name is Chris, and I can’t stop selling my stuff " (read more)

Tips for selling on Ebay...


YouTube comments...
Tip of the day. When attractive people make instructional videos, don't look to the comments section and expect to find helpful comments, constructive criticism, poignant rebuttals or any feedback pertaining to the actual content of the instruction being given. All you're going to find is... DUUUUUUUHH... ur purty! 

Obama offers employers $3,000 for each illegal immigrant worker


How so?

Under Obamacare as written, businesses with over 50 employees must provide insurance coverage for full time workers. If they refuse then employers are fined $3,000 for each worker. Because immigrants newly legalized under Obama's executive orders cannot sign up for the exchanges then employers are not penalized for hiring them.

Let us be realists here and reject the dreamy euphemisms provided by malevolent activist  that actually reverse truth and are so eagerly lapped up by the left, twisting, contorting, this way and that, damaging plainspoken English to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans through a method their professors termed "political correctness," itself a distortion of English. Because how the monstrosity mislabeled Affordable Care Act, full time illegal immigrants are more attractive to employers than native-born American workers.

We know unemployment for American black population is double the unemployment of Caucasians. But we know that by federally provided figures. We know federally stated employment figures are completely jacked to make the numbers  appear lower than they actually are by excluding those people who would choose to work but have given up looking.

Unintended consequence?

It is possible Obama's sinister, narcissistic, sociopathic impulses so obvious to observers surfaced suddenly in reaction to having his ass kicked so solidly that he and they actually do not perceive all repercussions. However, it is also clear by his and their persistent race-baiting that he and his puppeteer and their cohorts do intend to keep blacks on the dole as permanent underclass dependent on their ever insufficient government lagniappes in exchange for their permanent vote.

There is no other way of explaining Al Sharpton's eighty-some White House visits.

What could be better than blacks loyal adherence to their creaky dilapidated government plantation perpetually at odds with illegal immigrants and with middle class whites -- a permanent racial discord.  We are witnessing the violent death throes of a played out moribund ideology.

Now. As to immigration reform comprehensive or otherwise, I am for it. But not the reform that liberals envision. I want our borders protected from invasion as competent governments do. It is one of the very few valid functions of federal government, one of the few enumerated powers. And I want serious consequences for law breakers. And I want the cost that immigrants must pay lowered considerably to something like 10 or 15 dollars. Not thousands of dollars. That simple paperworks costs so much as $15,000 is insane. It speak to government bureaucracy completely out of control and utterly unreasonable. The insanely high cost makes it impossible for poor people to participate, to even imagine participating, and it invites illegals to pass on even trying, discouraging immigration handled properly.

Try emigrating to a Central or South American country and see if you can traipse right in and take up employment. See what happens when caught. U.S. immigration activists have failed to state their case as to why they believe the United States must be the only country on Earth with wide open borders. They are simply not serious people and with no concern about addressing terrorism that rides along with their open doors policies.


Washington Times. (annoying auto play)

Is that sufficiently substantive to suit you? And don't you get quite enough of this crap all day long?

Edited once, swears removed, because I'm going shopping. Tony's has 2 for 1 lobster tails.

"Polish Versions of American Movie Posters"

"Something has attached itself to him. We have to get him to the infirmary right away."

"Lightning. Fire. Power of God or something."


Monday, December 1, 2014


Source pic by Shiving, "Worms."
Animated to veins 

Duncan Campbell wins 2014 Turner Prize

Duncan Campbell, Glasgow-based artist won 2014 Turner Prize for his video, "It for Others"


The prize pays £25,000

Boy, does it ever pay. That' $39,355

Campbell shot his film in his own studio and at the Glasgow Art Institute. [Hey! Denver Art Institute is 2 blocks up on Lincoln ]  His inspiration  for the film was the 1953 documentary on African art and how colonization affects how it is perceived, called "Statues Also Die," thus the poster shown briefly in the background of this video reading Les statues meurent aussi.

What? No credit to Andy Warhol?  Come on Duncan, you are sure to have head of him. It all seems so obvious and so lame to me.

What? No mention of Native American art, and the affects of colonization on how it is perceived?
No mention of Inuit art?
No clovis art?
No totem poles?
No Aztec, Mayan, Mixtec, Moche, and a thousand others?

No Japanese art and the affects of opening Japan has on how it is perceived.
No Chinese art and the affects of Marco Polo exploration
No Indian Southern Continent and the affects of how it is perceived by colonization

Conversely, nothing to say about Western art and the affects of world trade. Just as Westerners suffer tattoos of Chinese characters with only a vague idea of their meaning, so too do Asians wear Nike sports clothing and t-shirts with random Western lettering without a clue to their meaning. Because they like them.

Yes, yes, yes, we take their stuff and admire it because we like it, just as they take ours. It's called exchange, and the affects on how we perceive it, and use it whether as religious or totems or objects of utility matters not.

Don't get me started or I'll make a video of the affects of the horror that spread the globe like a virus, the cheap resin monoblock chair. You cannot escape them.





Free wheelchair mission

Tulum Mexico




Well, maybe I did make up that last one. The point is made. We use each other's stuff and sometimes even apart from their original purpose. It is a good thing, not something to get worked up about.

"Charles Barkley supports the Ferguson grand jury decision"

During an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia on Tuesday, the day after the Ferguson decision was announced, host Mike Missanelli asked Barkley about it and why "black America" doesn't trust the ruling.

"The true story came out from the grand jury testimony," Barkley said, adding that he was made aware of "key forensic evidence, and several black witnesses that supported Officer Darren Wilson’s story..." He continued, "I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore. And, that’s why I don’t like talking about race issues with the media anymore, because they (the media) love this stuff, and lead people to jump to conclusions. The media shouldn’t do that. They never do that when black people kill each other. "

Link to the interview.

turkey pardon

I do not see anything wrong with the girls manner of dress or behavior. I do not see them pulling faces. It's no-class, but eh. 


But then I don't see a good reason to submitting to pressure and quitting either. As to the girls being off limits, after seeing Palin's family savaged, go screw yourself.

Nor did I bother to actually watch. Nicking the stills from video, everything is improved on mute. Everything.

Who Is Running The Black Boycott of Capitalism?

You knew this would happen, right?
There’s a white, rich dude running the black boycott capitalism movement known as United Blackout.  His name is Michael Latt and he is the marketing director of United Blackout.  “Control how Black money is spent and you win the game,” says United Blackout’s campaign video. 

Latt developed the branding and marketing strategy and is the brains behind the website for the BlackOut for Human Rights campaign intended to encourage African Americans to boycott capitalism.
You can go here to read about Michael Latt's wealthy lifestyle, see photos from his Facebook page of Michael sailing a boat, vacationing in France, hanging at the pool in Malibu, and other displays of white privilege.  And all the while he tells poor blacks that they need to boycott capitalism.

Latt is an entitled white hypocrite, living large, enjoying the freshest and most lush fruits of capitalism, while he organizes poor blacks to protest the same capitalism that he enjoys.

Liberal social engineering writ large.

Related:  Shazam! The gentle giant has an arrest record.  The mainstream media probably hasn't mentioned this.

Lincoln as president elect

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Yule Be Glad

Welcome to Yuletide!

From The Anglo-Saxon Year, a historical look at the naming of months by the Anglo-Saxons. Their words are our words now:
The months corresponding to December and January were both known as Giuli, 'Yules'. Bede implies that Geola, Yule, was the name for the winter solstice when he states that these months 'derive their name from the day when the Sun turns back to increase, because one precedes and the other follows'. But judging by the names of the months it's equally possible that Geola was the name for the whole midwinter season. December was Ærra Geola, which can be interpreted as either 'first Yule' or 'preceding Yule', and January was Æfterra Geola, 'following Yule'.
Yuletide begins with a shiver but ends with tidings of great joy.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving turkey stock from bones and vegetables.

Every year Mum would labor for two days preparing Thanksgiving turkey they way she learned how as a girl, developments in turkey breeding along the way notwithstanding. She roasted slowly overnight, basted slavishly the next day, and presented a beautifully evenly browned roasted bird suitable for Norman Rockwell's inspiration.

Dry as hell.

Left on the counter, we picked at it all day long and nobody sickened, nobody died.

Pleased to be done with it, satisfied all is well with the world, she was glad to be rid of the macabre large dead bird carcass. Year after year she pass on the notion of making stock from the bones. She had no use for stock anyway. Didn't even know what that is. It was not part of her early training. Not part of the deal. What a regrettable waste. X50

Do you know what to do with the carcass?

Pick the bones clean but don't bother to fuss. There is a lot of tendon and bones in there not worth the trouble. Remove slices if enough remains to do that, otherwise pick off the pieces both dark and white. The pieces can be used for soup, sandwiches, add to new stuffing, salads, burritos, tacos, tostadas, crepes, omelets, you name it.

I like to break the large bones so the marrow can drain. I also like to roast the bones for additional layers of flavors. I roast everything, skin, neck, liver, giblets, even vegetables if there is room on the pan. This produces a slightly darkened stock.

Roast until you can smell it. These bones were too hard for my kitchen pliers to break before roasting. They were broken after roasting so the marrow will drain into the water.  

The crisp bits of skin are delicious. Go on and indulge your inner cave-person and have a go at this mess right there straight from the oven. It doesn't get better than this. You sinister thing.

Boil until you can smell it. Until the odor takes over the whole place. Until you've had enough. More than hour. Less than, say, four hours. Fowl goes faster than beef. Chicken goes fastest of all.

If foam develops at the beginning then spoon it off. The protein-foam will cook back into the stock and it  tends to make the stock somewhat bitter. This doesn't happen so much when you roast everything first. I didn't bother this time.

Straining is in two parts. Most easily done done with two pots, the original pot and another.

Double bag the debris and get rid of it immediately. You do not want this stuff fermenting in your kitchen bin. 

Liquid gold. This is much better than what you can buy. 

It contains no herbs nor salt. This way you control things as you use it. Except for what remains from brining and whatever coated the skin. This liquid is perfect for too many things to list. You can drink it like this, a few herbs and pasta and bits that you picked off the cooked carcass make a perfect and perfectly simple meal.

When chilled the marrow within will develop a layer of gelatin. 

Usually a layer of liquid on the bottom, then a layer of gelatin, and sealing layer of fat on top. The layer of fat can be lifted off as a disc allowing you to control the amount of fat that you want for each use. 

Your success is measured by the amount of gelatin aspic. If the whole thing is aspic then you win 100%. Take a bow. If it is mostly liquid with thin layer of aspic then try harder next time. Boil longer next time to have all the marrow the bones contain. Or buy better birds next time. You will find organic and free range birds really do make the best stock.

Stock VS broth.

Stock is from bones and bits done like this. Broth is from boiled meat. 

Has Your Thanksgiving Bloat Passed?

Sunday Morning With Van Morrison

Shenandoah, that great classic hymn to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  Beautiful song about a beautiful place.

I saw the Shenandoah Valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway one summer day, atop the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I parked my motorcycle and sat on a ridge top for half of he day, just staring at the Shenandoah Valley.   It may be the most beautiful place I've seen.

Here is Paul Robeson's version, sung in his magnificent voice.

Blessings of the day to you!

200 year old Shakespeare folio discovered, Also, Robert Bereny's painting, "Sleeping Lady" discovered

A valuable Shakespeare folio, one of 230 believed to still exist was discovered in the library at Saint-Omer, undisturbed for 200 years because nobody could read it and nobody cared. A Medieval literature specialist found the folio while searching for books to use in an exhibition. A librarian there said, "Oh, that beat up old thing? We use pages to line our parakeet cage."

↑ Contains mostly fact.

The Guardian.

It looks like a book. What is the difference between folio and book? 

In printing the term folio means three different things.

1) a printing on a full sheet of printing paper divided into four sections.
2) referring to pages bound but not numbered, and printed pages of leafs referenced verso and recto but not necessarily attached to each other directly.
3) meaning an approximate size of usually 15 inches. Distinguished from quarto and octavo.

Next, lost for 90 years, an avant garde painting, Sleeping Lady With Black Vase by Robert Bereny was noticed by a researcher at Hungary's National Gallery in Budapest that was used as a prop in the children's film Stewart Little. The painting was returned to Hungary.

The researcher recognized the painting immediately having seen only a faded black and white image of the painting in 1928.

↑ 100% of true fact.

Care for another related true story?