Saturday, February 17, 2018

daikon salad

Surprisingly, King Soopers has daikon radish. The first fifteen times I looked I didn't see it. Then I asked one of the grocery staff about it. The next time I went in, there it was. And that compelled me to buy one with no particular use in mind.

A week ago I ordered groceries online through Amazon. The order fulfilled by both Amazon and Sprouts. I was pleased with everything. All substitutions were fine, and the service quite impressive. While ordering I became confused by my order split between Amazon and Sprouts, so two orders then, and double checking incorrectly caused a bit of duplication, but no problem. I can use two bottles of soy sauce and two small bags of apples. I recommend this service. It was hassle free and actually fun.

Oven cleaner is the one thing the two places didn't have that King Soopers does have.

I expected the daikon to be wonky since I didn't choose it myself. I want to run it through a curling spiralizer for long strands such as you see underneath your sushi. But they delivered an ideal size and shape. One that works very well on the gadget.

Katsuobushi bonito flakes is a bag this stuff. It is a dried and smoked skipjack tuna that is run across a plane like this to produce flakes such as wood shavings. It is a bag full of flavorful dried fish-flakes. The flakes are steeped as tea for the base of seafood soup stock. Often with kombu seaweed. You can buy the dried/smoked whole fish and shave it yourself if you want. It's smoked and fermented multiple times to get the most intense flavor. It looks like an overripe banana.

Nori is the dried seaweed paper that is used for sushi.

Harvesting video follows.

Video: Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Announces Robert Mueller's Russian Election Interference Indictments


I got a little bit mixed up again. 

Oh well, one is good as the other. 

Here is the venomous snake Rosenstein on YouTube puffing and posturing politically. 

Here's the PDF version of the patently risible indictments. Honestly, the more you read the funnier and more pathetic it gets. 

If you like that, here's two more videos along the same lines.

Why Beauty Matters, Roger Scruton

Seen on American Digest. It's a long video.

Truth, beauty and goodness. 

But where do I even start with you? 

Language is also an art. And you cannot even bring yourself to enunciate one of two crucial consonants in the monosyllabic word for your exegesis. The word is art, not aht. 

Urinal. Your EYE nal. 

Are you even serious? Listening to British discuss aht with gravitas mispronouncing every other word is genuinely laughable.

And through all that I'm supposed to take you seriously. 

Fine. I'll struggle with that.

Design is art. Utilitarian design is art and it is beautiful. We are surrounded by the art of good design. Every doorknob is art. Every fork, every plate, every teapot. Every chair, every sofa. The design of a urinal actually is art. So is the bathroom sink and the bathtub. The designs of faucets and shower heads are especially good design and truly great art. 

The thing is, our lives are filled with design choices. That is our daily choices about art. We pick between the beauty of straight utility and some other kind of embellished design art. 

Here's an example. The apartment management where I live wants to add a metal clip to each door to attach its communications (the communications themselves are un-artful but they try.)  Instead of taping their papers (loaded with clip art) to the door. What kind of paper clamp do they choose? The most utilitarian possible. That is their design/art decision. A metal paper clamp as seen in offices, screwed to the door. They automatically make every door ugly. They're nice doors too. They take a nice conservatively stylish door, a thoughtfully designed door and entryway, and screw their ugly little office clamp onto each one of them. All eight floors of doors. 

Then the office factotums tape the messages to the doors anyway, and there goes all that thought, excellent utilitarian design, art, and beauty. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mueller indicts Russian trolling

Via the New York Times: The Justice Department charged 13 Russians and three companies on Friday in a sprawling indictment that unveiled a sophisticated network designed to subvert the 2016 election and to support the Trump campaign. It stretched from an office in St. Petersburg, Russia, into the social feeds of Americans and ultimately reached the streets of election battleground states.
The Russians stole the identities of American citizens, posed as political activists and used the flash points of immigration, religion and race to manipulate a campaign in which those issues were already particularly divisive, prosecutors said.

Some of the Russians were also in contact with “unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign,” according to court papers. Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel leading the investigation, made no accusation that President Trump or his associates were knowingly part of the conspiracy.

“The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy,” Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general overseeing the inquiry, said in a brief news conference. “We must not allow them to succeed.”
Is that all there was...

Does that mean if DACA dreamers engaged in electioneering, they could run into trouble with Mueller's investigation?

This is highly irregular.

Whiskey Politics: Victor David Hanson

Vlog on Ricochet. Hanson discuses the damaging disclosure about Obama keeping tabs on the FBI Hillary Clinton email investigation, State Department unmasking, and many other subjects we agree. It's like easy listening.

So easy, I did a crossword while listening, and made a photoshop of the puzzle while solving it. This too was easy. It would be a Wednesday-level difficulty if published on NYT.

Fred Armisen

Armisen stars in and produces Portlandia, a comedy sketch show also staring Carrie Brownstein, two individuals certifiably out of their cotton-picking minds. They put on wigs and various costumes and inhabit alternate personalities and sexes. They describe Portland Oregon as a sort of hippie heaven where ordinary citizens are political extremists and arrested in the 1890's, not the 1990s.  It is heavily music-oriented. A number of sketches are based on a broad knowledge of music. They're big on dropping names of bands, individuals within bands, feminine activists, pop culture names, artists, movies and television shows.

Armisen has his own comedy special on Netflix, Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers in which he pulls down a map of the United States and holding a pointer taps Maine and delivers a short dialogue in common area accent, then Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, various boroughs point for point across the entire country (Except Colorado and Nebraska) accent for accent, truly, a breathtaking linguistic sweep. (He also speaks Spanish and ASL) One wonders how it's possible to discern all the minute differences. He blows away the whole audience who recognize the accents.

He has various drum kits set up across the stage, the area in front of the stage, and among the front audience replicating the various drum kit setups common in bands through the decades. He teaches his audience which elements were introduced in each decade and the percussive sounds the setups produced, high hats, specific cymbals, brushes, snares, rack toms, pedals, standard electronic kit that he learned on. His audience is amazed hearing this specific portion lifted from the music they had been listening to for decades. Moving drum kit to drum kit, he imparts a very great deal of education in a tremendously expansive and entertaining way.

And these two things give us a glimpse to the method behind his madness.

In Portlandia, he is simply insane.

I'm hooked on this series. It's on basically as background so most of it is actually missed. I'm on second viewing and entire seasons seem brand new. Both Armisen and Brownstein are insanely talented. It took me a bit of getting used to their style. They skewer the mentality of Portland liberals by inhabiting the personalities to extreme. So much is annoying, while the humor lies in the ridiculous annoyance and its depiction to the point of not working. In a way, their successful characterization of, say, extreme feminists resolutely not making sense, comes from their love for the characters they create. Their feminists models, Toni and Candice, are particularly acute. So are their sex reversals, Nina and Lance.

In one of the later season's episodes Nina and Lance are in couple therapy discovering why Lance is so strongly against marriage. Brownstein plays Lance and Armisen plays Nina, two extremes of feminine and masculine prototypes. Lance's mother was married five times. That is the basis of Lance's unease. His mother has a new boyfriend, a real man, exactly like Lance. Taller, deeper voice, the new character could be Lance's prototype. At length they agree to get married. But neither one knows how to go about proposing in a unique way. They hire a Portland company, the principals played by themselves, who design a spectacular proposal to be recorded. You think you can predict where this proposal is headed based on all that you've seen on television, but I must say, they surprised me so delightfully that I cracked up laughing. But their ending is not their ending, they show the therapist viewing the recorded proposal and concluding, "These people have a real problem with logic."

Here's the thing. In one episode the joke is people who cannot stand to hear entertainment spoilers. The whole joke is conversation being impossible with such people. They want to discuss entertainment but each person in their four-person confab keeps stopping all the others. They stick their fingers in their ears, they make quacking noises to drown out each other's speaking. The whole discussion is a disaster. But in their discussion they talk about all kind of popular entertainment that you've never heard of. One such was The Wire. Armisen's character says, "Are you telling me that a kid kills Omar?"

I opened YouTube and searched, [the wire, kid kills Omar] and watched the scene. That did not convince me to watch The Wire. Then I read the comments to the scene and how blown away viewers are by the reality of this show and their reaction to this scene. I found the show on Amazon Prime. Watched the first episode. The whole thing is horribly depressing. It depicts drug addled projects and cops who work that scene. The show is dreary and hopeless, darkness among the police structure, gloom among the projects, nearly post apocalyptical, nothing but darkness and dread and drugs and poverty with no hope of advancement or escape. Even cops are at each other's throats. You know in advance that the characters you like will be killed. The show is so mean, so low, and so grating, so  nerve-racking and spiritually weighted that a quick trip back to Portlandia is needed for remedy. The contrast between these to successful shows is absolute.

Portlandia is uneven. Obviously some skits are more successful than others. As they go, they develop a real knack for production, for music, and character development. One skit a taxidermist business stuffs pets. A group of activists burns down their business. The wrong weirdos are picked up and prosecuted. During the trial the guilty activist group sings as a band on a rooftop and claims responsibility. They attract a crowd and make a hasty escape. A few members are caught while other make hair-raising escapes. They tenderly bury the stuffed animals they stole, praying over their souls. But I laugh still, at the picture of Brownstein in aqua blue wig and pastel pink lipstick talking to the cop who stopped their car. She is truly a doll. A very weirdly beautiful girl. Brownstein is woman of a thousand faces.

Slideshow of videos, Portlandia recurring characters, all Armisen and Brownstein.

Katie Cupcake

Katie Couric's name is misspelled on Moonbattery where she's called an airhead in their title. Dave Blount puts up a video of Couric commenting on the Dutch skating team. She told her audience that Dutch people are good at speed skating because it is an important mode of transportation in their country.

At the link, video of Couric feigning intelligence, and Dutch Twitter responses joining the ridicule.

Comments are funny.

Howard, Kim Jong Un impersonator

Note to self: pack shinguards 

Thursday, February 15, 2018


After way too long with too few or too many clouds to produce interesting photos, here is today's sunset picture -- how about that -- two days in a row with interesting sunsets.

Click to enlarge.

I have to strap it on.....

Matt Dillon: I'm sorry Kitty. But you knew it when you met me. I have to strap it on and go out in the street and meet my fate.
Miss Kitty: But Matt, I already strapped it on, don't you like it? Lets go back to the Long Branch. I will let you guess how I came up with that name.
Matt Dillon: Kitty you are the greatest. Hey do you have a guitar?
(Gunsmoke, 1968)

He's got high Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes!

Next time your found, with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around

Just what makes that little old ant
Think hell move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, cant
Move a rubber tree plant

But hes got high hopes, hes got high hopes
Hes got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time your gettin lowstead of lettin go
Just remember that ant

Oops there goes another rubber tree plant

When troubles call, and your backs to the wall
There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall

Once there was a silly old ram
Thought hed punch a hole in a dam
No one could make that ram, scram
He kept buttin that dam

cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time your feelin badstead of feelin sad
Just remember that ram

Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam

All problems just a toy balloon
Theyll be bursted soon
Theyre just bound to go pop

Oops there goes another problem kerplop

ee cummings on Abe Vigoda

Buffalo Bill ’s
               who used to
               ride a watersmooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat
he was a handsome man
                                            and what i want to know is
how do you like your blueeyed boy
Mister Death

WKRLEM: Teach the poor to cook!

Dims claim: Poor People are too Stupid to Cook and Trump wants to starve them.

Trump is proposing to give actual food for a portion of the free Food Stamp Program.  [EBT]    Oh the INHUMANITY!!  The Dims are up in arms and have come up with many reasons that this is the most heinous thing since Marie Antoinette told people to eat cake.

The contradictory thought processes and incoherence of the Left seems to know no bounds.

#1. Food Deserts  Poor people live in a "food desert" where there are no or very few places to buy food  therefore people need food stamps.  Stores just don't exist, according to the Dims.  No Whole Foods !!! OMG.   If stores don't exist then how much good are food stamps?   Oh...wait.  Less food stamps means less ability to turn the EBT into actual cash and be able to buy drugs, cigarettes and booze.  Lost opportunity for the non food stores.

Actually the reason that there are not as many grocery stores in the ghettoized urban areas is that the business owners have figured out that being shoplifted to death is not a good business model.    Personally, I live in a food desert.  Rural area with one store within 35 miles and a couple of small convenience stores.  To go real grocery shopping, we have to drive a 180 mile round trip.  We haven't starved to death yet. 

#2. Government controlling what people eat   Seriously? As if the Government isn't already doing that by banning food and ingredients?  Hammering us over the head with calories on menus?  Telling us what we should eat with the ever changing food pyramid?    So, by providing "some" people with a care package of basic ingredients (pasta, peanut butter, honey, bread, canned vegetables, cooking oil, shelf stable milk [like you can buy in any store in Mexico], canned meat) this is somehow starving the poor?

#3 This program is cruel and UNUSUAL  Actually it isn't unusual.   Back in the 1970's when inflation was through the roof and I was young and made some pretty bad life decisions, I was on public benefits for a while.   Part of that program was COMMODITIES.  You were able to pick up cans and bags of food.  I LOVED it.  Dried beans. Tomatoes in cans. Bricks of cheese. Canned milk. Peanut butter. Flour.  Sugar. Honey. Crackers.  Canned ham.  and other staples.   Who can't make a meal out of that with some supplemental ingredients like onions, garlic, celery?
#4 Poor people are to stooopid to know how to cook   If you can't figure out how to boil up a package of Mac & Cheese or make a PB&J sandwich with a glass of shelf stable milk on the side, I suggest you have bigger problems than just being poor.  You are probably too stooopid to vote and thus vote Democrat.  A feature not a bug for the Dims.

If the Dims think that poor people really lack such basic life skills as knowing how to open a can and make something to eat, then I suggest a program to educate to poor on how to cook basic meals.

Actually, I am very serious on this idea of education, in that there are many people (not even poor) who are unable to figure out how to cook, how to budget, how to buy food in a strategic way and other basic life skills such as: clean the dryer lint screen once in a while so you don't burn down the house dummy! 

Trump has a good plan.  Here is mine to start.  (Mine will never happen but a girl can dream)
  • Commodities package based on family size, with a smaller food stamp supplement for  perishable goods like eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, meat.   Each  recipient also gets a start pack of spices and other cooking staples.
  • No sodas and other junk food allowed.  Poor people are FAT because they eat this stuff
  • Criminal penalties for EBT fraud for both the user and the merchant who allow trades for booze and other non food items.
  • Mandatory classes on basic Home Economics.  
  • Basic cooking classes and an easy cookbook
  • Starter pack of cooking utensils, pans etc for those who truly are poor and have no kitchen equipment.  A fry pan, sauce pan, stock pot, strainer, some knives, spatulas etc.  A map to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army store where you can buy that shit for practically nothing.
I've cooked poor and still have some of that mentality learned from my Parents and Grandparents who lived through the Great Depression.  There isn't any excuse for poor people today who want to, to not be able to do the same.  Wanting is the key.

Personally.  If you aren't willing to try, I'm not willing to help.

Last night's Poor People Dinner that even the most unskilled can make. Not gourmet, but cheap, filling and nutritious.
Not MY soup, but looks like this....more or less :-)

1. Chicken, corn, egg noodle soup.  Broth made from the carcass and left overs of roasted chicken frozen in a zip lock baggie and frozen wilted vegetables.  I make a bag of soup stock stuff (chicken, or pork, or beef) through the month and then make quarts of broth to freeze for later.  One chicken breast poached in broth and diced. 2 stalks of celery,one diced onion, half a bag of egg noodles, some frozen corn niblets, one or two diced carrots, half of a red pepper diced and sauteed, chopped green onions, spices. Flour to thicken the broth.  Soup is cheap and easy to make.  It is really difficult to fuck up soup!

2. Corn bread with butter  I make my own from scratch, but for the "handicapped" poor, a package mix is not too bad.  Remember the Dims think you are too stooopid to manage a recipe so a package will do.

3. Apple Crisp  Apples, sugar, flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, butter.   Come on! this is easy and cheap.  If you want to really splurge on the EBT card.  Buy some whipping cream and pour that over your warm apple crisp.

When you live long enough... start to lose those you have known for decades. Yet another brother-in-law died recently, this one was world-renowned - famous, even, with many ex-wives, plenty of children and Krugerrands piled up like cordwood. His third ex-wife's father was a famous sculptor who left an estate worth an estimated 600 million dollars. Bigly famous, indeed.

Since this is poetry corner over here, I will include a poem that was used in his eulogy:

Dis altyd jy, net altyd jy,
die een gedagte bly my by
soos skadu's onder bome bly,
net altyd jy, net altyd jy.
Langs baie weë gaan my smart,
blind is my oë en verward,
is alle dinge in my hart.
Maar dit sal een en enkeld bly,
en aards en diep sy laafnis kry,
al staan dit winter, kaal in my,
die liefde in my, die liefde in my.
That is Afrikaans, and I am not the guy to translate it.

He was a book collector, specifically poetry books, and the bulk of his poetry collection, something like 60,000 volumes, was left to Emory University. What can I say - he traveled a long, at times rocky road, from the Bronx to Capetown. He enjoyed life, was endlessly fascinating to talk to and he will be missed by those of us who knew him.

Godspeed, Raymond, I am a better person for having known you.

Elizabeth Warren doubles-down on claim to be Native American in speech to Native American Group

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection wants to know why Elizabeth continues to return to her lie about her parents eloping when that lie has been so thoroughly debunked. Jacobson cannot comprehend how Warren thinks she can have it both ways by admitting she's not a member of any tribe while denying any wrongdoing. Jacobson asserts that Warren reasserts her false claims despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

His article is very long. A tiny portion links to the Boston Globe for the full text of Warren's speech. My browsers wouldn't display the page until I turned off javascript. Her speech begins with the name Pocahontas and the myth surrounding the name contrasted with the reality of Pocahontas's historic life. So, she makes very clear to Native American group that she knows the difference between historic fact and myth. While for her own personal story she allows a great deal of myth.

Here's the thing. At that historic juncture the personal histories become blended. There were individuals forced to make serious lifestyle decisions, to go the way of the tribe or to attempt to fit into the conquering culture. The offspring of such individuals caught in this transition will have heard the stories of life gone by. Warren's problem is she took advantage of carveouts intended for tribal members, reservation inhabitants, with fewer or none of the advantages of white culture. Warren is talking to Native Americans and equating her personal struggle with theirs. It will be up to them to accept it or not.

I transcribed the central portion of Warren's speech for you. From memory so I might have some of it a little bit wrong. There is more before and after this. By doing that I realized the importance of storytelling. Warren says so herself. No one can take away from her these stories central to her sense of self. Her stories are real. Her real oral history. Too bad they conflict with documented history. That's not important. The problem of the white world fetish for biased documentation is minor. While her pure family oral history keeps firm.

On the shores of Gitche Gumee
Of the shining Big-Sea-Water
Stood the lovely native woman
A young female of great beauty.
As the flowers of Wetumka
Sat alone among the rocks
Among the stink of rotting fish
Washed up kelp and bat guano
The gorgeous lonely native maiden
tapped her drums and grand piano.

Stood nearby causacian Warren
face pale as the waning moon
Descended through the Jackson years
Progeny to US Calvary goon
Marshaling the Trail of Tears.

His parents were against their union
Her parents really didn’t care
So the couple bolt together
Eschew big wedding, Bypass the altar
Skip religion, hitch in haste,
Fled to marry, took flight to tie.
Got on like two desert hares
Through the hot impassioned night.

Together they survived the Dust Bowl
Together they were Great Depressed
They scrimped and saved to buy a teepee
And watched their three boys grow to warriors.
After Daddy fell of heartbreak
Lost his job and station wagon
Mum put on her finest long dress
Finest dress of finest leather
Deer hide that she cured herself
Sinew-sewn and decorated
Adorned with plastic colored beads.

With Papa down Mum took up work
Walking miles unescorted
Silently and taciturn
Into the nearest Sears and Roebuck
For an entry-level job.

At minimum-wage based on usefulness
Usefulness to corporate heads
No demand for native skills
Threadbare minimum wage and wampum
paid medical debts that no one should have.
Pay for years on end and never ending
By the lowest pay there is
For healthcare that’s a natural right
Like air and water given freely
From the earth and from the sky.

They fought and drank and hung together
Drinking mostly fire water
Fighting mostly about money
In co-dependent intertwining
They stayed together for six decades
Six times ten and three more years
Mama simply passed away
Pass from home to Sears and Roebuck
Pass from this life to another.

Papa passed two years later
I held his hand as cancer took him
As Papa passed he strung together
Words like beads from two dry lips
To my ears.
“Time for me to join your mother.”

They’re gone now but the love they shared
The hardships they endured together
The family they grew, the story they lived
Will always be a part of me
And no one in this universe
Not even a poopy-head Republican
President of United States
Will ever take that part of me.

Daily Mail covers America

As you know an ex-student of a Florida school returned with smoke grenades to set off alarms and draw students into the halls and then mow them down as they fled resulting in seventeen deaths and over fifty injuries. Daily Mail produces an impressively thorough writeup that covers every aspect imaginable with tons of photographs and videos.

This is their bread and butter. They live for this type of coverage. It's where they excel.

Then you finish the article and finish the comment section that follows and scrolling down beneath all that Daily Mail offers a list of their  top stories, each with their own thumbnail photograph and a short write-up.

We may as well be in England. We notice two things they will never ever ever get straight. Like American media, they have their European point of view that allows nothing else, and what they lack in depth and in range, they make up with abundance. Their attitude is, if they can flood their readers with a single pinched perspective then they will finally convince them to righteous politically liberal thinking.

As for Trump, they're capable of covering salacious items of White House intrigue only. Any of Trump's accomplishments are not within their reporter's awareness. Including his judicial picks, his tax reform, his boost to American economy, his restructuring trade deals, his reviewing and rewriting important treaties, his Executive Orders, are all unreported. Only the crap that people around him have done and the things that they say about him sufficiently negative to rate items of interest to Daily Mail journalists and readers.

While their coverage on big stories is impressive, just visiting the site is a major annoyance. It's all sex and murder and who did and said what to whom, and royalty.

I'm picking and choosing the items presented on two topics. American gun laws, and American Republican president. Where we see they're politically liberal, fully against American gun ownership, and always fully 100% against any Republican administration.

The very weird thing about this shooting incident is that every single student knew immediately who the perpetrator is. His psychology was well known to everyone there. And like sheep to slaughter they flocked to their no-gun zone unprotected. And yet, the obvious sensible solution for American and European liberals is to eliminate American second amended Constitutional right while for the most part reserving that right for themselves. Kim Kardashian, really? That's who we look to for political opinion?

* PICTURED: Beloved track coach and teenage girl are named among the 17 tragic victims of Florida high school massacre as many more fight for...

* Why was it allowed to happen? Outcry as it's revealed gunman was BANNED from carrying a schoolbag before his expulsion and had been flagged...

* 'Prayers won't do this. Congress, please do your job': Kim Kardashian leads celebs on Twitter demanding action after yet another gun...

* Shocking Instagram posts of 'troubled' school shooter Nikolas Cruz reveal his twisted obsession for guns, violence and hurting animals - as...

* Moment Florida school shooter finally surrenders to cops after bloody rampage that killed 17 before being booked at police headquarters in a...

* 'A child of God is dead!': Former CIA official breaks down in tears while discussing Florida school shooting with CNN's Wolf Blitzer

* We can't let this go on. No more of our children can die': Furious mother of Florida victim breaks down as she laments yet another school...

* 'Our school's getting shot up, I'm scared': How terrified students sent video, texts and pictures while they huddled under their desks...

* 'How long will we accept weapons of war being used to slaughter our children?' Outrage as it's revealed that the AR-15 is yet AGAIN a mass...

* 'No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school': Trump offers prayers and condolences to victims of mass...

** 'She's sharp': Finally Big Brother's Omarosa has something positive to say about the White House as she reveals what it was like working for...

** I'm an Indian, honest! Elizabeth Warren makes surprise appearance at Native American conference to slam Trump for calling her Pocahontas and...

** 'To my one and only': Michelle Obama dedicates a romantic Valentine's Day playlist to Barack - as former president gushes that his wife...

* Teen 'boasted to friends he hoped to kill up to 150 people in elementary school massacre days before attack in which he killed one boy...

** EXCLUSIVE: Doomed White House romance is over! Hope Hicks and disgraced Rob Porter have SPLIT, say friends, after wife-beating scandal that...

** EXCLUSIVE: Letter to FBI reveals Rob Porter’s friend tried to smear battered ex-wife claiming she tried to POISON Porter’s ex-girlfriend

** 'How in the hell was still he employed?' Republican Trey Gowdy who probed Benghazi wants answers on Rob Porter scandal

** Trump STILL won't publicly declare support for John Kelly – but insists he is so 'totally opposed to domestic violence' that 'it wouldn't...

** 'There is nothing worse in the world than domestic abuse': Eric Trump says 'the lowest of the low' abuse women following confusing comments...

** I can tell all now says Stormy Daniels after Trump's lawyer admitted $130,000 hush money payment to porn star over sex claims

** Trump's screaming fit at size of his inauguration crowd is revealed as Reince Priebus tells how he ordered proof it was bigger than Obama's

** Third Trump aide resigns after his security clearance was denied over a few marijuana joints – but an Obama deputy chief of staff was...

** Trump's military parade could cost $30 MILLION admits White House budget boss - who says they've not put aside a cent for show of power

** Feeling the love? Melania Trump dons a $3,000 red coat to decorate cookies and exchange cards with sick children, as Twitter calls her out...

** White House REFUSES to discuss immigration status of Melania’s parents saying question over whether they are here from 'chain migration' was...

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Some days nature makes you feel as if you are in a Chagall painting


Jug ears, Egyptian valentine

I was watching a sequence of videos, mashups and remixes of Hillary's most annoying most damaging moments, queued up on YouTube one after another. OMG, so intensely annoying it's actually hilarious such that  just watching makes you slip into prayerful thanksgiving and rejoice. Then the third one is Obama stuttering "if, if, if, if, if, if, if," put on loop, and the closeup caused me to realize, oh, that's why they call him Jug Ears. It's not like Jughead Jones from Archie comics, and it's not jugs for ears, it's the handles on jugs, the head being the jug and jug handles being the ears. I think. Although jugs do not have handles like those ears while the large ears are shaped like jugs.

That jug shape with handles is the Egyptian word "ib" meaning "heart."

I think of it as a jug. Egyptians understood it as heart. An animal's heart. A cow's heart, I think. A cow's heart really is shaped  like a vase. So we see this hieroglyphic shape in jewelry and amulets and actual vases. It is an Egyptian valentine, would be, except it predates St. Valentine by a few thousand years. Obama's head is an Egyptian valentine based on his ears.

So do Obama's detractors deride Obama by calling him cow heart or Egyptian valentine? No. They call him Jug Ears.

Annoying remix videos follow.

Ron Johnson to President Donald Trump: "it makes no sense to try and bring back high labor manufacturing jobs"

Yesterday Sundance put up an hour-long video of Trump hosting a round table discussion on trade. President Trump invited the media to keep their cameras rolling while he put Republican senators at ease to argue their points of view. The Republicans exposed their anti-American corporate business agenda.

Today, Sundance lifts the part that bugs him the most.

Ron Johnson, Republican senator from Wisconsin was the most explicit. Wisconsin, the state where FoxConn, one of the world's largest electronic manufacturer, unveiled plans to build a new factory.

Ron Johnson:
In seven years I have not visited one manufacturer [in Wisconsin] that could hire enough people. That was certainly my experience in the last 20, 25 years. For a host of reasons, we tell our kids, you have to get a four-year degree. We pay people not to work. So we do need to be concerned about, in such a tight labor market, do we have enough workers in manufacturing. 
So my final point is, it makes no sense for me to try and bring back high labor-content manufacturing to America. We need to do the value added things. And so I would just say, proceed with real caution there.
There is a lot more at the treehouse.  Including a video cued to Ron Johnson speaking.

Ron Johnson is saying what my professors said w-a-a-a-a-y back in 1983 at Regis. One professor in particular is insufferably memorable through the decades. The professor was a successful businessman and ostentatiously wealthy. I cannot forget his imposing height and girth that suggested a diet of rich dense hors d'oeuvres and his ridiculously expensive perfectly tailored Italian suits, but most of all his exceedingly annoying all-knowing shit-eating grin while delivering sweeping unassailable macro-economic socio-economic statements that disrupted conventional thinking and challenged by ridicule students to challenge him where his one-sentence responses take the place for thoughtful explanation. It was a worthless class.
"Why not just ship the entire factories to third world countries? Pack up the whole factory and ship them off to Central and South America. What do Americans need with those low paying jobs when cheap labor is abundantly available elsewhere? They can do something more advanced than manufacturing. That's what the first world is about."
Well, Mr. Professor, Sir, the flaw of your analysis is those manufacturing plants are not locked in their time. Your conceptualization in anachronistic and backward thinking, not forward thinking as it presumes. It denies regular capital investment that results in fewer manufacturing workers matched to increased production through advancements in technologies by shipping entire plants out of the country instead of upgrading and keeping them here. Your plan shuts out American workers and shunts them to imagined service industries left for invention. And does not protect those imaginary jobs from the same fate. Your plan does not account for what happens to American workers when their service jobs are likewise outsourced, unemployment, increased welfare, the moribundity and death of entire towns and cities, drug addiction. Your analysis is in spreadsheet columns and not in people. Your thinking is in the flow of products and rivers of currencies, and not in the stable family lives of American citizens.

I was distressed with my first Toshiba laptop computer (and second and third) when I called for tech support and got a guy in India on the other side of the line. I was truly confused about this development. Why weren't they hiring people like me?  I felt sympathy for graduates younger than myself just beginning to look for work. Why were those very first technical service jobs outsourced? Why aren't they going to young American students or graduates or apprentices? They would be perfect careers for young college graduates such as myself. But no. Due to cheap communications, it is less expensive to outsource all that work overseas (and that's rather impressive right there) instead of engaging the task of training young Americans for this new class of jobs. With the advantage of English being their first language and spoken fluently without wildly distorted impenetrable accents. American consumers pay the additional price of penetrating those impenetrably wild accents. It's not fair to the Asian foreigners frustrated with impatient Americans, and it's not fair to American consumers who deserve an American voice and American employed person at the other end of the line. Just because the foreign IT guy claims English a second language doesn't mean he can be understood. And their training in preternatural patience with frustrated American consumers does not compensate for the unfairness put on both. Silicon Valley broke their social agreement. That imaginary liberal construct that the left keeps pontificating about, the tacit understanding that successful companies pay back to country that gave them so much infrastructure, so much opportunity, so much freedom to succeed so impressively. Instead the companies take the short-sighted narrow globalist view imagining an immediate robust American market for their electronics produced elsewhere by cheap labor and lower cost and higher profit until nearly all U.S. production is outsourced along with its service portion and with long-term results of the reliable American middle class market shrunken to near extinction.

Ron Johnson's concerns make sense at tip of his nose and his own wallet. The problems he addresses are the results of outsourcing and can be reversed just as they were initiated. He left out the problem of entire American towns ravaged by opioid addiction. They're addicted because they are jobless, now jobless because they're addicted. Trump impelled these Republican men to state their  Chamber of Commerce positions, so disastrous to American employment. Trump achieves quite a lot by this exposure to sunlight. In the least Trump compelled media to produce his next campaign clips for him.


We had a prolonged drought that produced too few clouds to make a photogenic sunrise. Then we had a week of overcast - too many clouds to even see if the sun rose.

Today - some clouds, some sun, and a few pictures. Here is one:

It's always good to be here for yet another sunrise, just sayin'.

Liberace at 2018 Winter Olympics

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Whose that GIrl

She was hot stuff back in the twenties. So hot she got the biggest star in the world to marry her. She had been divorced but she tamed a legendary cocks-man and broke him to heel. Of course she had to get rid of his first wife so she had her burned up in a fire.

She got what she wanted. She was the original tough cookie of the flapper age. The only broad who was tougher was the other whore who bagged the King of England.

Still and all she was a popular figure and cheered at appearances well into her eighties.

Whose that girl?

The Babe Abides

"Babe let me introduce to our new center fielder....Joe DiMaggio."
"Hi ya Keed."
"      "
"Hey you are a dummy or something? Doncha talk?"
"       "
"Joe isn't much for the small talk Babe but he is a helluva hitter."
"That's Ok. Bob Meusel didn't say shit if he had a mouthful. Course he was  fag so he usually had his mouth full of dick so you could never understand what he said anyway. Say you look like you are one of them Eyetalians? Like Tony Lazzeri? Here's a tip. Stay away from cellar stairs."
"    "
"Enough of this shit. Lets get a cigar and a couple of broads."
"Sounds good Babe."

WKRLEM: No comment

On the other hand this video has 7000 comments on Youtube.

7000 negative comments. In two days. Just sayn'

AllenS Foto Funnies

After watching the movie about National Lampoon magazine (which I used to read all the time) I decided to call this "Foto Funnies" to honor their pioneering work in print humor.

I know AllenS got this in the mail, he did not write the caption, but that said, I would have used the word "bobsled" rather than "bobsleigh". The latter sounds like homicide. 

Iran accuses West of using lizards for nuclear spying

Story via Drudge on The Times of Israel. Oh man, we are so busted.

Animated presidential portrait

Café du Monde beignets

It's Fat Tuesday, the traditional time to stuff your pie-holes with things made of egg and sugar and lard, the things that you cannot have for forty days. But that's traditional European Catholic and we're Americans so we cannot be bossed around by those arcane rules.

While we can eat all the doughnuts we like any time that wish.

Everyone drives me nuts.

The guy at Café du Monde drives me nuts for his careless non caring attitude. The husband and wife drive me nuts because the Café du Monde box of beignet mix is a hoax. And the Irish woman who talks funny drives me nuts because all cooks from those islands of Great Britain and Ireland cannot help from saying "lovely" half a dozen times whenever they talk about food. And that proves they are mob mentality. I heard 5 "lovelies." But who's counting?

It's a yeast dough with egg, milk, sugar, and fat, that is fried in oil. Beignet means fritter in English. They were originally made from pâte à choux dough, that is boiled milk with flour stirred into it and cooked stovetop before eggs beaten in. They puff up hollow when baked or deep-fried leaving room to squirt filling into, usually a fruit mixture or crème anglaise or lemon custard. Cream puffs.

But all that's too much. Nowadays they are doughnuts.

Two related videos follow.

M-fold pop-up card and love chaos

This here is what you call a public service.

It's going to be Valentine's day in, what, a couple of days. You cannot buy a card so precious as one that you make. Because you put your heart into the effort, and it shows, and that's what the day is all about. It's a made up holiday anyway to compel you into buying something to compensate for your lack of imagination but you can use that and take advantage of the opportunity to express your genuine affection. You don't have to be in love. You just need to want some attention.

It's an attention-getting thing. Totally self-serving.

You have time enough to make a delightful and imaginative card. One that will become a keepsake.

This is Duncan Birmingham, author of pop-up tutorial books, graciously sharing his hard-earned card-related wisdom. He demonstrates what he calls an "M-fold." It could just as easily be called a "W-fold." It is a fan fitted with tabs to attach to both sides of a card. The creases of the fan have scissor snip cuts to push out the paper in the opposite direction to invert the creases in spots. These creases and multiple inversions allow increased surface directions to attach content. For greater chaos. This fan is the base for content.

What is your content?

That's easy. It's already shown to you on millions of Valentine's Day cards. Hearts. With little paper slips to extend the hearts off the M-fold fan mechanism. Like hearts on sticks. Attached to creases of the fan going in all directions. Flying all around chaotically in all directions. Utterly random and unplanned. But the way it opens to chaos and folds back to a neat package gives the appearance that you planned all that in advance, when you didn't, you just slopped your way through the whole thing.

All you did was check each random addition to make sure it fits inside when the card is closed.

You can put creases into paper like a fan, can't you? You can cut out heart shapes, can't you? You can certainly cut slips of paper like flat little 2x4 boards, can't you? You can glue things like a kindergartner. Therefore you can do this easily. QED.

Stop! I'm not having any excuses. Just watch how simple this is.

That was easy as eating pie.

This too is easy but it fools you by seeming advanced. Odd that it's Birmingham's final YouTube tutorial. That's because it incorporates a doubling of a basic V concept in opposition, then cleverly unites those two V mechanism into one simple piece of paper, and further connects the two origami Vs at opposite corners. That creates two new planes of surface area to attach content. You end up with all this surface area of planes in different directions that you can attach your artistic content. 

Your content can be sensible like the arms and legs of a person that all move outwardly when the card is opened. Or it can be chaotic like hearts extended on slips of paper. Your slips of paper can be arrows if you like. Make one of the hearts a Cupid shooting arrows and all the rest, arrows and hearts strewing all over the place like a tornado. It's actually a mere 90° turn. But 4 of those on separate planes gives a full 360° rotation. And on 6 planes at various angles you get total chaos. And it all twists back into a flat folded card.

You have to imagine his pup tent and the Vs that support it all covered with hearts.

This is actually a children's project.

Here is my own representation of this same thing.

It's one piece of paper folded origami style to form two opposing V mechanisms. The non-V bowtie shape is glued to the background card. Mine uses hinges at opposite corners to attach another piece of folded paper that covers the origami mechanism flatly when the card is fully opened. 

Notice that Birmingham's example does not go down completely flat when fully opened. His final piece stays the shape of a pup tent. So all his content attached to those two planes will remain suspended in the air at whatever angle he chooses.  And having hearts stay stuck in the air looks more chaotic when fully opened. 

If you form it to open flatly then all your attached content will also open flatly. Splayed out as if strewn across the whole card.

This gif shows the original idea of two separate opposite V mechanisms, then how that became one-piece origami. It's the natural development of doing this a few times. You go, hey, this could be one piece. Then it shows the hinges on opposite corners, and the final piece attached to the hinges that looks like a pup tent. My example is a fully flattened pup tent.


The artistic content of this example is Easter eggs extended on slips of paper but yours can be hearts. Actually, yours can be anything you desire, like anything you recall from Valentine's Day cards, little Cupids, little animals, cute teddy bears in love, turtles, arrows through hearts, actual bloody human hearts, Egyptian signs for heart, flowers, spaghetti, a car wreck, a light bulb factory explosion, a person spreading their arms and legs, a horse cut to pieces then attached to different planes, gangsters having a shootout with Tommy machine guns for a St. Valentine Day massacre, box of chocolates and roses and Champaign strew all over like the aftermath of a holiday orgy, anything, anything you can draw or cut out, absolutely anything.

January 5th Susan Rice sends memo to herself

Note to self: Be sure to remember that today we had a White House meeting between the intelligence community and President Obama and another meeting with FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Vice President Biden was here too.  
And the whole time President Obama kept saying "we gotta do this by the book." By the book, by the book, by the book, over and over, he kept driving me crazy saying we gotta do this thing legally by the book so that nothing can be criticized about our investigation. 
And I'm sitting here wondering, which book? The law book? There's a million of those. The Bible? There's like, what, sixty-six of those depending on who's counting. He must mean Rules For Radicals
And then Obama said that considering this whole Russia interference thing and Trump cooperating with them that's proven by Hillary Clinton losing our election, we should be super careful not to reveal anything to the transition team that could be illegal, like we're talking to traitors, while we must talk to them and act normal.  
Then the president asked Comey to keep him up to date even though he won't be president anymore. Like, who even cares?
Best to read the original thing for yourselves. I'm terrible at transcribing from memory.

But this part I know I have right. This note Rice sent to herself was on inauguration day. She is transparently covering her butt about something important. Senators Grassley and Graham are all WTF? They sent Rice a request for clarification on 12 questions they'd like to have answered. They're asking a known liar to explain her lie-note to her lying self. A tight little feedback loop of a lie about lies between the two halves of a split personality liar. You don't ask these questions that you don't already know the answers to. And you don't value the answer from liars. They're saying to her, "you're busted."

Tucker Carlson: Hard to find a dictator the left hasn't supported.

Carlson reviews the left's affection for dictators concluding they all have father issues and all the rest is window dressing. It's annoying. Skip to 2:33 for his interview with Deirdre Griswold a North Korea sympathizer who has a rigid and narrow perception so that nothing can be discussed beyond her own conclusions. All based on her travel there. Also annoying. She's frustrated with Carlson bringing up freedom as unimportant to Carlson's viewers. She can talk about North Korea having 100% literacy but not talk about them having only propaganda for reading material, and so on.

Neither of them talk about how literacy is measured. Griswold has acute perception of American war hawks but no perception of N.K. decades long history of provocations and outright threats. They are shooting off rockets, after all, and threatening America directly, then claims N.K. doesn't want nuclear war. Her sharp and precise vision doesn't bother seeing the forest of soul-crushing abuse on a national scale even when she goes directly to it.

The Tucker Carlson show is about putting up extreme crackpots to display to his viewers there actually are people like this. And, no, you cannot even talk to them.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Whose that Guinea?

She rhymes with spaghetti but is a tasty piece of Italian Bacala. A singer and actress she made some movies with the obnoxious part of a famous team but steal remained delightful at all times.

Where I really know her from believe it or not was from a joke in the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Still she was an all time beautiful Italian actress from the Fifties.

Whose that Guinea?

And the wind did blow...

When the temperature drops by 40 degrees in little over a day there has to be some serious differences in barometric pressure across an area. We got that.

We also have fungi popping up -- that happens when the drought ends. We are definitely having some La Nina weather now, which is a good thing, right up until it isn't.

These are turkey tail fungi I found in my backyard today. They are among the first plants that begin to break down wood that is in ground contact. Those are growing on the roots of a silver maple I had taken down a couple of years ago.

This is a bowl I turned out of that silver maple, sitting on the remaining stump.

As I have written, I am not a big fan of Antonio Vivaldi, but at times I find his work amusing. This one seemed appropriate to today's weather:

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Toot’s Shors Saloon, August 1, 1962(Joe DiMaggio walks into Toots Shore’s saloon, what he doesn’t know is that his ex wife Marilyn Monroe is sitting in the back)
Toots: Hey Joe, how ya doing….ah…Marilyn’s here…in the back…just so you know.
Joe DiMaggio:
Toots: I don’t want no trouble Joe, why don’t you just go up and say hello.(Joe walks to the back to say hello and stands in front of her table)
Marilyn: ( stands up and kisses Joe on the Cheek and says in a breathy sexy voice) Hi Joe. Did you miss me? (Marilyn sits down opposite Joe, and as she does her legs are really open. She is definitely not wearing any underwear She begins to queef quietly, just barely audible over the sounds of the bar)
Joe DiMaggio:
Toots: Of course he missed ya kid.

The best athlete at the Olympics

Barack and Michelle Obama's portraits for Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Drudge calls Michelle's portrait a disaster. Daily Caller says the audience reaction says it all. Daily Caller's comment section is hateful and rotten.

Canadian site, Small Dead Animals substitutes this Photoshop.

I'm telling you. It's bad out there.  Real bad. *shakes necktie knot* There ain't no respect. No respect at all. 


I'm watching BBCs Life with David Attenborough. This episode is about plants. He is describing vines. First, a regular helicopter seed plant that drops seeds nearby, then a glider seed from a gourd bearing vine that distributes seeds far from the parent vine. I cannot find a video in English, this one is ripping off BBC in another language. The second video also in another language is family watching the seed flying around.

Make homemade flour tortillas

Thank you, Christine.

Environmentalists sue DOJ over checkerspot butterfly

Endangered species. The wall threatens their migration patterns. And if the butterfly thing doesn't work then they'll meet your butterfly and raise you a Riverside fairy shrimp and Pacific pocket mouse. Full long thorough overly wordy story with details crucial to comprehension you won't want to miss at Legal Insurrection where erudite commenters never complain about girth or length.

Here, have a picture instead. I made this for you.

Apparently, some butterflies cannot fly very high. Some prototypes of walls that I saw have slats that allow tiny creatures to pass. They should have went with the Mexican wolf or the Mexican deer, or Mexican bison. The Mexican bear. Or Mexican moose. Or Mexican Sasquatch. Or the very rare Mexican unicorn.

Olympics wardrobe malfunction

I'm not watching the Olympics. But I have seen some interesting videos. The one linked on Drudge to Red Gerard, a 5'5" snowboarder is the cutest thing ever. Children. Bless their hearts. He had no idea how big the Olympics phenominon is. And now he does know by being there and by winning the gold medal.

I keep reading about how Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are delivering brutal commentary on skating but so far all the videos uploaded to YouTube are more interested in delivering fake news of gay skaters engaged in a dispute with Pence and with Trump. Yet the videos of these skaters can tell you they have very little interest in political messaging and no time for disputes. All the rest are about South Korean skater Yura Min's wardrobe mishap. (Most the videos are the robot voice) And for some reason, not the real music. Her back showed. Maybe it was her front. You tell me, sometimes I'm not that great with backs and fronts.

Dwarf lawyer gets her revenge

Another item linked on Ace of Spades overnight thread. A witness could not give testimony in court because he was laughing too hard at the sight of the lawyer being a midget. The witness sang, "High ho, high ho, off to work we go." Am I a bad person for laughing too? Because that's just too f'k'n stupid. Photos at Daily Mail.

Man, that Misanthropic Humanitarian guy at Ace sure is loquacious. He took three whole paragraphs just to describe the link.

Social experiment separates triplet males at birth.

This story on Oddity Central was linked at Ace of Spades overnight thread. This really is worth reading the whole thing. I'm going to make this so short you'll be dying for more.

A dude goes to college and everyone he meets there treats him oddly like they already know him quite well. It spooks him. His new roommate tells him that he might have a twin.

He does.

They re-unite and their story is publicized.

A third man their same age and same general look and born on the same day reads their story and believes he is their brother.

The story gets so spooky it'll spook your pants off. And then it gets malevolent. And then it gets sad. And then there's a movie.

Oh man, I left out so many crucial details it's an injustice.

Royal Gorge incline train

You must go to Royal Gorge.