Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Jug ears, Egyptian valentine

I was watching a sequence of videos, mashups and remixes of Hillary's most annoying most damaging moments, queued up on YouTube one after another. OMG, so intensely annoying it's actually hilarious such that  just watching makes you slip into prayerful thanksgiving and rejoice. Then the third one is Obama stuttering "if, if, if, if, if, if, if," put on loop, and the closeup caused me to realize, oh, that's why they call him Jug Ears. It's not like Jughead Jones from Archie comics, and it's not jugs for ears, it's the handles on jugs, the head being the jug and jug handles being the ears. I think. Although jugs do not have handles like those ears while the large ears are shaped like jugs.

That jug shape with handles is the Egyptian word "ib" meaning "heart."

I think of it as a jug. Egyptians understood it as heart. An animal's heart. A cow's heart, I think. A cow's heart really is shaped  like a vase. So we see this hieroglyphic shape in jewelry and amulets and actual vases. It is an Egyptian valentine, would be, except it predates St. Valentine by a few thousand years. Obama's head is an Egyptian valentine based on his ears.

So do Obama's detractors deride Obama by calling him cow heart or Egyptian valentine? No. They call him Jug Ears.

Annoying remix videos follow.

Legal Insurrection was discussing Ruth Vader Ginsburg blaming a macho atmosphere for Hillarys Loss. Sure, Ruth, go with that. 


Amartel said...

If you google "Obama jug ears" the first item that comes up is a story from CBS "Obama: I was bullied for my big ears."
Followed by more of the same.
Everyone's a victim, even the leader of the motherfucking free world. Bullied Barry got got his, though, because his presidential portrait has jug ears but big hands. See kids? Whining has its rewards.

The first time Obama described as "Jug Ears" was early on while he was still a candidate and a singer, female, someone famous but not super famous, called him that. Guess the race.

Methadras said...

Speaking of ethnic stereotypes, why doesn't Elizabeth Warren, just get a cheap 23 and me genetic test and publish the results? If she's a legit percentage Cherokee, then all of her fauxcahontas critics will go away.

edutcher said...

Because she isn't?

BTW Did you know there was a real white whale that, along with the sinking of the Essex, inspired Melville? He survived 100 attacks over 20 years.

Except his name wasn't Moby.

It was Mocha, Mocha Dick.

Feel free to use as you wish.

ricpic said...

Has anyone ordered "A cup of Mocha Java" in the last fifty years? Well, not in my experience.

So if jug translates as heart Barry must be the exception, eh?

Rabel said...

"Speaking of ethnic stereotypes, why doesn't Elizabeth Warren, just get a cheap 23 and me genetic test and publish the results?"

It's a near certainty that Warren has had a genetic test.

ampersand said...

Mocha Dick was the lifelong obsession of Captain Titus.

edutcher said...

A Dick like that could cost you more than a leg.