Friday, March 3, 2017

Fake News All the Way Down!

So you remember the Anti-Semitic bomb threats and hate that CNN  blames on Donald Trump? Well it turns out it was committed by a fake journalist who was stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Juan Thompson, 31, of St. Louis, Mo was fired for making up a story about Dylann Roof that nut job who killed those churchgoers in South Carolina. He just made it up. You know. The way most of the news is made up by the New York Times and the Washington Post and CNN. He is the exception because he got fired. Maybe because he was blatant. Maybe because he was black. It seems the journalists who get fired for making shit up all seem to be black. Janet Cooke. Jayson Blair. These scumbags protect their own. They are at bottom racist and elitists. So when one of the lower caste fucks up they throw them to the wolves.

I hope Spicer and Bannon and Conway take this guy and beat CNN and the rest of media over the head. Hit that pious scumbag Jake Tapper with it the next time he tweets out some bullshit. Hammer them. Because this guy is a real journalist. He does what they do all the time. He just got caught.


AprilApple said...

After the election -the media went full fake news reporting fake hate crimes commited by leftists in their desperate attempt to make Trump look bad.

Leftists are evil ISIS assholes.

edutcher said...

They can't win without lying and people are getting wise to that.

AllenS said...

Watch the MSM double down on fake news. It's all they have.