Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I.R.S. retraining center

A link on Insty set me off. A story about tea party looking for justice after Lois Lerner retirement. Talk about immunity for testimony. That's what did it. The link goes to Fox.

Maybe I had just avoid Insty for blood pressure control. But boy, this sure did go fast. I saw it instantly and it made itself just as fast. Fastest therapy ever, and I mean it.

To make your own therapeutic I.R.S. Retraining Center you must go to office supply and ask for a ream of card stock. It is ordinary copy paper that is thicker than normal so not a full ream and it suits our needs nicely.

You will need I-bars so might as well go ahead and make those. Score a sheet of card stock and cut every third score. The scores make creases perfect. 

We're going to make a table. 

Our table will have special uprights that will be instantly recognizable. One will be enough. Three will be fine. Five sufficient for now. Seven would be nice. Fifteen impressive. A row of twenty-five might be going a bit too far for paper but no exaggeration.


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

The IRS is a rapist. We are the sexy, un-veiled fresh meat.

Don't let it get you down.

Rabel said...

Excellent Chip. Much better than Insty's wimpy tar and feathers line.

Lem said...

There was a prosecutor named Jim Garrison who started sending out subpoenas, investigating the assassination of JFK.

Where are the Jim Garrisons of today?

You mean to tell me there isn't a grand jury looking into this?

Lem said...

There press is not following up on it. that I can tell.

edutcher said...

Lerner is trying to save herself from the public storm when the details come out.

Rotsa ruck, kiddo.

JAL said...

Give her underlings an immunity or two or three.

NOT her.

I wish I could joke about the popcorn.

Don't we wish.