Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Are you watching this? I think it's terrific so far -- especially Susan Sarandon. She has Bette Davis nailed.


edutcher said...

When they start in with the ageism and sexism nonsense, it's enough to lose me.

An average actor's shelf life in them thar days (50s and 60s) was 10 years.

Yeah, you could have a lot of older people sitting around talking boring stuff about "relationships" like Capt Picard's crowd, or you could have guys going up and doing stuff - and that's the province of the young.

Like it or not.

And the "feud" was the result of Joan Crawford stealing Franchot Tone from Bette Davis and Ms Davis waiting decades to get even (who knew she was a Klingon?). No more, no less.

deborah said...


chickelit said...

I'll take that as a "no", ed.

AprilApple said...

FX? - is that cable? no.

deborah said...

Miss Davis being a Klingon.

Titus said...

I am watching it and think it is terrific. Hedda Hopper was horrible. I read about her after watching the show and she sounded like a nasty bitch.