Thursday, December 15, 2016

flaca mala

I couldn't make out all the words to the song, but I know that flaca means "skinny" by a Spanish television show called "El Gordo y La Flaca" hosted by a fat man and a thin woman, Raúl De Molina and Lili Estefan. And of course mala means "bad" (female).

I'm watching Dexter on Netflix, a great show right from the start that gets better and better and more engrossing as it goes. I Just now rated it five stars and saw the rating go from three stars to five stars just like that. And that makes me think Netflix is showing me my own rating and no longer showing me overall rating.

Dexter's sister is in the same police unit as Dexter so that complicates his activities. At times I wonder if the writers hate women because most of the episodes center on all the insane difficulties that women in Dexter's life bring to him, bearing down on him getting all up in his space, hounding him. His mother's death caused his psychopathy, his sister is too close for comfort at work, his girlfriend is essentially a series of problems for him from start and throughout, back and forth, his rehab partner is a damaged psychopath too, like himself,  whom he eventually kills and viewers see this coming ten miles away, his female boss gets too close for comfort hovering over his work.

I'm at the end of Season 3 episode 3 where his sister interrogates one of her informants who resists her aggressive questioning. She shoves the informant into a bathroom and he challenges her by lighting up a joint. She arrests him or else he'd never respect her authority and she'd forfeit him as informant. Her boss pressures her to let him go. She does. Then she mets up with him again approaching with contrition in an attempt to start over. He tells her that he's sorry too, that he's been thinking about her. In fact, he wrote a song for her but he's not finished with it yet. He gets up to perform.

I'm curious about the lyrics. Why does the girl on the dance floor say, "Ha! So you're the mean skinny bitch?"  I heard "(something) skinny bad (woman)."

I love the internet.

All I had to do was inquire [flaca mala] and boom, the answer explodes on the screen. I didn't even have "Dexter" in my inquiry. Right at the top of results, "Anton's Song (Puta Flaca Mala) : Dexter - Reddit"

Es... puta flaca mala
Eso es exactamente lo que es
Te ata por los cojones y despues
Te arrastra a la cárcel Se reirá por todo el camino de ti porque
Puta flaca mala
Puta flaca mala
Puta flaca mala
Puta flaca mala

She is... a skinny mean bitch
That's exactly what she is
She grabs you by the balls and then
She drags you off to jail
She'll laugh at you all the way
Skinny mean bitch
Skinny mean bitch
Skinny mean bitch
Skinny mean bitch

The show is loaded with fine touches like this. The dry humor throughout is impressive.

See? It's not just me grabbed by this show. YouTube has this scene in Spanish. Check out the comments over there on YouTube. People are appreciative this scene is uploaded, the English version, less so the Spanish version.

I wonder why the show is not rated higher. It's one of the best shows that I've seen. And this is just one extra element, an extra little touch that is not crucial to plot development and yet it is so well done. Catchy tune. People are saying they want the whole song. Here, by Roby Santini. There are several uploads to YouTube.

Speaking of... you needn't wait or search for the proper recording to have it. You can copy the YouTube address and then type [youtube to mp3] in your browser and several results will appear for sites that will ask you to enter the YouTube address for the music video and then convert it to an mp3 file and download it to your computer's "download" file. Click on the new mp3 file in your downloads  file and it will be automatically picked up and copied into your i-Tunes program if you have that in your applications. Then you can drag the copy in downloads to the trash. It's a handy way to grab music that you cannot find in Amazon or in iTunes store.

While I'm on it I should mention an Android app that I've found more useful than expected. It's called "Shazam," a free app. It works well even for slow people like myself. I'll hear a song on television that I like, or on some internet site, grab the phone, open Shazam and tap the button and the app listens for ambient music then identifies the song. So far with 100% success. It's very fast. It's worked on the first few notes, like "Name That Song" two notes, bang! The song is identified. I've found a lot of music this way, available on Amazon prime, or to buy on Amazon or on iTunes or to download from YouTube the way described.


AprilApple said...

I watched a few episodes of Dexter a few years ago. A basic revenge plot is generally appealing to me, but I didn't like the cruelty and gruesomeness of it. Not for everyone. I'm kinda delicate and impressionable.

Thanks for the shazam hint.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

The concept of a serial killer who kills serial killers, but it got into that whole predestination vs. free will thing.

To Calvinistic for my tastes.

bagoh20 said...

That scene seems a little improbable since all of America now speaks a little Spanish and those are three of the first words you learn. The dumb gringo that doesn't understand Spanish is an overused Hispanic theme.

It's always easier to speak a foreign language than to understand a speaker, because when speaking you are in control and choose to use the words you know. A foreign speaker uses the correct words whether you know them or not. When you speak with a foreigner that knows a little English a strange dynamic occurs. You almost never speak the same language. They try mostly in English and you try mostly in Spanish, and I think the reason above is why. When that happens, you are both accepting that neither of you speaks the other's language well enough to conduct the conversation in just one tongue. On the other hand, a foreigner that does speak English can feel insulted if you try to speak to them in broken Spanish. People are hard. That's why I prefer dogs.

deborah said...

Like April, I'm delicate and impressionable. Evi, thanks for the spoiler. Not:)

Coincidentally, I got into a long discussion with a guy while in the waiting room at the tires shop. We have very similar tastes in tv and books and talked a lot. He brought up Dexter, and I said I didn't watch it because of the subject matter. He said, semi-ironically, that he only kills bad guys. I knew that, of course. But what tempts me now is he said the dialog is excellent.

Sixty Grit said...

Is this a pop-up book thread?

I had an idea of a marketing table based on a pop-up mechanism - you roll the thing onsite, undo a latch, pop it up and bam, start selling.

Instead of paper I think plywood would work better. Now all I need is a theme and pop-up expertise.