Friday, March 3, 2017

Tutorial: Large Aquascape

They say "huge," not large. The video is twenty-two minutes. I hesitated on this because I'm uncertain of interest here but then the comments on YouTube are all complimentary and awestruck. Commenters there are more impressed than I was.

My tank at home leaked. What a bummer! It's drained now and the substrate gravel is removed. I wanted to change all that stuff out anyway to rid it of snails and start over with all new elements. Snails come in with the plants so the new tank will be started with all plant clones. I've had this tank for twenty-five years and totally dug it the whole time. It's been a great object of interest. I've had a great time with this tank. But it's scratched all over inside and I should just get a new one. What the heck. They're rather cheap.


Lem said...

And here's the place where I remind you that if you are getting a new fish tank to use The Lems Levity Amazon Portal. (It won't be as heavy)

Synova said...

I just got a new fish tank. I did try to use a few of the things that Chip has shown before such as building differences in depth of gravel and little cliffs of rocks, though the plants are just going to have to hang in there until some fish poop happens. The plants were doing well in the little tank and I moved most of them over.

Now I'm wishing that I'd taken the time to figure out some better substrate for plants.

I got crayfish from my husband's co-worker. Somehow they were managing to rip the tails off the male guppies. So now the tails are growing back but the dorsal fin is still really long and flowing, so they look funny. The crayfish are still in the little tank.