Monday, March 20, 2017

Superfolder file

Uploaded by YouTube member TheDylan Gamer206. Of the ten or so videos about these books that I watched three were uploaded by boys excited about the books. Their raw enthusiasm is a pleasure to see. The first video is a pre-teen talking about the books separately along with other books that he's excited about. The second video another boy describes a few books in the set purchased separately. He's only read half of one of the books and he's stoked about reading the other two that he has.

I think this boy here is the best.

Nice video! He's quite the presenter. I love him discovering the book of colored paper.

8-book boxed set available on Amazon (nearly $40.00) but not through Amazon Prime. 

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Sixty Grit said...

OT, but I just started watching Samurai Gourmet on Netflix - the food looks great.