Monday, March 27, 2017

"Italy Could Soon Offer Women Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’"

Via Drudge:  The proposed law is currently being debated in the country’s parliament. If passed, it would mandate that companies enforce a “menstrual leave” policy and offer three paid days off each month to working women who experience painful periods.

Health experts and local media outlets have praised the proposal, saying it was a step in the right direction and would shed light on the silent plight of women suffering from debilitating cramps that can sometimes affect their ability to work.

But the bill also has critics, including women who fear this sort of measure could backfire and end up stigmatizing them.

Writing in Donna Moderna, another women’s magazine, Lorenza Pleuteri argued that if women were granted extra paid leave, employers would be even more reluctant to hire women, in a country where women already struggle to integrate the workforce.

In fact, due to enduring cultural stereotypes, Italy has one of the lowest rates of female labor participation in the workforce , with a staggering one in four women getting fired just before or after getting pregnant, according to the Italian National Institute for Statistics.

Miriam Goi, a feminist writer, made a similar point in Vice Italy. She fears that rather than breaking taboos about women’s menstrual cycle, the measure could end up perpetuating the idea that women are more emotional than men and require special treatment.

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rhhardin said...

the measure could end up perpetuating the idea that women are more emotional than men and require special treatment.

The idea is right though.

It's not the reason it's a bad law. It's a bad law because it makes women uncompetitive in areas where they are competitive.

edutcher said...

American feminuts will demand this, but, in the next breath, insist women should go into combat.

bagoh20 said...

What about paid leave for the men who have to live with them - you know, the real victims.

rcommal said...

We don't live in Italy.

rcommal said...

Now, on the other hand, both my husband and I (each and separately, prior to our marriage back in the day) always paid premiums for health insurance).

We were raised right.

Also, we whine way less than you guys do. It's likely on account of how breathtaking you folks you are, more likely than not more subsidized than subsidizing.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

What about giving men mini vacations to get away instead?

Methadras said...

Italy is already one of the largest man-baby welfare states in the world. How they fucking get anything done is a mystery to me.

Rabel said...

Based on my life experiences with several women I was sure that PMS was largely a myth - minor irritability unreasonably exaggerated to avoid dealing with real issues. Then I met my wife. The Devil is real. Fortunately he goes back to Hell after a few days.

rcommal said...

Oh, Rabel. Oh, Methadras. Oh, Evi.