Sunday, March 19, 2017

Exited footballer accidentally thanks his wife and his girlfriend

Via Reddit: Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas made a hilarious blunder...

After bagging the man of the match award with a standout two-goal display, Anas began his obligatory post-match interview with a revealing slip of the tongue.

“Firstly I appreciate my fans,” he began. “(And) my wife and my girlfriend.”

Anas stumbled for a second before realising his blunder, quickly clarifying he intended to thank his wife.

“I’m so sorry, my wife!” he exclaimed. “I love you so much from my heart.”

"Thanks for supporting me there is more to come," he stuttered before the interview came to an end.

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ampersand said...

One of those gals is in for a severe beating later.

Some Seppo said...

As the old toast goes, "To our wives and lovers. May they never meet!"

Methadras said...

In the words of a teletubby, "UH OH!!!"