Monday, October 11, 2021

What was it Uncle Saul said?

Something about ridicule.

First, it was just people refusing to go along. Lockdowns, masks, CRT, drag queens in school. Then there were audits, which started showing, no, the lying dogfaced pony soldier could not have taken AZ, all public and out in the open. Now the idea that every state should be audited (insane last Spring) is taking hold in many quarters. Then people were coming forward saying Rosanne Boyland's death was also murder by Capitol cop. There were, and are, work stoppages because of mask mandates.

All serious stuff.

Until Buck Fiden became the dance sensation that was sweeping the nation. Even in Baaston. At a Yankees-Red Sox game, no less.

Then Deep State tried to do damage control. Our sorehead AG started calling parents who resisted local school boards domestic terrorists. Then somebody found out his son-in-law owns the company providing CRT programs to school boards. 

Some idiot reporter tried to tell the world, no, it's actually, "Let's go, Brandon".Which has become the biggest political laugh line since, "There you go again". There's even a song about it.

Then Donald Trump gets up in an Iowa cornfield and reminds the world, "Hillary conceded. I never conceded".

We are in for some rough times, to be sure. Steve Bannon warns of  the bleakest, darkest Christmas in living memory, and he just may be right. Gas prices were exactly a dollar lower this time last year. Goods to keep the supply chain running are stacked up at ports on both coasts. It may be the grimmest Christmas since 1941.

But, when the people are openly trolling first the entire Democrat party and then Fake News, you know we're winning.

We're winning because our spirit has not broken. When General Douhet talked about fleets of bombers breaking a people's will to resist a hundred years ago, he forgot one thing. All those people were in it together. The Blitz could not break Britain, and Harris' Lancasters and our B-17s could not break Germany.

No different now. We will get through this and we will win. We have beaten them ideologically, as Mao once said.

We played cowboys and Indians for 200 years. Then we played cowboys and Nazis and then cowboys and Moslems. We even played cowboys and Communists and won.

Time to play cowboys and evil.


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Mention of Peppermint Pasaki over at Insty was hit the spot, to accompany her insistanc that what went down with Southwest was a "a little hubbub" that was not at all vaccine related.

What's a hubbub?

a chaotic din caused by a crowd of people; noise, uproar, confustion, turmoil Thank goodness it was only a little one.