Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mama should like this

OK, tripped over this piece, thanks to a very provocative headline.

So, is there a tidal wave of deaths from The Shot coming at us? Many would say it's already here. And, if so, is this a good or bad thing?

Since many of the Left got The Shot because they were told to do so and many on the Right were castigated for refusing on the grounds they'd read the not so fine print on what was going on. The fact that Big Left (Pharma, Gov, Media, Guy) was making tons of money on more and more boosters for more and more variants and Fake News was telling us how the stuff that really worked was no good simply served top reinforce the idea we were being had.

So we are left with several philosophical questions.

First, as I noted above, is this a good or bad thing? I take WWII as a cue on this because, in defeating Fascism, we unleashed (and strengthened) something even worse, Communism. Being careful of that for which we wish has always been good advice and is so here. Is depopulating the world and the country of Lefties automatically a good thing? The Christian ideal that every life is worthwhile would say, "No", but the pollution of the world with an ideology, as Napoleon Solo once so deftly put it, "believes in the 2 party system - tha masters and the slaves", is a lousy alternative.

There's also the fact that such a die-up would play into the hands of the Davos crowd, which can't wait to rid the world of about 7B or so otherwise useless (in their eyes) lives

Second, a lot of otherwise good people had to take The Shot. if they wanted to keep their jobs or go to school. Are they just collateral casualties (and there were plenty of those in WWII) or should something be done to save them (which, of course, the Lefties would demand be used on them, too)? The business of the ants and the grasshopper enters the picture.

Then there's the issue the Demos either hope will save them this Fall or will be used as the blind when they steal (or try to) the election as I think happened in several contests in '22. Brandon has been thumping the tub for the right to abortion so far this year, even though most polls seem to indicate its popularity has ben sliding for a couple of decades. Is this their just deserts, after all the lying and name-calling and murder, and should we feel sorry for them since Conservatives seem to be making good little Trumplicans like it was going out of style? Or do we rejoice because demography is destiny?

Finally, assume there is a big die-up a-comin' and suddenly the Right is in charge and whomever on the Left is left is in a position to get what's been coming ever since the '64 election. Is it justice or retribution? Think Nuremburg.

Stalin never paid for the 53 million he murdered. The Nips never paid the way they should have. And, of course, Mao never paid for the 67 million he murdered.

Robert Taft disparaged Nuremburg because it was the victors persecuting the vanquished (and ex post facto, at that). Who put the 8th Air Force and RAF Bomber Command on trial? Or Winnie Churchill for Dresden?


MamaM said...

A friend called today, twice vacinated, went through two bouts of covid afterwards and this month is on meds for what was thought to be bronchitus and turned out to be pneumonia. Could just be a fluke, but there's others I know who've also taken the Shots with unexpected or unusual health issues turning up soon afterwards. Some severe, one with clots and heart issues another with a crippling auto-immune disease after the injections and a bout with Covid.

If there is more to come for those who took that experiemental vaccine into their bodies through willful ignorance, overriding fear, trust in authority, coersion and/or the need to hold on to their jobs, I'll be sorry to hear of it. There are many good people who got all tangled up in the political manipulations, disinformation spread by media, and deliberate withholding of valuable information needed to freely make informed choices.

As with everything, there will be good and bad, positives and negatives, justice and injustice resulting from whatever is yet to unfold with regard to this. Shame and blame will again be trotted out, with huge bulwarks of denial used to defend and thwart honest attempts to get to the heart of the matter, provide direction and offer relief. Both parties will have members willing to abuse and misuse people, information and systems in order to protect themselves and gain personal/political advantage. And that saddens me.

Where's the hope? There seems throughout history, to have been individuals gifted with the will, words and vision needed to lead people through times of turmoil, chaos and disorder into a place of temporary order. I'm hoping one of those will rise again.

I'm very thankful to have survived the initial storm and found the info needed through online research to have made my own informed choice.

We are celebrating 42 years of marriage today! Another journey that wasn't always easy, but has yielded much good.

edutcher said...


I knew you would take the high road.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Top virologists and immunologists are predicting exactly that.

Well, you can add one who is not a graduate who agrees. But I saw The Jabs coming when They announced The Virus was coming,, coming to KillUsAll.. I even told the currently and presumably dead forever wife that They would distribute different recipes of The Jabs and some would be Extra Spicy..

I wonder how many have died quietly and not done that So Ironic
Dropped Dead on Live TV thing.

edutcher said...

All you had to read was mRNA and you knew it was trouble.