Wednesday, June 20, 2018

An organization that is not worthy of its name

Pompeo and Haley announce US withdraw from UN Human Rights Council.

I didn't realize Ambassador Haley has such a sweet and tender voice. Even as she condemns.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

For the children

How hot is it?

It's so hot even my dog thinks it's too hot:

She's a good dog. Now she is inside in the conditioned air and chillin'. She was born on a farm 10 years ago and was given to me when she was 4 months old. 

The woman who owned her mother dog once helped me build a solar wood drying kiln in my back yard. I taught her what I could about construction but she never learned to be careful or very particular when it came to how to keep the surfaces of a building blemish-free. She was a mess, is what I am saying.

This is a picture of the drying shed and my old dog making sure the stacked slabs of wood were safe.

But for all of her carelessness she (the woman, not the dog) did teach me one thing, and that was how to properly tie a running knot in long extension cords:

So there you have it - I can now keep my power cords tidy and readily accessible, I got a great dog out of the deal (although that happened years later and in a round-about way) then the woman went crazy and moved to upstate New York - which, from what I hear, is a thing.

Children crossing the border illegally, detained apart from their parents.

Children again.

Democrats, anti-Trumpers, defeated Republican candidates, repudiated ex-presidents whose policies are being dismantled to the satisfaction of US voters, their wives, celebrities, media, all of Twitter, even people who support ripping unborn children from their mother's womb, believe they have identified a spot of vulnerability and their working it hard.  Real hard.

They always do manage to create a national scab and then pick at that scab ceaselessly. It's a gift. And they do this to have something to talk about other than Trump's impressive successes, even as they work to frustrate solutions to the problems they're complaining about that they created by their policies, their laws, and their impulses, and by their own neglect. I sense the people who put Trump in office to deliver their civic lesson on representation have had enough of this through the past few years to see through it. So the instigators are clamoring for the attention of somebody else.  The accusations so wild and the arguments so lame, the posturing so transparently false, the Twitter feeds so ridiculous so fallacious, so vicious, they prove again why they'll never be trusted. For anything.

But how are they so certain the adults are actually their parents? Because they said so? We've seen children come unaccompanied by the the trainloads. We've seen every manner of tricks. We've seen adults claiming the children are theirs and the same children assert they don't know who the adults are.

A round up.

But who cares to read any of it? Nobody. I imagine. I didn't bother with one single item on this list.

* Hillary Clinton says separating families at border is horrific. Bloomberg.

No it's not. But killing them in the womb certainly is. You haven't proven they're family. And if we wanted your irrelevant 2¢ we'd knock it out of you. We already know what you would do, and why, and it's not because you have tender feeling about keeping families together.

* Feinstein: This is the US, not Nazi Germany -- We don't take children from their parents, until now. Breitbart with video.

Yes we did, Stupid. We haven't had children arriving at the border in numbers amounting to invasion until recently. We haven't had political parties choose to take in a new electorate. Obama's government did the same thing. You should have fixed this when your party had the chance. But you blew it. Again. And mentioning Nazi Germany in your argument means you got nothing. It means you have no sensible position. Poser.

* Jeb Bush: Trump should end heartless policy separating migrant families. The Hill.

His heart again. It's so tender and so big. If he wants to switch illegal border crossers for migrant, that's fine. But don't expect anyone to be fooled by a so-called Republican using Democrat disingenuous language.

* Michell Obama joins Laura Bush in slamming Trump border policy: Sometimes truth transcends party. Newsweek

Now they're transcendentalists. Do, let's hear the truth. You speak as if Trump dreamed up this entire massive illegal infiltration, as if Trump wrote US laws, and if this is all brand new.

* Romney calls for disturbing family separations to stop. Washington Post.


* Years of backlash: Obama policy on illegal immigrants' children was also slammed by critics. Fox News.

It was?  Anything like this coordinated effort to shift the blame to Trump for a situation he inherited from previous Republican and Democrat administrations?

* Contrarily, DHS Secretary Nielsen: Vast, vast majority of child border crossers were sent here alone by their parents.

(2 vasts, and that's a lot vaster than just one vast)  Link goes to Breitbart where they have a video.

Monday, June 18, 2018

WKRLEM: When a Cactus played a Fish

A very timely trip in the Way Back Machine.

A group of children were ripped from the parents by the government and kept away from their parents. They were put in a group home. They thought they would be better off if they were raised by Abe Vigoda.

Some things never change.

Starring Todd Bridges before he became a drug addict because he was adopted by a rich liberal white guy.

Some things never change.

Cactus and tropical fish

I just now bought a bunch of fish the easy way. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. It’s a lot less expensive besides avoiding a massive pain in the butt.

It already was a massive pain in the but and I hadn’t even set foot out of the apartment. I was still researching places to go. For more research. I wouldn’t be able to buy all the fish at once. No place would have them all. And the whole thing is rudimentary. Very rudimentary. The most rudimentary possible. The type fish that all beginner tanks have. The species that come and go in rotation frequently. They’re all beginning species. But try finding a lot of them all at once and few to none of the stores will have them. This will take multiple calls and multiple trips. And for some bizarre reason I don’t understand, all of the stores are at the far edges of town and in adjoining suburbs. Nothing is close.

They never were close. 

Wherever I was the places most close were far. From the very beginning.  Researching this caused me to open Google Earth to plot routes to remote outlets. And doing that caused me look how far I walked the very first time this happened. If I had Google Earth at the time then I probably wouldn’t have walked it. I don’t know. I was too young to drive and it wasn’t so easy convincing my mother to drive wherever I happened to desire to go any given day. I walked a LOT at age fourteen, the advantage was my parents couldn’t track my every movement. 

I had one ten gallon tank following the latest move. Down from fourteen tanks that dominated my bedroom. Imagine walking into that room with all the appearance and odor and sound and lighting of an aquarium shop. It sounded like this.

Bubble bubble bubblebubblebubble blurp bubble bubble bubble blurp bubble bubble blurp bubble bubble.

All kinds of things were happening in each tank. Each one its own unique underwater scene. Sunken treasure, undersea divers, ancient cultures, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Japan, natural scenes, plastic plants, toys, bubblers, filters. electrical wires circling the whole room, tanks for breeding fish, tanks for fish that must be kept separated, tanks for fish that I caught. Then one major move and boom they’re all gone down to five. Then four more moves and I’m down to one. 

I am fourteen and this habit of culling is firmly established. If an object is too much a pain in the butt to move and set up again, if you don’t use something in two years, then give it away no matter how much you loved it. The thing no longer belongs in your life. Objects are simply not that important. And clearing the way allows the space to be filled with something better. But that too is temporary.

I do want this tank. And I wanted fish in it right now! The last place I lived I was just getting to know the place and the people who bred these things. I visited their ponds. I saw their inside tanks, large concrete boxes set into the warehouse floor and filled with tens of thousands of tiny fish. I had hoped to see something similar here. But I never did. Only small stores. And not that many of them. And by the yellow pages, all fairly distant. 

Incidentally, this is the last place I'd have an aquarium until age 38 when I finally have a place of my own. The next move with my parents to their final home, this ten gallon tank disappeared in the move. Most likely to their basement. I don't know what happened to it.

I waked some 23 long blocks following the railroad track from our temporary house to a tropical fish shop and that’s where I learned that Colorado railroad tracks are the driest, dustiest, most lifeless, desert-like, most depressing of all railroad tracks.

Chef Motokichi demonstrates his specialty, omurice

It's an omelet made just so and served over fried rice. The video is worth watching just for his fried rice demonstration. We've seen Motokichi before making his omurice by his advanced techniques to the awe of all observers. Andrew of Buzzfeed tried to copy what he saw Motokichi doing, and that's daring right there, then Motokichi saw Andrew's Buzzfeed video and invited Andrew and his crew back to Kyoto for one-on-one instruction. Andrew accepted and then got so worked up about the encounter his nerves were shot. I must say, it's charming watching Andrew put himself in the hands of a master and doing his best to learn as much as he can in the time given. Andrew is a very good student.

I'm trying to understand these people. I am conflicted. I'm not criticizing them, I'm trying to check myself. I do not like Buzzfeed. Not one bit. For reasons too many to list and my objections are frankly irrelevant. How can such idiots with such moronic website be so fun and so interesting? As youthful people they really are fun to watch. As website design and content, apart from these videos, their product is viciously fiercely truly deplorable.

I read through their comments, up to tens of thousands, and they're all empty air-headed. Some of the dumbest comments get favored up to thousands of times, sometimes ten thousand. Puns on the word egg. That was eggcelent, it eggceded eggspectations. Eggcercise, eggspiditous, eggcentric, just go through the dictionary for all words beginning with ex or ec, or ac then substitute the letters egg. There are thousands of possibilities for puns. They're wearisome. Yet the kids find them all eggceptionally eggcessively eggshellently clever.

They're young.

Every one of you would be regarded by them as so extremely witty as to be incomprehensible by your seriously arcane references, by your reservoir of knowledge so vast as to be utterly beyond them. You'd have to tone yourselves way down just to be understood. Why are these people so fun to watch? Why do they seem so fun to be around? They're not stupid, they're young. And they're learning. Watching them exposed to new things and learning from them really is fun. And by showing their learning process to others, they are themselves teachers. They show that you don't have to be packed up full of ultimate knowledge and skill in order to be a good teacher. You can teach by showing your mistakes, your learning curve. Here, Andrew shows how to learn, and his audience adores him for putting himself out there for ridicule, for taking the risk. Go through the comments to this video on YouTube and see they're all children. And they are not bad. They are not deplorable as their website would indicate. They're just young. To comprehend and to fit yourself in to make your vibes match, you have to put yourself forty years back. And that's what chef Motokichi does.

Andrew's previous attempt without Motokichi.

Andrew sounds almost retarded. But he's actually quite bright. He's choosing his phrasing carefully and he's avoiding vocal place fillers and that slows down his speaking. He evokes fondness from the people around him.

Imagine traveling all the way to Japan just to have a guy show you how to flip cooked eggs.

How wrong you are, and 5 rules by which Trump rules the world

About everything.

And that's why we don't listen to you anymore. Why we don't give you the time of day. Why we don't give you any time in our day. None. Not even this video. We try, we start the video, hear your stupid voices saying ridiculously stupid things about other people smarter than you being stupid and we go, oh, that's right, this is why we don't watch anymore *click* And you're gone. Because you are 100% useless.

Worse than useless, you're dangerous.

And not just about politics either. We don't suffer the Murray Gell-Mann amnesia affect. We know that you're wrong about everything.

Posted on the Gateway Pundit where commenters are delightful and surprisingly restrained. They're reminding this happened three years ago. They made it to the Drudge Report.

I betcha um, this pretzel, that you cannot watch these crackpots all the way through without becoming a little bit sick by their smirking undeserved arrogance.

Much better than all these dopes put together is Daniel Greenfield by himself writing this time for Front Page; Trump's 5 rules for ruling the world.

Earlier we had Caroline Glick's comprehension of how Trump negotiates by doing the opposite of what professional negotiators (losers) expect.  

Now we have Daniel Greenfield explain the same thing by his comprehension. It's a very good read.

1) Act, don't react. Trump takes the initiative and forces his attackers to react to him thus becoming the driving force in an escalating conflict leaving his opponents sputtering. That's how he campaigned and it's what he is doing internationally.

2) Try everything. Political professionals insist on the importance of posture and position but Trump is comfortable with failure. Critics poked fun at Trump's failed business ventures but you don't succeed without trying and failing. Trump's approach to politics is trying a lot of things to get a win.

Greenfield says a lot of interesting things to support this, such as comparing Trump's style with Obama. When Obama expressed willingness to meet with dictators and terrorists it's because he was already sympathetic to them. The seeds of the Iran deal were always in him and the negotiations took Obama where he already wanted to be. Trump isn't meeting with Kim Jong-un because Trump likes Kim. He's negotiating because it might pay off. Or maybe it won't and he'll try something else.

3) Chaos is Power. This is perhaps Greenfield's best insight. Most people want to minimize chaos. Leaders and companies spend quite a lot of energy reducing chaos. But Trump thrives in chaos. Trump generates chaos causing uncertainty then offers a sense of security in exchange for a good deal. Trump's trade deals show this impulse. It's what he did to China and to North Korea and what he is doing with Europe, with Canada and with Mexico. Trump escalates confrontations so his opponents have no way to counter except by escalating the confrontation to more chaos and to their greater discomfort. Trump forces them to negotiate by proving he can function in chaos better than they can. China, Europe, Canada and Mexico do not want a trade war with nothing to gain and a lot to lose. So Trump became the only man on earth who can end the chaos and restore security. 

4) Never show your hand. Conventional politicians have narrow objectives. They're clear on what they want and don't want and what they are willing to do and to cede to get it, while Trump has always been ambiguous. Everything he says can be read multiple ways, each assertion uncovers a contradiction. He creates tactical confusion. He's said so, he loves being unpredictable. Trump is the only president in our lifetimes who can go into negotiations with completely unpredictable outcome. To create chaos you must be unpredictable and that creates insecurity and that forces your opponents to read things into your every move and be frustrated by the futility. It leaves the other side unable to assess what the U.S. would actually settle for and ends up offering more than we would settle for just to restore a sense of security. 

5) Don't be afraid to be the bad guy. Greenfield says Americas have a fatal flaw of wanting to be liked. Commenters to the article disagree with this, saying only Democrats care about that. "Do you even think about what the rest of the world thinks about us?" As if that's even relevant. No country's leader will base their decisions on that. It's childish. It's foolish to even try. Greenfield fleshes this out more completely at the link with examples of Trump's observable behavior.

Then comments are very good. Greenfield's readers are ace. He has a few trolls, but they're not paid very well, they do not do a very good job of trolling. They're squashed like bugs immediately.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


My dad was impossible to buy anything for because he already had everything that he wanted. We could not out-think him. Our gifts became predictable. Then he'd joke about predicting, and the prediction would come true then everyone laughed at our gifts. It was frustrating.

My sister told me, "Dad said, 'watch. Bobby's going to give me a cheese and sausage gift box.' Sure enough you did and we all laughed."

Son of a bitch!

Then I became ill and I realized there are several things that I really needed to say to him. Things I had been thinking about for a long time. I had to get this out. Things that came up by meeting more people and realizing how messed up they are psychologically and personality-wise, how emotionally unstable, how weird, and how in so many cases they came from a family without the presence of a father. I hadn't considered myself lucky to have been born within a stable nuclear family structure, and I hadn't realized until late how my dad managed all that parental business through extraordinarily unstable circumstances. He really was our rock.

A mean son of a bitch rock.

He had to be. To keep us in line. Even then he wasn't there half the time. We'd move to a place then he'd be reassigned temporarily, or shipped off for more technical training. He was elsewhere half the time his family was growing such that our mother kept his official military photograph framed and set on the television so that we'd not forget who he is, and upon each return he had to get the whole family back on track. We wandered off in our own directions without his strict attention.

It's why I hate the word discipline.

Especially the phrase self-discipline. I'd much rather do whatever I want. Shine my shoes, do my homework, mow the lawn, vacuum the floor, clean the garage, put my folded clothes away, help clean the dishes.  I don't want to do any of those things. I'd rather be free, la la la, catch butterflies, draw lizards, go fishing, shape things with clay, explore the new place, follow the railroad tracks, walk up the creek, climb to the roof of the school, break into a barn, catch snakes, run through the woods, climb through the crashed airplane on the side of the runway, climb trees, climb through fences, explore agricultural fields, catch an armadillo, go through the dump. Why oh why was he so demanding? Why so concerned about what I am doing every day? Why so concerned about what I do with my life? Why even use that word discipline on me? I'm a kid!

God, I hated his constant demands. He was a very demanding parent.

Bossing me around all over the place. Barking my butt off, chewing me up.

I had no idea how excellent his parenting. How fine his attention. How acute his direction.

So I bought a stupid card that said something prosaic at the card store and spent sorting these thoughts and took time to get my handwriting to match standard American cursive, with no misspellings, and no x-ing out, no corrections, and I told him all that I thought. I told him as I grew up that I realized he did something that I couldn't do; raise a large family and keep it together through difficult circumstances in series all the way through, and keep it tight. Although Air Force, he ran a very tight ship. And it worked! I told him, congratulations, Dad, you are successful in your life's real work. You must know that I love you for that, we love you, for all that you've done for us. Through thick and through thin.  For better or worse. Always directing us. You really did do that. You lived up to the challenge.

Ask any military man to rank their loyalties and they always say family first, then nation, then God. They never say God, nation family. Never say, nation, god family. Family is never second or third. Always first. Then they get divorced and forswear their children. But my dad really did live that. He proved it every single day, week, month, every year, year in and year out to his very last day on earth.

He is utterly 100% loyal.

To us.

I didn't know this, my mother told me, he carried that letter with him wherever he went. He'd show his letter that I wrote to his buddies where he went regularly for a few drinks. That letter meant more to him than any of the little gifts that we thought up. Nothing matched simply telling him in writing what I thought and felt. It meant the world to him.

Dear Dad


I hope all is well with you. I have to ask your help in a troubling matter. As you might have heard there was an accident on my Carrier. It was not my fault. I must reiterate. It was not my fault.

I was sitting in my plane on the Forestall and suddenly it blew up. I did not do it. I did not dump it. I did not crash it like I did the plane in Florida or the one in Spain. Those were my fault. I was hot dogging it then. But I was totally innocent this time.

Unfortunately there were quite a few casualties. I don't want to cast aspersions but I think the Captain is trying to pin this on me. I think he has an animus against me. I understand he served under both you and Grandfather. He seems to have taken against me from the first.

I hate to ask for your help again but this is the worst situation I have been in since I was last in my class at the Academy and you had your friend pump up my grades  to at least fifth from the bottom. I need your help.

You know our family name is the most important thing. We must protect it and honor it. The McCains deserve it. We are the elite. America needs us.

Please I beg of you. Help me this once last time.

I love you Dad. Plus if you don't help me I will tell Mom and you know how that will work out for you.

Sincerely yours,

I forgot my hat yesterday

Following up on Troop's post, here is an actual portrait of The Father Of Our Nation explaining what's up to his father:

Parson Weems could not tell a lie.

Whose your Daddy Mr. President?

George Washington did not have a long relationship with his father Augustine who died when the future president was only eleven. The cause of his father’s untimely demise is not recorded although legend has it that his wife Mary nagged him to death. Washington’s mother did indeed nag him unmercifully his entire life to the point that he ran away to join the milita and felt dodging bullets and Indian arrows was much preferable to letting his mother nag him to death as well. Augustine Washington did bequeath to his son 64 slaves, the Strother plantation and the ability to tune out the voice of any woman no matter how loud or long she might harangue him. This caused some difficultly during his Presidency because in Cabinet Meetings he could never follow what Thomas Jefferson had to say as he had a high pitched womanish voice much like that of Jennifer Tilly. This disaffection led to the creation of the two party system and the rise of political parties in the fledging United States.
(Whose You’re Daddy, Presidential Fathers, Doris Kearns Godwin, Bantam Books, 1998)