Sunday, December 4, 2016

Silicon Valley big wigs snubbing invitation to Trump advisory circle

"Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel is putting together a brain trust of Silicon Valley insiders to share ideas with the transition team for President-elect Donald Trump. But he’s having trouble finding takers.
In recent days, the Facebook board member and PayPal cofounder - who is also a member of the Trump transition - has been appealing to fellow entrepreneurs of all political stripes to share their best ideas and possibly join the incoming administration.
...Thiel, a libertarian who was shunned by his tech industry peers for being a Trump supporter, is pitching his personal network of entrepreneurs on the opportunity to influence an incoming administration that is somewhat of a blank slate when it comes to technology policy. Because Trump had so few ties to the world of tech, Thiel will have an unusually powerful influence on the new administration, the people familiar with his thinking said.
...But in the liberal bastion of Silicon Valley — where Trump is despised and even admitting you’re a Republican can hurt your candidacy for a job – that coveted opportunity has been fraught with challenges. And some people have turned him down altogether. Thiel declined to comment.
People who have joined Thiel form a tight-knit group of conservative and libertarian-leaning entrepreneurs who have long felt ostracized in Silicon Valley for their political views, a source said. Many are excited to finally have a voice in government.
Some entrepreneurs who had not been politically active said the opportunity was too good to pass up. “The chance to influence the government is a huge opportunity,” said Jack Abraham, a serial entrepreneur who is executive director of the Thiel Fellowship. “There are people who are repulsed by Trump, and it’s understandable - Silicon Valley is very liberal. But it’s unfortunate [that some people don’t want to contribute] because this is a unique opportunity for smart people to inject ideas.
...Entrepreneurs working in emerging areas that the government has yet to fully regulate, such as the virtual currency bitcoin and drones, see the value in having a line to an administration that so far has had few ties in the tech world."

Egyptian pyramids, a new theory

I found this interesting and you will too if you're the sort of person who finds interesting things interesting.

You might be thinking, "Oh, come on now, how can they be imagined to have constructed watertight and airtight stone channels with gates running up 3/4 the height of a pyramid to float heavy blocks?" That's outrageous. But that possibility is covered in the video.

The pyramids themselves are outrageous. Everything they did was outrageous. It's why we love them so. But not so outrageous as us. We went to the moon. We sent robots to Mars. Probes to the outer planets. The Europeans landed on an asteroid. That's outrageous.

At the site of the Wenis pyramid the host shows us a causeway, previously imagined a "walkway" but with three-foot thick walls and an inexplicably large and heavy  covering, all extravagantly well oversized for a simple walkway. Still extant. That's how fabulously sturdy it is.

Remember Wenis? You see the desert hare hieroglyph inside a cartouche and immediately think "Wen" for "Wenis and sure enough there's the redundant zig-zag "N" the frond "I" and the folded cloth "S," plain as day. The rabbit makes me happy just seeing it. (Also English for the wrinkly skin on the back of the elbow. Remember the schoolboy tugging his mother's elbow skin when she was driving and surprising her with a new word?)

Give it a chance. It is an excellent theory that is supported with new understanding drawn from various sites. The naysayers at YouTube comments are stuck in the mud, unwilling to release their established conceits. Beliefs. They are intellectually inflexible. Too rigid to synthesize new information.

Even if it's not your cup of tea. Just drink it anyway.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

break dance, next generation

This is insane. And were are the birds? Too brutal, I suppose. Equal pay for equal work!

Dance is brutal. And dance is gymnastics. But this is another whole level. And you notice there are no tall people, no long legs here. It just blows my mind.

Leave it to Asians, inspired by American culture, especially inspired by black culture, this did all have its roots in black culture, first seen in N.Y. street dancers, buskers of a kind, would set up their boombox, and set out a flat piece of cardboard on the sidewalk suitable for spinning and dancing an entirely new way and quickly adopted on the west coast, developed further in idiosyncratic styles, but leave it to Asians, particularly Koreans to apply their studied coordination in teams under tutelage of master choreographers. I've known ballet dancers, and I've seen a lot of ballet, but I've never seen Mikhail Baryshnikov pull anything like this. He's a big fairy compared to this.

And on the other side of the globe, across the Atlantic, it's France that is inspired by American inventiveness to take it all to another order. 

But so what. Sometimes our own American criminals are inspired by traditional Russian dance.

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

Don't call us, we'll call you.

TV news executives are not seeing a bidding war for Fox News star Megyn Kelly

Kelly is said to have not made up her mind about staying with Fox News beyond the end of her contract in July, even with an offer of more than $20 million a year to stay, which would put her in the same income bracket as NBC’s “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer.

So far no other networks have offered to top Fox’s figure, according to network news executives and agents familiar with the talks and who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. A spokesperson for Creative Artists Agency, which represents Kelly, declined to comment on her contract negotiations.

Via Drudge:

Whose that girl?

look what they done to my thong ma
look what they done to my thong
well it's just not fair
that it’s totally filled with hair
and it's turning out all wrong ma

look what they done to my thong
look what they done to my thang ma
look what they done to my thang
well they picked it like a chicken bone
and i think i'm half insane ma
look what they done to my thong.

wish i could find a good book to live in
wish i could find a good book
well if i could find a real good book
i'd never have to come out and
look atwhat they done to my thong!
la la la la la la
la la lala la la
la la la la la la
la la la la la la

Sometimes you want to be unpredictable and mix it up.

Gordon Chang is a writer with a special interest in the far east. I would listen to him all the time on WABC on the John Batchelor show every night while I was cooking. He seemed pretty level headed in his analysis. Writing in the Magazine "The National Interest" he had this to say about Trump's phone call and his relationship with China:

What Trump has done is not “reset” Washington’s relations with China but put them on an entirely new footing. Up to now, Beijing has kept the initiative, and American presidents, especially George W. Bush and Obama, have merely reacted, trying to build friendly relations in spite of increasingly bold Chinese moves. The concept was that Washington had to maintain cooperative ties, increasingly considered an end in itself.
Trump, by seemingly not caring about Beijing’s reaction, has cut China down to size, telling its autocrats he does not fear them.

Why aren't charges being filed....something doesn't add up?

Second witness says shooter screamed at McKnight’s body 

New York Post By Kathianne Boniello December 3, 2016

The man who gunned down ex-Jet Joe McKnight was standing over the dying running back and screaming at him after the shooting, according to a second witness whose account contradicts police statements about the incident.

The witness told TMZ that she heard Ronald Gasser arguing with McKnight before the Thursday incident, and snapped a photo of Gasser standing outside his car after pumping several bullets into McKnight during an apparent road rage incident.
Police have disputed a different witness account which claimed Gasser stood over McKnight’s prone body, yelling “I told you I was going to f- -k you up,” before pumping a final shot into McKnight.
Evidence shows Gasser fired three shots from inside his own vehicle, authorities said.

What everyday skill becomes suspicious if you're too good at it?

Reddit top comments:

Tying a noose. At Basic Training I got tasked to help the Drill Sergeants create their haunted house (Battalion competition... long story). My Drill asked if anyone knew how to tie a noose, and I whipped out a perfect one in only a few seconds. He just looked at me and said "Private. What the fuck."

I once had a neighbor catch me while I was taking groceries out of my car and ask if I knew how to open locked doors as they locked themselves out by mistake. Went over to their door, took out a credit card, and shimmied my way in in no more than 5 seconds.
Probably was bittersweet for them.

Being able to quickly convert between Ounce and Gram

Remembering things about a person from a few months/years ago when the person herself can't remember about it. You just look like a stalker and it's frustrating

Genuine kindness.  My father was such a good soul, and people were suspicious about his kindness sometimes.

The removal of stains.

Eavesdropping. I just passively listen to other people a lot when I'm alone, even if I'm doing something else. It gets really embarrassing when you bring up information you heard from their conversation forgetting that you weren't involved, or when you laugh at a joke said by someone across the room.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) was to have a telephone conversation with US president-elect Donald Trump yesterday, which would be the first time a Taiwanese president has spoken with a US president-elect since official diplomatic ties between the two nations were severed in 1979.

According to sources in Washington, Tsai was to congratulate Trump on his election win and to reiterate that Taiwan would continue to maintain a steady relationship with the US, as well as to express hopes for expanded Taiwan-US collaborations on the economy, politics and regional security.
Trump has triggered a sense of uncertainty over US policies regarding its stance in the Asia-Pacific region, saying after his election victory that Washington would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and asking US allies to increase their spending on defense.
During his election campaign, he also accused Taiwanese firms of stealing US job opportunities.
Trump reportedly agreed to the call, which was arranged by Taiwan-friendly members of his campaign staff after his aides briefed him on issues regarding Taiwan and the situation in the Taiwan Strait, sources said.
Since being elected, Trump has spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平), Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-hye.
International relations experts said that a communication channel was lacking between Taiwan and the US, and that bilateral communications had to be carried out through the American Institute in Taiwan, the US Department of State and the US National Security Council, which they said at times gave rise to poor communications like the friction between former president Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) administration and that of then-US president George W. Bush.
If the telephone conversation between Tsai and Trump could prompt the establishment of a direct communications channel between the two sides, misunderstandings would be reduced, thereby benefiting the relationship, experts said.

Wisconsin representative Sean Duffy with Tucker Carlson

Duffy describes how Madison is slow-walking the recount to deny Donald Trump his duly won electoral votes and by so doing also allowing their raw anger to discredit their city, their state, their national party even further. Yes, it's possible to do all that.

I haven't figured out how to embed a Twitter video but the Gateway Pundit has. also hosted on Info Wars.

So far, this is the only portion of the video that I could find elsewhere without the mile-long Twitter coding.

Paul Watson, also hosted on the Gateway Pundit in the same post, and who I've become fascinated watching, oddly, because of his lips. Weird, huh? Sufficiently interesting to overcome his foreign speech impediments. The content of his videos is rather good too, delivered forcefully and cynically. Worth following on YouTube.

Similarly, along the same lines but more generally Mark Dice discusses threats made against Electoral College voters attempting to get them to deny Trump his votes. Also delivered powerfully, aggressively, cynically, lots of extra adjectives, but through thin lips. Also worth following on YouTube.

Is three videos too much for one post?


Tell me so and I'll stop it.

Comments to these videos are interesting as the videos themselves. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Creatures of the Desert World, National Geographic

Skipper shows us his pop-up book.

Nicely done, Skipper.

Now doesn't that look like fun? Educational too. 

See, you can drive across an arid part of the United States with your kid in the back seat looking out the window to apparently naked barren landscape and their imaginative mind will be filled with wonder and the certainty of all that is out there. 

You should buy one.

Marked down on Amazon from $19.00 to $12.84 for Prime members. Here.

Available used for low as $8.28  (4.29 + 3.99 shipping)
Also available used at Abebooks for $5.20 (3.63. + 1.57 shipping) 

When leftists attack

Via a Scott Adams tweet: "In case you still wonder if Shy Trump Supporters was a real thing."