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Alicia Machado's fat shaming hypocrisy

Or is that hippocrisy? Doesn't matter. Were it not for hypocrisy and racism there'd be nothing at all to their party. It fairly well defines them. They can see all manner of evil in others and none of the same in themselves. And when they do, it's all good time fun time humor and jest. Ha ha ha.

Here is Alicia Machado in a fat suit goofing around, making fun of her obesity. On account of being so terribly traumatized by embarrassment. The YouTube description says, "The actress said she wanted to play the role after he suffered discrimination when she was Miss Universe." Discrimination. Breach of contract is more like it. The discrimination that overweight women feel after gaining 60LBS following a Miss Universe win. So terrible she had to stuff her doughnut hole compulsively. The title is "My Fat Friend." 

It's not that fat is so bad, it's that it's not what represents Miss Universe. She's lucky that she wasn't sued for breach of contract. And there is a readily available solution. Lay off the four burritos lunches.

There's more.

Here is Alicia Machado in fat suit again having fun on the El Gordo y La Flaca show. Fat and skinny. I always thought this show is a bit weird, but here it is, two overweight people having great fun with their own condition. 

This is the source for my anim. If they can have fun then so can I. And there's nothing hypocritical about it. And I'm getting quite tired of everyone calling me scrawny. That's very hurtful.  So this is my way of striking back. To compensate for the emotional pain that I feel. Hillary should be ashamed of herself for dredging up all these hard feelings we have. What an awful woman. And just for that I'll continue to make fun of her own debilitating health problems. The trouble with that is, I'm actually worse. Drudge linked to a photo of Hillary staring down a the stairs. How rude! That and a railing is the only way I can get up and down them. And even that's doing pretty good. Everybody's so mean!

The only thing left is to laugh at yourself.

Bloomberg Chart Predicts Trump Will Win, Unless the S&P Rallies in October

October is the bad boy of the stock market. The Panic of 1907, the Crash of 1929, Black Monday in 1987.

It's notable for another reason, too. The performance of Standard & Poor's 500-stock index from July 31 to Oct. 31 has a curious way of predicting the winner of the presidential election. 

As with every prediction, take it with a giant grain of salt. But the pattern is solid, as shown in this chart by Sam Stovall, equity strategist for S&P Global Market Intelligence. When the stock market ends up for the three-month period, the Democrat wins. When it's negative, the Republican wins. Since this July 31, the S&P is in slightly negative territory.

Via Drudge:

Black moon tonight

Anticipating the black moon tonight I just now looked at the sky and saw this.
And you know what that means. No black moon for you!

What a bummer. 

And the thing about a black moon is you can't see it anyway. It's blacked out. So how am I going to get a picture of that, even on a cloudless night? Huh? What would be the point?

It's worth a try anyway just to see what we don't see.

I looked at a dozen pages, and goodness, these astrophysicists do go on. They'll tell you everything about the phases of the moon, about eclipses, about timetables, about how many times rare things happen, about different types of black moons, about the difference between harvest moon, and blue moons, and solstices, and the difference between Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere and the differences about Northern and Southern hemisphere. They'll tell you everything except the specific thing that you ask them, "what time is best to see the black moon tonight?" They appear to be gleeful in explaining why it's not worth the bother. 

Except this one site is fun. An article on How to "see" the moon on Sept. 30, 2016, because this new moon is quite unusual.

Very straightforward, this page. The homepage shows it's a site for girls.

The black moon page tells us, as if girlsplaining without all the extra useless technical crap:

* Seeing this black moon is a lot easier than you might think.
* The word see in put in parentheses because you don't actually see it.
* It's basically a new moon all shadowed over so not reflecting back any light to us.
* It's not super rare but it is still a little bit unusual.
* How to see it? Look up at night.
* 1) Get yourself to the Western Hemisphere.
* 2) Go outside at the right time. (Finally!)
* The official moment is 8:11 p.m. EST.
* It will be the same thing pretty much all night.
* 3) Look up.
* 4) Behold! A gaping hole where the moon should be. Quake and tremble in fear.

Sounds like a blowout. But let's see. Come on, be a sport. Let's go outside with our cameras, even our little cell phones and let's see what see, or don't see. 

Who are undecided voters?

Lynn Vavreck writing for NYT asks, "who are undecided voters anyway?" She first cites conflicting polls that show there aren’t that many of them.  So then, right off you can easily decide to dismiss them. She then cites their history of not voting after all.  So then, you can easily confirm your decision to dismiss them as having any importance. She then states they’re unlikely to have any affect whatsoever.  So then, after all that you very easily decide your confirmation of your instinct is right after all and the entire pursuit of not bothering to comprehending them is correct. And you can decide all this by the title if you haven’t already decided by the source, a silly woman writing for the NYT.

Nevertheless, here’s what Lynn Vavreck comes up with. We can make it fast because it's all so absurd.

* women more than men (so what)
* younger more than older (so what)
* Latinos more than blacks with whites in the middle (Racist!)
* undecideds are more uncertain about political issues (of course)
** Trump’s wall
** minimum wage
** undecided about favorability of Republicans and about Dems, and Obama. (All your silly liberal concerns, not mine)

I’ll tell you who they are without any poll responses. I’ll tell you who undecided voters are without any research whatsoever. I’ll describe them off the top of my head. But I don't have to because you know all this too. So, for a laugh.

* They’re the  people who cannot tell which is more important, their own self-identity or the country.
* They’re the people who take 30 minutes to decide what to wear each day.
* They’re the people who wait in line at fast food and then study the menu when they get to the counter.
* They’re the people who use their credit for cash to buy pot.
* They’re the people with poor sources of information.
* They’re the people who wait so long to decide anything that they miss the chance.
* They’re the people who cannot trust their own gut instinct.
* They’re the people who respect opinions of others over their own.
* They’re the people who flip a coin and let chance decide.
* They’re the people with difficulty managing money.
* They’re the people who anguish over which line to join at grocery store checkout. Then change.
* They’re the people who wear the wrong shoes.
* They’re the people who find too many options overwhelming.
* They’re the people standing in front of movie rental boxes for way too long.
* They’re the people who cannot decide what to have on their pizza.
* They’re the people who strongly prefer others to decide.
* Who cannot plan a vacations.
* Who decide purely on emotion.
* Who are permanently late.
* Who cannot choose their own school, their courses, their teachers.
* Who then question their own decisions.
* They’re the people frightened and anguished by important decision.
* Who don’t know where to sit in a theater.
* Who prefer more involved government.
* Who ask, "Which looks better?"
* Who ask, “Does this make my ass look big?”

But don't be fooled.

* They are NOT the people who ask you, “So what do you think about (any current subject)?” That’s merely the opener used by decisive people by way of forcefully arguing their own settled opinion.

Earth is saved... for now.

portable metal detector, stop and frisk

This is only an idea. Come on, help a brother out and tell me why it's a stupid idea. My feelings won't be hurt. The idea comes from hearing obliquely some superficial discussion about Giuliani's program of stop and frisk and the success he had with that program reducing crime in New York. Trump lauded the program and said at his rallies that he'd consider adopting the program to reduce crimes in cities nationwide that are vexed with high level of gun related crimes. Trump received much derision and counter argument about a program like that being seriously unconstitutional and most likely racist besides.

That made me think that it really would suck to be stopped and frisked. But then, in cities that have restrictive conceal carry laws why the need to stop? Why the need to actually frisk based on profiling or even just randomly? Why is it not possible to scan and do that in passing? We have technology that scoops up all kind of electronic information in passing picking up information where it rightfully belongs, so why don't we have similar technology that scans for gun-size pieces of metal, gun shape pieces of metal where they should not be? I imagined undercover police on foot or inside cruisers with technology that detects the barrel or the receiver of a gun, that density of metal, that weight range of metal while ignoring jewelry and other worn metal so that needn't be intrusive. Avoiding profiling, the individuals detected carrying the shape and weight of a barrel or receiver then stopped and their gun confiscated. I imagined a very large number of guns being confiscated  in blighted cities this way while leaving alone all other innocent law abiding gun owners.

Google images [portable metal detector]

Okay, pile on.

"French court to rule whether citizens can smile in passport photos"

An unnamed senior civil servant launched legal proceedings against authorities after his initial passport application was rejected for smiling in a bid “to give the depressed nation a morale boost”, according to the Telegraph.

In a letter to the court shown to the AFP news agency, the man wrote: "Is it responsible for the authorities to reproach the French for smiling in a depressed France?" 

The country is regularly ranked the most pessimistic nation on Earth, but the complainant and his lawyer are determined to change public perceptions.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, lost his original court case as it was deemed he was grinning. The rules currently stipulate a person must have a neutral expression and a closed mouth for a passport photo. 

Romain Boulet, the man’s lawyer, responded by saying it was easy to “smile with one's mouth shut while keeping a neutral expression,” citing the Mona Lisa as an example.

His client simply had an “undertaker’s smile”, where the lips are only slightly upturned, he insisted.

A spokesman for France’s Interior Ministry hit back, maintaining the civil servant “doesn’t have a neutral expression because he's unquestionably smiling”. It is now up to the Paris Court of Appeals to decide whether the corners of people's mouths can be raised slightly.

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"Obama administration may use obscure fund to pay billions to ACA insurers"

The Obama administration is maneuvering to pay health insurers billions of dollars the government owes under the Affordable Care Act, through a move that could circumvent Congress and help shore up the president’s signature legislative achievement before he leaves office.

Justice Department officials have privately told several health plans suing over the unpaid money that they are eager to negotiate a broad settlement, which could end up offering payments to about 175 health plans selling coverage on ACA marketplaces, according to insurance executives and lawyers familiar with the talks. 

The payments most likely would draw from an obscure Treasury Department fund intended to cover federal legal claims, the executives and lawyers said. This approach would get around a recent congressional ban on the use of Health and Human Services money to pay the insurers.

Via Drudge:

Thursday, September 29, 2016

R vocabulary

Words encountered online beginning with r. They're mostly "re" words, after that the group goes very quickly. And they're not all strange either. Several are rather ordinary. A few law words that I didn't know until I started hanging around so many lawyer types online who use these words like ordinary vocabulary as if all their readers should just know what they mean.

* ranfla: spanish name for a lowrider or a old ass fixed up car...preferably Chevy

* rantallion: 18th c. One whose shot pouch is longer than the barrel of his fouling piece.We saw him in the locker room and he's a real rantallion. Ha ha ha.

* Raoul Wallenberg: as a Swedish humanitarian who worked in Budapest, Hungary, during World War II to rescue Jews from the Holocaust. Between July and December 1944, he issued protective passports and housed Jews in buildings established as Swedish territory, saving tens of thousands of lives

* Rashomon effect: the effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it. It is named for Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon, in which a crime witnessed by four individuals is described in four mutually contradictory ways.

* ratiocinating:  form judgments by a process of logic; reason. “but that doesn't really matter, how I feel about it retroactively ratiocinating about it.”

* recension: the practice of editing or revising a text based on critical analysis. When referring to manuscripts, this may be a revision by another author. The term is derived from Latin recensio "review, analysis". A critical revision of a text

* recherche du temps perdu: In search of lost time

* recherché: exquisite: lavishly elegant and refined. Sought out with care; choice. Hence: of rare quality, elegance, or attractiveness; peculiar and refined in kind. Rare.

* Recidivism: the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after they have either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or have been treated or trained to extinguish that behavior. It is also known as the percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested. The term is most frequently used in conjunction with substance abuse and criminal behavior.

* recidivist:  Denoting such a person: "recidivist male prisoners"; "women are rarely recidivist".

* recrudence: 1. Revival of material or behavior that had previously quiesced. 2 . A recurrence of symptoms in a patient whose blood stream infection has ...
* rectitudinous: the quality of being honest and morally correct.

* recursion: the process of repeating items in a self-similar way. For instance, when the surfaces of two mirrors are exactly parallel with each other the nested images that occur are a form of infinite recursion. The term has a variety of meanings specific to a variety of disciplines ranging from linguistics to logic. The most common application of recursion is in mathematics and computer science, in which it refers to a method of defining functions in which the function being defined is applied within its own definition. Specifically this defines an infinite number of instances (function values), using a finite expression that for some instances may refer to other instances, but in such a way that no loop or infinite chain of references can occur. The term is also used more generally to describe a process of repeating objects in a self-similar way.

* recursive: drawing upon itself, referring back; of an expression, each term of which is determined by applying a formula to preceding terms; of a program or function that calls itself; which can be computed by a theoretical model of a computer, in a finite amount of time; whose characteristic function ...

* redoubt: (military) a temporary or supplementary fortification; typically square or polygonal without flanking defenses, an entrenched stronghold or refuge. a fort or fort system usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort, usually relying on earthworks, though others are constructed of stone or brick. ...
* refectory: a room used for communal meals, especially in an educational or religious institution.
Twitter comment autocorrect: Let me be refectory clear. Europe will be destroyed by the third world Muslim garbage it is allowing in

* refractory period: period after sex when organs is not possible and sometimes erections are not possible.

* refractory: Stubborn or unmanageable - his refractory pony. Resistant to a process or stimulus - some granules are refractory to secretory stimuli. (of a person, illness, or diseased tissue) Not yielding to treatment - healing of previously refractory ulcers.(of a person or animal) Resistant to infection. (of a substance) Resistant to heat; hard to melt or fuse

* reggin: They hop like the North American reggin. That's very interesting. LiveLeak video of motobike, theft beatdown. Nigger spelled backwards.

* regnant: reigning; ruling."a queen regnant" currently having the greatest influence; dominant."the regnant belief"

* reification:  Reification generally refers to making something real, bringing it into being, or making something concrete. Specifically, reification may refer to: Concretization ... Reification (Marxism) - Reification (fallacy) - Reification (computer science) (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete, real event, or physical entity.  In other words, it is the error of treating as a concrete thing something which is not concrete, but merely an idea. Another common manifestation is the confusion of a model with reality. Mathematical or simulation models may help understand a system or situation but real life will differ from the model (e.g., "the map is not the territory"). Reification is generally accepted in literature and other forms of discourse where reified abstractions are understood to be intended metaphorically,  but the use of reification in logical arguments is usually regarded as a fallacy. sIn rhetoric, it may be sometimes difficult to determine if reification was used correctly or incorrectly.
* remit:1 ) cancel or refrain from exacting or inflicting (a debt or punishment) 2) send (money) in payment or as a gift. 3) the task or area of activity officially assigned to an individual or organization. 4) an item referred to someone for consideration. (about an odd snow globe featuring an upside down polar bear and several dead penguins) penguins and polar bears don’t go together. Comment: Other end of the planet, But I actually know someone who went to manage the Antarctic museum/visitors' centre...I'm sure this kind of thing would be well within their remit...!

* remonstrance: A forcefully reproachful protest.

* rent seeking, political rent seeking: rent seeking is the enactment of tax or regulation that benefits a special interest group at the expense of the rest of society. For instance, American consumers as a group pay millions of dollars more than they have to for sugar (the cost includes both direct purchases of sugar for consumption as well as the added costs of goods that contain sugar).
To protect American sugar growers, laws have been passed to limit the importation of sugar. Since farmers in some foreign countries can produce sugar at a lower cost than American farmers, the American consumers are denied access to the less expensive foreign sugar and are thereby forced to spend more for sugar. Further, American sugar producers, lacking competition from the foreign producers, have no incentive to become more efficient in order to reduce both their costs and prices. While the total cost of the program costs American households, as a group, millions of dollars every year, each American household only pays a few cents more each time they purchase sugar or products containing sugar.

* repine:feel or express discontent; fret."you mustn't let yourself repine"

* repoussé: or repoussage, a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side. There are few techniques that offer such diversity of expression while still being relatively economical. Chasing is the opposite technique to repoussé, and the two are used in conjunction to create a finished piece. It is also known as embossing.

* reprove: reprimand or censure (someone)."he was reproved for obscenity" reprimand, rebuke, reproach, scold, admonish, chastise, chide, upbraid, berate, take to task, rake/haul over the coals, criticize, censure;

* reredos: a screen or a decorated part of the wall behind an altar in a church. the back of a fireplace or of a medieval open hearth. Middle English, alteration of Anglo-French areredos, equivalent to Middle French arere behind (see arrear ) + dos back (< Latin dorsum)

* res ipsa loquitur: a common law doctrine describing one instance where a plaintiff may use circumstantial evidence to establish the elements of duty and breach in a negligence case. Under res ipsa loquitur, these elements can sometimes be inferred from the character of the accident itself (and, as the Latin is usually translated, "the thing speaks for itself"). Although modern formulations differ by jurisdiction, the common law originally stated that an accident was of this kind when it ... ordinarily would not occur without someone's negligence.... in this instance could not have occurred without someone's negligence.... was caused by an instrumentality that was under the exclusive control of the defendant... was not caused in any way by the plaintiff (i.e., no contributory negligence). Res ipsa loquitur cannot be used to establish the remaining two elements of negligence -- namely, that the plaintiff suffered damages, or that the accident was their cause

* resting-bitch face: "Socialism with a Resting-Bitch Face"
(with apologies to A. Dubcek) Dubcek said, "Socialism with a human face." Commenter was referring to Hillary Clinton.

* retable: a decorative structure raised above an altar at the back, often forming a frame for a picture, bas-relief, or the like, and sometimes including a shelf or shelves, as for ornaments.

* retromingent:  Urinating backwards. Also an animal such as a raccoon that urinates backwards. As in: "You have revealed yourself as a miserable, carping, retromingent vigilante, and I for one am sick of wasting my time communicating with you" (Benjamin C. Bradlee, Editor, The Washington Post). From the Latin retro- (back) + mingent from mingere (to urinate).

* revanchism:  term used since the 1870s to describe a political manifestation of the will to reverse territorial losses incurred by a country, often following a war. Revanchism draws its strength from patriotic and retributionist thought and is often motivated by economic or geo-political factors. Extreme revanchist ideologues often represent a hawkish stance, suggesting that desired objectives can be achieved through the positive outcome of another war.

* revanchist: A person advocating political retaliation, revanche, especially in order to avenge past military defeats; Advocating a policy of revenge or ... action taken and the policies followed by a government determined to recover a lost territory. — revanche, revanchist.
* rhotacism: several phenomena related to the usage of the consonant r (whether as an alveolar tap, alveolar trill, or the rarer uvular trill):the excessive or idiosyncratic use of the r; conversely, the inability to or difficulty in pronouncing r.the conversion of another consonant into r. The term comes from the Greek letter rho, denoting "r".

* rhotic: screwed up R English pronunciation can be divided into two main accent groups: A rhotic (pronounced /ˈroʊtɨk/) speaker pronounces the letter R in hard and water. A non-rhotic speaker does not pronounce it in hard, and may not in water, or may only pronounce it in water if the following word begins with a vowel. In other words, rhotic speakers pronounce /r/ in all positions, while non-rhotic speakers pronounce /r/ only if it is followed by a vowel sound in the same phrase or prosodic unit (see "linking and intrusive R"). In linguistic terms, non-rhotic accents are said to exclude the sound [r] from the syllable coda before a consonant or prosodic break. This is commonly if misleadingly referred to as "post-vocalic R". Linguistic retardation on a national scale. I just now listened to British people say “medier” for “media” making themselves sound like perfect retards and destroying their entire point.

* ridgling: a male animal with an undescended testicle. An undescended testicle is not a serious or life-threatening condition, though it may cause the animal discomfort at times.

* rishathra: In Larry Niven's Ringworld novels, rishathra is "sexual practice outside one's own species but within the intelligent hominoids." It is not generally considered a taboo and is often used by the myriad hominids of the Ringworld as a way of sealing agreements, such as trade contracts and peace treaties. Humans, though not native to the Ringworld, share a common descent with the hominids of the Ringworld and may participate freely in rishathra. Rishathra is also used as a form of birth control. Because it is impossible to impregnate a member of another species, sexual intercourse with such an individual provides sexual release without the risk of pregnancy. The issue of sexually transmitted diseases is not explored in the Ringworld novels until the last book, Ringworld's Children in which it is briefly mentioned that Ringworld STDs cannot jump the species barrier.

* roman à clef:  "novel with a key"also known as faction, is a novel describing real life, behind a façade of fiction."Key" in this context means a table one can use to swap out the names, see figure.

* roundelay: a song in which a phrase, line, or the like, is continually repeated. the music for such a song. a dance in a circle; round dance.

* rubicund: (especially of someone's face) having a ruddy complexion; high-colored.

* rumble: Verb. To discover, to find out. E.g."She rumbled me when she overheard my conversation on the phone." british slang

* rump egyptian: Rump 910 a top  tcher-ti   rear peh (h sound with sub dot) ui  the buttocks, the two thighs, the stern, peh.uiu back of a man the end, peh.uit hinder parts of man or animal, back, rum, fundament, anus. peh.u rump steah. peh.uti the last comer. peh.uiu

* rumpus: A noisy disturbance; a commotion - he caused a rumpus with his flair for troublemaking

* Ruth Ann Adams: said... Having one of those neat-o pop-up cards, hand made by Chip Ahoy himself, is one of my 'bucket list' items. (Ah, bless. That can happen.) blogID=6329595&postID=2076757267523106687 profile:

A view from Youngstown PA.....not from Pundit USA which is totally out of touch with the electorate this election

How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats

 New York Post

YOUNGSTOWN, Pa. — Ken Reed sat down at the main bar of the Tin Lizzy tavern with two things in mind: to dig into the tavern’s oversize cheese steak, and watch the presidential debate.
“I am hungry and undecided, in that order,” he said, digging into the savory dish in a bar that dates back to 1746.
Kady Letoksy, a paralegal by day, a waitress and bartender at night at the Tin Lizzy, sat beside him. At 28, she has never voted before, and she is now thinking it might be a good idea to start.
Letosky entered the evening undecided in a town that is heavily Democratic in registration. Her sister and father are on opposite sides of the political aisle. Donald “Trump had the upper hand this evening,” she said, citing his command of the back-and-forth between him and Hillary Clinton.
Reed, 35, is a registered Democrat and small businessman. “By the end of the debate, Clinton never said a thing to persuade me that she had anything to offer me or my family or my community,” he said, sitting at the same bar that has boasted local icons as regulars, such as the late Fred Rogers, and Arnold Palmer, who had his own stash of PM Whiskey hidden behind newer bottles of whiskey for his regular visits.

Brooklyn Hipsters are the worst!

Struggling artist fatally stabs female roommate over argument

 NY Post

A struggling artist allegedly butchered his female roommate inside their Queens apartment on Wednesday night — and then griped about having to find a new place to live, cops and neighbors said.
“I’m not going to have a lease anymore,” fumed suspected killer Render Stetson, as his neighbor, Joshua Cruz, looked on in horror moments after the stabbing.
“He was wearing just underwear,” Cruz recalled. “He was covered in blood.”
Stetson, a 26-year-old psychedelic illustrator who has worked on short films and music albums, had gotten into an argument with Carolyn Bush, also 26, in her second-floor apartment on Stanhope Street near Onderdonk Avenue in Ridgewood at around 11:25 p.m., according to police.
Neighbors told The Post that Bush was a waitress struggling to pay the rent, so she had been letting Stetson stay and pitch in. The two are both Bard College grads.
Wearing nothing but his boxer briefs, Stetson grabbed a kitchen knife during the dispute and plunged it into Bush’s neck, back and arm — in a bedroom where police later found her sprawled on the floor.
He then inexplicably stabbed himself in the leg before darting out of the home and down the block, smashing car windows and leaving a thick trail of blood along the way.

Porn Legend Ron Jeremy bangs someone in the rear....but not the way you think.

Porn legend Ron Jeremy hits a man with his car

By Bryan Hood Page Six NY Post September 29, 2016 

Just a reminder, it’s always good to watch where you’re going.
Adult film star Ron Jeremy struck a pedestrian with his car Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, reports TMZ.
The actor was reportedly making a left turn when he hit the unnamed man who was crossing the street dressed in all black. Although the pedestrian, who Jeremy claims he just “nicked,” was not seriously hurt, he was hospitalized.
While drugs and alcohol are not thought to have played a part in the accident, police are still investigating, according to the website.
Although the actor was not using his cellphone at the time he is notorious for sucking his own penis and his pants were unzipped so an investigation is in order. A dashboard camera and the Onstar GPS has been confiscated and will be reviewed.
A representative for Jeremy did not respond to a request for comment although they did text a photo of his penis.