Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Whose that Bunny?

She was the star of many and episodic Western TV show whenever they needed a hot blond with a few miles on her. Did a lot of time on a Wagon. In fact most of her shows revolved around transportation.

I just saw her on her TV show last night and I was shocked at her resting bitch face. It was all about a conflict about an air conditioner. I taped it just to hear the theme song but the wife got sucked into the story so we watched the whole thing. That happens all the time with early sixties TV shows that I tape.  

Final clue. She costarred with just about the second worst brother of a star who had a career in movies or TV. No it was not Frank Stallone. 

By the way the fat guy in the bunny suit is not me. It is Avery Schrieber. Remember him? He was a funny dude.

It's a total eclipse of ....err...well it is a 70% eclipse....err...it's a day off.

So yesterday we took the day off to see the eclipse. We had the glasses that I talked about and we went with a few friends to Valentino Pier in Red Hook.
This is the pier in Red Hook named after Louie Valentino who was I guy I went to school with all through grammar school and High School. His dad was a big deal in the ILA which was the longshoreman's union. One of my greatest regrets is that I didn't go in the union like he asked. I could have gotten involved in the union and stolen a huge pile of money.

There were a huge amount of people. Well a couple of hundred anyway. Kids. Dogs. Lawn Chairs. It was a party. Everyone looked up at the eclipse. Total strangers fell into conversation. While their dogs pissed on kids. Or their kids pissed on dogs. You see parents don't pay any attention to their freaking kids. The pet owners pay way more attention. They just don't care where their dogs shit or piss. New York. I gotta get out of here.

After 4 o'clock pretty much everyone left and we sat down and had lunch. It is beautiful there. The sea air was beautiful. It was war. I was looking out at the water. I turned to my wife and said "Why aren't we doing this every day instead of only where there is a freakin' eclipse of the sun."

His McMaster's Voice

That was the title of a post at Breitbart and it is right on the money. President Trump has been captured by the Swamp and is being turned out by the Deep State. In his speech he said his first instinct was to get out of Afghanistan. That is what he ran on. That is what he promised. That is what I voted for.

Not 4,000 more hostages to be maimed or killed. For what? To stop terrorism? Have we stopped terrorism after 16 years in that hellhole?

Just as I predicted all of the enemies of normal Americans praised him. The media was on board. Lady Lindsey Graham was coming in his pants. Even old man McCain praised him when he never agreed with anything Donald Trump has ever done. The neocons are ecstatic. They see it is a return to normalcy. More death. More endless wars. More reasons to talk with furrowed brows on CNN or MSNBC.

Portrait of an artist, Pool with two figures, David Hockney

I am really digging the paintings that CBD posts for discussion on Ace.

Each time I see one I think, "Perfect." My impulse is muck it about.

"Military's annual physicals now require mental health assessments"

Via RedditAir Force Col. Brendan Noone, an Eglin Air Force Base physician, said the mental health assessments are also part of routine physicals given to all airmen.

Noone said the assessment is completed online, with airmen answering a questionnaire.

"It is a fairly straightforward questionnaire, it should take less than 30 minutes," Noone said.

Noone said the questions focus on issues like quality of sleep and interactions with other people.

After completing the questionnaire, the airmen must do a phone interview with a mental health representative.

Any "red flag" issues are then referred to the airman's primary care physician, Noone said.

Noone said the goal is to ensure airmen are ready to deploy and are capable of dealing with the stress that comes with deployment.

"There is really nothing to be worried about. We have tried to make a change in the Air Force to let people know that seeking mental health help isn't going to affect your career," Noone said.

He said the goal is to make sure airmen get help when they need it.

(Link to story)

What innocent item gets weird if you own too much of it?

Reddit top voted comments...

Urns filled with the ashes of cremated people on your fireplace mantle.

Furbies. Then and especially now.

pictures of a specific person

VHS copies of Speed

Air Freshener 1-2 You got one and maybe another for backup 3-4 Take your trash out more often 5-6 You're dirty but try to hide it 7-28 You are hiding the smell of your meth lab.. or trying

Cell phones. 1- Completely normal 2- Maybe one is for work 3- getting weird 4+ - definitely drug dealer

Cough syrup


Edit. Okay, y'all, I get it. They're action figures.

Solar Eclipse pics

people attempt to view the eclipse

Accidental pic


"'You will never be forgotten' headstone left behind at airport"

Via RedditDespite the epitaph "you will always be remembered, never forgotten", the owner of the headstone seemingly forgot all about their dearly departed and misplaced the memorial at the drop-off point to the departures area at Terminal One a few years ago, according to DAA spokeswoman Audrey O'Hagan.

A toilet seat and cistern were also found abandoned at the departures entrance in the airport.

A life-size mannequin, human ashes, false teeth and a glass eye were also items consigned to the airport's lost and found section, where they can be reclaimed within a year.

A large of number of abandoned crutches and wheelchairs have also wound up in the lost and found, leading airport staff to wonder whether "some miraculous recoveries have taken place within the terminals", according to Ms O'Hagan.

(Link to more)


Dappled, non-stick photos of the 2017 eclipse from my mailbox:
I don't have any filters so I took indirect pictures of the partial eclipse we had here. 
Two of those utilize the leaves on my walnut tree to form multiple pinhole cameras, the other is a picture I took of the image cast by a "pinhole" camera I made using a scrap of walnut through which I bored a half inch diameter hole. 
Eclipse is over, as you were.
Photo by Sixty Grit
Photo by Sixty Grit

Photo by Sixty Grit

Question for Sixty: Are you going to butcher that walnut tree someday for its wood?

chin / forehead rotation

This is Josh Whedon. Never heard of the guy. But I should. Apparently he's famous. Apparently I even watched the shows he's produced. And apparently behind the scenes he's been very naughty.

But I don't care.

His ex-wife cares. And politically-minded bloggers who focus on things such a feminism care. But I still don't and these concerned people cannot make me.

What I do care about is how nature compensates for dudes who lose the hair on their heads.

It's absurd.

They grow it other places. Their necks, their chins, their shoulders, their torsos, their ears. It's a testosterone thing. And it really does balance.


Ace wrote about him today, in a chiding way. That's where I saw the name. But no photo. So I looked in browser images.

He looks like a nice person.

Were I to post this on a Photoshop site then a commenter is sure to say, "seamless." Referring to the inept lazy absence of feathering and tonal blending that results in sharp edges such as cut out of paper with scissors. A harmless slam. Knowing I'm just being silly and not trying to make art. 

dimpled non-stick pans

One of my brothers sent me a twelve inch pan that he likes using himself. He likes it because it is heavy aluminum and distributes heat well. It heats up quickly and it cleans easily.

I don't like odd cookware. My brother comes up with the strangest things. The surface is dimpled. Now how weird is that? Why would they even do that? I resisted accepting this pan. James knows that about me and he wishes it wasn't so.

James gave instructions on cleaning when he burns things in his pan. He uses a fingernail cleaning brush to get into the dimples. (My nails are so short a brush is ridiculous.)

Right off the bat I burned what I was cooking. But instead of scrubbing the pan as instructed, I added water to the pan and deglazed it as you do making a sauce. It took less than a minute. Since it heats up so quickly the cleaning was a snap. The burns rinsed right out. No soap. No scrubbing.

We both learned quickly to use the pan at greatly reduced heat.

I told my brother all this. He was so pleased to hear I overcame my resistance that he sent me two more pans. Now I have two twelve inch pans and one ten inch pan.

For myself the ten inch is more useful. That's the way it goes, I have two of the less useful pans and one of the more useful pan. It is now my go-to pan. Boom. Straight to the top. It's the best most useful pan that I own. It's the easiest to clean pan that I own. And I'm all for ease.

James told me he bought them at Costco.

He likes to drive. I don't. I'd buy mine through Amazon, however the way Bezos is going with his Washington Post and with his enduring private war with Trump over taxation and his silent unrecognized war with Trump supporters, I'm up to considering driving around for a pan.

So far I've made two omelets using this pan. The ten inch is slightly too big for that. I could use another ten inch pan and an eight inch pan mostly for omelets.

The thing is, their ceramic dimpled surface is so slippery I cannot fold and roll an omelet out the pan as accustomed. It's too slippery. The entire mass just slides all over the pan when I try to catch an edge and fold it over the filling and it will not roll out as it should sort of like an egg burrito. It just slides around. It's fun playing but I really need some friction. So I have to contrive a new way of folding and rolling and tucking and fixing to get the right shape on the plate. The pan is fantastic for omelet cooking and poor for omelet shaping. I think it's worth the delightful problem of shaping. I'd much rather have it slipping and sliding than have it sticking. It is by far the better of two opposite problems.

I notice Amazon is all over the board with pricing. I notice too there are non-dimpled versions, and another color, a darker gray and not white ceramic surface. They have metal handles so they can go into the oven and they are dishwasher safe. I've run a scratch pad over mine but without any real need for rubbing or scratching. I must say, so far, these pans are rather amazing.

I cannot account for why other reviewers think differently. I must assume they're just stupid. They probably refuse to learn to turn down the heat. I don't know. I didn't read them. I don't have patience for people who contrive reasons to not like the things that I like. It's so simple, just stop burning things.

No link. The pans come individually and in sets. The cost varies widely depending on type, size, and number of pans. And Amazon isn't the only place to get these. And Costco puts them on sale.

The name is Greenpan. I look for "dimpled." Even though that's still very strange.

(You can get dimple impressions on your pancakes with these pans. They impressed dimples on ice cream cones and on fondant potatoes. So the dimples are not necessarily disconcerting.)

You should buy one.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Is Google Working with Liberal Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites?

In the announcement, Simon Rogers, data editor of Google News Labs, wrote:
Now, with ProPublica, we are launching a new machine learning tool to help journalists covering hate news leverage this data in their reporting.

The Documenting Hate News Index — built by the Google News Lab, data visualization studio Pitch Interactive and ProPublica — takes a raw feed of Google News articles from the past six months and uses the Google Cloud Natural Language API to create a visual tool to help reporters find news happening across the country. It’s a constantly-updating snapshot of data from this year, one which is valuable as a starting point to reporting on this area of news....
On the surface, this looks rather innocuous. It's presented by Google as an attempt to create a database of hate crimes — information that should be available with a quick Google search, it should be noted. But a quick glance at the list of partners for this project should raise some red flags...

(Link to more)