Saturday, September 25, 2021

Buck Fiden's really, really, really, superbad, doubleplusungood week

Idiot has been really taking it on the chin. Blacks whipping blacks on horseback, AZ audit showing the state was stolen, Fake News polls showing him even deeper underwater than Chlamydia, his UN debut turning out as expected.

But, if I were to pick the absolute worst thing right now, it would be the released "insurrection" videos. You know, the ones the show people just milling around.

Kinda kills the image Pelosi Galore wanted. Also tends to put Michael Byrd, fall guy that he is, in a very bad spot in terms of criminal matters. Not the hero he said he was.

Kinda gives Uncle Joe Stalin's favorite word, purge, a glow and patina it didn't ever have.

AZ has already given a lot of states and interest in an audit. Stop The Steal is still trying to litigate. This could put some vigorish in them.

Stay tuned.


ampersand said...

I have a feeling that the dems are going to turn on Joe like they did Cuomo. It would be hilarious after all the crooked things he's tied to they get him on #metoo. It's the only way there going to get the The Cackler in the job.

Oh and Fuck Joe Biden.

MamaM said...

Quietly lurking in the background, 60-70 loaded container ships filled with the goods needed to keep the US economy afloat and fluid, waiting to dock and unload in the ports of LA and Long Beach, with delays there causing major disruptions in the supply chain.

"Perhaps most troubling is the news that Robert Garcia, the Long Beach mayor, announced this week that the southern California ports are working with the Biden administration to resolve the issue."

MamaM said...

Just found this on Lawrence Peterson's Battle Swarm Blog, regarding supply chain:

More than two hundred container ships are waiting to load up outside Chinese ports:
There are over 60 container ships full of import cargo stuck offshore of Los Angeles and Long Beach, but there are more than double that — 154 as of Friday — waiting to load export cargo off Shanghai and Ningbo in China, according to eeSea, a company that analyzes carrier schedules.

The number of container ships anchored off Shanghai and Ningbo has surged over recent weeks. There are now 242 container ships waiting for berths countrywide. Whether it’s due to heavy export volumes, Typhoon Chanthu or COVID, rising congestion in China is yet another wild card for the trans-Pacific trade.

MamaM said...

With this as Peterson's conclusion:

Finally, the Biden’s Administration’s vaccine mandate is about to make things much worse. “The looming federal mandate on COVID-19 vaccines for large employers could make hiring goals more difficult to reach for warehousing and distribution operations, which are already short on employees, some supply chain experts say.”
Keep in mind: None of the supply chain issues are the result of Flu Manchu, but almost all are the result of government overreaction to it.

About to make things much worse. This is the yellow sky I know so well from living in tornado territory. It shows just ahead of the wind that's stirring up dust and moving the storm forward. While the horn hasn't sounded, yellow sky is the clue to button up the hatches and take cover, because something more serious in the form of high wind, hail, heavy rain, flooding, lightning and possible tornado damage is about to take place.