Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It seems like so long ago......and far away

RIP Norm.

OJ did it.

But that seems like a century ago.


edutcher said...

I thought he was about the most boring comedian this side of Dom DeLuise.


ndspinelli said...

Norm's humor spoke to people w/ a sense of irony. He was mischievous, absolutely fearless and adamantly non PC. He was pressured by by Don Ohlmeyer to cease the OJ jokes. So Norm increased the jokes and made them more biting. He was fired, but landed on his feet. There are countless stories of Norm standing up for people who were attacked by the woke culture. The man was a comedic genius. Finally, I saw Dom Deluise in Atlantic City years back. I really didn't know what to expect, but a friend w/ a good sense of humor bought the tickets and said I would laugh my ass off. I did just that. Dom and Norm were really at the opposite ends of the comedy spectrum. Finally, the past decade when late night show became woke, Norm said he doesn't understand why they go for applause, instead of laughs. He only wants laughs. I would love to know who makes ed laugh.

ndspinelli said...

There were 2 "finallys" in there. Sorry. I was focusing on not ripping ed a new asshole. Trying to be kinder and gentler.

ampersand said...

The SNL weekend updates on the Clintons probably helped do in Norm also.


Trooper York said...

Norm is not for everyone. He didn't pull his punches but I do admit that he is an acquired taste.

edutcher said...

My thanks to nd and Troop.

Dennis Miller is more my taste.


ndspinelli said...

I love Miller as well. He was not invited to the reunion which was horseshit. Norm and Miller were good friends. Norm was conservative and religious.