Friday, June 1, 2018

Spring onions, no longer green

These are also alliums, but they are only about 2 feet tall. Color? Probably.

Here is a picture of some turkey tail fungi I saw on my silver maple stump this morning:

I am a fun guy.

My cousin was Booker T for a while when the MGs needed to tour and Booker was indisposed. I can hear the similarities in their playing. Hammond B3 and Leslie Tone Cabinet for the win.


deborah said...

Pretty! I think those may be the drumstick allium I mentioned...If so I did not know the purple-red ball would blossom out like that. My uncle has some in his yard, I will see how they are doing, but we are in growing season 6A, ah do believe.

The nest I mentioned is active, I can see the hatchlings bobbing up to their mom...only about feet from my window. Will try to post some pics. I think it may be a robin, but can[t tell for sure, as she is always in the shadow of the tree.

Dad Bones said...

What a great organist your cousin, Carson, is. When it began I felt like I was sitting in an A.M.E. Church.

Sixty Grit said...

Thanks, Dad Bones. He was truly gifted. As a youth I used to get his records and just be amazed at how well he played. He died way too young and we lost an amazing talent.

chickelit said...

I enjoy “funghi” on pizza.