Friday, June 1, 2018

Welcome to the revolution

A boy goes to college and *ping* a lightbulb lights up. 

In argument, a liberal might say the lad's in an upper tier college because of determined liberal efforts. 

Yes, where research is learned. Research into you. Plantation indeed.  


Sixty Grit said...

I remember when you had to be intelligent to get into Stanford. That poor son of a bitch is retarded. His use of language is pathetic. Hope he has some mad agricultural skills because he won't go far on intellect alone.

deborah said...

As I understand it, the point of this vid is the dime dropped for the kid and he now understands he's been taught by liberalism to view himself as a victim. And that trans and feminist concerns are the favored liberal focus.

edutcher said...

We're going to see a lot more of this and, if Sixty's right about his IQ or not, this is going to have the Demos lighting candles and going to Confession from now to November.

Dad Bones said...

Candace Owens, in the Stanford video, is cute and doesn't miss a beat when she starts running her mouth. It just occurred to me that maybe she's the reason that young guy was up there stumbling over his words. He's infatuated with her and wanted to impress her. If she gets too good at this she may be the next speaker banned from the campus circuit.

Amartel said...

Give the kid a break. He's navigating in uncharted intellectual waters.
The snot holding the mic is Not Impressed but I am.