Friday, June 1, 2018

Real Tales of the Boardwalk Empire

Donald Trump and his then-girlfriend Marla Maples at the Holyfield-Foreman fight at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, N.J., April 19, 1991

Donald Trump used to own three casinos in Atlantic City in the 1980's. He started out with Trump Plaza on the Boardwalk and then he set Trump Marina which was at the other end of Atlantic City near the Showboat. Then he opened the big white elephant the Taj Mahal.

I never stayed in a Trump casino when I went to Atltantic City. I always stayed at the Irish Hotel on Atlantic Avenue behind the Claridge. Except for one time I got a comp at Caesar's. There was this guy who sat in front of me at the fights at the Felt Forum. I had season tickets as did he and he gave me a comp weekend once. He arranged stuff for high rollers. I was a little pischer but I got a freebie this one time.

Anyway this was the time I met the Donald in the Flesh. I had tickets to the Holyfield Forman fight. Cost $100 a pop. It was in the Atlantic City Convention Center. What was pretty funny was there was this Canadian Sportswriter who was sitting next to me in the last freaking row. He sold his ticket up front and bought a nosebleed seat. Sports journalists are the biggest whores going. This was before laptops and instant communications. He told me he was just going to copy off everyone else and the replay he could catch at the journalist center. What a bunch of jagoffs.

Anyway my friend and I left after the fights were over. You had to go down this long corridor and you could follow a tunnel that took you right into Trump Plaza. They had blocked off the other exits so all the fight fans who paid some serious scratch for tickets were funneled right into the casino. So who was standing right at the entrance greeting people.

The Donald. And Marla.

Man her hair was bright. I mean seriously bright you could catch a suntan off of it. Trump wasn't shaking hands. She was a serious piece of bacala at the time.   The Donald was nice to everyone. Bantering back and forth. Lots of obscene banter as you would expect from drunk fight fans.

So being the asshole I am I goes "Hey Donald you really traded up baby!" He laughed and gave me a thumbs up. Marla sort of giggled and sort of look down into the cleavage of her fun bags. I know because I was looking there too. The security hustled everybody along. Right on to the Casino Floor.

I would see him occasionally here and there as I was walking around AC. One time at the Marina. Another couple at the Taj. The Taj really sucked. Way too many chink dealers. Man they fucked you every time. Whenever you were on a roll they would change dealers and send in Hop Sing to be a cooler. You would lose your shirt every freaking time. I got so's I would just get up and leave if they went all yellow peril on me. 

In all the years I was in the city I never ran into him. Only in AC. It's funny what you remember.


ampersand said...

A woman who knows how to keep her trap shut.

Trooper York said...

And her legs open!

Dad Bones said...

Keep remembering, Trooper. You've got some good ones.

Sixty Grit said...

The moral of this story is even if you have spoken to Trooper you can still become president. Is this a great country or what?

AllenS said...

Damn, Trump has been bangin' hot women for a long, long time. I'm impressed. Does little Jongy realize who is he dealing with? After all, how many hot women can you connect with when you have a very bad haircut?