Friday, July 14, 2017

Reason 946 why I no longer follow football.

Giants WR Marshall: ‘Black Guys in America Get Treated Differently’

Brietbart News by Daniel Leberfield July 14, 2017

Controversial New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall was in Baltic, CT on Thursday to participate in a charity golf tournament benefiting “The Johnny Damon Foundation.”

Nothing controversial about that.
But when he agreed to appear on WEEI’s Kirk and Callahan Show during a remote broadcast from the course, things took an ugly turn and ended with Marshall walking off the set.
The Boston sports talk hosts brought up a 2015 quote from Marshall, and fireworks ensued. Marshall said white quarterbacks might not get disciplined as harshly by the NFL.
“There are a lot of players out there that believe that—white players specifically, at the quarterback position—are treated differently,” Marshall said in September 8, 2015 on Showtime’s Inside the NFL.
Asked by Showtime host Adam Schein if he believes black players are held to a different standard, Marshall said, “Absolutely. At times, yes.”

Here is the uncomfortable exchange between Marshall and WEEI morning hosts Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan:
Marshall: In sports our stars get treated differently.
Minihane: You said there was a different standard, that black athletes were held to a different standard.
Marshall: I’m not going to get into the race card with you guys. If that is what you want to do, you can do there, but black guys in America get treated differently, period, so I will just say that.
Callahan: But you have to admit Brady was treated very seriously (four-game suspension in 2016 for messing with the inflation of footballs).
Marshall: Black guys in America get treated differently.
Minihane: But do you think professional athletes get treated differently when they hand out suspensions, (do) they look to see if this guy is black and this guy is white?
Marshall: (Turning to a publicist): We done with this interview – can I get off this interview? All right. I’m done guys
Minihane: That is it? Are you sure?
Marshall: I’m positive.
Callahan: Why?
Marshall: C’mon – You are going back to a year ago, brother. You guys made news now – you got Brandon Marshall to say ‘black guys get treated differently.’ I’m going to drop the mic on you guys.
Minihane: It’s a quote, you were asked if black players are held to a different standard and you said “absolutely at times.” It’s a fair conversation, isn’t it?
Callahan: We talk about Brady all the time, that’s what we do.
Marshall: Change the subject or I’m getting off, I’m dropping the mic.
[Minihane starts to ask a question about running back Ray Rice, who was suspended due to a domestic violence charge. Marshall had a domestic violent incident prior to Rice]
Marshall: Oh [expletive], I’m done with you guys.
Callahan: What would you have preferred to talk about – we talk about the news of the day.
Marshall: (As he is walking away) What happened to Tom Brady a year ago isn’t the news of the day – scumbag.
Minihan: I hope you find the fairway today.
(On March 8, 2017, Marshall signed a two-year $12 million contract with the New York Giants. A team that was supposed to stand for something. Of course they stand for nothing. From LT to Plaxico Burress to other jerkoffs who were wife beaters and what not this team is just as bad as the Raiders for crying out loud.
The NFL and FOX/NBC/ESPN and the ultra liberal social justice warrior sporting press drove a guy like Tim Tebow out of Football but ass wipes like this mook get a $12 million dollar contract. People like Colin Kaepernick get celebrated and lionized and players are fined if they want to show solidarity with murdered police officers. The NFL has betrayed it's working class roots. Ratings are down a very significant amount. Many advertisers are dropping the game. Viagra of all things is dropping football and they are losing $31 million in ads. Major car companies are dropping out too.
The first thing they have to do is ban all players who have a felony conviction. Or children with more than lets say three different women. Make the teams more representative of their audience. Only allow patriotic Americans to participate. If you can't salute the flag you can't play the game.
Get back to your roots football. If you want he fans to come back. Otherwise you are on the path to becoming irrelevant. If it isn't already too late.)


edutcher said...

It's bad enough they always fall back on slavery, but, 50 years after all the civil rights legislation, to use black as the GoTo excuse is just silly.

ricpic said...

Whenever you answer a question, "Absolutely!" you don't wanna follow up with, "At times, yes."

Just say'n.

Id wuh duh white man done kep me down!

Feets don' fail me now!

Jussa minute Sapphire honey.

Hol' on dere, Kingfisher!

Takin' it off here,, dat's duh udder race.

Methadras said...

I've pretty much said goodbye to football. I hate to do it too because i love the sport. In fact, I'm pretty much out of professional sports altogether. I've pretty much run my gamut for liking any of it anymore. It's all a racket.

ndspinelli said...

He's bipolar/borderline personality which basically means a frenetic asshole.

William said...

This guy has been treated like he's privileged and special ever since the pee wee league. He makes millions and hot women sleep with him just for bargaining position. In the lottery of life, he has a winning ticket......People with lots of privileges are annoying enough, but they're super annoying when they complain about being oppressed. He's got far more blessings to count than most people on earth, including white people. Maybe the negative feelings he generates have more to do with his personality than his race. I bet a fair number of his black teammates think he's an asshole --although on this particular issue they probably agree with him.

chickelit said...

I'll always be a Packer fan.

AllenS said...

Me and you, chick.

rcocean said...

Yeah. Blacks are 70% of the NFL, but they are still an oppressed (millionaire) minority.

Still seeing/hearing MSM types whining about Kap and the so-called "blacklist" - as if the NFL liberal owners wouldn't hire him in a second - if he was any good.

rcocean said...

I wonder if Kaepernick would have been better off if raised by a black family. Too many blacks raised by whites seem to have problems, later in life.

I don't know why it is.