Friday, July 14, 2017

"Self-driving Taxis Will Become the Most Disgusting Spaces on Earth"

Via Instapundit: With the entire automotive industry looking toward a future of driverless mobility, commercially owned self-driving taxis seem poised to be on the frontline of tomorrow. However, nobody seemed to realize that these vehicles will eventually become little more than mobile toilets.

Animals are universally disgusting and humans are no exception. While we’ve mastered land, air, and sea, consider the spaces we occupy while we traverse those expanses. Rental cars are returned filled with candy wrappers, spilt soda, and human hair. Uber vehicles are routinely vomited in. The subway is a haven for disease. Airplane interiors experience havoc within the first hour of a flight as the worst of us begin defecating into the seats, too lazy and weak to control ourselves.

Autonomous taxis aren’t likely to endure better treatment. Without a driver present, the urge to have drunken sex will be far too strong — and those odds only increase when you add a second occupant to the equation. With nobody watching, we’ll leave half-consumed hamburgers and cans of sweetened tea on their floors that will roll around and turn the carpet into a sticky magnet for larger pieces of garbage.

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Chip Ahoy said...

You know, this is really an insightful article.

I was amazed to see the result of people picking their nose then wipe it on the wall as they walk down a long hall with nobody in sight. I cannot imagine anyone doing that in their own home. Must be visitors. And it means they must do it in public vehicles too.

It grosses me out. I must now barf. *hurls*

Oh crap.

Let someone else get that.

Chip Ahoy said...

Want to hear something cool?

I ordered 5 jumbo caladiums to fill blank spots here and there.

Today I received a box with fifteen or so of various sizes.

So I planted them all over the place.

And while digging around I bumped into a few bulbs planted way too deeply trying their best to make it to the top. But I think it might be hopeless for them. I made a mistake. Eh. Live and learn again, innit.

Otherwise these things are still coming up all over. I forgot where I planted them. Nothing is marked. So it's a surprise when I see them, and see how many I planted. I got a real live caladium emporium over here.

People yell at me. "Hey! Hey! Over here! Over here. On your Left! Over here. Look down. On your Left."

The yellers are impossible to find. But then I do finally see them.

"Cool garden, Dude."

bagoh20 said...

One word: Cameras.

Your true nature is how you act when nobody is watching. Ain't nobody got time for that. They have your identity and credit card info. Add video, and you will watch your damned behavior, or you will pay.

Lem said...

Maybe putting cameras could ameliorate the problem somewhat?

I didn't read the whole thing. I will admit.

Sixty Grit said...

Carpet? In a cab? Someone didn't think that through.

Lem said...

Ah. Bags was thinking the same thing.

Lem said...

You can also make a self cleaning, self driving cab.

bagoh20 said...

If they didn't have your credit card, then all bets are off. Sometimes I get an Uber for a friend to get home. I will have to rethink that. My friends would purposely try to max out my card with cleaning fees, and they could do it.

Trooper York said...

They just started asking for tips on UBER. The whole thing about it was that you didn't have to tip. You knew what the charge was and that was it. Now they are probably gonna rate you on how you tip.

Things just keep getting shittier every day.

ricpic said...

I really could have gotten through life a lot better not knowing that people defecate in their airline seats.

rcommal said...

This is the argument for, over one's lifetime, strategically buying vehicles, which we have done and always will do.

rcommal said...

Animals are universally disgusting and humans are no exception.

Well, OK, yes. And being a lover of particular animals or humans, not to mention being a tribal sort of any kind, does not change that "universal," foundational notion to which Insty is referring, now does it?

As edutcher has often said over time: YMMV.